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Her First Time

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My wife finally gets what she desired

Let me begin by telling you about the fantasy that my wife and I have had for a few years. We always discuss bringing a black guy into the bedroom so she can have her way with him. My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Susan. Susan is a very beautiful sexy woman who loves a good fucking. She loves quality more than quantity. She has a great body and knows how to use it.

One evening we were getting into it and my wife asked me to eat her pussy. I said no but continued to feel her up and rub her in the ways she loves. She begged me to do it and again I said no. She said I want you to do what ever I want. I replied," Only if you do whatever I want."

She said," What would that be? Fuck a black guy while you watch?"

I said, "Yes"

She said, "Okay"

I said "Okay what?"

She said, "Okay I’ll do it"

I replied, "Okay you’ll do what?"

Her response was," Okay, I’ll fuck a black guy while you watch."

My answer was," I’ll only eat your pussy and fuck you if you promise me you will do it."

She then replied, "I promise I will fuck a black guy while you watch, if you fuck me now."

That was it. I went to her pussy and licked her immediately. I sucked hard on her clit and suck my tongue deep inside her. I then shoved two then three fingers inside her until she was begging me to give her my cock. Her pussy was dripping wet and she was obviously turned on by our talk. When I gave her my hard cock she began cumming as soon as I entered her. She had a really hard orgasm and was begging for more. This was all I could take and I fill her pussy with my hot come. It was a really intense lovemaking session and we both commented on how hot that was.

After that night unbeknownst to my wife, I posted an ad on looking for a black guy to join us. It took a couple of weeks but finally someone replied that looked interesting. He sent a couple of pictures of his hard 10" cock.

I sent a couple of emails back and forth arranging a meeting. We agreed to meet at a local bar called Tantra. I picked this bar because it is by a hotel where I booked a room.

I printed off the emails and the pictures and showed them to my wife. She was shocked and surprised to see them and said," What are you doing?" I replied that I was finding her the lover that she promised to fuck.

She was surprised by this but I said a promise is a promise. She was intrigued and read the emails. We were going to meet the following Friday night. We had arranged to meet at the bar so we could get to know each other better and make sure the chemistry was right.

The week dragged on and my wife was getting a little antsy and unsure. She talked about backing out but I encouraged her and said we could always drop it if things didn’t work out at Tantra.

Wednesday rolled around and I came home from work and my wife had a devilish grin on her face. When we went to bed that night she showed me her pussy and I saw that it was completely bald. She had gone for a waxing after work.

I went to go down and give her a good licking and she pulled away saying, "Sorry the next cock I get will be black." I went to sleep with a raging boner.

Friday night came and when I arrived home my wife was just getting out of the shower. She had a look of lust in her eyes. She spread her pussy lips and gave me a wink and said, "You think he’ll like this?"

I was very quick to tell her that he would love it. "You think you will enjoy his big long cock?" I asked her. She replied with a groan and an, "Oh yeah, baby"

She got dressed in a conservative black skirt with a top that revealed a nice portion of her beautiful breasts. She wore a nice push up to show them off. I wondered if she was wearing panties underneath. "You look fucking hot, baby", I encouraged her.

She replied, "I feel even hotter than I look. My pussy is soaking. Could you grab my lipstick for me out of my purse." I went to her purse and when I opened it I found a six pack of condoms lying at the top. She obviously didn’t want her lipstick but wanted to show me how serious she was.

We drove down to Tantra. I was trying to feel her pussy but she kept brushing me away and saying, "You’ll have plenty of time for that later." She did flash me to show that me that she was indeed pantiless.

When we got to the hotel, she told me to check in and she will go to Tantra and get a table for us. I checked in and brought our bags to the room. It took me about 20 minutes or so to check in and get down to Tantra. When I was in was very surprised and pleased to see that Lasalle was already there and Susan was sitting beside him. They were both having a drink.

I went up to them and greeted them both. Lasalle said "Nice to finally see you. Susan is even hotter in person than she is in the photos you sent me." I looked at Susan and she was smiling. I knew then that this was it. I gave her one of the hotel keys to show Lasalle that we had a room.

We sat and did some chit chat and I could tell that the chemistry was there. Susan finally said she wanted to dance and grabbed Lasalle by the hand and led him to the dance floor. A hip hop beat was playing and Susan soon was grind into Lasalle’s leg. They danced a couple of songs and came back to their drinks. Lasalle excused himself and went to the bathroom. When he was gone, Susan said, "His cock is huge. I have to have him" I replied, "He’s all yours do whatever you want."

We ordered another round of drinks. Once Lasalle returned, we chatted some more. A slow song began playing and Lasalle took Susan to the floor. They were close dancing and I saw him begin sucking on her neck. She loves this and stated melting into him. He put one hand on her ass and gave her a squeeze.

By now I had to go to the bathroom. I motioned to Susan that I was just going to the washroom. She winked at me and put a hand on Lasalle’s ass and pulled him tight to her.

When I returned from the bathroom they were nowhere to be seen. I went to our table and sat down. They hadn’t touched their drinks. I sat there and waited for them to return. I finished my beer and ordered another and watched the people in the bar. The scene was starting to get pretty hot.

Thirty minutes passed before I finally saw them return. Susan walked up to me with a big smile on her face. She looked like the cat that had just swallowed the canary. They sat and started chatting with me some more.

"Where have you guys been?" I asked them. Susan quickly said that they had gone for some fresh air. We continued our idle talk. Lasalle announced that he had to go to the washroom. While he was gone, Susan moved closer to me and reached for my hand. When I took her hand she put something in it. I pulled my hand away from hers and found she had placed a used condom in hand. It was full of cum. She smiled at me and said, "My pussy is stretched wide open. When Lasalle gets back lets go back to the room and get this party started. He is huge and can he ever fuck. He pounded me for a full half hour and made me cum three times before he finally came. I want more and I want you to fuck me as well."

My cock instantly sprang to attention and I almost came on the spot. "Aren’t you full of surprises! Did he like your bald pussy?" "He sucked me to one orgasm before he pounded me. That man loves to suck white pussy. I can hardly wait to fuck him for you."

Lasalle returned and Susan grabbed his hand and led him away. "Follow us in five minutes. I want to be sucking his cock when you come in the room."

They left and I downed the rest of my beer. I grabbed the elevator and went to our room. When I got to the door all I could hear were groans of pleasure. I opened the door and went inside and found Lasalle balls deep inside my wife.

"I thought you wanted me to see you sucking him when I opened the door?" I said.

He was hard as soon as we got here so I couldn’t wait. Oh fuck me hard, you bastard. That’s it make me cum for my hubby. Yeah right there. Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Yes yes. Harder. Oh God." Lasalle started pounding her harder and harder. She was screaming in pleasure as her orgasm continued. He didn’t stop.

She looked at me and motioned me over. I pulled my clothes off. My cock was rock hard and she took it and started sucking it. I started fucking my wife’s face while Lasalle continued to pound her pussy. She looked so hot taking us both on like that. I could hold back and started cumming in her mouth. She just sucked me dry.

"You like watching me get fucked don’t you baby? Why don’t you sit back and watch some more while he pleasures me some more."

I sat back and watch Lasalle fuck my wife hard and fast. He told her to flip over and he started to fuck her from behind. I couldn’t believe my wife could take all that cock inside her. She pushed back and met every thrust. She motioned me over and told me "Suck my clit while he fucks me from behind. That’s what we have always fantasized. I got into a sixty nine with her and Lasalle re-entered her cunt. Her juices were flowing down my face while he pounded away. She started sucking my cock again and in no time I was as hard as a rock again. She stopped sucking to groan,"I’m cumming again fuck me deep. Fuck me hard. Faster.

Suck my clit, Tony. Suck it. Fuck yes, yes, yes." That was it for Lasalle. He pounded hard and almost pushed her off the bed. I couldn’t hold back any more and spurted all over myself. Lasalle pushed one more time and held her tight, his 10" cock buried to the hilt. What a site seeing his balls touching her pussy lips that were stretched as wide as they had ever been.

We all lay in bed totally spent. I must have passed out because I woke up a little later to the bed shaking again. My lovely wife was riding Lasalle like a bucking bronco. Man he had stamina and I couldn’t believe how much lust my wife had. I just watched in awe as she rode to multiple orgasms while she rubbed her clit hard.

"You like fucking her Lasalle? Isn’t she as hot as I said she was? I asked him.

She is the horniest white wife I have ever fucked. She loves cock, man." he replied.

I was spent and just continued watching the relentless pounding. Finally my wife fell forward and was twitching. I could see her pussy lips twitching as her orgasms subsided. She looked so fucking sexy. She asked Lasalle to stay the night and cuddled up between us. Her skin was as hot as I had ever felt. We all fell asleep together.

I was awakened a couple of more times during the night to Susan moaning and groaning as Lasalle serviced her. I just smiled and went back to sleep allowing her the evening of pleasure she wanted.

The next morning I awoke and Susan was snuggled into me and Lasalle into her. I got up and went to the bathroom. The room reeked of sex from the evening before. I looked over at Susan and could see Lasalle’s black cock between her legs.

I went back towards the bed and Susan stirred and smiled. She let out a little groan and said," I love you, baby. Thanks" "I love you too", I said.

Can you go get me a coffee, I really need one." She asked. I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to get one for her.

When I returned about 15 minutes later I was greeted with more groaning and slurping. "I want you to fuck me bareback," she said to her lover. "All the condoms are gone and I need you one last time. Just pull out before you come."

Lasalle put his black cock to my wife’s pussy and pushed it right to the hilt. She had no problem taking him now. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing that black cock coming out soaking wet. This was too much for Susan to take and she started screaming that she was cumming again. Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Keep it deep. Harder baby, harder. I love your black dick. Lasalle was beside himself and started pounding her hard and deep. "I’m stating to cum he groaned.

Susan grabbed his ass and pulled him to her." Come in me. Fill me with your black cum. I want it all. Don’t pull out. Let it go deep inside me. Oh yes. I can feel it hitting the walls of my pussy. Oh yes empty your balls. Fuck me hard. I’m cumming again. Ohhh."

With that Lasalle thrust hard again and collapsed on top of her. They lay together for about five minutes until his cock slipped out of her. I could see the cum leaking out of her.

She just looked at me and smiled. My head was spinning and my cock was hard. "I’ll take care of that later she said. My pussy is too sore and full right now."

With that Lasalle got up and got dressed and left us alone.

"Thanks for such a great evening of raw sex" she said to me. He fucked me all night long. I need to go home now and get some rest. I love you."

"I love you too" I said. We got up and left the hotel




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