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Holiday Surprise

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Holiday Romance, Affair, Whore,

 Finally, the holiday time had arrived. I was really looking forward to two weeks in the sun. Yeah, I had worked hard all year, I possibly had neglected my wife at times but I had worked long hours and the odd weekend to provide for my family.

As usual, my wife had booked the holiday and made all the arrangements. All-inclusive to sunny Spain, Benidorm. I had been informed it was just going to be just the two of us as the kids were off to France with the school.

We arrived that night and the hotel was really lively, loud music people dancing and it was still warm, a great start. We quickly checked into the room and we both went to the bar. I looked around and saw it was mostly younger people having fun. A cold beer and a large vodka. I found my foot tapping along to the music. I ordered my wife, Angela, a double Bacardi and coke and a cold cider.

A few more drinks and it was not long until my wife was up on the dance floor, jigging away to the music. I forgot just how sexy my wife looked and could be. She was wearing a revealing top and a short skirt; you could see her white G string when she swayed with the music. She was a good looker, I was a lucky guy.

I think a few other people had noticed her little white panties as well, as it was not long until a bunch of four younger guys, who were also dancing, moved closer. I chuckled; these guys must have been half our age. They plucked up courage and the taller one asked her to dance, she agreed and they both swayed along to the music. They all took a turns to dance with her. I was quite pleased, as I was not a good dancer and I preferred to stand at the bar.

Angela finally came over and I ordered her another few doubles. “I see you have a few admirers,” I said to her.

She laughed and said “I would much prefer to dance with you, honey,” as she leaned over and rubbed the inside of my leg.

“Who is a horny girl tonight? “ I whispered “You know I like a few drinks before I get up to dance, I will get up with you shortly” I said, “And anyway, I think you’re doing alright without me. You have four young sexy guys.”

She laughed and finished her two doubles when the next record started and off she went to the dance floor. It did not take long until the same four guys were sniffing around her. The bigger guy asked her to dance again. She danced a few dances with them all, she was on holiday and she seemed to be enjoying herself, when a slow song came on and I thought she would have sat down but the bigger, good-looking guy asked her to dance so she stayed up on the dance floor.

He held her close and I suppose she held him as well. I noticed that when they danced one of his legs was between hers. It looked like every time they turned, his thigh rubbed against her crotch, her nipples were erect through her top but maybe I was overreacting. Last orders at the bar were shouted, so I turned to the barman and ordered another double.

Then the music finished and she chatted to the young guy for a little while, before returning to the bar. She quickly finished her drink and dragged me up to our room.

As our room door closed behind us she turned and gave me a long slow passionate kiss and rubbed my cock. I slipped my hand between her legs to find her little panties soaking wet.

“My word,” I said, “I see you really enjoyed yourself, dancing with the young guys.”

“Yes I did,” she replied, “I think they enjoyed dancing with me as well as I gave them a hardon and could feel it rubbing against me when we danced.”

I removed her panties and went down on her, she was really turned on and soaking wet. I ran my tongue over the top of her clit, then to her entrance. She was still talking about how hard she made them and how big one of the young guys cock felt.

It was sort of turning me on, listening to her talk about how wet this young guy made her and how big his cock was, my cock was average size, I think, well maybe just a little smaller, I told myself as it slipped in her well-lubricated pussy.

It was strange to hear her talking about another guy while we fucked. It turned me on and it was not long to I shot my load right up her, it seemed to be lots as It started to run out of her, a cream pie.

She said, “That was a bit selfish, I have not cum yet.”

She grabbed my head and forced it between her legs and told me, “Lick my pussy dry, clean it up, pretend that one of the four young guys had fucked me and you are eating their cum out of me.”

I was shocked to hear my wife speak this way but it sort of turned me on. This was the first time I had tasted my own cum. It actually tasted alright, I enjoyed the mix of her pussy juice and my cum, I cleaned her pussy up. All her talk about these young guys actually turned me on and made me erect again.

She felt me get hard again and told me, “slip it in and fuck me hard, don’t dare cum until you satisfy me.”

I fucked her rough and pulled her hair hard as I gave it doggy ways. It was not long until she squirted. She had not squirted for ages. I shot another load in her pussy then I rolled over and cuddled her.

We chatted a little but the topic returned to the four young guys. Her pussy was getting wet again as she rubbed my cock hard. She climbed on top and slid it in.

She said, “I think that young guy's cock was huge. I could feel it when we danced the slow dance.”

She slowly eased down on my cock, thinking of his cock. She was really wet.

“It certainly turned you on and made you wet, if it turns you on and we have a few more sessions like this, why don’t you tease him so more?” I joked.

She bucked and fucked me harder and faster until she squirted once more.

“Do you think I should fuck them all at once or individually?” she moaned, as she orgasmed again.

I could not believe what she had just said. I was joking but she was actually considering it. I shot my load again. It sort of turned me on, the thought of another guy fucking my wife.

I have never fucked my wife so many times one after the other and she has never came so many times, multiple orgasms.

“I think you should fuck them on different nights,” I replied as she rolled off me and onto her back. I was hoping this was just small talk. Could I stand for another guy's cock in her pussy?

She opened her legs and began to rub her clit, “I am definitely going to fuck Stephen, his cock felt so big,” she said as she orgasmed once more, we both fell asleep.

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