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How I Found Out

He finds out by accident but he learns to accept
My wife Susan and I had just returned home from a wedding. It was the remarriage of an old and dear friend whose first husband Matt (another old and dear friend) had been killed by a drunk driver the previous year. Our twin girls had wanted to go with us but they had just started school at a small college upstate.

We had just unburdened ourselves of the formal attire, and I was playing my fingertips along the delicate concavity that runs down the middle of her back, from the nape of her neck down to the exquisite dimples that flank the base of her spine. Feeling mischievous, I asked her, “Suze, if I suffered an untimely death like Matt did, would you remarry?”

“Jeff, that’s an awful thought! I don’t even want to think about such a thing.”

“Aw, c’mon, would you?”

Her eyes were unfocused; she was beginning to succumb to my dancing fingers. “Okay, I’ll play your silly game. Sure I would remarry! After all, I’m just 40 years old, in the prime of life and still reasonably attractive.” Now that was an understatement!

“So…would you let the new guy drive my Miata?” My fingertip caresses drifted lower to where her delectable ass begins to split, just above her panties, the spot I wanted to kiss every time I saw it.

“Mmm, sure Honey, I’d let the new guy drive your Miata. Oh. Ahhh.” Her head was tilted back a little, eyes at half mast as she savored my delicate ministrations.

“Would you even let him use my golf clubs?” Susan’s eyes were closed now and her jaw slack, a sign that I was probably about to get lucky. My other hand joined the fray with a frontal assault, tickling its way up from satin covered pubis to cleavage and back down. Her slurred answer seemed to drift in from somewhere between here and the land of Eros.

“Ohhh. Hmmm. Ahhh. No…Silly…he’s left handed.” We both suddenly froze. Susan’s eyes snapped wide open and her jaw began to work as if trying to unsay what she’d just said.

“Daniel?” I asked. “You…you’re…you’re thinking about Daniel?”

“N-n-no. No! Of course not! You know damn well I think he’s an egotistical jerk! I was just trying to… Oh hell! Is this what I get for playing your stupid little game: accusations? Just leave me alone. I have things to do.” Susan’s attempt to recover from her slip was utterly futile; her abrupt change of demeanor made everything clear. And she knew it.

She pulled away from me and, with clenched jaw and jerky, awkward movements she grabbed a pair of jeans and tried put them on…backward. She didn’t realize it until she had pulled them up to her thighs. A few moments earlier, we would have both been laughing hysterically at her antics. Now, I couldn’t even stand to watch but I managed to choke out a question. “How long have the two of you been intimate?” She would show me nothing but her back, stiff and silent.

Retiring to the kitchen, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and dropped into a chair. Tell me, friend, have you ever experienced a moment wherein a tsunami of realization washes over you? Enough new information to fill a book and yet, in the space of an instant you grasp it all. You see every convoluted detail with crystal clarity. It was a complete and utter reversal of everything important that I thought I knew. No, dammit, everything that I knew I knew!

Susan and I had been so, well, tight! Almost from the moment we met we were like best friends, brother-sister and lovers combined! “Compatible” only scratches the surface. Our personalities meshed so closely that we were, almost literally, one person. To describe our union as harmonious would be crass understatement. Our mutual trust, so rock-solid, was something that, before we met, I had not thought possible between two fallible human beings. We loved being with each other. The sex was fantastic. Everything was perfect! The notion that anyone else could distract either one of us, even for a moment, was preposterous, unthinkable!

So, it was Daniel she pictured standing at the alter once I was securely tucked away under the sod--and for a lot less time than a year, no doubt. Hell, I’d probably still be warm. Yes, and it was Daniel she saw with her mind’s eye, jaunty and grinning, behind the wheel of my little sports car. Un-mucking-believable.

Daniel is Susan’s boss. He is one of those militant southpaws who think lefties are superior creatures, burdened with having to stoop to adapt to a mediocre right-handed world and he was the only possible candidate for the subject of her little slip-up a few moments before.

Susan took the job when the twins started seventh grade and loved it from the git-go. Over family dinner every night she would regale me and the twins with all the juicy details: the challenges of her new career, the bustling office ambiance and the colorful people she worked with. Her only complaint was that her immediate superior, Daniel, was a self-involved egotistical jerk who thought he was god’s gift to women but even that was under control. She had laid down the law, she told us, regarding any touchy-feely-flirty ideas he might have and she could count on the higher-ups, who recognized her potential for the company, to stand behind her.

Daniel wisely toed the line and his behavior toward her has been beyond reproach ever since. The job is also remunerative; after just four years she was made a senior sales rep earning almost as much as my one-man accounting firm. I was elated with my dear wife’s success. Far from hurting our relationship, it enhanced it. She arrived home every evening energized and ready for family fellowship. Our sex life (which I didn’t think could get any better) was more enthusiastic than ever (and, I might add, more orgasmic than ever for her!)

When she announced her promotion to us at dinner one night a couple of years ago we also learned she would be doing some traveling. Once a month for three or four days at a time she, along with two or three associates (including Daniel) would be travelling to other branches in the region to consult with staff and plan for the next month.

There was not the faintest ghost of doubt or jealousy in my mind regarding these trips even though I was certain that Danny-boy still wanted to sink his claws (not to mention his cock) into my wife; hell, what man wouldn’t? In fact, I actually got a bit of a thrill out of imagining the horny fuckstick, all alone in his hotel room dreaming about my Suze in the room next door, knowing that he will never have her.

Hell, the bastard probably had to duct-tape his hard-on to his stomach before he could put on his pants in the morning. Moreover, with her promotion he wasn’t her boss any more, they were now co-equals at the company. I actually felt sorry for the poor schmuck! I compared my relationship with Susan to the boy in the plastic bubble, totally immune from any possible contamination from the outside. The notion of infidelity was not even a blip on our radar.

I was lost in these thoughts when Suze entered the kitchen. She also got a beer and sat across from me. After a few moments of silence she proceeded to answer my parting question, and more—much more.

“It started on the fifth business trip, or maybe the sixth, I don’t remember exactly. We always have lunch together on the trips because there is lots of business to conduct, usually with local staff lunching with us. Breakfasts, I always have brought to my room while I prepare for the day. But I was adamant about never having dinner together unless there were other staff there and business was being conducted. While it is true that Daniel had been a very good boy for a very long time, my instincts told me that dinner alone with Daniel (who always orders wine) could potentially make me vulnerable and position him to take advantage of it. Boy was I right.

“On that night we had a reservation with a local staffer and a local client at the upscale restaurant in our hotel. It was selected by the local staffer to impress the client with whom we hoped to establish a lucrative long-term contract. Daniel and I arrived early and went ahead and ordered. We knew we would need a chunk of clear time later to do some negotiating. Our food arrived at the same time we got a call from the local staffer who told us the client had cancelled at the last minute (family emergency) and, since there would be no negotiating, there was no point in her coming either.

“So there we were. Our food had arrived so we just dug in to it—and it was good! I excused myself to the lady’s room and when I returned Daniel had ordered—and poured—a bottle of Pinot Noir, my favorite. Alarm bells went off in my head but I thought to myself, ‘When we’re through I’ll just excuse myself and have an elevator ride to my room so, what the hell, relax and enjoy.’ I relaxed all right; I was so into the food and wine I didn’t even notice that he had ordered a second bottle until we were halfway into it.

“With too little sleep the night before, a brutal day of work and a bottle of wine under my belt, Daniel had to help me to my room. Next thing I knew I was sitting on the edge of my bed unbuttoning my blouse and anticipating a good night sleep. I looked up and was shocked to see Daniel still there.

"He was just standing in front of me completely nude—with a raging hard-on. His cock—oh my god his cock—was at eye level and I just stared drunkenly. He’s not much longer than you honey, but his shaft is much thicker with an upward curve to it. It was his…his cockhead that really riveted my attention. It’s almost freakishly out of proportion, bigger around than the shaft, like an enormous shiny purple plum with a deeply bifurcated tip and soaring corona. 

When I hear people talk about being in a trance I always assume they’re exaggerating but I definitely was. I…I can’t explain it Jeff, but my…my mouth was hanging open and…and I was drooling—yes, literally drooling, like a helpless stroke victim.

“I heard Daniel say ‘I knew all it would take was for you to see it, just like every other woman I’ve had.’ My previous self, still somewhere deep inside, was disgusted by this arrogant remark but I realized, as I slid off the bed to my knees, that it was nothing but the truth. My vision had narrowed to just that magical cockhead, my jaws opened wide and my lips puckered to form an ‘O’.

"I swear honey, I was helpless to stop myself. I began to knee-walk, determined to waste no time getting that incredible head into my mouth. Daniel spread his feet apart to allow my knees between them. Even with my jaws open to the max I had to push to get past the corona. The moment the head was completely in my mouth euphoria spread through my body like nothing before. He told me to work the head with my lips and tongue and not try to get any more of it in my mouth or I’d choke to death.

"I started to bring my hand up to the shaft but he slapped it down and said ‘No hands!’ So I busied them caressing and massaging his ass while I pressed the tip of my tongue against the bottom side of his cockhead and swiveled my head right, left, up and down—then in a continuous circle. Daniel groaned in response to the additional stimulation and I was overcome with a desire to please him and I gripped his pleasure-head in my mouth like I would never let it go. I could have stayed that way all night.

“Daniel interrupted my reverie. ‘Jeff calls at eleven every night, right Susan? Then we better get busy.’ He pulled down the bedspread and covers with one sweep while I tore off my clothes. He had me on my back in a flash and told me to grab his cock and start rubbing the head up and down my vulva. When I got so wet that we could hear the splooshy sound he popped the head in. There was a tiny twinge of pain that was eclipsed by ecstasy as he slowly slid the shaft in until that big purple plum bumped against my cervix. He left it there while he poked his tongue deep in my mouth. I sucked it for a while, like it was a cock. Then he pulled his tongue out of my mouth and said ‘Let’s give that ol’ G-spot a workout.’ Whereupon he withdrew his cock about halfway and began short fast strokes.

"The pleasure was so intense that I blacked out for a few moments. (He explained to me later that the upward curve of his cock forces his huge head up hard against the G-spot and, when the stroke is just right—he’s an expert at that—the pleasure is more intense than any of his women have ever felt before.) Then, when it seemed I was on the verge of an orgasm I had not thought physically possible, he went to full hard stroking, bouncing me off the headboard while my tits spun wildly in opposite directions, slapping together with smacks almost as loud as his loins banging against mine.

"Without missing a beat he pulled me down away from the headboard and pressed on for what must have been a half hour. Aside from the excruciating pleasure, my senses registered nothing but the sounds: the loud ‘thwok’ of his loins against mine alternating with the ‘smack’ of my gyrating tits coming together. It came to a magnificent climax with a mutual orgasm so utterly explosive that no fireworks show will ever impress me again. Daniel dressed hurriedly, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said ‘until next time.’ I was still lying there, splattered with our juices, twitching and moaning when the telephone rang.”

I remembered! I actually remembered that night, that call. When Susan answered she sounded really out of it, groggy. “It was your fifth business trip, Suze. The second night of your fifth trip and you must have done some fast thinking. When I called you told me you went to bed early with a splitting headache and that you took one of the Ambien you keep for emergencies. I felt really bad for waking you up, told you to go back to sleep, hope you feel better, talk to you tomorrow blah blah blah. Suze, you said it ‘started’ on that trip. Does that mean you’ve done this more than once?”

She gave me a long, sad look. “Jeff, it’s time for me to be completely forthcoming, I’ve had Daniel’s cock inside me every night—except the last night—of every trip. I never let him do me on the nights before I was coming home to you so I could put his cock out of my mind and be fresh and ready to focus on you.”

By that time my head was on the table and I was looking at the small puddle of tears that had formed there. Those words, after her shocking description of their first sex session, made me want to die. I know: a real man would have thrown her out on her ass right then and there. But this was my Suze, my life partner, my soul mate with whom I was totally, madly in love. Life without her was simply unthinkable. I raised my head and looked her in the eye. “Susan, do you want to stay married to me?”

“Yes, Jeff! Merciful heavens yes! I could never leave you! I couldn’t go on living without you! Our marriage is one in a million! Nothing about that has changed and it never will!”

“So, now that I know about you and Daniel, you’ll put an end to it, right?” I got another look, even longer, even sadder.

“Jeff, honey…”


“I said our marriage is one in a million, and I mean it. I said I couldn’t live without you, and I mean that too. But…having felt…having experienced I should say, the unimaginable pleasure, the ecstasy of Daniel’s cock I just don’t know if can promise that I won’t.” She stopped. I waited. I feared the worst and I got it. Suddenly her face was a picture of resolve and grim determination. “Jeff, my darling, I’m not going to prevaricate. I owe you that. You see, Daniel’s cock is one in a million too. It sends me to heights of pleasure that I never imagined my body was even capable of and I am not going to cut myself off from it. I’m so sorry, but I won’t. I…I can’t.”

I was incredulous, totally, utterly incredulous. Had my wife actually just told me that she was mine forever and addicted to another man’s cock? “Susan, how in the name of heaven can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are still, and always will be, my soul mate and partner for life and that you also intend to give Daniel access to your body on a regular basis? How? How?

Her face softened into that look of love that I see in my dreams when she’s away. She reached across the kitchen table and put her hand over mine. I took it and gently squeezed it—a reflex after eighteen years of loving marriage.

“How can I tell you that? Because I’ve already proven that I can do it. Jeff, listen to me. Think about the past eighteen months. Have you noticed any change in our relationship? Have you noticed one scintilla of difference in me—in how I am with you—in how we are together?”

There was only one truthful answer but I couldn’t vocalize it, my diaphragm wouldn’t cooperate so I just mouthed a soundless “No”

“Do you know why, honey? Because there has been no difference! There is no difference and there never will be! I offer the past year and a half as proof positive that it can be done.”

She was actually understating. If anything we’ve been better in every way recently and the way she looked at me as she spoke seemed to be even further proof.

She went on. “Daniel is not, and never will be, getting anything that is rightfully yours. My loyalty, my allegiance, my trust, my companionship and my never ending love will be yours—and only yours--for as long as we both draw breath. What I get from Daniel is apart from all that and, believe it or not, makes me a better partner for you.”

There I was listening intently as I would in a rational discussion. Suddenly I realized why: it was a rational discussion. Eighteen years of unassailable trust forced me to admit that my beloved was telling the truth and bizarre as it was, it made sense. There was just one more question that required an answer. “Suze, do…do you…still enjoy having sex with me?”

“Good god, Jeff, are you kidding? Daniel does me one way, one position, one time and then he leaves! We’ve never spent a night together. I haven’t even allowed his tongue in my mouth since that first time. Once I get my ‘fix’ I just want him out of there. The mere thought of waking up in the morning to his smirking face makes me ill. He just popped into mind when I was playing your little game because he’s the only other man in my life. I could never actually be married to him! Ugh! No, Jeff, it’s your loving arms I want to sleep in and your sweet face I want to see when I open my eyes. Making love to you is what sustains me. When I get home from a trip it’s all I can think about. Can’t you tell?”

I was warmed and comforted beyond measure by her reassuring words, the look in her eyes and the softness of her hand in mine. The tsunami of realization had a second wave: the flood of acceptance. A few minutes ago the mental image of Susan’s breasts slapping together while she bounced around under the pounding impetus of Daniel’s thrusts was like a dagger in my heart. It still hurt, oh yeah, but now the pain was mingled with something else—something elusive that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Two Weeks Later

I was still panting from my frantic jerk-off as I broke the connection with Suze’s cell phone. Her phone had been set on speaker and cleverly concealed in her hotel room, just inches from the action, allowing me to savor yet another noisy encounter with Daniel.

As my breathing returned to normal I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of it all. I thought of the “pre-tsunami” days and how I used to get an erotic thrill thinking about “that horny fuckstick” Daniel on business trips with my wife. Yeah, I pictured him jerking off in his hotel room dreaming about my sweet Susan in the room next door, knowing he could never have her. Ha! Yeah! Right! Little did I know at the time that he had “had” her the night before and was probably having an encore at the very moment of my gloating! Now that I know Daniel certainly is having her I get my “erotic thrills” listening to him do my wife while I beat my cock into jelly!

We had it down to a science. I called nightly at eleven and we talked about fifteen minutes. Daniel, as per Susan’s instructions, would call her room number at 11:45 “to make sure I’m off the phone with Jeff”. If he got a ring instead of a busy signal (which he always did as, unbeknownst to him, I was now making my nightly calls to Suze’s cell, not her room, ha ha.) he was to hang up and come directly to her room.

She rigged the door so it would just push open and she was already in bed ready for action. Daniel’s ring was Susan’s signal to put her cell on speaker and stash it; and my signal, back at home, to mute the speakerphone in our bedroom in case I made any sound.

We had to be damn quick about it too; Daniel was not a patient man when it came to dropping it on my wife. I usually heard the door push open within thirty seconds! Then I would lie back in my bed and wait for the best part: the long-stroke slam-fucking. I would lie there stroking my stone-hard cock and listen to the hollow “thwock” of colliding loins alternate with the slap of Suze’s fine full breasts meeting in the middle.

I was as addicted to listening to it as she was to getting it and I had just had another fix. But I wanted more; I wanted to watch. Moreover, I wanted Daniel to know I was watching. Susan would be home in a couple of days and I would tell her my plan.

Two Days Later

My mind raced as we lay in each other’s arms. My precious Susan, wife, lover, soul mate, had just returned from her monthly business trip and, as had become her habit, left a trail of clothes from front door to bedroom where I waited, already naked and hard as a diamond, to pleasure her so intensely it was almost savage. It wasn’t just the three or four day separation that made it so: she was at peak libido from her hotel encounters with Daniel. And I? I was horny as a cactus from listening to them.

Suze’s breathing was returning to normal and I could tell she was floating on the edge of dreamland. I, on the other hand was wide awake, mentally rehearsing my pitch. Months ago, it had taken all my powers of persuasion to get her on board with my cell phone eavesdropping and the next step I had in mind was much, much more radical.

Susan stirred and opened her eyes. “Penny for your thoughts, Jeff, honey.”

I took a deep breath and plunged right in. “Suze, love of my life, what Daniel provides is good for you--very good for you--and it takes nothing from me and, as such, is good for us as a couple. You know that I’m in full agreement with all that. Furthermore, the privilege of listening in while he pleasures you so intensely brings me great joy and stimulates my desire for you beyond imagination. And the most marvelous mystery of all? I feel no animosity, no resentment at all towards Daniel; on the contrary, I’m grateful to him. How could I not be grateful to a man who has made my beloved wife a happier, more fulfilled woman and at the same time enriched my marriage immeasurably.”

Susan hugged me hard, then drew back and looked at me with moist eyes and a beatific smile. I took another deep breath. “Suze, I think it’s only right that Daniel be made aware of everything I have just said. I see no reason why the three of us shouldn’t be completely on the up and up. Most of all, I want him to be aware of my gratitude.” I watched Suze closely; her reaction was encouraging. Her eyes widened a bit but the smile hung in there. My heart soared when, after a few moments, she fiercely hugged me once again.

“Jeff, you are the most humble, loving and giving man in the world; why fate has blessed me with such a husband has got to be the mystery of the ages. You see darling, that’s what I want too! I never proposed it because I thought it would be too humiliating for you. I mean…for Daniel to know that you accept the role of…you know.”

“The role of cuckold? Is that what you were about to say, Suze? Well, I wouldn’t want the whole world to know; but Daniel has already demonstrated that he can keep a confidence and, well…what’s a little cuckoldry among friends?” Susan’s tinkling laughter caressed my ears like music. She hugged me yet a third time. So the first part of my presentation went very well indeed! I was steeling myself for the next part—the tricky part, i.e., telling her that I want very badly to watch while Daniel bounced my sweet little wife into oblivion on our marriage bed.

Then I had a sudden revelation, a much better way to tell her. Although it would be a little more risky (not to mention devious) it might just work better. So I ran with it. “Suze, here’s my plan for bringing Daniel up to speed on things while reassuring him that everything is okay—more than okay—between you and me and between him and me. We’ll pick a good time to call him when he’s home and when he’s not pressed for time. We’ll both be on the line, you on the kitchen extension and me in the bedroom. I’ll position the bedroom phone so we can see each other across the living room in case we have to signal something…” So it went, we finalized our plan and agreed on everything. We were ready.

The next evening Suze arrived home with good news. In casual conversation at work Daniel mentioned that he would be home all evening curled up with a Michael Crichton novel that “had him by the throat” as he would say. (Like me, he loves Crichton.) At 9:00 PM we stationed ourselves and dialed him up.

Brriiing, brriiing. “Hello?”

“Hello, Daniel. This is Jeff Jenkins, how are ya?”

“Oh, hi, Jeff. How are you?

“I’m good. Listen, Daniel, Susan and I have talked it over and there’s something we have to tell you; something we both agree you should know.” That was Susan’s cue to make known her presence on the line.

“Hey, Daniel; Susan here.”

“Hey, Susan.” Daniel’s voice was sounding more tentative, a bit weaker.

“Daniel, I’ll cut to the chase. We—Susan and I—think you have a right to know that I am fully aware of what you have been doing for Susan on your business trips together.”

Silence over the line.

“And, Daniel, this is important. We want you to know that I am okay with it—totally okay.”

More silence over the line.

“Actually I’m more than just O.K. with it, Daniel. You have taken my Suze to heights of pleasure she never thought possible and in so doing, you have made her a more fulfilled woman and a better partner to me. A few months ago, I never would have imagined our marriage could get any better, but it did—and it is—thanks entirely to you, buddy. More than anything else I want to convey to you just how grateful I am for that—and I always will be.”

Once again Susan came in on cue. “This is not a joke, Daniel. Jeff means every word of it and, I can tell you, every word of it is true—about me, about Jeff, about our marriage, everything.”

From over the wires came a barely audible: “Oooo-kay.”

My turn again: “Daniel, listen buddy you don’t have to say anything right now. You’re probably in a state of shock and you need some time to digest all this. Hell, who wouldn’t?”

Well, that was all that Susan and I had scripted. So…mission accomplished, right? Not so fast! I had a little surprise for ol’ Suze. I watched her across the living room as I dropped the bomb.

“Daniel, tell you what, buddy, why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night, say, around sevenish? We’ll put some steaks on the grill and knock back a few cold ones. Hey, maybe even roll a fat one from our stash of Maui-Wowee. Then I’d really like to see first hand what it is that has my Suze so ‘wowed’ about you.”

I glanced at Susan. She looked like she’d just been dumped into 45 degree Michigan lake water: eyes wide, mouth wide, face whiter than our bed sheets. Speaking of bed sheets…

“In fact, Dan, we’ll even have our bed made up with those fancy, slippery satin sheets we use on special occasions. They’re the real thing!”

Susan looked like she couldn’t decide whether to pass out or kill me with the daggers coming out of her eyes.

“Okay, buddy, see you tomorrow. It’s Friday so we can make it a late night. Come casual and come hungry!”


Susan just stood there glaring at me. Finally noticing the phone still in her hand she hung it up and with hands on hips she stomped over to me, got in my face and said, “You sneaky bastard!”

But when I gave her my best “shamefaced puppy who just peed on the floor” expression she couldn’t maintain. We both burst out laughing and she started playfully pushing on my chest, pushing me around the room. “Okay, smart guy! You wanna watch? Huh? Well, have you seen those bumper stickers on some guys’ cars that say ‘GAS GRASS OR ASS—NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE’? Huh? Well, nobody watches for free either, you voyeuristic little pervert.”

She gave me a couple more playful pushes and I was up against the wall. “Oh yeah, honey,” she said, squeezing my mouth to pooch out my lips. “From the time the three of us retire to the bedroom tomorrow night until Daniel leaves for home you will be addressed as either ‘Towel Boy Jeffy’ or ‘Fluff Girl Jefrina’ depending on the needs of our guest. Wadaya think of that?

I started. “Did you say ‘Fluff Girl’???”

“Yeah, you heard me, smart guy. Do I need to write it in Braille and shove it up yer ass? Get used to it, Fluff Girl! Oh, and you’d better keep these tucked out of sight!” She moved her hand from my mouth to my crotch and gave my pajama-clad balls a deliciously painful squeeze. “A pair of my skin-tight heavy-duty sports briefs should hold these little cherries back and down between your legs, don'tcha think?”

Suddenly Suze threw her arms around me and planted a soul kiss, long and deep, on my welcoming lips. Pulling off she said “Honey, you caught me off balance springing that Daniel visit on me; but I’m not mad, not at all. In fact I think we’re going to have the time of our lives, all three of us. I adore you. I worship you. Now get your ass in the bedroom. You’re going to screw me ‘til I beg for mercy. When I turned to head toward the bedroom she yanked down the back of my pajama pants and gave each cheek a smart, stinging slap and I thought for the umpteenth time: I’m the luckiest man in the world.

Friday Night

The steaks were great, so was the Tuborg. While Susan was inside rolling some “Hawaiian Happiness” I regarded the affable man sitting across our patio table from me. Could this be the same arrogant jerk we’ve known for six years? Daniel had been a gentleman all evening: polite, respectful, gracious, even—for want of a better word—humble. I sensed that, maybe, just maybe, we were seeing the real Daniel.

Maybe the “arrogant stud/cock o’ the walk” persona was just camouflage to protect a sensitive—and maybe wee bit insecure—guy inside. To my utter astonishment, I liked this guy! We actually connected. I had that feeling you get sometimes when you meet someone new; something like: we’re going to be friends. We shared many of the same tastes, including rib-eyes, Tuborg beer, Maui Wowee and Michael Crichton (and, of course, Susan!). He laughed heartily at my jokes and I at his. This new Daniel was someone with whom I could really relax and enjoy myself—be myself.

We both looked up as Susan slid the glass door aside and stepped out. She had dressed perfectly for the occasion, and in a way that only one in a million 40 year olds could pull off. She sported a white tube top that I didn’t even know she still had and white Levi cutoffs from which any panties other than thongs would be hanging out in back. She sashayed over (what a showoff!) and in her Mae West voice said “Could either of you gents supply a lady with a light?”

Daniel grabbed the candle off the table and fired up the doobie for the lady. We never smoke the stuff when the girls are in the house; but, of course, they were off at school upstate so we could really kick back, and kick back we did.

A few minutes later we were in the bedroom, each fortified with that tummy-tickling euphoria unique to Hawaiian cannabis. We had put tiny five watt bulbs in the bedside lamps and a tube of KY Jelly on the nightstand (Suze says it makes things go easier with Daniel’s giant cock head).

The huge bed wore only the bottom sheet over the pillow-top mattress with thick cotton cover and the satin glistened invitingly in the muted light. Suze and I had hammered out a few “rules” before Daniel’s arrival. First and foremost, Susan would be in charge once we were in the bedroom and my compliance with any and all instructions from her would be prompt and punctilious. Also, I would doff my clothes when they do to minimize any self-consciousness on Daniel’s part; that is, except for Suze’s skin-tight heavy-duty sports briefs that kept by balls brutally clamped between my thighs.

No three people have ever disrobed any faster and Daniel seemed completely at ease when Susan knelt in front of him. She looked over at me standing there with my mouth hanging open staring at Daniel’s cock. Beckoning me with a finger she said, “Come here, Jeffy. If you want a real eye-load you’ll need a ringside seat."

I walked over; she grabbed my arm and pulled me down to my knees. Putting her arm around my waist she pulled us against each other. From across the room the sight of Daniels cock had brought to mind a huge tootsie roll pop on an impossibly thick stick.

Now, with its enormous head suspended six inches from my face, it was more like a Roman battering ram, a terrifying siege engine. Suze knee walked closer, pulling me along with her, and planted her lips on the purple bifurcated tip of Daniel’s Brobdignagian cockhead. Inching closer still, she popped her practiced mouth over the corona with an audible “snap”, enveloping the whole purple knob.

I watched for a while as she worked it expertly, just as she had described to me an eternity ago. She gave me a sidelong glance, grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and pulled my face over to hers. Turning her head toward me, she allowed her prisoner to pop out her mouth and directly into mine. “Surrealistic” does not begin to describe it. There I was hosting another man’s cock in my mouth; willingly at that. And not just any man: the man who had cuckolded me!! Susan formed an “O” with her lips and tried to turn my head toward her. It was obvious what she wanted but, by god, I didn’t want to give it back!

Out of the corner of my eye I could see an ear-to-ear smile on her face as she watched me savor Daniel’s cock like a fine cigar. Finally she said, “Okay, give it!” I couldn’t believe this! My wife and I were in competition for her lover’s cock!

I finally relented and she eagerly sucked it back into her loving mouth. I watched enviously for a while then suddenly I had an idea. I broke away from Susan and crawled around behind Daniel. Getting as far under him as I could (fortunately he has very long legs) and with my head thrown back I proceeded to lick and suck his balls from behind, sucking them into my mouth one at a time while tickling his asshole with the tip of my nose. Daniel groaned and murmured, “Forgive my boldness but you two make a great team!”

Susan pulled off of his cock and said, “Jeff and I are a team, Daniel, a team for life. Never forget it.”

Meanwhile I was working my way up his buttcrack with big long licks. The Jeff inside said, “Jeff, what the hell are you doing? And the other Jeff, the one with the busy mouth, said “Shut up!” Daniel’s ass was like a woman’s. Not wide like a woman’s but high and sharply convex with well separated cheeks and creamy, silky-smooth skin. By now his inner cheeks were slick with saliva and I nuzzled my way in between them, tongue leading the way.

I found the prize I sought and pressed my puckered mouth against his little red ring, massaging it with undulating lips. Pushing my face even harder against him, I started poking my tongue as far into Daniel’s back door as I could. The Jeff inside said, “You’re crazy!” But Daniel had rotated his feet outward and was rhythmically squeezing my face between his cheeks in time with my tongue pokes so, crazy or not, I was also in seventh heaven.

After a time, Susan pulled off again. “Daniel, I want Jeff to go down on me for a while before you screw me.” Daniel was all for it. Once she was on her back, center-bed, with my face ensconced between her legs and her fingers entwined in my hair to make sure I stayed that way she said, “Daniel, while Jeff’s eating me I want you to straddle me and put your cock between my tits with the head in my mouth.”

There was no delay in Daniel’s compliance. This arrangement, of course, allowed me a double delight: doing to Suze what I enjoy almost as much as screwing her while providing a great view of the most recent—and most unlikely—object of my desire: Daniel’s uncommonly elegant ass.

When she told him to move down and fill her pussy with “the ram” I raised my head and delayed sliding back out of the way until my face was once again wedged firmly between those delectable cheeks. Daniel had to shove me back out of the way with his ass. I assumed pilot duty, i.e., guiding Daniel’s cock into port, as it were. I slathered it with KY and once the head popped in I literally pushed him into my wife with my face. My tongue entered his asshole as he entered my wife.

Daniel’s moan of pleasure was gratifying in the extreme. He remained all the way in for a while, as is his custom, while my face savored the pincer assault of his twitching cheeks. When he began the G-spot action I pulled back a little to watch the flexing cheeks and bouncing balls. When he launched into the long-stroke slamming the “thwocks” were almost deafening at this range (inches).

Before long my face was receiving a light splash of Susan’s juices at each impact a moment before Daniel’s pendulous balls swung down to smack her ass. The wave motion imparted to Suze’s fleshy thighs was mesmerizing. I moved around to the side to see what I had theretofore only heard through a telephone. This was what I had really been waiting for and dreaming about yet nothing could have prepared me for the spectacle.

Every part of my wife’s body was in motion, each part seemingly on a different vector or orbit from the others. Her eyes were rolled so far up that just the lower edges of the irises were visible and the lids were fluttering spasmodically. I saw immediately the reason for her breasts’ counter-rotation. When their bodies were coming together her breasts were out to the side and moving headward.

An instant before impact Susan reflexively drew her shoulders forward (perhaps in anticipation of said impact) imparting an inward vector to the breasts. When impact came, driving her torso up, the combination of vectors caused her tits to stand straight out and collide with that distinctive “slap” that had fascinated me for lo these many weeks.

The whole cacophony of sounds was so rich and full compared to the tinny reproduction I had heard over telephone. There wasn’t much vocalization until toward the end. For about the last minute or so, both the pace and the impact picked up; Daniel started roaring like an angry grizzly and Susan was squealing like a fear-crazed suckling pig, her eyes wide open and bulging.

Finally he slammed it home, arched back and bellowed. His ass cheeks banged together and welded, making the crack seem to disappear for a moment. This was repeated five times before Daniel rolled off and they lay side by side, supine and spread-eagled, gasping for breath. Right then and there I resolved to buy me the finest, high-end, compact digital camcorder money could buy, one capable of ultra-high resolution freeze frames; yeah, that’s the ticket, definitely.

I had read about “cleanup” on cuckold websites but it seemed sort of gross; now it didn’t seem gross at all. I grabbed one of the towels we had placed by the bed, tucked it under Suze’s buns and crawled up between her gorgeous legs, determined to find out just how big of a deposit Daniel had made. Some licking and sucking and scooping with my tongue yielded three good mouthfuls. (Thank goodness Suze got her tubes tied after the twins were born!) I figured the least I could do was give Daniel the same service (After all, I am “towel boy/fluff girl” right? And I’ve already done the fluff girl part.) I tucked a towel under him and went to work. Before long the gobs of semen that had bejeweled his genitals were replaced by a thin sheen of saliva.

I ran to get Tuborgs for everyone. We sat on the bed drinking and chewing the fat. I asked Daniel, “Hey man, you think you’ll be good for a second round? And I’m not talking about beer!”

“No, that’s my limitation, Jeff. I put on a pretty good performance, if I do say so myself, but I can’t remember the last time I could go more than once in a night”

I got pensive. “Wellll…maybe tonight could be different…”

“Jeff!” Susan interrupted. “Have you no mercy for your wife? Didn’t you just watch Daniel pile-drive me for thirty straight minutes? Even if he could get hot and hard again there’s no way I could take that again tonight. I know you mean well but forget it honey! No way!”

“Okay then, I tell you what, Suze, if I can get Daniel worked up and ready then I’ll just continue on and take his load myself. I can get a lot more of him in my mouth than you can and I think it just might be worth his while. You okay with that, Daniel?”

Daniel shrugged. “Hell, what’ve I got to lose; sure, let’s go for it”

Susan was wearing one her ear-to-ear smiles. “So, you’re gonna put on a show for me? This should be interesting!”

“Wait right here.” I ran to the kitchen and rolled another doobie—a thin one—then I grabbed a couple more beers and some matches before heading back to the bedroom. “Suze, get Daniel comfortably propped up on some pillows and light this up for him while I get to work down here.”

I lay prone between his legs with my head tilted back and my chin on the sheet so I could cup Daniel’s balls with my tongue and suck them into my mouth one at a time for a while. Then I moved left and right to probe the creases on either side.

Daniel moaned and moved his legs spasmodically, trapping my head between them and then relaxing. I lifted his thighs a bit and attacked the back of his balls with long licks, lifting them up and letting them fall repeatedly. I could see Daniel and Suze watching me, both of them obviously getting a kick out of it.

Suze took a hit of the dwindling joint and put it out. I lifted Daniel’s thighs some more and licked my way down to you-know-where. Keeping my face pressed hard against his anus I sent Mr. Tongue in to reconnoiter for the second time that evening—and got the same reaction from Daniel.

I heard my sweet wife giggle as I slid my hands up the sides of his chest and gently worked the nipples with my thumbs. Daniel’s moaning was almost continuous now and when I thought the time was right I brought my hands down and started sliding my face up, working lips and tongue hard against his taint and his balls. Then I worked my way up the shaft of his cock until I could suck the head into my mouth. He wasn’t fully hard and I managed to get the whole damn thing in.

Susan gasped and Daniel groaned as I enveloped his tool and buried my nose in his pubic bush. Reaching up I resumed the nipple work, gently rolling them between thumb and forefinger while I entertained his cock with every resource my mouth had to offer.

Lifting his head, Daniel said, “Jesus, Jeff, I think you’re gonna make a liar out of me!”

Right about then his cock outgrew my mouth (lengthwise, anyway) and became rigid enough to stroke. I still could take at least half the length so I pressed my tongue hard against the underside of his shaft and started bobbing, going in as far as I could on each down stroke.

Through clenched teeth Daniel exclaimed, “Christ! Nobody’s ever been able to do that!” I gagged a few times before I found my stride then I just blissfully settled in on autopilot. Suddenly, through my euphoric haze I heard Daniel say, “Susan, give me the KY!”

“Daniel! You know I can’t…”

“It’s not for you, Susan.”

That’s when I came alive. My mouth came off his cock with a loud pop. “What the hell do you have in mind, Daniel?”

“Listen Jeff, I gotta put it in something, I just gotta!”

“Are you talking about shoving this doorknob up my tight, virginal little anus?”

“You said you would take my load, didn’t you?”

Then Susan chimed in, “Daniel’s right, honey. You said you wanted to take his load; those were your words.”

“Well…yeah, but I meant…”

“It doesn’t matter what you meant, sweety, it’s what you said. Besides, you’re the one that got this ball rolling. Now get on your hands and knees right here, now!”

I couldn’t believe it! My wife and her lover were teaming up to make a shishkabob out of me! Susan yanked off the ball-squeezing sports briefs I was wearing as Daniel moved behind me. Then she uncapped the tube of KY, pushed it against my asshole and squeezed it as hard, forcing a big, cold dollop of it into my rectum. “O.K. sweety, I want you face down in the sheets with your ass up in the air.”

She straddled me, sitting on the back of my head as she roughly stretched my ass cheeks apart. Every fiber of my being was focused on relaxing my sphincter and keeping it that way as Daniel bumped against it and gradually increased the pressure. I was astonished when the head popped inside me with just a tiny twinge of pain. He sank it in until his thick bush was pressed against my ass crack; No pain at all. In fact, the sensation of fullness was downright pleasant.

Daniel spoke, “Jeff, you alright buddy?”

“Yes, actually. I…I’m quite alright. Does it feel good when I do this?” Whereupon I clenched my theretofore relaxed sphincter as hard as I could, evincing a loud moan from Daniel. “Hell yeah that feels good!”

I wound up lying flat on the bed, legs spread wide with a thin pillow under my hips. All of Daniel’s weight was on me except for his legs, which were resting on the bed between mine. I had been clenching my sphincter and squeezing my cheeks together in time with his pelvic thrusts for twenty or thirty minutes when suddenly he roared and arched up his legs and torso, concentrating all his weight on his cock in my ass. It felt like I was getting an enema from a jackhammer: One big shot, then two, three and four. Daniel collapsed on top of me; we were both made of jelly.

I woke up to a sunlit bedroom, Daniel on top of me snoring softly with his cock still buried in my anus and my sweet wife beaming at me from across the bed. Susan mouthed a silent “I love you.” I reflexively squeezed the cock in my ass between my cheeks and clenched my sphincter around its head. Daniel stirred and his cock swelled a little while I contemplated how often we should have him over from now on: Twice a month? Thrice a month? Every Friday? Looking over at Susan’s smiling face again I thought to myself, if everyone in the world had a sex life as good as ours there would be no more war!

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