Her First Affair Part 3

By firecat2005

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Mallory's affair with Tom ends.
It has been about seven weeks since Mallory started her affair with Tom. Mallory loved her husband Steve, but sex had become infrequent and stale. However, Tom is something special. Mallory loved how Tom licked and sucked her pussy. Also, Mallory cannot get enough of Tom’s cock. During their affair Mallory has rediscovered her sexuality.

It was late Wednesday afternoon and the office complex was quiet as nearly everyone had gone home for the day except Mallory. She was in her office finishing up a project for the company CEO when Tom walked into her office.

“What are you still doing here?” Tom asked Mallory.

“Jack has me working on this project that needs to be done by tomorrow so he can present the proposal to the board of directors,” Mallory replied.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Tom asked.

“Yes,” Mallory replied handing Tom a stack of papers.

One hour later Tom handed Mallory the completed work. Mallory could not have been more relieved. Tom smiled at Mallory and saw nothing less than a vision of beauty. Her shoulder length hair framing her beautiful face and large breasts that were heaving with every breath she took. Her nipples were visible through the thin fabric of her blouse. Tom walked over to Mallory and kissed her. She moaned as she kissed him back. Mallory started to breath heavy as she thought what if someone walked into her office. Tom moved a hand to Mallory’s tits as she leaned back against the office door.

“Oh my, that feels so good,” Mallory stammered.

Tom continued to kiss Mallory and squeeze her breasts. Mallory then knelt down in front of Tom and unzipped his slacks. Mallory took Tom’s cock in her hand and started sucking Tom as he leaned back against the wall. Then suddenly Mallory’s office door opens and in walks her boss Jack Hamilton.

“What a beautiful sight a married women on her knees sucking another man’s cock,” Jack shouted as he smiled.

Mallory suddenly stopped sucking Tom’s cock which was hard as railroad spike.

“Jack I will suck you, I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t tell my husband,” Mallory begged.

“Don’t stop,” Tom said looking down at Mallory.

Jack walked up behind Mallory as she began sucking Tom’s stiff cock again. Jack knelt down and unzipped Mallory’s skirt and slowly slid her skirt down to reveal her luscious ass. Jack then leaned down and kissed Mallory’s ass cheeks. Mallory jerked when he slid his finger into her pussy as he slid her thong panties off.

“She shaved her pussy you talk about a turn on,” Jack stammered.

Mallory’s cunt was smooth as a babies butt with a scent of baby powder. Tom was receiving a terrific blow job while Jack was on the floor with his head in the middle of Mallory’s thighs. Mallory’s mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts as her body was succumbing to these men.

“Jack suck my clit and make me cum,” Mallory moaned.

Mallory’ pussy began to twitch then Jack received a shower of Mallory’s bodily fluids.

“Jack that was awesome,” Mallory moaned as she was coming down from her orgasm.

Mallory then stood up while Tom and Jack removed the rest of her clothing. Tom took Mallory by the hand and led her to the office chair. Tom sat down and turned Mallory around. Tom pointed his dick at her cunt entrance as Mallory sat down on his cock. Mallory moaned as Tom’s cock penetrated her wet pussy. She started riding Tom’s cock for all it was worth. Mallory’s face was flushed as she squinted and pinched her nipples.

“Oh Tom,” Mallory stammered.

Mallory’s movements slowed down as her pussy muscles contracted around Tom’s cock. Mallory’s hips were making short up and down strokes.

“Oh your pussy feels so good,” Tom moaned.

“Tom fuck me harder; let’s cum together,” Mallory demanded as she began bouncing up and down on Tom’s cock again

“Cum in my love hole,” Mallory moaned.

It was too much for Tom to hold on too and he let her have it. Tom filled her receptive pussy with his seed. Mallory continued to ride Tom’s cock until he was spent. Mallory then looked over at Jack. He was naked and stroking his hard dick.

“I want some of that snatch,” Jack demanded.

Mallory did not hesitate. She got off Tom and bent over the desk. Mallory yelped as Jack rammed his cock into her cum filled pussy. Jack began hitting Mallory’s cunt with a vengeance as his eyes had closed slightly. Mallory let out a whimper with each thrust.

“Damn, Mallory your pussy is so hot,” Jack stammered.

“Oh Jack, I’m cumming again, oh fuck yes, fuck me deep,” Mallory moaned.

Soon they both had their orgasms together. Jack pulled his cock out of Mallory’s pussy it made a slurp soupy sound. Mallory remained bent over the desk with cum oozing from her pussy.

“Thanks for the fuck,” Jack said while slapping Mallory’s ass.

“I also enjoyed it,” Mallory replied smiling at Tom and Jack.

Jack got dressed and went home.

Tom and Mallory talked for a few minutes while getting dressed. They kissed and each went home. When Mallory arrived home she explained to her husband that she worked late to finish a project for her boss.

A few days later on Saturday afternoon Mallory needed to see Tom. She told her husband she was going to visit her sister and left the house. Mallory arrived at Tom’s house.

"Surprised to see you today," Tom said finishing his beer.

“I told my husband I was going to visit my sister,” Mallory replied.

Tom took Mallory’s hand and led her to the bedroom. After entering the bedroom Mallory pulled Tom back towards herself and kissed him on the mouth. Mallory lifted Tom’s shirt over his head. Mallory then unbuckled Tom’s belt opened his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Tom was already hard and sticking straight out. Mallory stood up as Tom lifted her sun dress off over her head. Mallory removed her bra and panties then lay down on the bed. Tom moved on top of Mallory and positioned himself between her legs. Tom slowly kissed his way down Mallory’s body to her pussy pushing his nose up against it and deeply inhaled her seductive odor. Mallory placed her hand on Tom’s head and pulled it to her moist pussy. Mallory inhaled deeply as Tom’s tongue came in contact with her sex. Mallory’s pussy was on fire as Tom continued his attack on her. Mallory moaned with ecstasy as his tongue went deeper inside of her.

“Oh God,” she cried as she pulled his face deeper into her dripping sex.

Tom slowly circled his tongue inside of her and gently massaged her clit. She moaned with delight and gently stroked his hair as he continued to lick her slit.

“Oh Tom, oh yeah, oh yes,” Mallory cried as her orgasm took hold and a warm feeling of pleasure flowed through her body.

Tom lapped up her juices between her legs and slowly kissed his way up her stomach to her wonderful breasts. He softly kissed her breasts and clamped his lips on her nipple.

“Oh Tom,” Mallory moaned as Tom slowly caressed her breasts.

“Fuck me,” Mallory moaned as she spread her legs.

Tom positioned himself between Mallory’s legs and slowly pushed his cock into her waiting pussy.

“Oh Tom,” Mallory moaned as she felt his manhood burrow down deep inside of her pussy.

Tom continued to thrust in slowly until he was balls deep in her pussy. Mallory felt the girth of his cock buried deeply in her pussy and moaned with pleasure as Tom slowly began to pump into her.

“Oh yeah Tom,” Mallory moaned as he began to increase his pace.

She pulled him to her mouth and they kissed deeply as she began to thrust up to match his pace.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” Tom moaned as he banged away at Mallory’s pussy.

Tom began to thrust harder into her. Mallory leaned her head back and moaned in pleasure as Tom went into overdrive and began to slam her pussy.

“Oh God,” Mallory screamed as her pleasure center erupted and her orgasm took hold.

Tom continued to thrust until he felt himself begin to climax and he thrust even harder into her.

“Oh fuck,” Tom moaned as he exploded inside of her.

They lay quietly together for a few minutes catching their breath and coming down from their high. Then Mallory dropped a bombshell.

“I found out yesterday I am pregnant,” Mallory stammered.

“Is it mine?” Tom asked.

“There is a good chance,” Mallory replied.

“I assumed you were on birth control,” Tom said.

“I stopped taking birth control pills about three months ago. I was not having sex with my husband so I figured what was the point to taking birth control pills,” Mallory replied.

“Have you told your husband?” Tom asked.

“No, not yet,” Mallory replied.

Over the next few months Tom and Mallory would hook up every chance they got and had one passionate encounter after another. They decided to end their affair around Mallory’s 8th month of pregnancy. Mallory told Tom that she didn't expect anything and that she would raise the child as her husband's. Her husband would be none the wiser.

Mallory delivered a healthy baby boy and her husband was thrilled.

“He has eyes just like his daddy nice and blue,” Mallory said.

“What are you talking about Mallory my eyes are brown,” her husband replied.

“Oh I’m sorry honey I meant like his grandfather,” Mallory said as she tried to cover her mistake.

“Oh yeah,” her husband replied as he chalked her mistake up to hormone imbalance.