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Holiday Surprise 2

Coming out
Benidorm (Continued)

“I am going to slip into a bath and cool down my swollen lips of my pussy,” my wife said.

“No wonder it’s swollen. How did it feel? Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Do you really want to know?” she replied.

I didn’t know if I really wanted to know but I had to ask her.

“Of course,” I replied.

“It fucking hurt going in, but once it was fully in, I could feel it really deep. I orgasmed twice I did not want him to cum, best shag I’ve ever had,” she informed me. “Do you want to go back to the shop next week so you can fuck that young girl in the ass again?”

“Yes please,” I begged.

“Climb in here and slip that tiny cock in me,” she instructed.

It felt great to slide into my wife’s pussy. I did not last long before I shot my load.

“Did you enjoy that?” She said, “I could not feel your cock in me. I’m going to fuck that young boy Stephen, with the big cock, small cocks are no longer any good.”

That cut like a knife as I watched her rub her clit.

“Don’t worry I will still let you fuck me and you can lick other guy's cum out of me,” she told me. “You can also go back and fuck that ass again.”

"Not a bad deal while we are on holiday," I thought, I was going to let the young guys fuck her anyway.

I agreed. And we got ready to go down for dinner. My mind was full of ideas. The main one was to go back and visit that shop tomorrow. My wife always had a long lie in and I always went for a long walk around the resort to get landmarks. Yep, that where I was going.

We sat down for dinner and the young boys were at the next table. I noticed they were eyeing my wife up, but no wonder, she looked stunning. She had a short skirt on and her legs opened wider.

She leaned over and said, “Do you think they will notice that I have no panties on?”

I nearly choked! No wonder they were eyeing her up! After dinner we moved into the lounge and the young guys followed. The music was soft as we all sat together at the table.

“Have you all met girls over here? Have you shagged them?” My wife asked abruptly.

“We have met a few but none of us have had sex yet,” was their reply.

“I think that will change tonight,” she said. “Anyone want to come to our room for a party, right now?”

“Yep,” they all said..

We all went to the lift to go to our room. In the lift, I saw my wife rubbing all the guys between their legs. We went into our room and I got them a drink and put the music on. My wife came out the bedroom naked apart from a sheet wrapped around her.

“Right guys, get stripped and let’s see your cocks,” she demanded.

She sucked and fucked them all night, while I watched. The only time I joined in, was to lick her pussy clean every time one of them filled her pussy.

“You’re on the couch tonight," She said to me. "Guys, let's go to the bedroom. I want fucked more. I want every hole filled.”

I lay on the couch and listed to her getting fucked in the ass as well as her pussy. I awoke when the light shone in the window. I heard no noise so I went into the room. The five of them were in bed together.

“My pussy was well-used last night she said. You missed yourself but don’t worry, you can watch them fuck me this morning, before they leave. Do you want to lick their cum from my pussy?” She asked.

I murmured, “Yes.”

She woke them with her mouth around their cocks. They all took turns to fuck her and I got to lick out their cum. After about two hours, they left.

“Did that turn you on?” She asked.

“No,” I replied.

“You'd better get used to it, as they are going to fuck me again,” she informed me.

“No, they're fucking not!” I yelled.

“Oh, they fucking are!” She screamed.

I went quiet, got showered and left the room. 

"Fucking bitch,” I said to myself. “I’ll show her.”

I flagged a taxi and headed straight to the sex shop. As I entered, there was only a young good-looking guy behind the counter. I went downstairs, watched some porn and waited for something to happen. It was not long before a huge black cock was shoved through the hole. I touched it. I was alone and no one could see me. I began to suck it.

“Take your pants down,” a voice said.

I quickly stripped and felt a hand touch my erect cock. It was not long until I shot my load.

“Turn around,” a voice said. “I want to finger your ass.”

I turned round and felt a hand rub some lub on my hole.

“Back on to my cock like your wife did yesterday,” I was told.

I was alone and horny, so I did as I was instructed. I felt a sharp pain as this thick black cock entered me. It started to pump my ass. It aroused me and I got hard again. He told me he was going to cum right up my ass then I was to fuck him, just like yesterday.

I was shocked, was it not that sexy fem I fucked? Shit, it was a guy, but yesterday was good so I stuck my cock through the hole and he backed onto it. I fucked him hard and shot my load up his ass. I cleaned up then went back to my room.

“Where have you been?” My wife asked.

“I went back to the sex shop,” I replied as I stripped naked. “Wait until I show you this.”

I climbed onto the bed and parted my ass, cum dribbled out. She licked my ass clean.

“I let the same guy fuck me that fucked you and it was that black guy I fucked yesterday and today,” I informed her. “My ass feels swollen just like your pussy did yesterday.”

“I do still love you. Come on over here and I’ll give you some head and let you slip your little cock in me,” she whispered.

As I was fucking her, I told her, “You can fuck them again, if you really want to.”

“I do and I am,” she informed me. “I will take you every day to the sex shop, so you are not left out. Anyway, I want to watch you fuck that guy.”

I suppose it was not a bad deal. That night the guys came back to ours but I was invited into the bedroom.

“Get naked!” I was instructed, “Suck some of them hard and bend over, as one of the guys thinks he’s gay and wants to fuck your ass.”

This excited me. To my amazement I felt my ass get stretched. It was the tall, good-looking guy, Stephen, with the big cock who was gay. He pounded my ass and filled it.

He asked me, “Can you give me a hand to get drink from my room?”

We went to his room to pick up some extra drink. When we got there he closed the door.

“Your wife is hot but I enjoyed fucking you better. Let’s go to bed in here and leave them all to fuck your wife. I want to feel your cock up my ass,” he said.

We got into bed and he began to suck me hard. I turned him over and slipped my cock up his ass. I fucked him for a good ten minutes before shooting my cum in him. He leaned over kissed me and said he enjoyed getting fucked just as well as fucking me. We fucked all night to the next morning. We awoke with the guys returning from my wife’s room.

I got partially dressed and went back to our room.

“Where did you go to?” My wife enquired.

“I went to the guy's room and I really enjoyed myself. Stephen and I fucked each other all night. Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“I suppose I did but I wondered where you'd went to,” she replied.

“He has a superb big cock and his cum tasted great,” I informed her. “Are the guys coming to your room tonight, as I would like to spend the night with him again?

There were only three nights left and my ass was as sore as my wife’s pussy, from his big cock. It was a great holiday but I could not wait to get back home to normality.

I bumped into the guys at the airport. They were on the same flight, in fact they stayed in the next village to us. I had a funny feeling we would be meeting again.

I needed a pee before boarding the plane. To my surprise the guy was in the loo as well.

“Do you want one more fucking?” He asked me.

We went into the cubicle, I dropped my shorts and he fucked my ass. I felt his cum enter me.

I returned to find my wife reading her book.

“Where did you go?” She asked me.

“I just got my last fuck in the gents," I whispered, "The cum is running out my ass. Do you know these guys live local to us back home?”

“Yeah, I did. I have organised a meet when we get home,” she replied.

We arrived home, my pants wet from the cum running out my ass. I went there a man and came back a poof. I enjoyed getting fucked rather than fucking. My wife went a lady and was now a whore. What a holiday. I can’t wait to meet them all again. My ass twitched.
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