I Brought A Co Worker Home To Do My Wife

By mter100

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I brought home a young co worker to do my wife while i watched.
I had talked to Dave at work about seducing my wife. I had been wanting for the last few months to watch him fuck her. He was a stud at 25 years old and had a body that most men could never dream of. He also was a real sweet talker with the women and even had a few of the women at work. I had thought this out carefully over the last couple of months and decided to try to make it come true.

My wife is 46 years old and we had been married over twenty years. I decided not to say anything to her about Dave and let it just play out. I had brought it up a few other times about other men fucking her but got rejected each time. My plan was for Dave to come over to the house one night and see if he could seduce my wife into fucking him. Dave was game with this plan as he had never fucked a women that old before. He seemed very excited about the opportunity to fuck my wife. My wife’s body was still very sexy for her age. The question was could he pull this off.

The excitement grew inside me as Dave and I set a date for this to happen. Dave had seemed very confident he could pull this off while I was worried that she may throw both of us out onto the street. We decided that tomorrow night will be the night.

I brought Dave into the house and introduced him to my wife. My wife had just got home from work as we all sat down and chatted. I told her all about Dave how he had work in my office for the last year. My wife sat on the couch while Dave sat in a chair across from her. She had a really good look at Dave’s body as he sat down. Dave tried to opened up the conversation as he began to ask my wife a few general questions. I could see his one liners weren’t going over very good at this point.

My wife started to be suspicious as I said, “Honey, what do you think of Dave?”

“What do you mean?” she replied back sarcastically.

“Do you think he is good looking?” I said as Dave smiled right her.

She looked over towards me and said, “What are you up to? I think I know what you are trying to do? It isn‘t going to work!”

I instantly thought I was in trouble as it wasn’t going good. We chatted for a few more minutes with the same result. Dave then took control of the situation. I was shocked as he got up and walked over and sat down right next to my wife on the couch. She gave him a dirty look, but that didn’t stop him. He put his arm around her and whispered into her ear, “I can see by the way you were looking at me in the chair that you want me.”

“What are you talking about?” she said as I sat and watched. There was no way I was going to be involved in this conversation.

“Come on baby! I know you want me to fuck you?” he whispered into her ear.

“Please!!!” she said sarcastically.

Dave whispered a few other things into her ear as she tried to play it down. Dave then got more aggressive as he grabbed my wife’s hand and laid it on his crotch. He said to my wife, ”Feel how big my cock is?” He held her hand right on his crotch as she felt the size of his cock. I could see by the look on her face that she was surprised by its size.

Dave took things even further as he yanked open my wife’s shirt. He told her, “Wow! I got to see those great looking tits!” Dave undid her bra letting her gorgeous tits out. My wife was stunned as Dave got more aggressive with her. He said to her, “I am going to fuck you hard tonight!”

I then watched Dave’s hand disappeared right into my wife’s pants. He had his finger right on her clit and he began to play with it. I thought this was going to end right here, but to my amazement my wife’s body began to jerk as he massage her clit. He pinned my wife onto the couch as he began to stick a finger into her hot pussy. My wife moan out as Dave feverishly fuck my wife’s pussy with his finger. My wife cried out as she grabbed at Dave’s big cock in his pants. Dave asked her, ”Do you want to be fucked now? Tell me now!”

She cried out, “Yessss!”

Dave now had her as he pulled his finger out of her hot pussy right before she came. He ordered her to stripped off all of her clothes. My wife stood up off the couch and removed every last piece of clothing she had on. Dave told her, ”I want you to lead me to your bedroom so I can fuck the hell out of you!”

My wife grabbed Dave’s hand and led him right for our bedroom. I was so turned on as she walked right past me naked and holding Dave’s hand. Dave gave me a big smile as they walked by. I stayed behind a few minutes and then walked up to our bedroom door. The door was wide opened as I heard “Come on baby. You can take more of it! Suck it!”

I watched as my wife was on her knees in front of Dave who was now totally naked. His whole body had a beautiful brown tan. Even his tight ass was tan. My wife was going at his cock like some kind of slut as she took as much of his large cock into her mouth as she could. His cock had to be in the 8 to 9 inch range as he began to slam more of his big cock into my wife’s mouth. I heard him moan out, ”That’s it baby! Take my big cock down your throat. Don’t stop! Keep sucking!”

My wife had her mouth so tightly around Dave’s big cock that it made a loud popping sound as he pulled it out of her mouth. He moved her over to our king size bed and laid her down on the middle of it. My wife was so horny now as Dave threw her legs wide apart and positioned his large cock right towards her very hot pussy. I watched then as Dave crashed down on top of her body. A minute later my wife cried out,”O’ Man it is big!” as I watched Dave’s push his big cock right into her hot pussy. Dave’s tight ass moved in and out as he began to fuck my wife.

I was somewhat jealous, but I was even more hornier as Dave began to stick his big cock deeper into my wife’s pussy. He grabbed her big tits with his hands as my wife cried out loudly as Dave fuck her hard. A few minutes later my wife went wild as her hands began to clawed into Dave’s back. Her moans got louder and louder as Dave said, “Come on baby! Cum all over my big cock!” My wife began to have a powerful orgasm on Dave’s big cock. Dave moan out, “That’s it baby! Cum all over my big cock.”

Dave pulled up off my wife and now grabbed each of her thighs. He pulled her ass up off the bed as he began to drive his cock very hard into her. She cried out, “O’ Fuck! several times as Dave hammered his big cock into her pussy. My wife started to cum very hard again as her tits jiggled back n forth. Dave moan out, ”You like to be fuck hard! Don’t you?”

My wife was moaning out so much she couldn’t even reply to Dave. Dave was close to cumming now as he pounded his big cock into my wife. He let go of her legs and pulled his cock out of her hot pussy. He grabbed the head of his cock and quickly moved up to my wife’s face. It was damn exciting as I watched Dave let go the head of his cock as it began to spurt streams of cum all over my wife’s face. “O yea! Take my cum all over your face!“ Dave cried out. They then both crashed onto the bed after that. Dave now had total control of my wife.

It was 10 minutes later when Dave’s big cock came a live again. He ordered my wife to move onto all fours on the bed. He moved in behind her and said, “Damn, I love your nice round 46 year old ass!” He gave her ass several whacks with his hands as he then pushed his cock deep into her.

Dave was relentless as he began to fuck my wife very hard from behind. At one point Dave gave her several hard thrust from behind with his big cock. My wife cried out, “O’Fuck!” each time he thrust his cock deep into her. Her tits swung back n forth as her body moved with every thrust of his big cock. A minute later she screamed out in orgasm as Dave had pushed her over the edge. Dave really love fucking my wife from behind. He continued his assault on my wife from behind as she began to moan out, ”I can’t take much more of this!” Dave didn’t listen to a word she said as he continued to ram his big cock into her from behind. My wife ended up cumming again a few minutes later as she cried out, “Fuck!” several times out loud. Dave quickly got ready for the grand finally as he gave her several more hard thrusts with his big cock. My wife screamed out as Dave unloaded several more streams of cum all over her nice round ass. They again both collapsed onto the bed as they were both exhausted from fucking each other.

Dave asked, “Do you mind if I spend the night with your beautiful wife?”

“I don’t care!” I said back to him as my wife was in no shape to answer him.

I went into the living room to sleep as Dave huddle up with my wife. I got up in the middle of the night as I heard noises coming from the bedroom. I snuck up to the bedroom door that was still part way opened to find my wife climbing on top of Dave’s big cock again. My wife road Dave’s cock like I never seen before. Dave was loving it as I heard him moan out, ”Fuck me baby! Harder! Harder!”

My wife about a minute later began to fucked him very hard as she cried out she was cumming. Dave grabbed a hold of her ass and began to ram his big cock very hard up inside her pussy. This caused my wife to scream out into a very powerful orgasm. I had never heard her scream like that before.

Dave then rolled my wife over as he began to fuck her with him on top. He fucked her nice and slowly for what seemed like hours and hours. I heard him whispered into my wife’s ear, “Do you like the way I am fucking you baby? I am going to make you cum again and again all over my big cock.”

My wife cried out as he had made her cum again on his cock. She beg him, “Please I can’t take it anymore!” as Dave wasn’t even close to being through with her. He continued to slowly fuck her for another good 20 minutes as my wife felt another orgasm coming on. I heard her scream out, “Fuck me Dave! Fuck me hard!”

Dave said, “I am going to cum inside your fucking pussy! You want to feel me cum inside you baby?”

I heard my wife moan out, “Yes! Please cum inside me now!”

I then heard each of them moan and scream out as they both orgasm together. It took Dave several minutes before he climb off my wife as they fell a sleep again. I was so excited and horny as I went back into the living room.

The next morning Dave got dressed and left. He told me as he left, “Damn! Your wife sure was a good fuck! She was better than a lot of the younger women I had ever had. I sure would like to fuck her again!”

I knew at that point Dave was going to fuck her again at some point. I sure hope it will just as exciting as it was this last time.