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Her First Affair IV

continuing adventures with Marty
Her First Affair IV

We'd now been having this affair for three weeks. We'd yet gone to dinner, dancing, anything but meeting and fucking. We'd just left Marty's house in separate cars, then parked hers and drove on. Thinking I was on the way to some other place to fuck right away Marty was surprised when I pulled into the restaurant parking lot. Since it was but mid day, I figured we still could do with something to eat, besides each other.

After about 90 minutes and a tasty lunch, Marty placed her hand on my inner thigh ans asked what I'd like for desert. She already knew the answer. We left the restaurant and she was surprised to see me pull into my own driveway. I explained that my wife wouldn't be home till around 7pm so we had plenty of time. I figured since we'd made love in her and her husbands bed, it was only right I brought her here. The entire drive I'd had my hand under her skirt, slowly rubbing and teasing the crotch of her panties. By the time we'd arrived they were already soaking.

We entered through the back door so the neighbors wouldn't notice. The bathroom being near the back door, Marty took the moment to use the facility and freshen up. I walked through the house, slid the covers from the bed, and started taking my clothes off. I'd kicked my shoes off, slid out of my sports shirts when I felt Marty's hands on my sides. As she drew them around me, I felt her bare breasts at my back, her hard nipples poking into my back. "Starting without me?", she asked.

"No more than you my dear", turning and cupping her tits as I bent and kissed each hardened cap. My cock had already risen in my jeans, making a prominent bulge poking her stomach. Marty reached down, unfastened my belt, unzipped my jeans and let them fall down my legs. Then, reaching into my shorts she tugged my hard penis into view, slowly stroking it as we kissed.

I sat back onto the bed, Marty never letting go of my shaft. As she stroked my cock, I quickly kicked the pants from my legs and scooted up on the bed, inviting her to join me.

I turned Marty so her head was near my hips, her groin at my face. Guiding her, I finally got her leg to cross over my head so that her pussy was now staring me in the face. I know she'd washed just a moment ago, so I knew the moisture I was witnessing was her excitement. All during this time she'd never let go of me. "You know I've never sucked a cock? But I want to so badly...right now." Saying this she tentatively kissed the slick crown of my cock.

"Take your time hon. Don't do anything you don't want to."

"Ohh, I want to, I just never have."

"Well, just kiss and fondles it right now. If and when you feel like putting it in your mouth please do so."

Knowing I wasn't forcing her to suck me made Marty more relaxed in doing what she was. As she planted small wet kisses on me, I began to kiss and lick around her pussy. Sometimes just the skin around it, sometimes kissing just the lips, and yet other times planting hot kisses on her now hard clit.

Marty oohed and ahhed against my cock. Kissing it, rubbing it against her face. Laying her head on my thigh admiring me as I went about pleasing her. I reached around with one hand and slid a finger up and down her moistening slit, bringing another gasp from her lips. The difference this time was that when the gasp concluded her lips were wrapped around the head of my cock. Just the thought that mine was the first cock this mid 30's woman had ever had in her mouth almost brought me to cum.

The feel of her lips on the head of my cock, made me bury my face deep in her honey hole, slurping her juices out. As I removed my tongue from her cunt, I replaced it with two fingers, anchoring my tongue on her clit, latching it there, not letting go. Marty's hips were now raising and lowering on my face. face fucking me and riding my two fingers. Her juices soaking my digits. The more excited she became, the deeper her mouth went on my cock. Up and down, up and down her mouth went on my burning shaft.

As I felt her legs start to tremble, signaling her first hard orgasm, I removed one finger from her pussy and slid it into her puckered ass. Sawing a finger in and out of each hole, my lips attached to her hard swollen clit, her orgasm overtook her. As she came, and came hard, she slammed her mouth hard over my cock, her teeth momentarily scrapping the underside. I winced but a second then exploded uncontrollably in her mouth. At first she pulled her face from my cock, but as jet after jet of sperm blasted from it, she resumes sucking up the spatter. Her face, hand, and neck were covered in my juices. On the other hand my face was covered with her juices. At least what I wasn't able to lick up.

Her head came to rest on my thigh again, her hand still not leaving my cock. Stroking it continuously until I begged her to stop, the sensation now becoming painful. "My husband never let me do that. I think I could get to love it. I was afraid of the taste, but it wasn't bad." Saying this she kept licking my spend from the base of my cock and my thighs.

Knowing I'd been the first she ever sucked, excited me to no end. Any time I'd been with Marty I was like a teenager again. I didn't have any trouble getting excited and hard again and again, as though I had a never ending ability. Even now, after two strong orgasms, one at Marty's, one just now, I was swelling and hardening again. There was no long foreplay, our foreplay was done. Rolling Marty on her back I crawled up between her legs, rested them on my shoulders, and slipped my cock into her. Not hard, not slow, just a smooth insertion into her innermost being.

Her pussy was still spasming from her orgasm. I could feel the vibrations around my cock. My nuts came to rest at the opening of her pussy, telling me I was fully in her. Pausing but a moment I withdrew and re-inserted. Withdrew and re-inserted. A casual fuck to bring one more orgasms from her, from me. One of Marty's hands went behind my head, pulling me to her for a deep passionate kiss. IN....and out. In....and out. Her wetness, and mine, lubricating her passage. Though we'd both had strong climaxes, twice, it didn't take long before we both knew we were closing in on yet another.

My speed increased. Like a man possessed I kept driving into her. Each time feeling her walls constrict on me. My nuts tightened, my shaft swelled, and I quickly blasted my seed deep within her. When my hot sperm hit her insides, Marty screamed out her climax. Her pussy refusing to let go of me. We collapsed in each others arms, in a post coital trance. Slowly I arose and slipped into the bathroom to clean up. I knew I had to get Marty back to her car so she could get home. I knew I had to, but it was the last thought on my mind. I didn't want this day to end.

Finally Marty washed and got dressed as well. I drove her to her car, but all the way I had my hand back up under her skirt, my fingers under the waistband of her panties, rubbing her clit. Her head leaning back on the headrest, looking at me, her hands on my wrist. Like she was holding me there, not wanting me to stop. I pulled up next to her car in the crowded parking lot, turned to her and as I kissed her, finished rubbing her pussy to yet another orgasm. This one soaking the insides of her panties.

The next day there was a package waiting for me at my kiosk when I arrived to work. Inside were the panties Marty had worn the day before, Still smelling of her come.
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