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Holiday Surprise 1

Holiday romance


The next morning we showered and went for breakfast. I was eating my toast when the topic returned to the young guys.

“Do you think they would like to fuck an older woman?” she enquired.

She was serious; this was not just small talk.

“I think they are typical young horny guys on holiday and would love to fuck you, probably all at once,” I replied.

Her hand went under the table and the she stretched it over to under my nose.

“Smell my pussy, I am so fucking wet,” she said.

“We need to go back to the room to change my wet panties,” she said.

As the lift door closed she handed me her panties and kneeled in front of me and sucked me off. Smelling her wet panties always turned me on. I shot my load before we reached our floor; just as well as there were people waiting when the lift door opened.

I sat on the veranda which overlooked the pool area as I waited on my horny wife getting ready. She logged on to the laptop then put on dry panties. I could see the young guys at the pool but I never mentioned it.

When my wife was logged off we made our way to reception and handed in the key. We were going our normal walk about to find our bearing and see what shops and pubs were about. To my surprise she flagged down a Taxi and we jumped in.

“To the old town,” she instructed the driver.

We got dropped off in shopping area and my wife took us up a side street, at the top of the street there was a sex shop, I followed my wife in. I could not believe my quiet little wife in a sex shop. She spoke to the female behind the counter who handed her something. She took my hand and off we went to a cubicle. In the cubicle was a big screen, a box of paper hankies, a bin, a DVD player and sexy pictures on the wall. There was a hole in the wall that needed repaired.

She inserted the DVD into the player and I watched a bunch of young guys with an older lady, I started to get hard. My wife noticed this and pulled my shorts off and started to wank me.

“Stick your cock through that hole,” she instructed.

“No way,” I said.

“There is a young sexy girl behind the hole going to suck you off and let you fuck her,” She informed me.

“Are you going to let me get a BJ from another person and possible have sex with her?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “This is my surprise for you, for being a good husband and working so hard.”

I could not believe this I had my wife’s blessing to fuck another female in front of her.

“Is it that young sexy girl you were chatting too upstairs?” I asked.

“I do not know, but I think it may be,” she replied.

I watched some more of the blue movie, this young guys cock was massive as her shoved it in the older woman’s pussy I heard her moan, at that I stuck my erect penis through the hole. I felt the young girls hand grab my cock as she began to stroke it. I felt a wet mouth go over the head of my penis.

In my mind I could see the young girl naked big tits bouncing about and her rubbing her pussy.

My wife asked, “What’s happening. Is there anyone there?”

I turned around and seen my wife’s bare pussy, she was as excited as me as she fingered herself.

“Yes,” I panted, “someone is sucking my cock.”

I felt a durex being slid over my cock; I nearly came there and then with excitement. She was going to fuck me. My cock touched her ass as she backed on to me, her hand guiding my cock, to my surprise she stuck in in her ass. My fuck it was so erotic I never lasted long. Watching the young guy on the screen fucking the older woman and this young girl behind the wall fucking my cock with her ass, I exploded just as the young guy did on the DVD. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done.

I pulled my cock out and my wife saw my durex was full. She took it off me and sat me down so I could get cleaned up.

“Your surprise is not finished quite yet,” she said, “Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

I did as I was instructed. She rubbed her wet panties under my nose, I opened my mouth to taste her juices but to my surprise my wife emptied the filled durex into my mouth.

“If you do not swallow the full lot, you will not be fucking me any more on holiday, I will let those young guys fuck me all week,” she said.

I began to swallow, it never tasted that bad. I liked my own cum so I could sort of taste the rubber from the durex but it was not that bad.

The woman on the DVD opened her legs and you could see cum running out of her pussy. She grabbed one of the other guys, It looked like the youngest of them all and pushed his head between her legs and made him lick the other guys cum from her. It turned me on as I swallowed my last drop.

She lifted his head and said, “Do you want to fuck me next? If you do, suck Mickey hard again.”

The guy with the big cock put it in his mouth, it still had cum dripping from it. The woman then let the young guy stick his cock in her pussy. They young guy sucked all the cum from another guys cock. It made the guy with the big cock hard again. It also turned me on as I was hard again.

“Do you like that,” I see your hard again, “would you like to suck another guys cock that tasted of your wife’s pussy?” she asked as she rubbed my cock.

“Answer me,” she demanded.

“No,” I said, “We are married and I would not like you to have sex with anyone else.”

“You just did,” she replied, “It was only sex and I still love you.”

She had a good point as she asked me again.

“It turned you on watching that DVD and you filled that durex with plenty of cum, you were totally aroused. Look how hard your cock is just now.” She said.

At that a cock was put throw the hole. It looked quite thick and bigger than mine. My wife saw it and looked at me, daring me to touch it.

“Look how thick that is, touch it,” she said.

“I am not a poof,” I replied.

“No you’re not, but if you don’t touch it, I will suck it then let it fuck me, till it fills my pussy up with hot cum,” she threatened.

What choice did I have? I did not want someone to fuck my wife, a complete stranger. She removed her wet panties and put them to my nose. I loved the smell of pussy, touching another guys cock could not be that bad I thought. Her legs were opened and she was frigging herself.

“Go on touch it,” she demanded.

I closed my eyes and reached over to touch the cock while smelling her panties. It sort of turned me on, playing with this thick cock. I rubbed it and pulled the guys fore skin back to see his purple head. I loved it when my wife done this to me, then she would put her wet moist mouth over the top of it. I felt my head being pushed towards the head of this thick cock and I opened my mouth wide and the cock slide in. I felt my wife’s hand on my cock it felt good. I really was enjoying this cock in my mouth.

“Look at you she said, sucking that cock. You are really enjoying it. Aren’t you?” she asked.

Before I could answer I felt this cock twitch and my cock twitch. My wife put her mouth over my cock and took my load as this cock filled my mouth. I did not want to admit it but it tasted great and I swallowed the lot.

My wife kissed me and spat my seaman into my mouth, two different flavours in my mouth.

“Yes, Yes,” I said, “It was fucking good and tasted great.”

The cock was removed and we watched some more porn. My wife leaned over and whispered how much it turned her on as well.

She asked me, “Can I fuck the young guy in our hotel, since you fucked someone in here, even if it was another guy?”

“What do you mean I fucked another guy?” I asked her.

“Well you did fuck someone’s arse did you not?” she enquired.

“Yes but it was that young sexy girl,” I told her.

“We will never know,” she replied, “So if it was it is only fair I fuck that young guy.”

She had a good point, It was beginning to make me hard again thinking about that young guy with the big cock fucking my wife and maybe I will taste his cum as well, I thought to myself.

Just at that a black cock was pushed through the hole, it kept coming through. It was the biggest and thickest cock I had ever seen.

“Look at the size of that,” my wife gulped. “There is enough for both of us to play with.”

She had a good point and I really wanted to touch it. My wife stroked it first and it seemed to get bigger. She pulled my head towards it and I opened my mouth. I could hardly get it in my mouth and I chocked on it. I rubbed my wife’s pussy which was soaking. She pulled my mouth away so she could try it in her mouth. I continued to kiss my way down his shaft towards his balls when I could smell my wife’s pussy.

She had backed on to it and I heard her moan and as I turned I could see the tip of this cock slowly enter her. I watched as she backed as far as he could go. There was still space for me to lick his balls. It hurt me to watch my wife get fucked but the excitement of this cock overcame my hurt and I found myself getting aroused. As I kissed his balls I felt movement, he was going to shoot his load right up her hole. I watched as he filled her up. My cock twitched and I held out my hand to catch my load. I licked my hand just as she eased off of this cock.

I could see his cum run out of her, she grabbed my head and made me clean all the cum out of her. This was another turn on. The mix of her juice, his cum and the mouthful of my own cum tasted great, I loved it. The thought of getting another mouthful of cum and pussy made my shoot again. Yea I had not told her yet but I was going to let the 4 young guys fuck her.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked her.

“O yes, it was fucking great. He made me orgasm twice,” She replied, “Did you?”

“It hurt but it aroused me more.” was my reply.

We cleaned up and my wife told me to keep her panties as she was going to travel back without any on as her pussy was all swollen. I looked and yes it was all puffed up.

We jumped in the taxi and my wife gave direction to the driver to our hotel. She lay back and her legs were opened. I could see the driver looking right up her skirt in the mirror. I laughed and closed my eyes smelling her panties.

I got startled and opened my eyes when my wife jerked. I watched as the drivers hand was sliding up her leg and into her pussy. She lay back and opened her legs more. Needless to say we never had to pay for the taxi.

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