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How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 04 [Artist Painted Me]

The artist that painted me, literally
Just a short recap from the last chapter.

After that wild vacation, my hubby and I had a good talk before any misunderstanding should arise. We both agreed that we would have a heart to heart talk every night before bedtime. He told me that he would like me to carry on with Eddie as long as I still wanted it. He said that he was his best buddy and he trusted him, so he had nothing to fear. Moreover, he knew that our love and bond was solid strong and nothing could come in-between us. 

After that vacation happening, I was still in my early stage of pregnancy and I seemed to crave sex pretty often. My tummy was still small and not really visible yet and so I was still able to have my active sexual activities. I remembered for the first few weeks, Eddie just could not get enough of me. He would drop by almost every other day at our place since he was out of a job at that time.

As usual, I would never bother to dress up. I just wore whatever I was comfortable in at home, regardless of whether he was around or not. And it was usually sexy, erotic see through lingerie with nothing inside. He told me he just could not control himself whenever he looked at me wearing those erotic home wear. He said it was even more titillating than naked!

He would always ask me whether I was in the mood for it or not but I seldom turned him down as I needed it just as much, unless I was totally off or due to my stomach pain. My body was shared by both of them but my love remained with my hubby. Eddie was our good buddy and a fuck buddy with totally no love attached. But about three months later when he found a job in another state, he flew off and only came back to visit us once in a blue moon through the years.

Things went back to normal for several weeks after that. But on one of the nights while we were having dinner, we bumped into one of hubby's old classmates, Fred. He sat with us and they chatted almost non-stop. They seemed to hit it together so well. After a while, I was not really listening even though I was still hearing their chattering voices. Then I was jolted out of my slumber by my hubby, "Darling, you wanna try?"

"Yes, try what?" I was totally clueless about what they were talking about.

"Oh, Fred is looking for a part time model. Interested, dear?" He said with a blink in his eyes.

"Oh... model! Interesting. So what do I need to do?" I said with some interest in my heart.

My hubby grinned and said, "Just be natural and pose like a statue."

I then realised that Fred was into artistic nude painting and he wanted a semi-nude and nude model for his art. He paid a reasonable rate but it was not the money that we were after. It was more for the experience and the fun that I decided to be his model. He said I was the right person he was looking for as he needed someone who was not thin nor too fat.

After discussion with my hubby, we hit it off and the very next day, I was in Fred's "painting" room. As usual, the room was rather messy with lots of stuff here and there. My hubby brought me there and he just sat around, watching the scene. I had to be partially nude initially but was fully in the buff by the end of the session.

I found it somewhat erotic at times but it was also a tough job being a nude art model! I had to keep still and I got bored and restless after a while. I failed miserably! So I told him quits half way through the first session. I suggested to him to snap a picture of me, blow it bigger and look at my photo instead and draw from there. I told him I would do it for free or half the fee since I was a lazy model and did not do a good job. So whenever I was tired, I would stop and he had to draw from my pictures instead. He understood my stand and he complied.

I admired his work. As an amatuer, he did it pretty well. After the first session, I could tell that he was serious in his work but I could also tell that he was interested in my body too. After my hubby left for work half way through the session, he seemed to be more relaxed and started to flirt with me.

That night while we were in bed, my hubby asked, "So did you enjoy the session?"

"Quite different but I was way too tired. I gave up half way through!"

"Oh... guess you need to be patient and stay still all the time. So you like him?" He said with a cheeky smile.

"C'mon, it's only for art sake! But I have to tell you that he did touch me."

He quickly replied, "Where? How? Tell me more!"

I smiled back in return and said, "But it was nothing. He only used his hands to guide me on how to pose. That's what I mean by touching."

He said with disbelief, "I'm sure there will be more than that! C'mon, tell me quick!"

"Yes, I believe that he may want to proceed with more but guess he respected you too and did not dare to make any drastic moves. But he did touch my breast when he took a piece of ice and gently rubbed it on my nips. He said it would look nicer on his painting."

"Wow... anything else?"

"Nothing much more to report for tonight, dear"

And the moment I had finished my last sentences, he climb on top of me and entered me without much problem. I guessed he was already hard and I was ready too. He was slowed in his stroke that night and took his time. He then whispered to me, "Now, think that he is doing you now, won't you, dear?"

"There you go again! Alright, I will do just that as long as you like it!"

He kissed me and whispered, "I'll be hearing more juicy news tomorrow, right?"

"Well, if you want to and it pleases you," I replied and he increased his pace and shot a load into me while sending me into the dreamy, sexy world.

The next morning, my hubby dropped me off at Fred's place while on his way to work. We kissed and he reminded me to tell him the good news in the night and told me to see my handbag. After he was gone, I looked into my handbag and found three packets of cap. My hubby was so into it that I did not want to disappoint him too. He firmly put it inside my mind what I should do today and not that I would not do either.

That evening the moment he stepped into the house, he started to ask me the outcome. He just could not wait till bedtime and insisted that I tell him straight away. He dragged me on to the bed and he asked in anticipation, "How?"

"Well, I was more relaxed today and since you wanted me to, I just let myself go. I was aroused when he was rubbing my nips and I knew he sensed it too"

"Go on! More please and don't stop!" My hubby said impatiently.

"He seemed to be touching me more today. The pose he wanted was more erotic, as he asked me to spread my legs.

"I could see that he was aroused too by the bulge in his pants. He didn't dare to make the first more as he was waiting for my reaction."

"So did you react?"

"Well, at that moment, I was thinking about what you had told me to do and so I followed," I said with a smile.

"So what did you do?" He responded swiftly.

I saw that my hubby's cock was beginning to harden and I slowly moved my hand and placed it on his cock and rubbed it in a circling motion and said, "That's was exactly what I did to him too."

"Oh no! What else? Quick!"

"He was delighted when I unzipped his pants and he quickly pulled them down. He wore no underwear and so I just held on to his cock and shook it gently. He then bent forward to kiss me and grabbed my breast at the same time."

My hubby then took the initiative to reenact the whole scene while I was telling him what had happened. So he kissed me and grabbed my breast too. I then went into a sixty-nine position with me on top sucking my hubby's cock and he on the bed licking my pussy. He understood that I was telling him the story by my actions.

"He was literally painting me but he used his tongue to paint my pussy instead!" I told my hubby with a cheeky smile. After about five minutes later, I lay on the bed and told my hubby to spread my legs, just like what Fred did.

"So he then.... fuck you, right?"

"C'mon in, darling!" I replied and he pushed it all the way in and pumped me good.

"So how long did he last?"

"Definitely not more than five minutes!" I replied and my hubby came in about five minutes too.

He collapsed on top of me and we rested before he said, "Oh, did you use those caps?"

"Of cause I did! This time round, safety is my concern too."

"So is that all?"

I smiled again and said, "No, there's more! He fucked me a second round when the session ended."


"He requested it and so I just obliged. Now do you want to do it a second round too?" I asked and put my hand on his cock and jerked it back to life without waiting for his reply.

"Oh no, you really wore me out!" We were both fully satisfied when my hubby pumped me again long and steady.

After that, I met up with Fred about once a week for his painting session. He was guilty initially but I told him that my hubby knew about it and did not mind about it. In order to make it up, Fred would buy us dinner every now and then, since I did not take his money or worked at a discounted rate.

And whenever there was a painting session at Fred's place, my hubby would always be turned on. On that night we would make passionate love while I was telling him the details of my session. Without fail, Fred would fuck me at least once but it was usually twice. Once in the morning whenever I was naked and he was touching me and telling me how to pose. He could not resist and fucked me on the spot. And the second round usually towards the end of the session. By the second session, he had already gained my permission about not wearing any pants while he painted. I could easily see that he was aroused and knew that he was roaring to go again by the time he finished painting.

It lasted about five months before he managed to find several other models to keep him occupied. Not sure if they had any intimate sessions or not as it did not concern me at all. I just wished him all the best! But he did ask for me every few months or so and we would do it for old time's sake!
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