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Hotwife Amber: The Clients

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New Hotwife expands her horizons.
Amber arrived at the Dutch Brothers' headquarters excited to see Jesse. She had spoken to Jesse on the phone a few times and liked him. They had both flirted on the phone occasionally when they talked and Amber was a bit nervous to meet him. She was hoping he was at lease as good looking as all the other Dutch Brothers employee she had met during her last trip up to their headquarters. It seemed to Amber that Dutch Brothers only hire attractive employees.

Amber walked into the relaxing space of the headquarters building wearing a snug, sexy, pant suit and a tight but professional blouse. It wasn't long before she was greeted by a very handsome stylishly dressed man.

"Hi, I'm Jesse," he said with a smile as he held a hand out for Amber. Amber’s heart beat a bit faster as she held her hand out to shake Jesse's. She smiled.

After a few formalities, Jesse walked Amber to the conference room. Amber couldn't help but notice Jesse's eyes cascade over her as she turned to walk to the conference room.

The meetings went well and there wasn’t a shortage of energy between Amber and Jesse. They both contained any overt signs that the found the other attractive from the others in the meeting. After the meeting as Jesse was walking Amber out they had a moment alone in the hallway. "So what are your plans for this evening?" Jesse asked.

Amber hadn’t expected Jesse to be so bold, it caught her off guard. "Ah, nothing planned. Probably just going to get some reading in, maybe soak in the hotel hot tub," she replied.

Jesse seized the moment. "The hotel's hot tub won't do. Why don't you swing over to my place, have a drink and soak in my hot tub," Jesse countered. Amber was silent, shocked again by his directness. Jesse continued. "Mark's coming by so it will be chill."

Amber felt a twinge of relief and disappointment at hearing Mark would be there. For a split moment before Jesse mentioned Mark, Amber thought of all the times she and her husband, Matt, had sexually role played her having sex with a stranger. She thought of all the times he said it turned him on to think of her being sexually free and fucking strangers spontaneously. For that brief moment Amber thought she would be in a position with Jesse to do what Matt fantasized about her. Then Jesse mentioned Mark and she put it out of her mind.

"Well? Interested?" Jesse prodded Amber.

"Sure, why not?" Amber agreed.

Amber arrived at Jesse’s house wearing a tank top and snug jeans that fit her perfectly and revealed her sexy slim figure. Jesse took a moment to look Amber over. "You look great," he remarked with a smile. "Come on in," he offered enthusiastically as opened the door wide to let Amber in.

Amber stepped into Jesse's house and she immediately looked around, taking in Jesse's decor. "Very nice house," she complimented.

“Thank you. Can I get you a drink?” Jesse asked.

“Sure, a vodka and soda water with a lemon,” Amber replied and looked around again.

"Coming right up. Step this way to the back. I have the drinks and mixers by the hot tub," Jesse said cheerfully. "Oh, Mark's running a bit late. He should be here in about an hour."

Amber's heart jumped, and begun to beat faster. Her mind wandered to the possibilities she had abandoned earlier, sexual fantasies she let creep into her mind from them times her and her husband would role play them.

After a couple of drinks and talk about work, music and other things, Jesse suggested that they get in the hot tub while they waited for Mark.

"Sure," Amber agreed eagerly, then her eye’s flared. “Oh, damn. I forgot my bikini,” Amber groaned.

“That’s okay, I understand. It was probably weird that I asked early,” Jesse said thinking he had been presumptuous by believing she had taken that part of the offer earlier seriously.

Amber sensed Jesse's mood, his disappointment, and her mind raced to make sense of all the thoughts and feeling that we're hitting her at that moment. This was her chance she told herself. Her chance to embrace her husbands fantasies for her, for him. A chance to live a moment in life she had never thought possible. A chance to act without worry about repercussions. She decided in a that moment and replied, “No I’d love to. But you’ll have to be okay with me getting in with my panties and bra.”

Jesse’s heart skipped and then raced at what he had just heard. Oh my god, he thought. He couldn't believe this hot woman, would stripped down to her panties and bra and get in the hot tub. His body ached at the possibilities he might have with her.

“Well, then I’ll just go in with my boxer, to make it fair,” Jesse said quickly to further test the limits.

“That’s good with me,” Amber said smiling.

Amber pause for a second, smiled at Jesse, then reached down and grabbed the bottom of her tank top. She pulled it up and off exposing her black bra and how they held her tits perfectly.

Jesse looked on and recorded the moment in his mind. His eyes soaked up what Amber looked like with her tight jeans and her exposed firm flat stomach. He was rippling with electric energy at what was happening. Seeing Amber pull off her shirt and allowing him to see her in her bra had been sheer fantasy an hour earlier.

Amber let Jesse eye her for a moment before undoing her jeans. She deliberately pushed them down and off slowly, revealing her matching black panties. Jesse couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was mesmerized by how amazingly hot she looked in her panties and bra. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock.

“I like your style,” Jesse commented as he pulled off his shirt revealing a fit, muscular chest and tight abs. Amber stared wide eyed. Jesse paused to catch Amber looking, then he undid his jeans and slipped them off.

It was immediately clear to Amber that Jesse has well endowed. His cock was semi-hard and pressing against his boxers. Amber eyes flashed with excitement. “Shall we get in?” Amber suggested, breaking momentary silence.

"Let's do it," Jesse replied. Amber walked by Jesse to the hot tube. Jesse took the chance to admire Amber's ass, which was nearly totally exposed due to the thong Amber was wearing. Amber slipped into the hot water of the hot tube. A moment later Jesse slipped in.

They relaxed for a few minutes in silence.

Amber took the last sip of her drink and set it down. Jesse heard the clank of the empty glass and lifted his head up. “Can I get you another?” He offered.

“Yes, thank you,” Amber answered.

"Coming right up," Jesse said with a smile as he began to stand up. Amber watched as Jesse push himself up out of the water. She couldn't keep her eyes from moving to look at how his soaked boxers hugged his body and revealed more of just how big his cock was. Amber immediately knew it would have to be close to 9 inches when fully hard. Her minded spun with excitement. She let herself imagine seeing it, licking it, taking it in her mouth, and tasting the cum it would produce.

Jesse noticed Amber noticing. He couldn’t believe the night was happening. He couldn’t wait to tell Mark and his other friends about it. He hurried into the kitchen and soon returned with drinks. Amber watched him as he walked back. Jesse loved that she looked.

“I hope you're not offended," Jesse said knowing his semi hard cock was obvious, and deliberately calculating a change in the conversation to what was now unavoidable. "The wet boxers make it hard to hide.” Jesse finished as he set the drinks down near the edge of the tub.

“I don’t mind at all,” Amber replied. “It looks like you have a great cock. And that something has you excited," Amber teased.

Jesse heart skipped at hearing Amber's response. “Thanks,” was all he could muster to say. After a second he followed with, “I’m glad you like it. It definitely has a thing for you."

Jesse was immediately embarrassed he said the second part. But Amber erased that feeling quickly. “I might like it more if I could see it,” Amber said.

All was silent for a moment. Then Amber followed up with, “You're going to show me I hope. You can't tease a woman like that and not, it would be very rude.”

Jesse heart was racing as fast as his mind. He couldn’t believe this. He had fantasized about something like this with Amber but he didn’t think it would ever be real. He figured he had to be as bold and direct as she had just been to keep the moment alive. He responded, “Then I think you’d better get out of there and get on your knees for a good view.”

Amber smiled wide at Jesse and stood up. Her wet panties and bra clung to her amazing body. Jesse's cock grew harder, bigger, at the sight. Amber climbed out of the hot tub and dropped to her knees in front of Jesse. She looked up and said, "I'm ready."

Jesse swallowed excitedly, reached down and pushed his boxers off. His big thick cock sprung free and swayed in front of Amber's face. In the next second it grew fully hard. 9 inches of wonder swung in front of Amber. Amber looked at it and then up Jesse. She smiled. "Wow, now tell me what you want me to do with that?"

"I want you to suck it, Amber," Jesse answered.

“It’s about time you said something like that,” Amber responded with a big smile. She paused for a just a moment then said, “You can cum in my mouth, or if you want, all over my face."

Holy shit, Jesse thought. This can't be real, she's perfect. She actually offered for him to cum on her faced or in her mouth. “I think I’ll surprise you,” Jesse said as he smiled down at her.

Jesse reached out and grabbed her head. Amber opened her mouth. Jesse pushed his big hard 9 inch cock into Amber’s warm wanting mouth. Amber tightened her lips around his cock and looked up at him. His eyes were fixated on her with his hard dick in her mouth. “Oh yessss,” he moaned as he pushed a bit deeper into this beautiful woman’s mouth.

Amber heart raced with excitement at having another man’s cock in her mouth. Her tongue pressed on his hard member as her tight lips glided over it. She reached up and held his dick as she sucked it. Jesse moaned with pleasure. Amber liked the feeling of his hands on her head holding it in place and sometimes pulling her to him.

It wasn’t long before his moans picked up pace as did his movements. She could feel him beginning to tremble. She knew he was close to cumming. She couldn’t wait to tastes his cum or to feel it shooting all over her face. She couldn’t wait to tell her husband Matt what she had done. Couldn't wait to tell him how it felt to feel Jesse's cum hitting her face or how his cock felt pulsating in her mouth as shot stream after stream of his load in it, or to tell him how good it tasted.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck Amber,” Jesse moaned. “I’m going to cum!” He warned her, then he came.

Jesse held Amber’s head tight and pushed his cock deep in her mouth. Amber felt his cock twitch then begin to swell, then it pulsed. “Oh fuck, Amber!” Jesse moaned as his cock exploded deep in Amber’s mouth.

Amber loved it. She could feel his cock jump in her mouth as shot out the first stream of cum. She could feel Jesse’s body tense up as his body orgasmed. Amber felt Jesse's hot seed in the back of her mouth. She swallowed. The another pulse and more cum filled her mouth, she swallowed again. Then two more times his cock jerked in pleasure and dumped more of his load down Amber's throat.

After a moment of trembling and flexing to make sure he got all of his cum out and in Amber's mouth Jesse stepped back and pulled his hard dick out of her mouth. He stared down with a look of total satisfaction on his face. Amber opened her mouth and let Jesse see the last of his load on her touch. She swallowed it and smiled.

“Oh damn Amber. That was the best blow job ever," Jesse declared.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Jesse eyes flared. It was Mark. They both dressed quickly to hide what had just happened. Amber hurried to the bathroom and Jesse to his bedroom. After a few more knocks both were dressed, and Jesse answered the door.

After an hour of small talk with Mark and Jesse, Amber said she was tired and should be going. Jesse walked her to the door just after they both said goodbye Amber whispered, “Tomorrow should be interesting." Then with a smile she turned walked to her car.

---To be continued-----

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