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Hot Wife Research - Chapter One

Addie Billrich wants to write a column on "Hot Wives", is it a myth or real. What does she find?

I kept my eyes closed as I woke up from a relaxing night of sleep. His arm was holding my petite body tight to his large muscular frame. I felt so secure when Marcus held me. His large morning boner was pressed against my backside. The thoughts of last night, of us making passionate love before falling asleep, were racing through my mind. He stirred, my pussy tingled, it wouldn't be long now and waves of pleasure would again be coursing throughout my petite body.


My name is Addie Billrich, I'm a independent syndicated columnist in real life. I also research and write books. I write on various subjects, my latest research is for a book on “Hot Wives”. I wanted to know if wives were into this lifestyle and if so, how they became one.

My husband, Chase, is a Professor of Psychology at a nearby University. When I approached him to explain my new research project, he was supportive. Chase was always supportive of my work, no matter where it might lead to. One of my books was on lesbians and how they interact. When I revealed to him that one of the lesbians I had interviewed, had seduced me.

He said, “Well, I can see that happening. I can't imagine how sexually charged the conversations were.”

“You aren't angry with me?" I asked him.

“Should I be angry, no, you admitted you were seduced. Seduction is a powerful tool in the hands of the right person. You had sex with this woman of your own freewill, did you not? Did you enjoy the sex and did you reciprocate?”

“Yes, I wanted to have sex with her and it enjoyed it immensely. I never in my dreams thought that I would eat another woman's pussy, but I did and I liked it. The sex was great that day and I might do it again.”

Chase just shrugged his shoulders, that was the end of the conversation. I knew that Chase's psychologist mind saw no wrong in what had transpired. My Chase is a great husband.

I didn't reveal to him that the lesbian and I had a sexual relationship that went on for months after that. It was a lot of fun and great sex while it lasted. She met a single woman and developed a relationship with her. I was kind of glad it was over, sex with her was starting to complicate my life. I made a note to possibly write about how straight women can become involved with lesbians.

~~ Tricia ~~

Tricia Wilcox was my first interview. I met Tricia shopping at a Forever 21 store. She was trying on club dresses, then showing them to another woman who was with her. It looked like Tricia had narrowed down her choices, but couldn't make up her mind what to buy. She saw that I was watching her and boldly asked for my opinion.

“Which of these dresses do you think I will look the sexiest in?” She asked, looking directly at me. “My friend here thinks they all are sexy and can't help me pick one. Please.”

“I don't know if I'm qualified to answer that,” I said. “They all looked pretty sexy to me also, but if I had to make a choice for me, I would pick this one.”

I handed her a black cross front bandage dress, the hemline was high. The cross front top would reveal a lot of cleavage, her firm C-cup breasts would show a lot of side boob.

I held my hand out, “My name is Addie. Try that one on, I want to see it on you.”

“I'm Tricia and that's my friend Katherine,” she responded. Then she disappeared into the changing room. I sat down next to Katherine.

“Please call me Kat, Katherine is so old-fashioned. I don't know why she wants to dress so slutty, guys would fall over her even if she was wearing a plastic garbage bag. My friend is a club freak, she's out every Friday and Saturday night dancing and picking up men. Her poor husband, he's such a schmuck for letting her do that. I don't know why he puts up with her, guess he loves her.”

“I understand some men are like that, you know, letting their wives fool around with other men. Does Tricia do that?” I was fishing to find out if Tricia was a so called hot wife.

“I think so, I've been with her when she has left with a guy and doesn't come back home until late on Sunday. She has to be having sex with them, there's no other explanation. She's such a tramp at times, but she's my best friend.”

I saw Tricia coming out of the dressing room, she was hot, really hot.

“Wow.” That was all I could say. Tricia looked like the perfect slut.

Tricia looked at me. “Well I guess that answers my question.” She turned and disappeared back into the dressing room.

When Tricia came back out in her street clothes, she still looked like a “loose” woman.

“How about I take you two for lunch and coffee,” I stated, more of a command then a request. I wanted the opportunity to ask Tricia for an interview.

“Sure,” Kat said, before Tricia had a chance to respond. “Lunch sounds good cause I'm hungry. There's a good Asian restaurant in the food court here.”

“Okay, I'm kinda famished myself.” Tricia replied.

It was settled then. Tricia and Kat paid for their items and we walked towards the food court. There weren't many men in the mall, but those who were, gave appreciative looks at us women. We ordered and found a table to eat at. We small talked for awhile before they brought us our lunch. Eventually I turned the conversation to husbands, children and the sort. Neither Tricia nor Kat had any kids. Tricia readily admitted that her husband allowed her to frequent the clubs in the city.

Kat said, to me, “No way would my husband allow me to club around like Tricia does.”

Of course Tricia had to retort, “Maybe you should. Probably would get that old stick-in-the-mud off the couch. The only time he pays any attention to you is if there's no sports on TV. How often does he fuck you, once a month, maybe twice? Let him see that other men desire you, that should wake up his johnson. You should come dancing with me some weekend.”

Kat just shook her head.

“Tricia, I'm doing research on women who like to go out dancing and having a good time. Irregardless if her husband is with her or not. I'm putting together an article, of course everyone would be anonymous, and I would like to interview you. Would that be possible?”

Tricia looked like she was mulling the thought around in her brain. “Sure, why not? You name the time and place.”

Today was Friday, so not a good day. “Next Wednesday, we'll meet right here, at 11:30, then we can have a light lunch at my house before we talk. How does that sound?”

“Sounds fine, can Kat come?”

“I would prefer alone, no distractions that way. Sorry Kat, I didn't mean it to sound that way.”

“Hey, no problem with me. I don't want to hear about her shit anyway. Besides that, I have a afternoon of golf lined up with James.”

With my interview scheduled, I stood up to depart.

“It was nice meeting you ladies and I'll see you next Wednesday, right here,” I was looking at Tricia.

“Bye, Addie,” they said in unison.

On Wednesday morning, I prepared for my interview, plenty of lined paper and sharpened pencils. I left them on a kitchen counter. I had prepared a light lunch of Crab Louie, Artisan Crackers and a chilled white wine. Another bottle of wine was cooling in the refrigerator just in case.

At 11:30 sharp, I was walking into the mall's food court. Tricia was already there sitting at a table. She rose when she saw me and we shook hands.

“Do you want to follow me in your car, or ride along with me?” I asked her.

“I'll follow you, no sense you having to drive me back here to pick up my car later.”

“Okay, I'll meet you at the west entrance to the mall. I will be driving a black Lincoln Navigator.”

“I drive a white Caddy, I'll beep the horn when I'm behind you.”

The drive to my house was uneventful. Tricia parked in the driveway and exited her vehicle.

“Come, lets go in through the garage,” I called to her.

Tricia followed me inside. I gave her the ten-cent tour of my house before we sat down for lunch. She enjoyed the Crab Louie, she ate quite a bit. The wine was a hit too. It was fun to get acquainted with Tricia. She had a good sense of humor and didn't mind telling jokes also. We hit it off good, we could become good friends, but the interview came first. Tricia helped me clear the table before we sat in the living room. I had my paper and pencils with me.

Tricia spoke first. “Just to let you know, I don't want to be identified in any way except for my first name. I will open my soul to you and I trust that my story will only be printed.”

“You can trust me on that, I have a reputation to protect also. I set my voice activated digital recorder on the table between us. Can I start the interview now?”

“Have at it.”

I spoke to the recorder, “I am sitting with Tricia and she has agreed to let me record our conversation this afternoon. Tricia, do I have your permission to record our conversations today?”

“Yes you have my permission.”

“Thank you. From conversations with you and with Kat, I have come to the conclusion that you are somewhat of a party girl. You like to dance and frequent the dance clubs in the city. Is this correct?”

“If you're implying I've become a hot wife for my husband, you are correct.”

“Would you please tell me how this all came about?”

“About three years after Tank, that my nickname for my husband, and I were married, we met a couple who moved next door. A few weeks after they moved in, we invited them over for a BBQ. The food was great, the conversations were great and the drinks flowed. We were all feeling pretty tipsy when Adele suggested that we all climb into Tank's and my hot tub. I thought it was a nice idea and said, 'Yes.' Surprise surprise, Adele dropped her sundress and walked nude towards the tub.

"Tank couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. I knew he had been eyeballing her since they came over, but getting nude, that was a new one. He was in the tub sitting next to Adele in a flash. Adele's husband looked at me and asked if we should join them. When I stood up, he stood up and lifted my dress up and over my head. I was standing there in my bra and panties. He didn't even ask, he just unhooked my bra and took it off. Next his fingers were in my panty waistband and they were sliding down my legs. I was numb, I couldn't believe what was happening. A neighbor, who I had just met, had stripped me naked.

"Three of us were totally nude, but not for long. Tony, Adele's husband, was soon nude too. He took my hand and led me to the tub. There we were, four nude people, basking in the very warm turbulent water. Five minutes later I saw Adele's hand was on Tank's cock. She was jacking him off under the water. Tank was leaning back against the tub, enjoying every minute of it. I could see how turned on he was when he looked me in the eyes. When he slipped his hand between Adele's legs, I knew he was going to finger fuck her. Bastard! Two can play this game.

"I reached under the water and took hold of Tony's cock. It was pretty damn thick and very hard. I stroked it a few times before his fingers slipped between my pussy folds. I don't think I really knew how turned on I was by watching my husband finger another woman. Tony's fingers slipped into my vagina, his thumb went to work on my clitoris and it wasn't long before I moaning and enjoying Tony's attention to me.

"I heard Adele let out a muffled scream as she experienced her orgasm. Tony stood up, Adele's fingers surrounded his cock as she sucked it into her mouth. She sucked him hard until he cum. He spurt his cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I don't swallow, so it was a new experience for Tank. They then sat side by side and watched Tony and me.

"Tony was working his fingers hard in my pussy, but I just wasn't feeling it yet. I stood up and rubbed my clit against Tony's lips. His tongue snaked out and licked my clit. Now I was feeling it. I spread my feet, which allowed me to spread my legs. Tony went to work on my whole slit. Damn, did it feel good. Tony was the best cunt lapper I ever had. It was just a few minutes and I was cumming hard. Tony actually had to support me so I wouldn't fall back into the water.

"Tony sat up on the edge of the tub. His thick cock was pointed upward and my pussy wanted it inside. I squatted over his cock and rubbed it back and forth in my slit. We were both well lubricated as I positioned his cock head at my entrance. I was in control now, Tony sat there as my pussy slowly sank over his cock. I made the fucking movements as he went in deeper and deeper. I leaned forward, my tits within reach of Tony's lips. I wanted him to suck my titties as I fucked his cock.

"I peeked back and saw a look of awe on Tank's face. He was watching Tony's cock fuck my cunt. That's when I kind of went nuts and fucked Tony like it was my last fuck. It was a good thing I was on the pill, I wanted to feel this big cock throb and spasm when he came in me. Tony was building, his climax was only moments away, then I had another orgasm. My orgasm didn't last long, but Tony was ready. He grabbed my waist and jammed my cunt down on his cock. He held me there as his cum shot up inside of me, filling my pussy full. The pumping action of his cock inside me brought on another orgasm. Never had I ever had three orgasms in a row. Even Tank had never done that to me.

"When Tony and I were done fucking, we sat and watched Tank and Adele fuck. It was pretty hot watching my husbands cock disappear into her pussy. I liked how her pussy lips clung to his cock on the outstroke, then disappeared on the instroke. Then Tank did something he never did to me, he stuck his finger in her ass. It must have been to much, Adele was gasping as her orgasm overtook her body. She slammed her pussy down over his cock and held on tight. Tank gave me another surprise, he climaxed again, pumping her pussy full of his cum. Adele sat on his cock for the longest time. When she raised up, his limp dick fell out, along with what looked like a gallon of cum.

"I jumped out of the hot tub, we would have to change the water. I wasn't going back in there until it was done. Tony got out of the tub also. Tank and Adele were the last to get out. Her legs were shaky and Tank held her up until she was seated in a lawn chair. That was the one and only time the four of us did that. We stayed friends, had and went to parties together, even went on a vacation to one of those all-inclusive adult resorts. We had a lot of fun together and still do, just no sex.

"That night Tank and I were talking while in bed. He asked me what I thought about when I saw him fucking Adele. I told him it didn't bother me one way or the other. I told him I was happy that she made him cum so hard.

"Then I asked about how he felt about Tony fucking me. He said it was hot, that he liked to see me fuck another guy. Then we had sex, which was damn good. We fucked like bunnies for the next two months before our sex life tapered off again. I kept thinking of Tony's cock and how thrilling it was to fuck another man. Then I just forgot about it and went back to how it was before, until....”

“Let's take a break now,” I said, interrupting Tricia. “Would you like another glass of wine? I have some cooling.”

I turned off the recorder. I was somewhat turned on by listening to Tricia talk. I poured us both a glass and we returned to the living room. We sat where we had been sitting before.

“Turn your recorder back on,” Tricia said. “I can drink my wine while telling you more of my story.”

When the recorder was on Tricia continued her story.

“One night Tank and I were in bed. He wanted to fuck, but either he wasn't horny or his cock would not cooperate. I slid down and tried sucking him into an erection, but to no avail. Nothing worked until he started to talk about me fucking another man. His cock got hard and we had sex. That is how it went for the next year, always a fantasy of me being fucked by another man.

"Then that fantasy didn't work to well. Tank would only get half hard. We would fantasize about going out and me picking up a guy. He would watch as the guy and I fucked. That didn't last long either. Finally he just blurted out that he wanted me to go out, fuck a guy and then come home and tell him about it. I refused, no way was I going to do that. If I did that and he decided to divorce me, I'd be screwed, literally.

"We solved that by him being with me until I left with the guy I had picked up. You won't believe how many places a woman can pick up a guy. Home Depot and Lowes are two good places for men kinda rough around the edges. I've been laid in big box store parking lots many times. Bars, bowling alleys, you name it, I've picked up a guy there.

"Tank was always ready to hear my story after I returned home. Soon Tank didn't go out with me. He told me I would be okay on my own. That's when I started going to dance clubs. Soon I was dressing the part of a party girl. Guys would be flocking around to dance with me. What really made it fun for me was to steal some young chicks guy away. I'd take him out to my car, fuck his brains out and send him back to his girl. Tank always got hard when I talked about stealing another woman's man. We had some real good sex then.

"Now I go out almost every weekend. The men are there, all you have to do is pick the one you want to fuck and let him know you're available.

"Anyway, Tank and I have a fairly good sex life together. I love him and I would never cheat on him. He knows every time I go out to fuck. This is just the way it is now. Tank calls me his 'Hot Wife' and I have to agree with him, I'm hot for cock and I'm a wife.”

“Thanks for your story, Tricia. I really appreciate your telling me. I will send you a copy of my article before it is published. Maybe you will think of additions that you didn't recall today. Would you like a refill on that wine?”

“I better not, have to drive you know. I'd better leave now, Tank will be home from work soon and I should have his dinner ready.”

Tricia stood up and walked to my front door. Just before she opened the door, she handed me a business card. It contained her business name and phone number.

“If you ever want to delve deeper into the 'Hot Wif'” scene, give me a call.”

The door closed and she was gone. Her story had an effect on me, my pussy was wet. When I pulled my panty down to pee, the crotch was wet and sticky. Tricia's story had made me horny. I changed my panties and sat down at my computer. I was still typing Tricia's story when Chase came home. We ate dinner and then I finished keying my interview.

When we were settled in bed, I told Chase about how Tricia had become a hot wife. He didn't seem interested, just said something to the effect that is how some married couples cope within their marriage. I was horny and I wanted to be fucked that night. Chase screwed me, but his heart was not in it. I felt lonely, listening to him snore. Fine, you blow your wad in me and then roll over and sleep. I needed to cum and my fingers didn't do the job. I was frustrated when I finally fell to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Chase was already off to work. I picked at a bowl of cereal, not hungry, but needing something to eat. I was still horny and unsatisfied. I sat at my computer looking over my ad at a online website . For some reason, no women were responding to my ad asking for a hot wife interview. I had trashed a quite a few responses from men though. Most were asking if I wanted to be a hot wife with them.

I went into the kitchen to refill my coffee cup. I glanced over and saw Tricia's business card on the counter. I was tempted to call her and see if she could steer me to another woman like herself. I put the temptation aside.

Two weeks passed, no female responses. I had completed writing Tricia's interview. The recording was copied onto my hard drive, I was ready for my next interview.

Tricia's business card was still on the counter. Fuck it, I picked up my cell and called her number.

“Hello,” it was Tricia.

“Hi Tricia, Addie Billrich here.”

I went on and explained how I was having a problem reaching out to women for interviews. She was very sympathetic to my dilemma, that's when she said, “Come with me, we'll go out together and you can ask as many women as you want at the club.”

“I can't impose on you like that,” I replied. “I would just be a fifth wheel.”

“No you wouldn't. We could have a lot of fun. You like to dance don't you?”


“Then it's settled, I'll pick you up Friday at nine. Dress appropriately, if you don't have anything to wear, I've got a closet full of slutty dresses.”

“I think I can find something to wear in my closet. I've got one sexy little black dress that I'm thinking about right now.”

“Good, dress hot and I'll see you on Friday.”

I went right to my closet. The dress was way in the back. I took it off the hanger, I wanted see if I could still wear it and what condition was it in. I stripped off my clothes and pulled the dress over my head. It still fit well as it should. I haven't gained any weight since I last wore it. I stood in front of the full length mirror. I tugged a little here and a little there, until it fit perfect. I turned around, looking to see how I looked. I thought I looked good, hopefully I would fit in at the club. Now the big test, the dress was short. I turned my back to the mirror. My dress covered my curvaceous butt just fine. I bent over and looked back through my legs. Oh, oh, panty crotch showing. I would have to be cool and not bend over. I took the dress to the cleaner's and it was ready the next day.

Friday evening I laid the dress on my bed. Shoes, what shoes should I wear. I dug around in my shoe rack. I found them, black open toed high heels with an ankle strap. I found a small black purse to top it off.

At eight, I started to dress. Black bra, black panties under black pantyhose. I slipped the dress on and adjusted it. I put the shoes on and stood in front of the mirror. Looking good I thought, except for makeup. I sat down at my makeup table. Thirty minutes later I was done. Everything was perfect. I left the bedroom to parade in front of Chase.

“How do I look, Chase?”

“You look very nice dear. I'm sure you will have fun dancing tonight.”

I don't even think my husband looked at me. His nose was firmly planted in a book. I pulled my pantyhose and panties down to my knees. I lifted my dress. “Does this look better?” I asked him.

“You look beautiful honey. Just the way I like.”

Now I knew he was pretty liberal when it came to clothing, but this was overboard. He wasn't looking at me and I felt bummed. I'd bet a lot of men would be looking if I did this in the club.

I waited a few minutes before Tricia pulled into the driveway. She came to the door and I let her in. She looked me over from head to toe.

“Would you mind if I made a few adjustments?” she asked. “Let's go into your bedroom, I want to see your closet.”

I showed her my closet. She looked around and then she came out.

“Off with that dress and take those horrid pantyhose off.”

I did as she beckoned. I stood there in bra and panties. Tricia unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. She then took my black dress and draped it over my body. A tug here and a tug there and I was dressed again. She walked around me, looking up and down.

“Hmmm,” she said. “Something is just not right.”

She walked behind me and rubbed her hands over my ass.

“Got it,” she exclaimed.

I felt my dress being raised again. Tricia's fingers were in my panty waistband and she pulled them down to my ankles.

“You don't need these where we're going. Besides that they make lines in your dress.”

“But, I can't go without panties, I'll feel naked. People will be able to see my hoo-hoo if I'm not careful.”

“That's the point babe, if you want the men to clamor for a dance, ya gotta advertise.”

She lifted her dress and there was her pussy, bald as the day she was born. Tricia went back into my closet. I heard her rustling around in there. A few seconds later she reappeared with my thigh high black boots.

“Put these on, much sexier than pantyhose.”

I did as she wanted. I was now dressed like a slut, anyhow I felt like a slut.

Grab your wrap and purse, lets go before all the handsome guys are taken.

On my way out I called to my husband, “I'm leaving now, I don't know what time I'll be back.”

He looked up and saw me. He waved goodbye, not a word left his mouth. I thought, “What the fuck... your wife is going out looking like a street whore and all you can do is wave...? For cripes sake, you dead?”

I was pissed and Tricia could see I was pissed.

“It's okay, Honey. Sometimes these doctor types are hard to figure out.”

Tricia pulled up to the club valet service. We couldn't help but give anyone looking a nice crotch shot as we exited the car. The doorman opened the door and we were inside. The nice thing about this club was that the women entered free, the men paid a hefty cover fee.

Tricia pulled me along behind her as we threaded our way to the bar. After we ordered, I heard a strong bass voice behind me.

“Hello Tricia, who's your hot friend here?”

I turned my head to look to see who the voice was coming from. I was looking at a very large black man. A very well dressed black man. A very handsome black man.

“Oh, hi Marcus, this is Addie.”

“Nice to meet you Addie.”

Marcus signaled the bartender, who placed our drinks on the bar and walked away.

“Please give me the honor of having you sit at my booth,” he said.

“Sure,” Tricia answered. “We would be happy to, wouldn't we Addie?”

“Sure, I guess.” I was a little rattled that Tricia was letting the first guy who walked up to us, to pick us up. Besides that, I had never been involved with a black man before. He looked nice, but I was a little leery. We followed Marcus back to his large curved booth. There was another man and woman there. When they saw Marcus with two women, they hurriedly got up and left the booth.

“Here, Honey,” he said pointing to me. “Sit down here next to old Marcus, I won't bite.”

He didn't look old, he just used that as a figure of speech. I sat down next to him. He motioned for Tricia to sit on his other side. I liked the location of his booth, we had a perfect view of the dance floor.

He saw me looking, “Would you like to dance, Addie?”

This is what we came here for. “Okay, sounds like fun.”

Marcus led me to the dance floor. The song playing was an oldie from the fifties. I love to jitterbug and apparently Marcus does also. It was fun dancing again. Chase didn't dance much anymore, maybe a slow dance at a wedding reception. Marcus was cutting up the floor with me. His strength allowed us to do some moves that most men wouldn't attempt.

The song transitioned into a slow dance. Marcus took hold of me and held me tight to him. I didn't know where to put my hands, so I put them on his shoulders. Marcus was a great dancer, so light on his feet. It seemed like the song was over in seconds. Another transition, only this time Money Maker was playing. Now I don't twerk, but I can move my ass. That's exactly what I did. It wasn't long before Marcus was behind me and my ass was rubbing all over his cock. It was intoxicating and I wanted more.

I was sweating by the time we left the dance floor. I'd given it my all and I think Marcus appreciated my effort.

“God, girl, you can sure shake that ass of yours. I thought you were going to fuck Marcus right on the dance floor.” Tricia looked like she was in awe of my dancing.

“She gave me a nice fatty,” he replied.

My face must have turned red.

“Now look what you have done. Tricia, you've embarrassed her.”

“Not me, I wasn't talking about your big cock.”

“I need another drink,” I said.

Marcus waved his hand in the air. A minute later we all had new drinks. The drinks kept coming and Marcus and I kept dancing. One of Marcus' friends was dancing with Tricia. He was a healthy specimen of a man also. Not quite as big as Marcus, but close.

I felt my barriers start to fall. I was having fun and Marcus was having fun also. Around two in the morning, I felt a hand on my bare leg. Marcus was feeling my leg up. I let him. I had a tingly feeling in my pussy that I needed to quell. Marcus looked me in the eyes as his hand went further up, almost to my pussy. I felt wanton as I spread my legs slightly and his finger teased my clit. We were still staring at each other when his finger slipped inside my pussy. I was so wet he had no problem pushing it deeper. I slid my ass forward, allowing my pussy to be penetrated fully. I looked under the table and saw his black hand between my white thighs. I felt a gush as my pussy released more juices than it ever had before.

I looked at Tricia, she was being finger fucked furiously. Her arms were around her guys neck as he pounded his fingers into her. Her eyes glowing with lust, her face flushed with passion.

Marcus turned my head so I was looking at him. He closed the distance between us and we kissed. My first kiss with a black man. My heart fluttered, Marcus' kiss was very tender. I was hot now, I knew I wanted his black cock, I wanted to fuck this man. I opened my mouth and our tongues did battle. I felt another finger slip into my cunt. His fingers were big, both fingers thicker than Chase's penis. I spread my legs as far as I could and still be almost presentable.

“Let's get out of here, come to my place tonight.”

My mind said no, but my body said yes.

“Okay, but what about Tricia?”

“Tricia, Ty, we're leaving now. You coming?”

I assumed right, this party would continue at Marcus' apartment. Tricia and Ty were in the middle seat of his Suburban. I rode up front with Marcus. Not much was said on the way to his apartment. Ty was fingering Tricia again. I could hear the juicy noises of her pussy around his fingers.

Marcus lived on the lake front, in a high rise. He parked in the underground garage. Marcus pressed the elevator button and the door opened. Marcus swiped his card, I watched the numbers change until the elevator stopped at the forty-third floor. The door opened, we exited and Marcus took my hand. We walked around a corner, there was a short wide hallway that ended in glass. I walked up close to the glass wall, I was looking out over the lake. The water was shimmering in the moonlight, clear to the horizon. Marcus walked back to his door and ushered us into his home.

I marveled at the expansiveness of the apartment. So much glass looking over the lake. Marcus tossed his keys on a stand near the door.

“Anyone for a drink?” He asked.

No one took him up on his offer.

“Well to bed then.”

He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. Instinctively I put my arms around his neck. He was so strong, I was like a feather to him. Before he set me down, he kissed me again. I was a little tipsy, but not drunk. I started to wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by this black man. My pussy would have its first black cock tonight.

Marcus sat me on the side of his bed. He ran his hands down my bare upper thigh and unzipped my boots. First one, then the other. He made a big production of pulling them off my feet. He tossed my boots then lifted me up until I was standing. I felt my dress being lifted up and off me. I was naked. Marcus stepped back and looked me up and down.

“Turn around, Honey, I want to drink in your beauty.”

I turned; I was thinking I would do anything this man asked me too. I was horny and I wanted him to fuck me. My pussy was leaking my juices out onto my pussy lips. Marcus picked me up again and laid me on the center of his bed. His bed was huge, only a custom bed could be this size. I didn't care if he laid me on the floor, I wanted sex. If this is how hot wives feel, I was all in.

Marcus stripped his clothes off. I had my first look at his cock. It was coal black, uncut and thick. If that grew any bigger, I don't think I could get my pussy around it. He climbed onto the bed and spread my legs. I thought he was going to shove that cock in me, but he laid along side me and sucked my nipples. His finger slipped inside me. He soon started kissing down my body. He moved down as his lips found my treasure. His lips surrounded my clit as the tip of his tongue teased it. Marcus moved between my legs to gain better access to my pussy. I felt two of his fingers press inside me as his tongue worked my clit.

I was hotter than hell and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my first orgasm from a black man's tongue. Marcus must have known I was building and his fingers and tongue worked all the harder. My pussy felt like it had a cock in it, his fingers were so big. I grabbed his head and held on for dear life as my orgasm rolled throughout my body. This was one of the best orgasms that I could remember. Marcus continued to lap my complete slit. The sensations were making me twist my ass back and forth. I needed his cock now.

“Marcus, I don't know if I can take your thick cock, but at least try to fuck me now.”

Marcus moved up over me. He was a huge man, I was a tiny little white woman under him. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I reached for his cock and put my hand around it. My fingers did not touch. I slipped his foreskin down. His cockhead had a slippery lather of pre-cum. I rubbed his cockhead up and down my slit, stopping at my vagina's opening. I pulled his cock, letting him know I was ready for him.

Marcus' hips rocked forward, his cock trying to enter my tight pussy. He pressed again, his cockhead squeezing inward, so to make entry. My pussy stretched and more of Marcus' cock entered me. Marcus didn't move, he waited for me to relax. He waited for my pussy to stretch over him. He must have known when because he pressed forward again. More of his cockhead entered me. My poor cunt was stretched tight, but I wanted that cock in me. I was now determined that I was going to be fucked. I put my heels on Marcus' ass and pulled. I felt more of his cockhead enter me. His cockhead was the soft part of his cock, what would his hard shaft do to my poor cunt.

He pushed again and I felt his glans pop inside, his whole cockhead was now inside me. I felt stretched but no pain. I dug my heels into his ass again. Marcus pushed and half his cock filled me up. He rested, waiting for me to relax.

“It's okay now Marcus, you can fuck me,” I whispered. My head was tipped up, my chin resting on the top of his shoulder. If he rested his whole weight on me, I would have suffocated. As it was, his weight on my hips pressed me down into his pillow top mattress.

Marcus proceeded to fuck me now. His black tool moving in and out. His out-stroke almost leaving me. Deeper and deeper I felt him inside me. My pussy lengthened to take his enormous size. I felt his cockhead slide past my cervix until it encountered the full depth of my vagina. I didn't think he was all inside, I wish I could take all of him. My pussy felt so full. I thought it was great that my vagina could expand enough to take such a huge thick cock.

Marcus started to speed up his fucking action. I slid my finger down between us until I could rub my clit. I wanted to come when he climaxed. Faster and faster his cock moved, like a piston inside me. I could feel the tension build in his body, he would be cumming soon. I wanted all his cum deep inside me.

“Cum in me, Marcus. Fill my tight cunt with your sperm. Breed me, knock me up, make me pregnant with your baby. Oh, yes, fuck me baby, load my pussy with your hot cum,” I whispered into his ear.

In the heat of that moment, I meant ever word I said to him. Marcus raised up on his hands, only his cock was touching me. I grabbed his ass with my hands and pulled hard when he growled. His cock was throbbing inside me, his cum filling me. His cock giving me feelings I had never felt before. I felt his cum leak out of me, there was no room inside my pussy. I was so filled with black cock. I felt his thumb on my clit, he was going to bring me another orgasm while his throbbing cock pumped cum into me.

I screamed as I had another full body orgasm. My legs stiffened, stretched straight out, alongside his legs. This was the fuck I needed tonight. Marcus stayed joined to me, the perfect merger, his black cock and my white pussy. He drew my legs up and together. He now covered my white body, only my face and bare feet peeked out from under him. I would have given a weeks wages to see us from above. If only there was a mirror on the ceiling to look into.

Marcus moved, pulling his now flaccid cock from within me. He was smart enough to have a towel handy. He now shoved it under me catching our combined juices. I lay there, my pussy draining of his cum and my juices. He rolled and lay beside me. I pressed the towel tight against my pussy and headed for the bathroom. I cleaned up my snatch while he cleaned his cock. I got a good look at it in the bright light of the bathroom. It was still thick, even in it soft state. My pussy had already returned to its normal size. I looked at my image in the bathroom mirror. The face looking back at me had the afterglow and red flush of a well fucked woman.

We left the bathroom and curled up on his bed. Marcus gave me a goodnight kiss and rolled me over. He pulled my backside against him. We fell fast asleep spooning.


Continued in Chapter Two.


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