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How a 19 year old had become obsessed with my wife

A 19 year old becomes obcessed over my 49 year old wife after checking out her pics.
In the last several months I had been receiving responses from a young 19 year old named Josh about my 49 year old wife. He had seen her sexy pictures on the site and had become totally enamored with her. He loved her stories and wanted very badly to be a part of them.

I heard from him every few days how beautiful she was and how he would do anything to be able to fuck her. I know it is a big turn on for young men like Josh to want to fuck an attractive older woman like my wife, but Josh had become infatuated with her.

At first I just ignored what he had wanted, but he just kept sending more and more. I then decided I needed to respond back so I told him how I appreciated his nice comments about my wife, but at this time she wasn’t interested in fucking any other men.

He then wanted my email address so he could send my wife a few pictures of himself. I didn’t see any harm in it so I gave him my private email address. A few days later he sent several pictures of himself clothed. He was a good looking young man and his body was very nice, but again my wife wasn’t interested in fucking anyone especially some one of his age.

The next few weeks he kept sending more emails. He now had become obsessed with my wife as he sent along a few shots of himself naked. I had to admit he had an attractive body as his ass was very firm and he had a very thick cock, but it would be up to me to decide.

I had told my wife from the beginning about Josh, but she just played it down just like every other offer she had received. Then one night she sat down and began to go through all the emails Josh had sent her. She felt sorry for him as she read through each one of them. She thought he was a very cute and she right away had noticed how thick of a cock he had, but she wasn‘t prepared to go any farther with him. She spent almost two hours that night as she read through his emails.

A few nights later in the bedroom my wife came on to me like I had never seen in many years. She was very horny as she wore me out for more than an hour. I then asked her, “What brought this on?”

“Nothing in particular,” she responded back.

“Nothing in particular? Come on their something going on inside you. Is it Josh?” I then asked.

“I kind of felt sorry for him. It is kind of neat how sexy and beautiful he thought I was for being 49,” my wife said back.

“Maybe you should fuck him! I know it would make his day!” I said to her.

“Maybe! Let me think about it some more.” she said to me as we went to bed.

A few days later I received my usual email from Josh. He lived only one state from us and it would only take him about 4 or 5 hours to meet us. I still didn’t know what my wife wanted to do yet though I had noticed her working out more than usual over the last few days. I think Josh had gotten inside her head, but she didn’t know if she could really go through with letting him fuck her.

A week had passed when my wife had come to a decision. She said to me,
“Would you be ok if I met Josh?”

“Sure, I had no problem with it. I am sure you would make Josh a very happy guy if you met him,” I said back to her.

 Josh was ore excited than ever as I told him my wife would meet him. There was this bed and breakfast place that was just outside the city we lived in and would make Josh’s trip a little shorter in length. There were only 10 rooms at this place and we pretty much had the pick on which room we had wanted. They offered several different theme type rooms as I instantly took their top of the line room as it was the biggest and the most expensive. I lined it up for two nights so my wife and I could spend some extra time together.

Josh was so eager that he could hardly wait two weeks for his special night. I had my wife go out and buy a sexy outfit for that night. She wouldn’t show it to me as I had to wait just like Josh did to see her in it.

I gave Josh the location and time and I never heard anything back from him until that special night. We had checked in early as I was very impressed with the room we had gotten. I know it wasn’t cheap, but it was very spacious and the bathroom was extremely gorgeous. It had a nice Jacuzzi tub along with a huge shower with clear glass doors. Josh was supposed to arrive in about an hour as my wife and I laid on the bed and relaxed together.

We were very relaxed when Josh knocked at the door. I invited him in as we sat and chatted for about an half hour. He was so excited as his cock protruded out of his pants.

My wife then broke the ice as she said, “I will be right back!“ She then went into the bathroom to change. She had come out a few minutes later in her new sexy outfit as she had the attention of both myself and Josh. I know Josh was super excited, but I was also got extremely excited to see my wife in such a sexy outfit. The black top showed plenty of her lovely cleavage as her big tits could be seen right through the mesh on it. The bottoms also were made of mesh as they showed plenty of her gorgeous ass right through them.

My wife could see Josh was somewhat shy as she immediately took charge. She went up to this 19 year old young man and began to kiss him on the lips. She worked his shirt up of his body and then ran her soft hands up and down against his chest. She slowly began to make her way down his body as she ran her tongue down over his nipples as she glided down onto her knees in front of him. She then ran her tongue down over his stomach and his tight abs until she had reached his the top of his pants.

She quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down as she ran her tongue around the edges of his briefs. His cock was extremely hard as it protruded out through his briefs. My wife continued to enjoy teasing Josh as she began to suck on his hard cock right through his briefs. A few minutes later she grabbed Josh’s briefs and slowly began to pulled them down over his throbbing cock. She licked all around his hard cock for several minutes as Josh squirm about as he stood in front of her.

She slowly ran her tongue up and down his long thick shaft. Josh had never felt anything this good before. She licked the head of his thick cock as Josh tried in vain to push his manhood into her warm mouth. She wouldn’t let his cock explore her mouth yet as she continued to tease his cock. She then sucked on each of his balls while her hand gently stroked on his cock.

Josh’s cock was throbbing now as my wife slowly began to suck on his thick cock.She sucked gingerly on it at first so Josh wouldn’t cum inside her mouth. She had sucked on his cock for about five minutes when she stood up and pulled her sexy top down. Her big tits were now exposed to Josh as she grabbed his head and pulled his face down onto them. He sucked and licked on each of her big tits as his cock throbbed even harder. She then turned around and bent slightly over. She pulled her bottoms down as Josh now seen her bare naked ass.

My wife was on fire as she began to kiss Josh hard on the lips again. Josh grinded his hard cock up against her until my wife led him over to the king size bed. She laid in the middle of it as she pushed Josh’s face down in between her legs. He eagerly began to suck and lick on her wet pussy. My wife squirmed about the bed as she let out several moans as Josh’s tongue moved about her swollen pussy.

A few minutes later Josh was really into it as he sucked feverishly on my wife’s pussy. She really didn’t want to cum yet, but Josh had pushed her to far. She screamed out, “Oh’ god Josh! You are going to make me cum!” as she started to cum very hard on his face.

He now made his way up her lovely body as his mouth stopped off at her big tits. He sucked very hard on each of her nipples until they had gotten hard and red. My wife was now losing it as she cried out, “Fuck me now Josh! I want that big beautiful cock inside my pussy!”

Josh moved his big cock into position as my wife arched her body up off the bed. Every time his big cock touched her swollen pussy my wife‘s body would tremble real hard.. It was a few minutes later when my wife cried out, “Omg!” as Josh had pushed his big manhood into her wet pussy. She cried out loudly for several minutes as Josh fucked her with long hard strokes.

It was a few minutes later when my wife screamed out, “Oh’ god that was good!” as she had a very powerful orgasm on Josh’s cock. He had fucked her for almost ten minutes when Josh began to moan out, “I am going to cum!”

“Cum all over me Josh!” my wife cried out.

Josh then at the last second pulled his cock out of my wife’s pussy. My wife quickly reached down and began to stroke hard on his cock. A few seconds later Josh began to explode all over her. I had never seen anyone cum so much as Josh did. He had shot one stream of cum after another as he covered my wife’s big tits and stomach in it. My wife couldn't believe how much Josh had cum all over her as she got up immediately and headed into the bathroom to clean off.

Josh had the most happy look on his face as he sat on the bed very proud of himself. He had made my wife cum so hard on his big thick cock that her body trembled for several minutes. It was a few minutes later when my wife made her way back out of the bathroom. She noticed immediately how hard Josh’s cock had become again. She also was still very horny herself as she climbed on top of Josh’s cock. She cried out loudly as she sunk her pussy down on his big thick shaft.

She rode hard on Josh’s cock for several minutes as Josh grabbed and groped at her big tits. She then spun around on his cock so both of their bodies were facing right at me.

Josh rammed his thick cock up into her pussy as my wife began to cry out. It was several minutes later when my wife screamed out, “Oh’ fuck Josh!” Her pussy was constricting hard around his cock when she began to orgasm very hard on it. Her arms couldn’t hold her body up anymore as her back collapsed down onto Josh’s chest. His cock was still lodged inside her pussy as Josh continued to fuck her as she laid on top of his body trembling.

Josh then said to my wife, “I need to fuck you doggie style!“

My wife slid off his cock and grabbed a couple of pillows on the bed. She pushed them tightly together so she could lay her 49 year old body across them. Her gorgeous ass was up in the air for Josh’s taking as her face was pressed against the sheets.

Josh had mounted himself back behind her gorgeous ass. He grabbed her hips tightly and pushed his big thick cock into her waiting pussy from behind. My wife immediately cried out, “Oh‘ god!” as Josh began to pump his cock deep into her. He fucked her very hard from behind causing my wife a short time later to scream out into another powerful orgasm. He then grabbed both of her arms and pulled her body tightly up against his big thick cock. He began to ram his cock deep and hard into her as she cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!“

A few minutes later Josh moaned out, “I am going to cum!” as he began to shoot his cum all over my wife’s back and ass. He shot several streams all over her including a few that had hit the back of her head. His cum was now tangled into her hair as my wife rolled off the pillows and collapsed face first down onto the bed.

It was now around midnight as my wife decided she needed a shower before going to bed. She got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. Josh got up also and followed my wife into the bathroom with another hard on. I heard the water go on as I went in to see what was happening. My wife and Josh were now both in the shower together. Josh had soap up my wife’s body as he ran his hands all over it. My wife was getting very horny again as Josh had his hand down in between her legs. He began to massage her pussy as my wife cried out, “Oh’ god Josh!“

A few minutes later Josh had my wife up against the shower wall as he sucked very hard on each of her tits as the water cascaded down over the two of them. He then turned her around as she braced herself against the shower glass. Josh got down on his knees and began to suck and lick my wife’s ass. He then stood up and got behind my wife’s body. He began to push his very hard cock up against her asshole.

“Please no Josh! Not my ass!” my wife cried out.

Josh continued on as he thrust his hard cock again and again against her asshole. Josh’s cock wouldn’t penetrate her ass when he then moved my wife’s legs further a part. Her ass was now slightly bent back towards his cock. He used the soap as a lubricant as he dribble the soap down onto his thick cock.

Now with his cock lubricated with soap he reached down with both hands and pulled my wife’s ass cheeks a part with his hands. He gave her one hard thrust with his thick cock as the head of his cock slid right into her tender ass.

“Oh’ fuck! Oh’ fuck!” my wife cried out as Josh began to slowly fuck her ass with his cock.

He had a handful of each of her tits as she desperately braced herself up against the clear shower door. Josh continued to fuck my wife’s ass for several minutes when my wife began to moan out, “Oh’ god Josh! You are going to make me cum!”

A few seconds later my wife cried out into a very powerful orgasm as Josh’s cock was lodged deep inside her ass. She couldn’t take it any longer as she begged Josh to pull his big manhood out of her ass. A few seconds later Josh removed his cock from her ass. My wife still very horny slid down onto her knees in front of him. She ran her soapy hands up and down his long thick shaft as Josh moan out. She then rinsed it off and gave Josh the best blowjob of his life. She sucked very hard on his cock as she stroked it with her hand. Her other hand was wrapped tightly around Josh’s firm ass as she groped at it at the same time.

She sucked a good ten minutes on it as Josh moaned out, “I am going to cum!”

My wife began to suck even harder on Josh’s cock as she look up at his face. She could see the anguish on it as he was very close to cumming. A few seconds later with my wife looking up at him his cock began to explode right inside her mouth. His cum began to dribble out of my wife’s mouth as she held her mouth tightly around his thick cock. It took almost a minute for Josh’s body to stop trembling as his cum oozed out of my wife’s mouth.

We now all went to bed. I let Josh sleep on the bed with my wife while I had a comfy spot on a chair. It didn’t take any of us very long to fall asleep. It had been almost three hours later when I heard noises coming from the bed. The covers were over top of Josh and my wife as Josh was on top of her. My wife was moaning out as I could see Josh was fucking her again.

He fucked her for almost twenty minutes as the bed shook very hard. He gave her several hard thrust with his cock as my wife cried out into another powerful orgasm. Josh began to cum inside her at the same time as filled her pussy with his cum. He then rolled off her a few minutes later as they both had fallen back to sleep. I pretended I never heard a thing as I also had fallen back to sleep.

The next morning it was about nine when everybody woke up. Josh was schedule to leave, but wanted one last hurrah before he left. He wanted to fuck my wife one more time even though she had told him she was totally worn out from the night before and that her pussy was sore.

After a small discussion my wife slowly made her way down on the bed until she came upon his hard cock. She slowly gave him one of the best blow jobs of his life. She sucked and licked his hard cock for a good 20 minutes as Josh squirmed about the bed. She had hoped Josh would cum and it would be all over with, but Josh had different ideas. He was extremely horny as he really wanted to fuck my wife one more time before he left.

Josh climbed on top of her and began to fuck her very hard again. He rammed his cock deep inside her sore pussy as my wife cried out. My wife with little or no energy left inside her screamed out, ”Oh’ fuck! You are going to make me cum again Josh!”

Josh had pushed her close to another powerful orgasm. Then a few seconds later my wife’s body tensed up and she let out a loud scream as she started to cum very hard again on Josh’s thick cock.

Josh pummeled her for several more minutes with his cock as my wife continued to moan out loudly. He now wanted to cum as he yanked his thick cock out of my wife’s pussy. He quickly straddled his body up over my wife’s lovely face. He stroke hard on his cock for about a minute or two when he let out a loud grunt. He began to cum again as several streams of cum flew all over my wife’s face. Her face was covered in Josh’s cum as he climbed off her for the last time that night. My wife laid their extremely exhausted as Josh’s cum ran down over her cheeks and lips.

Josh had the time of his life and will never forget this night ever again. He begged for the opportunity to meet my wife again. I left that up to her.

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