Her first foursome

By savanah

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her first foursome with her lover's best friend and girlfriend

It was the first time Carl and I was going to share ourselves with another couple. I have to admit I was nervous as we drove to the hotel, but I knew he would take care of me both physically, if need be, but more importantly emotionally.

This was something I wanted to do not just for him, but also for us.I love him and I never want him to have a reason to go outside of our marriage. I want both of us to have exactly what we want, what we need within our marriage. He had made all the arrangements and my pussy was already wet when we finally arrived

Sensing my apprehension as he opened the car door, he stopped and held me close to him. I could feel the tension leave my body as he simply looked down at me, smiled and kissed my forehead. Holding my hand he led me towards the hotel room.

Being the romantic that he is, Carl had already been to the room and soft music was playing and I could smell the aroma of coconut candles. The glow the candles gave off made me relax even more. On the bed was a black corset, a garter belt and hose. Next to the bed on the floor were high heel shoes.

Carl sat down in the chair and said "baby, I want you to get dressed for me." I always love when he buys things for me to wear. I could feel his eyes watching me, devouring me as I began to undress. I turned and faced him and began to slowly unbutton my blouse. My bra was next. I unhooked it in the front as my breasts spilled out I let it fall to the ground.

As I began to unbutton my jeans Carl said, "turn around baby."

I did as he asked and turned my back to him and pulled my jeans down. First wiggling them down over my hips and round ass. The ass I knew he loved. I thought I would give him the show he wanted so I made sure I bent over slowly and stuck my ass out giving him the perfect view of my ass and pussy as I slipped my jeans over my ankles. All this time I could feel his eyes taking in the beauty of my soft curves and naked body. Once I was undressed I began dressing in the clothes he had laid on the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled each stocking up. Next the corset went on. Each breast was completely exposed. 

" Come here baby and I will help you." Carl said as I was struggling to lace the back up properly. I walked over to where Carl had been sitting and turned around. I could feel his large hands pull on the lace and cinch me tightly into the corset. Next he pulled the garter straps down and snapped them to each stocking. My breasts and ass where completely exposed. 

Rubbing his hands over my ass he said, "don’t forget the heels." I went back to the bed and slide the heels on and turned and faced him for the first time...

"How do I look?"

" Beautiful” he replied as he stood up and walked towards me. His hands caressed my breasts and in no time my nipples were hard. He bent down and drew each one into his mouth making me let out a small moan.

" You trust me don't you Steph?" 

  " of course I do." I replied.

" Then I want you to lay on the bed face down and close your eyes. Promise me you wont open them until I tell you it is okay."  

"I promise."    

Once I was on the bed face down Carl came over and kissed the back of my neck and said "spread your legs for me baby, and remember don't open your eyes." I did as he asked and felt his fingers slide deep into my wet cunt. He lingered there long enough for me to begin to push back against them. I wanted to feel them against my swollen clit.

" Good baby, I can see you are already ready for tonight, nice and wet." He raised his fingers to my lips as I licked them clean. I love the way my pussy tastes. I have often wondered how licking another women’s pussy would taste.

I could hear Carl open the door to the hotel and I sensed someone else had joined us, but few words were spoken initially.

  "Your right she does have a great ass."

I searched for the voice to make sense. It vaguely sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. Soon I felt hands begin to caress my ass first gently and then with more urgency. I knew they didn’t belong to Carl because they were rough.  The cheeks of my ass were being spread and then I felt the warmth of his tongue licking my ass hole. Darting his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole, it felt amazing.

Occasionally he would lick my pussy. I could feel my body giving into the feeling and I wanted, I needed to have more. 

Carl laid down beside me and began rubbing my back and shoulders when he whispered into my ear " Tonight baby, you will learn to take my dick in your ass, all of it, I wont hurt you so relax, but it will happen tonight." 

  "He is here to get you warmed up, to get you ready."  My husbands beautiful cock is really thick and I've never been able to handle it. With that the licking of my ass stopped and I could feel the head of the strangers cock begin to press its way into my tight ass. I gasped because he wasn't so little either.

Not as thick but much longer. Carl began kissing my neck and speaking to me in Spanish, which he knows I love, and which always helps me relax. It doesn't matter that I don’t know what he is saying; I can always feel the love in his words. Before I knew it the mystery man's cock was all the way in and he was fucking my ass hard.

  "You like it don’t you baby?" Carl asked.

  "It feels so good" I said as I began pushing my ass back against him.

  "Man I'm getting close."

"Do not cum in my wife's ass, I will be the first man to do that."

And with that he withdrew his dick from my ass and I could feel them change positions.

"I want you to suck his cock Steph."

I began sucking the strangers cock while Carl licked my ass hole a couple of times to make sure it was nice and wet.

  " Relax baby, you can handle this” and he began slowly pressing his cock into my entrance. Once the head was in he paused briefly to make sure I was okay and he slowly pushed in a little bit more with each push. I felt like I was being stretched to the max, it hurt and felt good all at the same time. Inch by inch he pushed and paused letting me get use to the size.

My hands gripped the sheets tightly as I hungrily sucked the cock in my mouth. Slowly Carl began pumping his thick cock in my ass. It felt amazing to be so full.

  "Baby, you’re so tight, I can cum if you want me to. Do you want me to cum in your ass?

  I paused briefly from sucking and said "Please Carl, I want to feel you explode."

  With that the pace picked up as he pounded my back door and for the first time came deep inside. He stayed there and laid on top of me with his semi-erect cock still inside as he watched me finish giving the blowjob. My eyes were still closed and Carl could sense I was getting tired.

  "Steph it looks like you could use some help,” he said. I didn’t know exactly what he meant at first. I felt him reach up and put his hand on top of mine and help me stroke the stranger’s cock. Soon my hand gave way and only my husband’s hand was jacking him off.

My mouth remained tightly around his cock, licking. I did take a peak, opening my eyes only long enough to see my husband’s large hand sliding up and down the cock before us. It was exciting to see and I felt my pussy swell with excitement. With Carl's help he came in my mouth and I tried to swallow most of it. Carl rolled off of me and his cock slid out of my ass. He pulled me close to him and kissed me, sharing what was left of the cum on my lips.

  " Baby, you can open your eyes now,” he said. I immediately turned to see who's cock I just sucked. "Stephanie, I want you to meet Tom." 

I could feel myself begin to blush when I realized it was Carl's long time friend. We haven't been married long and I have only talked to him a few times on the phone when he called for Carl.  Sitting quietly in a chair was Tom's girlfriend Anna.

  "Don’t be embarrassed Stephanie" Tom said, "We are only getting started."

Carl sat back on the bed resting his back against the headboard and told me to sit between his legs. He pulled each of my legs up holding them open. My cunt was spread wide for both of them to see.

Carl whispered in my ear "Shhhh baby girl, don't be afraid just relax and enjoy." Being cradled in the arms of the man I loved the most, I felt at ease even as Anna walked over and began licking my pussy.

"You were right Carl, she does have a sweet pussy," Anna said after her first taste. Slowly and lightly she licked me at first and it felt so good. Very different from a man's tongue. She was soft and all I could think was how much I wanted to kiss those soft lips. I closed my eyes and gave into the experience. Carl began caressing my breasts and nipples as Anna worked her magic on my clit.

  Not wanting to be left out Tom entered Anna from behind and fucked her while she ate me. Knowing it would push me over the edge Carl began rubbing and pinching my nipples hard, just the way I liked. I came in no time and Anna lapped up every drop, only stopping once Tom came in her.

We collapsed on the bed and after a few minutes, I told Carl that I wanted to see Anna ride his thick cock. I knew she wanted to because she kept looking at it, probably surprised by the thickness and the fact that he is uncut.  Anna climbed on top of my husband and I got on top of Tom. We rode both men in unison and as I came, I leaned over and kissed Carl as I always do. 

All the love I felt for him, and he for me was in that kiss. Even though another man's cock was buried deep inside me, it was as if we were the only two in the room. Once both men came, it was my turn to taste Anna. We got into the 69 position and I licked all of my husbands cum from her cunt as she did the same. I found the smell and the taste of another woman intoxicating.

  I buried my tongue deep inside and circled my tongue on her clit until I could feel a change in her body. I knew she was close as her body stiffened and she came. I felt pride in knowing that I was able to bring pleasure to another woman. 

Carl and Tom had been standing beside the bed watching, each with their hand on the others dick. Anna and I put our heads on the pillows and held each other, out legs entwined and our pussy's pressing against each other we gently kissed. Tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

I could feel Carl and Tom climb in bed. Carl was behind me holding me close to him. Soon his hard cock was pressing against me as I moved my ass back to meet him in a familiar move he slipped deep into my wet cunt. I continued kissing Anna and sucking on her nipples as my husband fucked me from behind. Sometime later we all drifted off to sleep....me in the arms of the man I love the most.  


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