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How I Shared My Wife Lori with a Co Worker of Mine

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How a golf outing with a co worker ended up with him fucking my wife Lori.
It had been a long while since I last shared my wife Lori with another man. As time went on I had become increasingly frustrated. I had gotten to the point where I had felt like it wasn’t ever going to happen again. Lori had said in the past that she was open to being shared again, but only if the right opportunity had presented itself.

Lori and I were in our forties and had been married for some time. She still looks great and has that sexy look that draws plenty of attention from other men. Her body was made for sex and she loves a good hard fucking.

I had basically given up any hope of sharing her ever again, until a special opportunity had come before me this past spring. I had schedule a golf outing with one of my buddies from work. Dan was several years younger than my wife and I, and had been divorced for the past two years. Dan was the kind of guy who would do anything for you, and we had grown closer together over the past year. My wife Lori had met Dan few times in the past and thought very warmly of him.

It was an unseasonably warm day as Dan had come over to pick me up for our golfing adventure. It had become one of those frustrating days were you begin to wonder why you are out here playing. I lost several balls that day and Dan beat me solidly on the score sheet. We had a bet that whoever lost had to buy the other a beer.

It was late in the afternoon when we had finally finished our round of golf. I offered Dan a beer back at my place and he quickly accepted. Lori and I had recently remodeled our basement and I was quite excited to show it off to him. Dan loved what we had done to it as he sat down at the bar. I quickly offered him that beer I owed him, as we sat and chatted about our golf game that day.

We had been chatting for about twenty minutes when Lori arrived home from a shopping trip. She had come down into the basement with a surprise look on her face, as she didn’t know I had invited Dan inside.

I said to Lori, “Honey do you remember Dan from work?” 

She thought about it for a few seconds before she said, “Oh’ Yeah I remember you Dan. It is nice to meet you again,” she replied back.

I had told Lori previously about how Dan had been with a few of the women at the office, and how great a lover he was. So she pretty much knew who Dan was as soon as I introduced her to him.

I told her how bad I was at golf that day and how Dan won a bottle of beer from me. Lori stood around for a few minutes chatting with Dan before she asked him, “Would you like to stay for dinner Dan?”

At first he said he didn’t want to intrude, but after a little coaxing from Lori he agree to stay. Lori is a great cook, (besides being great in the bedroom) and made a special meal for Dan and myself that night. It was about an hour later when Lori served up her lovely meal as we dine and drank a bottle of wine. When the meal was finished Dan and I retreated back into the basement, as Lori clean up the last few dishes.

It had been a short time later when Lori had come down into the basement. Dan and I had been playing a game of pool when Lori asked, “Can I play?”

Lori was already dress for bed, as she wore a long t-shirt that hung mid-way down her thigh. She looked extremely sexy and had that look of seduction on her face. She remembered all the stories I had told her about Dan. Dan’s reputation of being well hung also had Lori’s curiosity up.

I began to get extremely aroused as I watched the two of them play pool with one another from the bar. Lori can tease with the best of them, as she showed off her lovely body several times to Dan. She would bend over as far as she could as her t-shirt rode up on her body, to the point where her panties would show. I watched Dan’s reaction as his eyes stared right at Lori’s ass as she bent over across the table.

They play a few more games of pool as my cock began to ache. Lori might be great in bed, but pool isn’t her thing as Dan mopped up on her winning several times. Lori had gone upstairs for a minute to grab some snacks as Dan walked over to the bar area.

He said, “Man, Lori isn’t very good at pool is she. She isn’t playing me is she?”

I guaranteed him that Lori wasn’t playing him and that she really isn’t that good at pool. I then did something I had thought I would never do. As my adrenalin kicked in, I wanted in the worse way ask Dan what he thought of Lori. A minute or so later with my adrenalin pumping at a record rate I said to him, “Dan, what do you think about Lori? Do you think she is sexy?”

Dan had a look of puzzlement on his face as he said carefully, “Yeah! She looks great!”

I then did something I had thought I would never do. I surprised Dan when I asked him, “How would you like to seduce her? I can tell she has the hot’s for you!”

Dan didn’t know how to respond, but I could see by the look in his eyes he wanted to take me up on my offer. Dan’s reputation around the office had me on edge as I waited for a response back from him.

“You want me to seduce your wife? Right here in the basement?” Dan asked.

“Yeah, go ahead and seduce her. I am ok with it!” I replied back.

Dan’s eyes got as big as saucers as he couldn’t wait for Lori to return to the basement. It had been a few minutes later when Lori finally returned. Dan immediately said to her, “How about we play another game of pool?”

Lori and Dan began to play pool once again, as I sat behind the bar with a major hard on. I always envisioned only a stranger fucking Lori to keep our privacy, but now I had gone against my own advice. My cock began to throb inside my pants, as Lori once again put on a show for Dan. She slowly teased him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Dan now wanted to fuck Lori more than ever.

Lori was about to hit a shot when she leaned across the table. Her t-shirt had come so far up on her ass that her panties were quite visible. Dan stood right behind her as his eyes were glued to her lovely ass. He then made his move as he had come up from behind on Lori.

He said to her, “Let me help you out!”

Dan had moved his crouch area right up against Lori’s ass. She instantly felt his huge bulge in his pants, as she began to rock her ass back into him. They played this little game for a good minute until Lori finally hit her shot. To everyone’s shock Lori actually made the shot as she was quite happy with herself.

They played out the rest of the game and that was when Lori turned her attention toward Dan. She had the look in her eye that she wanted to be fucked badly as she walked over toward him. She ran her hand down the front of his pants, as she felt the huge bulge that had filled them. She knew the rumors about him being well hung were now true as she continued to run her hand up against his pants.

“Wow! Someone is excited!” Lori said to him.

She ran her hand across the front of Dan’s pants for another few minutes, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly unbuckled them and gave his pants a good tug down as his big, beautiful cock appeared before her.

It was in a semi erect stage, as Lori ran her hand gently over the shaft of his big beautiful cock. Dan had gotten quite aroused now as Lori slowly knelt down in front of him. She began to gently massage his cock with both hands as Dan now stood there at full attention. His cock had to be at least 8 inches in length, as the head of it was very big. Lori certainly knows how to massage a man’s cock as she softly ran one hand down his long shaft followed by the other hand a few seconds later. Dan was enjoying every minute of it as he leaned his body up against the pool table.

Lori then ran her tongue up and down the shaft of Dan’s big cock, as his body began to stiffen up with excitement. Lori teased his big cock for a good few minutes before finally inserting it into her warm mouth. She slowly worked over his cock for quite a while. She would occasionally looked up at Dan’s face to see his reaction.

It had been a good twenty minutes later, as Dan’s cock throb with extreme excitement. He now lifted Lori up to her feet as he removed her t-shirt. Lori had no bra as her gorgeous tits were now on display for Dan. His hands were quickly all over them, as her nipples grew with excitement. The two of them began to kiss one another as I continued to watch from the bar.

A few minutes later, Lori turned around and leaned her arms up against the pool table. She showed off her beautiful ass. She extended her ass back toward Dan as he knelt down behind her. He slowly peeled down Lori’s panties until they were down around her ankles. He then began to worship her lovely ass, as she felt his tongue glide back and forth across it.

Dan worked over Lori’s ass for several minutes, as his tongue gently touched Lori’s swollen pussy a number of times. Lori was quite aroused, her body flinched each time Dan’s tongue made contact with her swollen pussy.

My cock was throbbing even more now. I watch Lori’s facial expressions intently. A few minutes later Dan stood up behind Lori and slid his big cock up against her ass. Dan tapped his cock against her ass, as Lori began to spread her legs wide apart for him. She wanted Dan’s cock extremely badly now. A few seconds later Lori let out a soft moan, “Oh’ God! Oh’ God!” She now felt the head of Dan’s big beautiful cock penetrate her swollen lips.

Dan began to fuck Lori slowly at first, as she was quickly on the verge of her first orgasm of the night. It was just a short while later that Dan began to fuck Lori a bit harder from behind. Lori’s tits now moved in unison with every thrust of Dan’s cock, as I watched from back behind the bar. My adrenalin surged as Lori cried out into a very intense orgasm right before my own eyes. Her legs had quickly weakened to the point that she no longer could stand up anymore.

Dan now helped her over to the couch. He sat down on the couch, as Lori climbed on top of his big cock. She began to ride hard and fast on top of Dan’s cock, as her tits smashed right into Dan’s face. He felt and sucked hard on Lori’s tits, as her nipples jetted straight out in total excitement.

It had been almost five minutes later, and Lori was now grinding herself hard down onto Dan’s cock. She was close to another orgasm. Dan’s hands held tightly onto her ass as he rammed his cock hard up into her. A few seconds later, I heard Lori cry out once again, as she began to cum very hard all over Dan’s big cock.

He then moved Lori down onto her back, as she draped her legs over the front of the couch. Her pussy was quite aroused and it was quite swollen. Moisture slowly dribbled down each of her legs. Dan had knelt down in front of her and pulled her legs wide apart. He rammed every inch of his big thick cock into Lori’s pussy, as she began to cry out loudly, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She was already close to cumming, as Dan gave it to her very hard for the next few minutes. It was shortly after that when Lori again screamed out into another very intense orgasm. Her body shook violently on the couch, as Dan held firmly onto each of her big tits while he fucked her hard.

Dan was also getting very close to cumming, as he continued to ram his big cock very hard into Lori’s pussy. He gave Lori several more hard thrust with his cock, before suddenly yanking it out of her pussy. He wanted to cum all over Lori’s gorgeous tits as he began to stroke hard on his cock. Seconds later, he moaned out as he cock began to erupt. He shot several shots of cum all over each of Lori’s beautiful tits, as he covered them in his cum. My cock at that point was ready to explode, as Lori lay there on the couch trying to recover from the pounding she had just gotten.

The two them quickly cleaned up and got dressed, as the three of us sat down at the bar for another drink. My cock was still enraged as Lori and Dan admired each other over the next hour. It was then that Lori had that fuck me again smile written all over her face.

Lori sarcastically asked Dan, “Do you think you are man enough to take me again? I bet you aren’t! I hadn’t been fucked twice in a night in a very long time.”

Dan’s cock began to quickly swell up inside his pants, as he wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to fuck Lori again. Lori had given him an ultimatum to fuck her again or else. Dan wasn’t about to let Lori show him up as he got up from his chair. Lori and I hadn’t done it more than once in a session since our dating days, so I instantly felt a little embarrassed as Lori and Dan were about to it again. I was okay with it, after a few minutes as it only added even more to the excitement that I was experiencing.

Dan got up and made his way over to Lori who was still sitting at the bar. Lori had on the long t-shirt as Dan spun her around on her bar stool. He quickly discarded his pants and yanked off her t-shirt. He then guided her legs apart and rammed his big cock back into her, as he began to fuck her very hard on the bar stool. Lori began to instantly cry out, as she braced her body with both of her arms back against the bar as her body bolted hard with every thrust of Dan’s cock.

I sat there only a foot away on the other side of the bar, as I heard Lori cry out several times, “Oh’ give it to me! Give it to me Dan! Fuck me hard!”

Dan gave it to her good and hard over the next several minutes, until Lori screamed out into another powerful orgasm. Her body shook violently on the bar stool for the next few minutes, as she had an extremely intense orgasm.

Lori then quickly got up off the bar stool and turned around so her face was pointed toward me. She grabbed the bar with both of her hands, and pushed her beautiful ass back toward Dan as he mounted himself back behind her. He held tightly onto each of Lori’s hips, as he began to pound every inch of his cock into her. Lori loved the pounding Dan was giving her as she cried out continually, “Fuck me! Fuck me Dan! Harder! Harder!”

A short time later Lori screamed out once again into another very intense orgasm. I could see by the look on Lori’s face that Dan had pushed her into a zone that she never had been before. She had one of the most powerful and intense orgasms of her life, as it went on and on. Her body immediately went limp, after that as her face now laid flat on the bar,. Dan continued to pound his big cock into her hard from behind. Her cries continued on for several more minutes, as she felt Dan’s cock hitting spots inside her pussy that never had been hit before.

Lori could only take so much now, and Dan wasn’t even close to cumming yet. He then lay Lori down onto a rug on the floor, and got on top of her. He began to once again fuck her hard on the floor, as Lori had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body.

They fucked each other hard for several more minutes, as Dan felt his orgasm coming on quickly. Seconds later Dan began to grunt out loudly. He began to shoot his hot load deep into Lori’s worn out pussy. Lori cried out one last time in pure sexual fulfillment.

I minute or two later. Dan rolled off the top of Lori as her body, still trembled very hard on the floor. Dan had given her more than she had needed that night, he apologized to me for cumming inside her. I was little upset at first about him cumming inside her, but the pure excitement of that night overcame that thought very quickly.

This was a few months back, and I am still in the mist of getting the two of them back together once again for another night of sexual passion. This time, Lori had promised me that she would let Dan take her in the ass, so the stakes of this next adventure are even bigger for me. I will report anything new.

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