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How I Became A Hotwife Ch. 07 [Young Temp Staff]

My hubby offered a temp staff to stay over
My hubby called me one afternoon and told me that one of the junior staff, John, would be dropping by in the evening and told me to be prepared. Of course I knew what he meant. During that evening, we had some drinks together and found out more about him. Since John would only be here for three days, my hubby offered to let him stayed over for two nights so
that he could save on the hotel expenses. He was actually on attachment assignment before moving off to another company.

John was only twenty years old, rather shy and well-mannered and we felt pretty safe with him staying over. My hubby told me to seduce John but would not want it to be obvious and made it as if my hubby was not aware of it! That evening, I was wearing a short tight skirt that wrapped round my bum. Of course John noticed it as he had occasionally been looking at my ass. I chose to sit on the sofa directly opposite him. At times, I would talk to my hubby and at the same time, carelessly opening my legs wider than I should have. I made it as if it was totally unintentional. So while my eyes were on my hubby, it gave John the opportunity to peek inside my skirt.

I pretended to be rather high after a few drinks and of course, my legs would spread even wider! As I was wearing a sexy see-through panties, he could probably see the outline of my pussy. It was wet, no doubt. He was clearly enjoying the scene but he was still shy and did not know how to react.

My hubby then gave a crap excuse that the guest room was very messy with lots of stock at the moment and so he asked John to sleep over at our bedroom instead. John was taken aback and was speechless but I guessed he loved the idea too. Since he was a junior staff, he did not dare to say no nor would he want to say no either. And with my assurance that it was alright, he obeyed and agreed to it. He went to the toilet and changed into his shorts and t-shirt while I put on a normal non see-through sleeping gown.

My hubby then whispered to me to go for the kill and he would pretend to be drunk and knocked off. I told him that my pussy was wet and ready too! So when John came out from the bathroom, my hubby had already pretended to be asleep on one side of the bed, with his back facing us. I slept in the center and told him to sleep on the other side.

I pretended to be fast asleep too and with my back towards him, I intentionally adjusted my gown up and thereby exposing my whole panties for him to see. Since they were transparent panties, he could see my smooth round ass. I waited but nothing happened. I knew he did not have much space left and so I shifted and arched my ass even nearer to him till I hit on his hand. He did not move his hand away but he did not touch me either. Of course he was afraid to do anything when my hubby was just next to us. I knew I had to make the first move to get the ball rolling.

I then turned and slept on my back, intentionally swung my hand and rested it almost at his crotch. This time, I sensed that he moved up a little so that my hand would be resting on his cock instead! Yes, I felt it as it was really hard! I knew he was game for it. I then rubbed his cock a little and I turned to face him. He was looking at me, kind of in shock and willing at the same time but I could tell he was very worried and scared. I put one finger on my mouth as a signal to tell him not to say a word and he understood.

I took his cock out from the side of his shorts and stroked it and at once, it went to full attention. Then I pulled up my gown, took off my panties, took a cap from my gown pocket and passed it to him. I was well-prepared in advance as I preferred not to fuck strangers without protection for my own safety. I whispered to him to fuck me then and to put him at ease, I told him that my hubby was drunk and would not easily wake up.

Turning away with my back arched towards him I waited to be penetrated. He wasted no time and the next moment he slowly pushed his hard cock inside me. I was so wet that it could easily slide in and I felt so relived. He rocked me slowly for fear of waking my hubby but I could not control it as I let out a soft moan, which was actually a signal to my hubby that John was fucking me at that moment. My hubby loved to hear it! He loved it when I was just right next to him with his staff humping me from behind.

It was a slow fuck, similar to doing it in slow motion. It was fun and thrilling as if we were doing it behind my hubby's back. I kept on moaning, "Oh fuck! Keep fucking me!" It was loud enough to let my hubby hear it. And before I had enough, he came only after several minutes and it was game over.

The next day, they went off to work together but in the evening, John came back alone as my hubby had called me earlier to tell me that he had to work late and even said, "I had already told him that I will be working late tonight. Remember to tell me the details and how many times too!" He was expecting me to fuck that young guy again!

That evening when John came back alone, I quickly went to bathroom to shower and of course, leaving all the doors opened. So when he knocked on the bedroom door, I pretended that I could not hear it and so he came in, passing by the bathroom and saw me showering. He just stood there and watched, as if waiting for me. I did not want to waste any time and told him to strip immediately. He quickly dropped everything and joined me in the shower.

I asked him whether he had had his dinner yet and he said he had not and so I lifted one of my legs and placed on the tub. I then jokingly said, "Here's your dinner, lick me!" And he squatted down and licked my spread pussy, following my instruction like a good, obedient boy. His cock was hard as a rock. I had my dinner too when I went down on him and slowly enjoyed sucking and licking his lollipop.

We had a good nice fuck as he banged me fast and furious this time round. With my hands on the bathroom floor and my legs upright, my pussy was well-spread and positioned just nice for a deep and hard penetration. He banged my pussy so fast and hard till I had to hold on tight and pushed back towards him. It was really electrifying that I screamed so loud and wondered whether my neighbors heard me. I wanted his cum so much that I asked him to shoot in into my mouth when he cum. He came so much that I hungrily gulped down all his sticky glue.

We rested and had our proper dinner. But even before we almost finished our dinner, we wanted it again as I kept teasing his sausage till it was pointing up in no time. I seduced him by asking him to fuck me as many times as he could before he left this place. I then took the bottle of tomato sauce, dripped it on his "hot dog" and went down to eat him up! Sweet and tasty dog! It was rather messy as I did the same to my pussy and he tasted me too. It was so hilarious with our mouths were red with ketchup mixed with our horny juice.

We then fucked again but this time, we did it in the kitchen. I laid on my back, on top of the kitchen worktop. Stretching my legs as far back as I could that it touched my ears. My spread pussy was at his mercy and he kept drilling me with long hard strokes. I remember I came several times as he took about thirty minutes of pure pumping before he finally released his cum.. We both collapsed and rested and he went off to do his work while I bummed around in the buff, on my bed. I didn't bother to wear anything as I was planning for another round.

After he had finished his work, he came to join me. We watched a porn movie together and finally wrapped up the night by doing it the third time, before my hubby came back. Not sure if I was moaning louder or the girls in the movie, I told him to shoot his cum on to the opening of my pussy. He managed to cum just before we heard my hubby's car came in. John immediately sprung up and left the room.

The moment my hubby came into the room, I spread my legs wide and showed him my used, cum stained pussy. Guessed it was a little swollen and red after three rounds of onslaught. Without saying a word, he just stripped and plunged his cock into me and it went in smoothly. And without him asking, I just said, "Three times!" and he loved it but with his excitement built-up, he shot his cum inside me in just two minutes. Very likely that his staff overheard us in our love making too as my hubby did not bother to close the bedroom door nor did he intend to.

The next day, we bid each other goodbye and that was the last time I saw of John.
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