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Her First Affair Part 2

Tags: wife, cum, cheat, oral
Mallory continues her affair
It was two weeks since Mallory and Tom made love. It had been the most incredible sex that Mallory has ever had. However, it maybe wrong for a married woman to fuck another man. She can’t stop thinking about her first extramarital fuck and the excitement she felt. Lying in bed Saturday morning, thinking her husband was still asleep, she started to play with her clit and imagining Tom’s large cock sliding into her pussy she let out a soft moan. Then she slid her other hand under her nightgown and cupped one her large breasts. She played with her clit and massaged her breasts for a while not realizing she started to moan Tom’s name.

Her husband, Steve laid still listening to his wife moan, soon he started to get hard imagining Mallory fucking another man.

Then he asked "Who is Tom?"

She opened her eyes saw her husband, jerked wide awake, her eyes went wide and then she threw her arms around him. Mallory smashed her lips on his before he could say another word. Their mouths instantly opened and their tongues danced with joy. Steve started pulling up her nightgown and she was just as urgently removing her panties. Mallory rolled over onto her back and Steve removed his boxers. He was on top of her in a flash. Mallory wasted no time reaching down to guide his cock to her pussy. Steve slid it in and started fucking his wife with wild abandon. Steve pumped her love tunnel while covering her face, neck and tits with kisses before he exploded inside his wife’s pussy.

Steve said “I forgot what I was going to ask you. By the way, I am going to take the kids to my parents today they have been asking to see them.”

“That would be great I can get caught up on housework”, Mallory replied, thinking all the while about being with Tom. Mallory kissed her husband then got out of bed to shower.

Mallory finished her shower and Steve was gone. Getting dressed Mallory decided not to wear panties or a bra she slipped on her favorite jeans and a cashmere sweater. Mallory called Tom and explained she had the day to herself and that she would be right over.

When she arrived at Tom’s she parked behind his house and came in the back door which open’s to the kitchen. They fell into each other's arms and kissed. Tom lifted off her sweater. Mallory lifted off Tom’s shirt. Tom turned Mallory around and put his hands on her breasts. He massaged her breasts as he ground is crotch against her ass. Tom then slid his hands down her stomach to her jeans. He undid her jeans and pulled them down to the floor and she stepped out of them. Mallory jerked as Tom licked her ass cracked as he stood up. He turned Mallory around and pushed her back to arms length to take in her beauty.

Mallory dropped to her knees, pulled Tom’s shorts down and kissed the tip of his semi hard cock. He was completely erect in no time. He grabbed the sides of her head and slid his cock into her mouth. Mallory immediately started sucking and making love to his dick. Pulling it out, kissing it all over and putting it back in her mouth to suck some more.

Tom then pulled her up, kissed her and slid down her body to his knees. Tom leaned forward and started licking her slit. Mallory managed to lift one of her legs over Tom’s shoulder to give him access to licking her cunt. Mallory’s pussy started to twitch as Tom continued licking her pussy and sticking his tongue up as far as he could then she came. Mallory covered Tom’s tongue and face with her juice. Tom came up for air and they kissed again.

Tom whispered to her, "Turn around"

"Oh God yes, do it to me." She urgently replied.

Tom pushed her over the kitchen table and pushed into her from behind. Tom began to thrust in and out of Mallory’s wet pussy. Tom would pull his cock almost completely out before slamming it back into Mallory. Mallory would moan and whimper as he slammed his cock deep in Mallory’s pussy. They were fully engaged in fucking. Tom hunched over Mallory's back kissing her shoulders when he finally blew his load into her. He held his cock deep in Mallory as her pussy milked every drop of cum from his cock. Tom pulled out of Mallory as his cum ran down her inner thigh. They grab their clothes and went to Tom’s bedroom.

Tom and Mallory laid down on the bed together. Mallory reached out and took hold of his cock with her hand. She didn't do anything just held it softly.

Tom said, "Wow, you can’t get enough of my cock can you."

Mallory replied, "No, your cock touches me places, my husband can only dream about."

Tom’s cock was now pointing to the ceiling.

Tom ran his hand over her breasts from one to the other then down her stomach to her pussy. He ran a finger along her slit. It was starting to glisten as she was getting wet, at the same time Mallory's hand started moving ever so gently up and down Tom’s stiff cock. Mallory crawled on top of Tom reached between her legs and guided his stiff cock to her pussy as she settled down on Tom. Mallory started to bounce up and down on Tom’s cock. Tom squeezed her large breasts as they bounced up and down. Then she lowered her breasts to Tom’s mouth. He started sucking and licking her nipples. Tom would bury his face between them, then return to licking her nipples, all the while Mallory fucking Tom’s cock in a steady rhythm.

She stood up and took Tom's hands in hers for balance and settled back down on Tom’s cock, then started bouncing up and down on it. The only thing touching him was Mallory’s hands and her pussy around his cock. She moved up so that Tom’s cock would almost come totally out of her, where the tip of his cock was just touching the outer part of her pussy then she would bounce back down on him. To Tom was an awesome feeling and he shot his punk into her pussy again.

Mallory came moments after Tom started ejaculating.

They cuddled for awhile until Mallory told Tom that she needed to leave. She showered, got dressed and kissed Tom goodbye. Mallory arrived and got caught up on the housework before her husband arrived home an hour later.

To be concluded.

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