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Homecoming, Ch 2

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Robert and Michelle continue their homecoming weekend

Later that morning, we were back down in the restaurant eating breakfast, when Michelle brought up something I’d completely forgotten about, “You remember I said there was something I left out of my story from that night?” she asked me.

I’d just stuffed a bite of ham in my mouth, so I nodded. I’d forgotten about it but now remembered it clearly.

“After we dressed, and Jeremy and I were ready to go, we started talking. They’d noticed my wedding ring and someone asked me about my husband, how you felt about me doing the things we’d done earlier…” She went on, “I told them about originally telling you about Mike, and how you encouraged me to have that weekend with him.”

I knew she wasn’t finished, so I sat quietly waiting for her to go on with what was obviously on her mind. “Being in the college setting we were in…I got a little nostalgic about Mike…and, I guess to make a long story short, I’ve been really curious about him.”

She was obviously getting nervous telling me this story. “What I’ve been trying to say, is that I’d like to call him sometime, see how he’s doing, if he’s married yet?”

I processed that for a minute, remembering why she’d left him that last time. She’d had an affair with him for several months until he wanted more, all of her. He’d insisted that she leave me and move in with him. I’d been really afraid then but was much more secure with her now. I thought that if she wanted to meet him one more time, to see how he was doing, it’d be fine with me.

“Why don’t you call him then. Invite him to dinner with you, so you could have a good visit with him.”

“I don’t know about that, I don’t think I want to start something with him again.”

I hate to admit it here, but I was starting to get an evil thought in my mind, “You wouldn’t have to. You could just visit and reminisce. Find out what’s been happening in his life.” Then I suggested, “Why don’t you call him now, see if he’s available to go to dinner with you tonight?”

“Honey, are you sure? I just got back. I should be with you this weekend. Besides, I don’t have anything to wear. We’d have to go shopping and I have something else I want to do this afternoon.”

Now, my evil thought was coming to the forefront. “You could wear what you wore last night. In fact, I’d love it if you did. You’d have to make it clear to him beforehand, though, that it would only be for dinner.”

She looked at me for a long moment. “You want me to wear that dress…with my ex-lover, the man I’ve never been able to say ‘no’ to?”

I reminded her, “You said no to him once, a pretty big no as I recall. And yeah, I’d love for you to wear that on a dinner date with him.”

She sat, looking into my face for several minutes, until she picked up her phone, scrolled through some numbers, clicked on one, and put the phone to her ear. I hadn’t realized she still had his number in her phone but wasn’t surprised. I waited, listening.

Shortly she said into the phone, “Hi…Mike, it’s Michelle.” I couldn’t hear the other end of the conversation, only hers. “No, I’ve been thinking about you a little lately, and was wondering how you’re doing?” There was another long pause, then, “That’s too bad. I was hoping you’d found someone by now.” “Uhh, yeah, I am in Seattle right now...That’d be great, I’d love to have dinner with you. Why don’t you meet me here at my hotel, the Four Seasons, say about eight?” Then she added, “But Mike, it’s just for dinner, okay? Nothing else…Great, I’ll be looking forward to it, see you this evening.”

She clicked to end the call. “I hope you’re really okay with it because he’s meeting me here tonight,” she told me.

I reassured her, “I’m fine.” Then I smiled at her, “I get you the rest of the night!”

I remembered something she’d said before she called. “You said you had something you wanted to do this afternoon?”

“A little surprise, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Let’s finish eating and go for a ride.”

I was more than a little perplexed but we did as she suggested and finished our meal. After breakfast, we jumped in my Corolla and she directed me to Renton, still not telling me where we were going. She had an address, though, that she put into our GPS. When we found the address, I was surprised that it was a Mazda dealership. She directed me into their parking lot and after parking, told me, “Sweetheart, we are going to trade your Corolla in for a new car.”

I looked at her with what had to be a dumb, shit-eating grin on my face, “We’re what? But, but, but…”

We got out and a salesman greeted us as soon as we were in the dealership. I let Michelle do the talking since I hadn’t a clue what we were doing. “Hi,” she said, “We’re looking for a Miata, a convertible.”

She told him very specifically what “we” were looking for, a bright red Miata convertible, leather seats, navigation system, everything. He smiled and said he was sure he had exactly the one we were looking for. When he was leading us to it, I whispered in Michelle’s ear, “Sweetheart, how are we paying for this?”

“Trust me,” she said, “We’re okay.”

Okay, I’ll trust her, I thought, as I tagged along. They actually had a row of several Miatas. The one he was looking for was near the end of the line, bright red, tan leather interior, convertible Grand Touring. It was only a two-seater, so Michelle took it on a test drive with the salesman. They returned a half-hour later and we went into a sales room to negotiate. Again, I let Michelle handle it completely. They were asking a little over $32,000. She negotiated it down about fifteen-hundred dollars.

While this was going on, they had been assessing our trade-in, my 2006 Corolla. The salesman showed us the Kelly Blue Book value of $2,940 and offered $3,000. Michelle told him we’d take it, but we’d need to get them the title later.

After going through all their after-market add-ons; extended warranty, clear-coat, licensing, sales tax (ugh, another $3,000), and so on with the sales manager, we owed them $32,200 plus some change. Michelle pulled a card out of her purse, handed it to the sales manager and told him to take it from the card. When he’d left with her card, I looked at her inquisitively. “A little bonus from Brett,” she told me with a huge grin on her face, “fifty-thousand dollars to get home.”

My jaw must have dropped to the floor! Then she added, with a little flourish to her voice, “You might want to check our bank account too.” I pulled up our US Bank app on my phone and looked at our checking account balance, There’d been a deposit the day before of, THREE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. DOLLARS! And that was on top of what he’d deposited earlier when she’d first left home after our thirty days of abstinence. No wonder she thought she could afford this car. Altogether, Brett had paid her $400,000 for that little trip!

We’d been at the dealership most of the afternoon but drove back to the hotel with the top down on our new Miata convertible. She told me that from then on, the Accord would be my car, but she’d let me borrow hers occasionally.

That evening, I watched Michelle get ready for her date with Mike, the first time she’s seen him in nearly two years. She sat at the hotel dressing table carefully getting ready: putting on her makeup; eyeliner, blush, bright red lipstick; she sprayed the perfume I’d fallen in love with between her breasts and on her neck; then pulling on a fresh pair of thong panties, her silk stockings, and the black boots. Then she pulled that white leather, form-fitting dress down over her body, and asked me to please button it behind her neck. That huge cut-out bare back was even sexier than I remembered from the night before. It went from the two-inch wide strap around her neck to just above where a thong would be if she was wearing one.

When all else was done, she brushed out her beautiful hair into the tendrils and golden waves that were so beautiful the night before. It was about a quarter till eight when she was satisfied, and asked me how she looked.

My God, she was so beautiful…and sexy, she was literally Aphrodite re-incarnated! I thought I had to be crazy, out of my fricken mind, to let her go to dinner with her ex-lover looking like that! Like I’d said from the night before, her dress showed every curve of her body without a single wrinkle to mar the sexy effect.

She kissed me on the cheek when she left and said she didn’t know how late she’d be. A little later, she sent me a text message, “Mike’s here. Going out to the Trinity Nightclub, where he took me the first night two years ago.”

I thought they’d have dinner downstairs, then maybe go to the hotel bar. Obviously, he planned to try to seduce her again, probably to renew their affair. I’ll admit I wasn’t particularly happy about that. Although, I guess I understood from Michelle’s perspective. It would be a little embarrassing for her to be in the bar downstairs on two successive nights with two different men.

I thought about going down to the restaurant to order a cheeseburger to take back to our room to wait but decided I’d rather wait in our room watching the beautiful view out the window. I left the TV off to watch the boats come and go when I was surprised to hear the door being opened half an hour or so later.

Mike was outside the door, and I heard and watched Michelle tell him goodbye. It wasn’t “good night,” as in, “I’ll see you later,” it was goodbye as, “I won’t see you again.”

When she came to me and kissed me on the lips, I asked her, “What was that all about?”

“I discovered it wasn’t going to work out again, I’m over him.” She wrapped her arms around me, leaned back a little and said, “I wanted to be with my husband. Let’s go for a drive in our new car.” I could not have been more pleased!

I was all for it, kind of anxious myself to do that. We went down to the parking lot and Michelle climbed in behind the wheel of her new toy and put the top down. We were both excited to finally take this thing out and play with it. It was a little cool out and Michelle was still wearing her backless dress, so we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick her up a sweater. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the incongruity of her wearing a custom-made dress that she said was over four-thousand dollars and a twelve-ninety-five sweater from Wal-Mart.

She drove up to Snoqualmie Falls, laughing and playing with her new car, telling me it felt more like driving a really cool go-kart than a car. The top was down, and we loved the feeling of the cool wind blowing over us. Neither of us had ever been in a convertible before. It wasn’t quite like Kristen’s Corvette had been, but it was pretty darned cool…and it was ours! We kind of wished it took more than forty-five minutes to get there.

After she parked the car, Michelle and I walked hand-in-hand over to a bench overlooking the falls. They had colored lights shining on them making it beautiful to just sit and watch. Michelle scooted next to me, laid her head on my shoulder, and we sat like that, snuggled together with my arm around her, watching the falls and listening to the roar of the water for probably an hour in the middle of the night. What a wonderfully, perfect evening it was turning out to be! Over the past couple months, I’d forgotten how good life could be. A few other people come and went, but we had our bench to ourselves.

When we left to go back to our hotel, Michelle handed me the keys, telling me it was my turn. I felt like a kid with a new toy on Christmas Day. That thing was fun to drive, kind of like a hot, wet dream come true! I asked her why she hadn’t ever said anything sooner about wanting a car like that?

“And what would you have said, sweetheart?” she asked me.

She had me there, I’d have told her we couldn’t afford it. We probably could have, but it was an extravaganza we wouldn’t ever have actually bought. I’d have probably told her that this time too, if she’d asked me instead of just doing it, even with that money in the bank. I was damn glad she’d just done it, instead of discussing it first.

Speaking of the money in the bank, the next day, on our way home, Michelle told me that Brett told her that he’d have his accountant help with our taxes that year, plus he’d pay any taxes due. So, that money in the bank was basically going to be tax-free!

But I jumped ahead of myself a little. When Michelle and I got back to the hotel, we played with our car a little, putting the top up and down a couple times, marveling at how smoothly it worked. It was a hard top that hid away in the trunk. Much more importantly, when we went to bed that night, we made perhaps the sweetest love of our lives!

In the morning at breakfast, Michelle said she’d like to see Jeremy before we went home. She called his cell phone and didn’t get an answer. She checked and discovered she had put his mom’s number in her contact list as well, so she called her. She answered, but said he was out with his girlfriend until about three that afternoon. She told Michelle that she had the girlfriend’s number and would call her to let him know we’d be there about three that afternoon. She told Michelle that he was living at home during the summer, and was working until school started. When Michelle hung up she was beaming at the fact that Jeremy had a girlfriend and how pleased his mom had seemed to hear from her. She’d asked his mom if it was okay to meet him with his girlfriend there and was assured he’d be thrilled.

We had several hours until three, so went to Pike Place Market, a huge, permanent outdoor market on the Seattle waterfront. We bought a few little trinkets, had an artist draw a caricature of both of us, and of course, bought a salmon to take home. You can’t go to Pike Place Market without buying a salmon.

That afternoon, we zipped to Jeremy’s house in our little car, getting there a little after three. Jeremy met her at the door and hugged her vociferously. His girlfriend was there as well. Jeremy reminded Michelle that her name was Belinda, the waitress they’d met that night at Shari’s Restaurant. She said she’s going to school to learn to be a nurse. Jeremy seemed to beam with everything Belinda said or did. We stayed and visited for about an hour.

When we left, Jeremy gave Michelle another very affectionate hug and asked her to please keep in touch. Judy, Jeremy’s mom, walked us to the car and thanked Michelle profusely, telling her that Jeremy had opened up, and was so much happier now than before. She said we’d always have a friend with them. Michelle told her that the thanks should be hers, how much she’d enjoyed her time with him. She also told Judy, “If I was younger and single, Belinda would have serious competition for him.” Michelle laughed and said, “She wouldn’t have a chance.”

We enjoyed our drive home. The trip over Snoqualmie Pass is beautiful and in that little Miata with the top down, was so much fun. Michelle drove and I couldn’t stop glancing over and marveling at the woman beside me with her beautiful hair blowing in the wind. It was undoubtedly the best trip home from Seattle in my life.

Michelle was pleased when we got home and stepped foot in our house for the first time in nearly two months. I’d meticulously cleaned every nook and cranny, inside and out. What else did I have to do those last couple weeks? It made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something, that her return home was actually getting close.

Monday, my workday was the most pleasant in recent memory. It’s simply amazing what a difference it makes to know your beautiful woman is going to be there when you get home! She didn’t disappoint me either. When I got home that evening, I smelled the odors of fresh, homemade lasagna and bread wafting through the house. She greeted me with the news that she’d called the law firm and was going back to work the following Monday, August 22nd.

Then she said she had another surprise waiting for me. She led me into our bedroom and had me sit on the edge of our bed. She looked at our ceiling, smiled and said, “We have to have a mirror there.” Then she placed her left foot on my lap and handed me the new wire cutters she’d bought earlier in the day. Her intention was obvious. I took the wire cutter from her, put the blade around her anklet chain and cut it off her ankle. I handed her the cut anklet, she placed it in her jewelry box and closed the lid.


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