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How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 03 [Hotwife Massage]

My first hotwife experience.
Just a short recap from the last chapter. My hubby had made the excuses of going out to buy beer and asked his buddy, Eddie to massage for me instead.

After my hubby had gone off, we were left alone and Eddie wasted no time to proceed with the massage. I lay on my front, fully naked, and was too shy to face him. So I just closed my eyes and enjoyed his hands massaging my body.

His hands wandered from my shoulders to my toes and covered almost every part of my body. He started from my shoulders, then my back and skipped to my legs in just about ten minutes. Pretty fast, which I had to say. So much for his skill.

While massaging my legs, he seemed to be pushing my legs wider but I was more than willing to accommodate him. He massaged my inner thighs, moving up and down and with every move, it went higher and finally his fingers blushed against my sensitive pussy. I could feel my juice beginning to flow with my anticipation. It was like electric current charge through my body! He then went up to my bum, using both of his palms to press against my butt. And in the course of his palm action, I could feel my ass spread wider with my asshole opening and closing at his will. He must have been enjoying staring at my ass as I could feel his hard cock leaning and pressing against the side of my legs.

"Is everything alright with you, Jen?" Eddie said as he might have sensed the quietness in the room.

"Yes, thanks." I replied coyly.

Guessed he was trying to break the ice and he said, "Hope you like it and by the way, you have a very nice body and sexy a..."

He did not complete his remarks but his hands were still on my bum and so I chipped in, "You wanna say, my sexy ass?"

"On yes! You have a nice ass. Hope you won't mind my language." He replied with reservation, as if trying to test my reaction.

"Nah, my ass is too big! You won't like it?" And at that moment, he positioned himself next to my hand and his cock gently brushed it. I could feel the throbbing and warmness of his manhood but I still pretend as if it was fine.

"But I love it and it feels so soft to the touch. Too bad my wife had already gone and I really miss it."

I was curious and so I asked him, "But when was the last time you did it? I mean, doing it!"

"About half a year ago since the day she walked out." He said resignedly,

"Are you serious? Didn't you find others or maybe those one night stand?"

"No, I did not as I am too shy, I am considered an introvert."

"Wow! You are such a good boy!" I said with a tease and at that every moment, I told myself that I got to have him inside me. A convenient excuse for me to help him to break his "dry spell".

His fingers were placed gently on my pussy and since I did not stop him, his fingers went on and slid up and down on my pussy lips. It gave me such a funny and itchy sensations. He then stopped at my clit and rubbed it in a circling motion, making me flowing with uncontrollable wetness. He climbed on top of the bed and went behind me. And the next thing I knew, I felt something soft and wet touching my clit. Oh my gosh! He was using his tongue to lick me. I was feeling so good that I arched my ass up a little more to give his tongue a better access.

I was so wet by then and he knew it too. He spread my ass wider and kept licking my pussy for the next five minutes or so. He then sat on bed and stretched his legs forward, sliding under my thighs. In that position, my legs would be be forced to spread wider, lying on top of his thighs and my ass would be pushed up with my pussy spread opened.

He leaned forward with both his hands stretched out to cup both of my boobs from behind. Due to this position, my sensitive nips were pressed in under the pressure of my weight and the tip of his cock would be pressing against my pussy. The feeling was fantastic! I love this position as I would be more or less rendered helpless and my pussy would be at his disposal. He then used one of his hands to push his hard cock downwards and positioned it to wedge between my pussy entrance. He finally whispered, "I'm coming in, ok?"

I never replied but I just nodded my head in anticipation. I felt my pussy lips started to split open to accommodate the grip of his cock. I could feel the tip of his cock slowly penetrating my juicy, wet cunt. And in split seconds, I could feel his entire length of his swollen cock moving in deeper into my pussy. I never felt so relieved before that I moaned almost instantly. His cock stayed deep inside me for a short while and I could feel the grasp of my pussy's muscle to his hot rod, as if I was hanging on for my dear life and did not want to let it go!

Immediately after he had entered me, I was lost for a moment. All sorts of thoughts flashed across my mind. What had I done? Should I stop him now? I felt so good that I did not want it to stop. My hubby wanted it, so why should I stop it! My body was weaker than my mind or my mind was playing tricks with me? Thoughts like these went through my mind. The more he moved his cock in and out of me, the more helpless I became.

He kept pounding me and with each stroke, he increased his pace as I seemed to be urging him on with my loud moans. And with every stroke, the tip of his cock kept hitting the bottom of my pussy. I was hit with waves of orgasm sensations that sent me to a new high! I could feel several waves of heat and pure pleasure going through my body, radiating from the explosion of my orgasm.

I knew he was cumming soon when he fastened his pace. I urged him on as another shock sending me uncontrollably wild when I felt his cock expanded and became incredibly hard. And the next moment, I could feel several spurs of his hot, warm cum spilling deep inside me. It was intense and I was exhausted, but I felt that I had not have enough yet. Too bad he had already shot all his cum inside my pussy and rested on top of me. And when he pulled out a while later, his cum followed and gushed out of my pussy too.

Although it was less than ten minutes with his penis inside me, I was surprised that I felt a kind of feeling that I had never felt before! The feeling was indescribably different from usual. The feeling of a hard cock inside me, which was not my hubby's cock, was indescribable! My innermost feeling was the guilt but yet not! I felt bad and yet I felt so good. I should stop but I seemed to be craving for more! A feeling that was so close to a lady's heart and guys might find it hard to comprehend.

Only with my hubby's love and blessings that I was able to ease the guilt and accepted the facts that my body had unconsciously responded well with another man's cock too. So about six months after my marriage, I finally had the first other man's cock invaded my "private" pussy.

Eddie got up and went for a shower but I was still in a daze. More cum dripped onto the bed while I was still lying down. And out of nowhere, my hubby suddenly came into the room and he was already naked and started to smile at me. I gave him a hesitant smile in return but wandered whether he noticed something had happened while he was gone. He told me not to say a word and immediately spread my legs apart and plunged his hardened cock inside me. He just could not wait! Wow, he was already hard so fast?

And again, he cummed so fast, in no more than 20 strokes while I was only beginning to start moaning. I sat on the bed letting the mixture of cums to drip down. I wanted to tell him what had happened but he told me he knew. I was kind of taken aback when he said he had already seen everything.

"Excuse me, what do you mean by that? How can you have seen everything when you were not around?" I said in disbelieve.

"Darling, how can you be so sure that I was not around?" he whispered with a cunning smile.

I was stunned for a moment and it dawned on me that all along, he had never left the house. Oh no, he must have been peeping on us having sex then! No wondered his cock was already so hard the moment he came in the room and moreover, his timing seemed too perfect to be able to come in at the right time. I stared at him with one eye and pretended to be slightly upset, "You idiot! You love to peep on me?"

And he replied mischievously, "My cock already gave you the answer, didn't he?"

"But dear, I'm so sorry. I didn't know he had no condom with him," I said embarrassingly, "He just move inside me and by the time I realised it, it was already too late."

"Do not worry, darling. It's alright! I know he is safe and clean. He is my best buddy and I know that he does not fuck around," my hubby said and he assured me, "He had been faithful to his wife all along and even after his wife left him, he still did not sleep with anyone else."

After listening to his words, I felt better and thought for a short moment before I said, "So you actually wanted him to shoot it inside me? I know you well enough. You planned everything so well, so how can you have forgotten about the condom!"

He smiled and said, "Let's put it this way. I would prefer to let it happen if it happens. Anyway, it's more fun and sexy this way, isn't it? Besides, you can't be impregnated again, right?"

And with that, we broke into a deep kiss until Eddie came in and I quickly broke off and went for my shower, without looking at Eddie as I was too embarrassed. And while I was in the midst of my bath, I was thinking and it seemed to me that my hubby had actually set it up with Eddie beforehand. My hubby must have told Eddie to hit on me while he pretended to have gone off. He got full of ideas! Guessed I was so engrossed with Eddie that I did not notice that my hubby was peeping on me. As I had mentioned in my last chapter that our vacation home was not renovated yet, it was easy for him to peek in as all the bedroom doors were not even fixed yet.

We rested for a short while before deciding what to do next. Since we were all in a happy and holiday mood, we decided to paint the town red. We headed to a nearby watering hole to get our booze. As usual, my hubby loved me to dress up and I did not disappoint them. I wore white with a very short skirt. I had to be careful with this skirt as it tended to show more than it should.

It was quite crowded and rowdy while we were there. As the clubbers were dancing and shaking their bodies almost everywhere, we just joined in the crowd. Since there was limited space, we ended up doing those "body contact" dance. While my hubby was dancing with me, Eddie would be dancing behind me grinding his hard thing against my ass cheeks and then they switched position.

The skirt I was wearing seemed to ride up whenever I danced. Many times, it rode up and I had to pull it down but I gave up after a while and I simply forgot about it. The lower part of my ass would be exposed to whoever cared to see it. Anyway, it was dim inside the club, could hardly see much. Most people would be busy with their own thing to bother you but I did notice several guys eyeing me. Might be that they were trying to catch a glimpse of my panties!

We left the place early as my hubby could not wait any longer and wanted some action. He bought a crate of beer while along the way back to our vacation home. The moment we stepped inside the house, my hubby kissed me and pulled my blouse up while Eddie pulled my skirt down. Guessed they had already planned what to do! I was stripped naked in no time while they did the same too. Their cocks were already hard and sprung up, waiting for some action. With the alcohol clouded our minds, we became more open, carefree and daring. We were all sitting in the long sofa with me in the center. My hubby took a bottle of beer and poured it on Eddie's cock and said, "Honey, wanna taste some beer on a very special place?"

This time, I was not shy anymore as I just licked his cock and tasted it hungrily. I then took his entire cock into my mouth and sucked him dry. I laid on the sofa while Eddie got on top of me and slid his cock inside my mouth. My hubby kept pouring more beer on to Eddie's cock and the beer flowed down inside my mouth. Yummy! The taste of beer on his cock was funny but tasted good anyway. And with my hubby's bright idea, he poured beer on my pussy too and licked it off while I was sucking Eddie's cock. Oh no, what a feeling! With a hard cock in my mouth and a soft tongue licking my beer-soaked pussy. They then exchanged places and I sucked my hubby's cock while Eddie licked up more beer on my pussy.

After a short while, I badly needed their cocks inside me. I sat on Eddie's cock and with my back towards him, I slowly eased his pointed cock till it disappeared inside my love-hole. The same thing happened as I alternately sat on one cock and moved up and down for about twenty strokes and changed to the other cock. My hubby could no longer hold on and he burst all his cum on my face while Eddie followed suit a few minutes later. He shot his cum up into my pussy while l was still sitting on him. We were all so exhausted and wasted that we just dropped dead on one big bed and passed out.

Guessed all the beers had made us so wild and that was the first time I had a threesome of two cocks in the same session. I cummed numerous times that night and was never so satisfied before! Oh what a night! A very special night for me. Seemed so wrong but now it seemed so right! I remembered this oldies and it always brought back memories for me whenever I listened to it.

I must be so tired that I slept like a pig. By the time I opened my eyes, the faint morning sunlight had already sipping through the small gap of the curtain. I looked at my hubby who was still deep in his sleep and came to my senses when I felt a cock already moving slowly half way into my pussy from behind. Got to be Eddie! So it was his hard dick that woke me up and not the sunlight. Well, what a nice way to wake up to or his cute way of a morning call?

I was still tired and lazy to move and since my ass was facing Eddie, I just bent a little more to let him have a good, deep thrust. He must have been so deprived of pussy for so long that he was now so desperate for mine. I then realised that my face was still full of my hubby's dried cum and so was my pussy. I was too dead tired last night that I never bothered to wash it off. Anyway, after pumping me for several minutes, he pulled out and came to my face. I just opened my mouth and let him add more fresh cum into my mouth and some landed on my face. So was that supposed to be my morning breakfast milk?

We smiled and he rolled over and continued to sleep while my hubby was not even awoken yet. I smiled and doubted this time he was peeping on me and I happily dozed off to sleep again. By noon time, I was awaken by my hubby as he hugged me from behind and again, a cock was pushed inside me. I was embarrassed but I had to to tell him that his was a sloppy second as his buddy had already done me earlier that morning. He was laughing and he came inside me after that. We then packed off and headed home.

I thought to myself that just within that two days, I had been fucked so many times, setting a new record for me. And I never had so much cum inside me before. I was so fully satisfied and worn out and so were both the guys.

That night while we were getting ready for bed, my hubby had a short chat with me. I told him everything was perfectly fine with me and I was happy with his plans and arrangement. I also wanted to make sure that he was alright too, with Eddie doing me so many times. He told me he was happy for his buddy too and had even told him that he could do me anytime he wanted without the need to seek his permission each time, as long as I did not mind or had the mood to do it with him.

He said they share almost everything and that including sharing his wife with him too. I was amused and understood his stand. We hugged and he dozed off to sleep with a happy face. While looking at him, I was happy that I could please him by accepting his friend as my regular fuck buddy. But at the same time I could not help wondering, would my hubby want me to take in more guys. I felt so guilty that after trying two cocks then, my appetite might grow and hungered for more! But I consoled myself and felt better when my thoughts told me that it was my hubby's idea and with that, I dozed off to a deep sleep in my comfort zone.
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