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How I pursuaded my wife to fulfill my fantasy - true Final installment

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The last of our encounters that fulfilled our threesome fantasy, (and then some)
Here is the recollection of the third and final meeting with my wife's boyfriend of many years ago that fulfilled our fantasy.

A knock at the door and Jan called down from upstairs for me to answer. We were expecting Howard and he was right on time. I took him into the lounge.

On his last visit I was sent upstairs and he finally fucked my gorgeous wife after all these years. Jan had agreed this time that provided she felt comfortable and I didn’t object, we would share her together.

Howard sat at one of the sofa as before, anticipating Jan would sit between the two of us. She entered the room wearing a long satin dressing gown tied in the middle to reveal her bare legs. I could just see the ribbon that tied her panties which I had removed so dutifully before, allowing Howard full access to my wife’s pussy. She brought us drinks and herself a long glass of something cold with a lot of ice. She sat and smiled but did seem a little nervous. She is maybe not as confident as this account may suggest and it was only that she had planned every aspect that allowed her to proceed with apparent ease.

A soft porn movie was playing on the TV and we all made out as if to watch it, while we were really just waiting to get things started. I asked Howard if he enjoyed himself on his last visit. He smiled and said he couldn’t remember ever having a better time. I told him I was very pleased that Jan had come straight up to me when he had left and taken very good care of me and said that he had done a very good job of fucking her. I asked if he would mind doing it again while I was there. He said he would and while he hadn’t had a threesome before had often thought of it. We were all about to find out just how great it could be.

Jan had been stroking our legs as we sat next to her and told us both to stand and strip. She opened the front of her gown to reveal more leg and her bare breasts. We both got to work sucking and squeezing her nipples and then Howard moved between her legs to touch her pussy through the silky knickers. Jan’s face was a picture and she was clearly in anticipation of the attention she was about to receive from two adoring men. She dropped to her knees and faced us both taking a cock in each hand began to slowly wank us. She asked me to pass her drink and she took a good mouthful and held it there for a few seconds to make her mouth cold. She moved towards Howard’s lap and took the tip and then shaft of his cock in her mouth. I noticed she had put on a brighter shade of lipstick and she was clearly enjoying feeling how hard our visitor was already. After only a few seconds she repeated the trick with the drink and took my cock inside her cold mouth. It was a really great sensation and she was moaning as she sucked, the vibration of which caused my cock to grow even more inside her.

She removed her gown. We both stood and whilst she turned towards Howard to kiss him I moved behind her, untied the ribbons on her panties and let them fall to the floor. I cupped her tits in my hands and rubbed my hard cock against her arse only to feel Howard already had his fingers caressing the lips of her pussy. She took his cock and said she wanted it inside her. She kissed me full on the mouth and her tongue danced inside. She spun Howard around and told him to sit in the centre of the sofa. She made him move right to the back so that she could kneel up facing him and offered her tits to be sucked. She moved closer to him and rose up offering the lips of her cunt to the tip of his erect cock. His fingers entered her to ensure there was sufficient wetness and he slipped in with only a few short strokes and then she sank down right to the hilt with his balls almost inside. She rocked back and forwards and they started to kiss more passionately. I was feeling a little surplus to requirements but didn’t want to spoil the moment. After they settled into a rhythm I stood behind Jan and took her tits in my hands and squeezed her nipples gently. I kissed the back of her neck and her ears and she was moaning gently with pure enjoyment.

She slowed her rocking and knelt up allowing his cock to fall from inside her. She said, "Don’t worry, I do want you inside me but I don’t want my husband to be left out." She sat back on his lap facing me and lowered herself once again onto his cock. They picked up the pace again and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she had a vast load of Howard's cum inside her. Now I could kneel and suck at her tits and kiss her. She almost bit my tongue off when a few short deep strokes saw Howard shot his load deep inside my wife, as she too reached climax. She sank back onto him and he reached forward to grab her tits. She leaned back and kissed him and rolled forward to take up a position on all fours on the floor. She asked if I would like a go in her very wet cunt. I reached down and felt a good squirt of cum about to exit but held it and used it to moisten my cock as I guided it into her from behind. Howard was still sat on the sofa enjoying the view and watching as I held her swinging tits as I doggy fucked this mature woman who appeared almost drunk with lust.

With so much spunk inside her it was amazing I managed to get sufficient friction to stimulate myself to orgasm, but I guess the whole event was just too much for me to possibly hold back and I shot my load to mix with Howard's inside Jan’s hole.

We had all come. Jan picked up her clothes and said she was off to bed. Howard looked a little shocked it had ended so abruptly but then realised he was invited. I asked if he had to get home and he said that he would be happy to stay the night if that was OK. It was. It was all planned by Jan. We entered the bedroom naked, having given her enough time to get cleaned up and feeling feminine again. She was lying under the satin sheets in the middle of the king-size bed and was naked. We slipped in beside her and after a few minutes of fingering and wanking each other Jan slipped under the covers to take each of us in her mouth in turn. She coaxed us both back to life and then knelt up, pushing the quilt from the bed. She said, “Howard has such a wonderful cock that I want him to fuck me all night and go to sleep inside me”.

I told her, “My darling I want you to have the best sexual experiences and am happy that you feel him all night and when you wake”.

She proceeded to straddle his cock, which was pointing up at the ceiling briefly before disappearing inside Jan’s cunt. I noticed by now the lips were very red with all the attention. As she jumped up and down on his cock she was calling out, “You have the best cock that has ever been inside me and are so clever to squirt so much spunk inside me”. Give him credit, he once again delivered and I could see a little of the precious liquid escape down the shaft of his cock as it pumped in and out of my wife’s pussy. Again I was presented with a beautiful cream pie to slip my cock into.

She told me as she had before that she wanted to drink all of Howard's cum and so I gave her half a dozen strokes and then took my cock out and gave it to her to suck off the spunk. I repeated this several times until it was all out of her pussy and in her mouth. Well in fact it wasn’t in her mouth as she had swallowed each time I moved back to fuck her. After each time she had also kissed Howard and told him how good it tasted. Finally when I had tried and failed for the last time to get more of his cum for my wife to swallow, she wrapped her arms around me forcing my cock deeper into her mouth. She sucked and sucked until I couldn’t hold back and came for the second time that night inside her mouth.

She then moved down to take charge of Howard's cock once more. That’s the great thing with a threesome there will always be someone able to rise to the occasion and pleasure a lady. It took a good deal of patience on either side but Jan got him to the verge of orgasm number three in her mouth when she rolled over told him to get it inside her again. He obliged and slipped in and after only a few strokes shot his load inside.

Jan kissed me and said, “This one was for the night, we should go to sleep now”. I went around and covered them up with the duvet, turned off the light and slipped into bed the other side and we all went to sleep. I was still leaking where I had been sucked off so expertly and Howard still had his cock inside my wife.

We all slept soundly and the morning left us feeling a little nervous about what had taken place the night before. I don’t think any of us really believed just how fantastic it was. We had breakfast and made small talk and Howard told us more of what he had been up to between when he and Jan parted all those years ago. I suppose that’s what you call the cold light of day.

Since these meetings my wife became ill and can no longer take part in any sexual activity. With her blessing I finally subscribed to swinging sites and met some lovely couples to help them realise their fantasies.

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