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Hotel Room Telescope

Married couple pleasures each other, while watching a poolside sex scene from a telescope
This true story was originally written a couple of days after it happened in late March, 2011.

We’re staying in a hotel this weekend because of some work being done on our house. It’s a beautiful, clear night sky so I brought along my telescope to watch the stars from our room. Naturally, as would be done by any experienced telescope owner, I scanned the neighborhood first (who could resist, at such a high vantage point).

About 3 or 4 blocks away, I found a couple, probably in their mid-20’s swimming nude in a pool behind a house. It was difficult to see because it was so dark, and they didn’t have any lights on. And their tall fence probably gave them plenty of confidence that no one was watching. But from our 8th floor window, we could see most of their pool.

They were a very attractive couple, both in excellent shape, with magazine-cover bodies. They were mostly just playing around at first: swimming around, splashing each other, jumping in, a few kisses. But as it got heavier, she whispered something in his ear then led him by his hand up the steps and over to the diving board. He laid down on his back on the board and she started sucking his cock! Just like that!

“Monica, come look at this,” I told my wife as she was coming out of the bathroom after a long shower. She peered through the lens and got a huge smile on her face. “Oh my God, he’s big,” she giggled. I kept trying to pull her away so I could get a look, but she wouldn’t give up the ‘scope. After a minute or so, she reached her hand down, and pulling up the bottom of the towel wrapped around her, started rubbing per pussy, never removing her eye from the telescope.

She finally backed away, and by the time I got my next look, the chick was bent over the length of the diving board, grabbing the edges, her feet on either side on the concrete. The guy was fucking her gently from behind, his feet also on either side of the diving board. Because of our angle, I couldn’t tell whether it was vaginal or anal, but he was taking it slowly and enjoying it. I got so much into watching this scene, I didn’t notice but Monica had taken off the towel and started playing with herself on the bed, rubbing her clit in a circle with two fingers, her eyes closed.

I came over and put my fingers there to take up the task from her: “Let me.”

She pushed my hand away, jumped up and went back to the telescope. Peering through at the hot couple, she had spread her legs a little and was still rubbing her clit.

From behind her, I gently massaged and stroked her beautiful ass, then slowly slid my middle finger between her legs and onto the outer folds of her pussy. it was soaked. No surprise.

Her breathing became erratic as she began rubbing her clit a little harder, still spying through the telescope. She was unbelievably already nearing orgasm. She had not cum this soon since I fingered her in the bathroom in Houston that time.

I slowly inserted my finger into her hot, juicy pussy. Her knees buckled a little and she gasped, but she quickly composed herself and stood up straight again, obviously trying not to lose site of the pool scene.

I pulled my finger out and squeezed two fingers into that tight pussy this time. That did it. She let go of the telescope, closed her eyes, looking down, as her knees fully buckled and started shaking. She rubbed her clit furiously to finish cumming, which was over in a few seconds.

“Shit,” she whispered through labored breathing. She backed away from the telescope and said, “your turn.”

By the time I looked through the lens, the guy was back on his back on the diving board with his legs on either side, feet on the concrete. The young girl was facing away from him (and us), riding him reverse-cowgirl style, her feet together on the diving board, just in front of his crotch. She had ahold of both sides of the board and was using it for support.

Monica came around in front of me and pulled down my boxers.

“Step out,” she said, wanting me to get them off my feet.

I looked down to see what she was doing, and she SCOLDED me, “Don’t take your eye off the telescope!”

I did as I was commanded and went back to the pool scene, stepping out of my boxers. I already had some pre-cum on the end of my cock, just from having touched my wife’s delicious snatch.

She took the entire length of my unit into her mouth at once. I gasped but didn’t pull away from the telescope, just as she had ordered me. Her magical lips, tongue, and throat did wonders on my throbbing tool. She has a remarkable way of making it feel like a tight pussy engulfing me.

The chick by the pool must have been having an orgasm: she stopped bouncing on his cock and threw her head back, her hair slapping against her back. She just sat there, motionless, on his piece for a minute before getting up. She said something to the guy and he stood by the diving board. This was the first time I could see his fully erect penis, and Monica was right, he must have been at least 9” long and very, very wide. It was definitely the largest cock I’ve ever seen in person.

The girl laid down on the diving board this time and the young man came up to her side, lifting one leg over her to the other side, straddling her. She took his cock in one hand and pulled it into her mouth, lifting her head a little to get the head in. Her other hand inserted a see-through rabbit-style vibrator into her fully spread pussy.

The sight of this beautiful young pussy and the amazing feel of my wife’s mouth sent me quickly over the edge. My vision blurred and I grabbed the wet hair on the back of Monica’s head and held her tight around my cock as I shot a huge load down her throat.

After finishing my last squirt, I finally let her go and she pulled her head off, making slight choking noises, her eyes watering a bit.

“Damn,” you’ve never done that before, she said, sounding surprised.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, baby, I just got into the mood and didn’t want to feel your mouth pull off of me.”

“Don’t apologize, Lee. You should do that more often. You know, I don’t ALWAYS need to be treated gently,” she told me with a wicked grin. “Now get the fuck out of my way and finish me off.”

Wow, she rarely talked to me like that.

“Oh my God, we’ve never tried this before,” she blurted out as she peered through the telescope again.

I squatted on the floor between her separated legs, my hands on her thighs. I gently dabbed at her clit with my tongue.

“Stop wasting time!” she said as she shoved my face right into her dripping pussy. Never removing her eye from the telescope, she began rubbing her snatch hard against my face, up and down, up and down.

I did my best to lick her clit as hard as I could, but it was difficult with her moving so much. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to incur her wrath at the moment, so I obliged her wishes and sucked and licked her clit as best as I could. After a minute or two, she pressed my face even harder into her pubic bone and I could barely breathe. But I continued to suck on her clit and stroke it hard with my tongue.

She gasped and pulled her head back from the telescope, her eyes squinting, her mouth squeezed angrily tight. “SHHHIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!” she screamed out as cum squirted out and smeared all over my mouth and face, some getting into my nose. She continued bobbing up and down on my face and convulsing.

That’s one of the most explosive orgasms she’s ever had. I never would have though it was possible in such a scenario. But that’s one of the beauties of marriage: we learn new and wonderful things about our spouses every day.

What started as a frustrating, uncomfortable, and displacing weekend turned into one hell of a night in that hotel. With that telescope.
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