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Hot tub fun

Our first time was hot, in hot tub
My wife Tracy has always been the best lay, but we’d been married almost fifteen years and sex had gotten a little of the same old same old.We talked about spicing things up, but had never implemented any plans until that night.

I should point out that we are both in amazing physical condition. She is 5’4”, with flat abs, 34 C tits and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. She has amazing green eyes and dark brown hair with perfect teeth. My friends have all drooled after her for years.

One night, we were out drinking late with some good friends of ours Rick and Tonya. Their children and our children were friends. We’d been on vacation with them many times. They were a good looking couple and we had been drinking a lot.

We got back to our house about two am. The kids were at grandma’s for the night, so we were free. I started making martinis. After two more of my super strong drinks, we all decided that it would be a hoot to go skinny dipping in our hot tub.

Weather was perfect, it was about thirty-five degrees and the night felt young. Rick said we should play truth or dare as teams. So, me and Tonya, versus Rick and Tracy.

The game had barely gotten started when Tonya excused herself to go to the restroom. We waited five then ten minutes for her to return, while finishing off our drinks and laughing about being naked in the hot tub.

Finally, Rick said he was going to go check on Tonya. I told him that I would check on her and get us more drinks. He didn’t object. After all he would get some alone time with my hot wife.

Now, here’s a disclaimer: Tracy hadn’t been with another man in over eighteen years. Not even a kiss. At the time I went to get more drinks her and Rick didn’t do a thing besides talk.

Tracy was passed out on my daughter’s bed, so I covered her up and went out to tell the others the news. Rick assumed that the game was over, but I suggested that the three of us play with the following rules: you could only take two truths in a row. The third time had to be a dare, or you could go three truths in a row and then have to take a ‘super’ dare, where anything went.

So I started by asking Tracy, “Truth, or dare?”

She responded “Truth.” (I knew it!)

“Are you attracted to Rick?”

“Yes. He’s an attractive man.”

We danced around a dare with goofy questions of truth, until finally it was my turn to ask Tracy, “Truth, or dare?”

“Dare,” she replied, almost daring me.

“Okay. For sixty seconds play with my and Rick’s cocks at the same time.”

She hesitated and gave a little smile. For about ten seconds I didn’t know if she was going to do it or not, but then I felt her left hand reach in between my legs and start stroking me up and down. I saw Rick’s head roll back and his eyes close. She kept it up for longer than the sixty seconds that I had dared her, but eventually she stopped and leaned back with a look a triumph on her face.

She then dared Rick to run around our house naked, and then the time for her turn came again.

“Dare,” she said, obviously ready for more.

“Try this one out,” I told her thinking she would chicken out. “Let Rick hold you right leg and me hold your left leg and let us play with your pussy for five minutes.”

I could tell that I took her by surprise and she waited a full minute before she responded.

She simply said, “Okay.”

We took her legs and both started rubbing her clit and sliding our fingers into her pussy. She moaned and after a couple of minutes had an explosive orgasm, but we didn’t stop.

I lifted her up and set her up on my hard cock with her face toward Rick. He stood up and she took his cock in her mouth, as I fucked her hard from behind.

After about ten minutes we both shot it into her around the same time. She moved her ass on me getting every last bit of my wood, while she massaged the last drop of cum out of Rick.

We had no sooner stopped and laid back resting when Tonya appeared at the door, telling Rick that she didn’t feel good and that he needed to take her home.

We closed out the tub and wished our friends a good evening, while only wearing towels.

Tracy wasn’t done with my dick that night and we fucked two more times, while talking about what happened.

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