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I Can't Get It Up During My Wife's Threesome

I fail to perform during my wife's threesome and end up on the sideline
For the last couple of months my wife had been bringing up the subject of having a threesome. What she really wanted was to 'feel like a woman' and have sex while giving another man oral sex. She didn't want to have sex with another man, necessarily, but she did want to give a blow job while I had sex with her from behind. I was bothered at first by it, but it was fairly tame. She wouldn't be having sex with him, just giving him oral while I gave her a nice orgasm from behind. Eventually I gave in, despite my worries.

My wife, at age 31, was still very attractive and always in the back of my mind I was worried about her cheating on me, because I travelled a lot for work. So after a few weeks I agreed that if I could pick the guy then we could do it.

We met a guy at a restaurant late one Saturday night, who was shorter and younger than me and appeared non-threatening. He was probably nineteen-years-old, while I was thirty five. He was the type of guy that said 'bro' a lot. I didn't really like him, but I figured he was easy enough to control. After a couple of drinks my wife boldly propositioned him with a 'free' blow job while I was sitting right there, silently. He agreed and we headed home to fulfill my wife's fantasy. My wife was very energetic and tipsy, and I was feeling anxious about bringing back this other man into our home, but he was young and would probably do what I told him to do.

We got home and went to the bedroom. I slowly took off my clothes but my wife immediately stripped naked. I couldn't believe how casual she was being with this stranger. He took off his pants and underwear and pulled out a semi-hard erection. I watched his dick, which was about 7 inches long, start to get harder and harder. Then I saw a glint of metal and realized he had a penis piercing on the head. I was shocked, because he hadn't mentioned it. My wife, however, was excited by it.

"I've never been with a pierced cock before," she said. "God I'm horny. I want to start out with both of you kissing and rubbing me. I want to get really turned on for this".

She laid back on the bed and I went in to kiss her lips. The other man started rubbing her stomach and kissing her belly. She put one hand on my dick, which was still getting hard, and the other on his full-on erection. She was slowly jerking him off, rubbing her thumb on his piercing, and gave my dick a squeeze. I was nervous about the whole thing and was taking a bit longer than normal to get hard.

He was gently fingering her vagina and starting to lick her down there, and I got a bit jealous so I brushed him away.

"Sorry, bro," he said.

I scooted down a bit further to take over licking her and let him kiss my wife. I was too far away for her to stroke my dick and started licking her. Thankfully, I used my hand to pinch the head of my dick and try to get myself hard so we could get this over with as quickly as possible.

I closed my eyes and focused on getting hard while licking my wife. A couple minutes later, she was squirming and moaning from it, and I was getting a nice erection when I looked up to see my wife kissing the other man.

Except they weren't. I saw her pull his dick up to her mouth and he swung a leg over her head so he was in a dominant position over her face, slowly fucking her mouth. I got a queasy feeling in my stomach watching this but my dick was hard enough to begin. He had no fat on his body and his dick looked bigger because of it.

I hated seeing him with his dick in my wife's mouth, so I said it was time and she got on her hands and knees. The other guy got in front of her and she put his dick in her mouth and was making some moaning noises. I was surprised because she was never enthusiastic about oral sex and rarely gave me blow jobs. Hopefully it was just this piercing that excited her. That's what made this whole request unusual.

I was trying to fuck her and give her that 'filled-up' feeling she wanted but every time I saw at the look of ecstasy on this man's face I started going soft.

"Oh that's so good baby. Bro, I'm jealous of you. Your wife can really suck," he said.

I hated being called bro. I just couldn't get turned on. I was secretly hoping he came soon and it would be over. Then he would leave.

My dick was going soft so I pulled out. I breathed in and out quickly. I admit I was kind of panicking, which I shouldn't have been. I knew I had to go to the bathroom and stroke myself and get in the right mindset. I went out of the room and left my wife sucking this guy's dick. I couldn't even remember his name.

I stroked myself for about a minute and a half to get hard. I heard moaning constantly from the other room and it was really annoying and made me feel weird. Finally I got hard again, close to the point of orgasming so I'd be maximally hard, and went back out there.

I was shocked to see my wife lying on top of the man, in the 69 position, her legs wrapped around his head and her lips wrapped around his dick. It has been at least a year since we had done a 69. I could barely see the other guy under my wife.

She looked up and we locked eyes, with his dick in her mouth. She looked incredibly horny.

"Alright, babe, I'm ready to fuck and give you this," I said.

I didn't sound enthusiastic. I could feel myself starting to lose my hard-on so I was stroking myself. Pinching the head.

"Mmm hmm," she said.

I waited for them to separate. She held up one finger, telling me to wait. A few seconds went by and she was continuing to suck his dick.

"Ok, babe," I said. "Let's do this!"

I tried to sound excited but I just couldn't get the voice right. I think it was apparent that I was put off by this.

"Mmm. Mmm hmm," she mumbled.

She didn't even take her mouth of his dick. She looked up at me again and locked eyes. Suddenly she started to shake, her thighs spasming and this guy under her, his face just disappeared as she locked her legs and ass around his head. Her lips still locked around his dick, she orgasmed, shaking silently, eyes closed, for at least twenty seconds. I didn't know what to do, so I stood there stroking my dick and watching. I hoped this would satisfy my wife. Suddenly she rolled off him.

"Oh my god," she said. "What a fucking warm-up! Baby fuck me so hard, oh I want your dick inside me," she said, looking right at me.

I felt better, and more confident, and went to fuck her. I made eye contact with the guy and he just shrugged.

"She just climbed on top of me and locked me in there, bro," he said with a laugh. "Damn she cums hard, bro."

This guy was really pissing me off. I wasn't his bro. He was an barely employed waiter and he was making my wife cum. He could go to hell.

My wife turned around and started sucking this guy's dick without saying anything. I went inside her again and started fucking her. She was rocking back and forth and moaning. Really loving it. But I looked at this guy again, eyes closed, his hands in my wife's hair, and started losing my erection. I tried to fight it, smacking her ass, but I lost feeling again and started going limp. I was pissed, and embarrassed. I couldn't finish the job.

My wife finally took her mouth off his dick.

"Baby, what's wrong? Go to the bathroom again and then come back in here, okay?" I could hear the heat in her voice.

I did as I was told and went back to the bathroom while this guy lay on his back and watched me. As I left I thought I saw a smirk on his face.

I started stroking my dick and vowed to get it really hard this time. I could hear my wife moaning. I kept stroking, trying to get hard again. It was working and I wanted to get close to orgasm, go out, fuck her, cum, and have it be over. I heard her start moaning.

"That's it baby, that's so good."

I peeked around the door, expecting to see them in the 69 again, but she was riding him, fucking him without a condom on.

My mind was in shock and I had to hurry back in there. I started stroking my dick really hard and got close to orgasming.

"I'm gonna fuck you good, boy," she said. "Show you how a woman does it."

I could hear skin slapping skin, and kept stroking my dick in the bathroom.

"This is how a real woman fucks!" I heard her yell.

It sounded like she was cumming again. I had heard her cum so many times it turned me on and I felt myself start to cum too, shooting my load on the floor of the bathroom.

What the fuck! I was so pissed at myself. I could never get an erection now and I couldn't even go out there like this. I couldn't figure out what to do. I just froze. Helpless.

"I'm gonna cum baby," he said. "I'm gonna cum too."

"This is how a real woman fucks! Fucks! Fucks! Fucks!" With every rhythmic slap of skin she said 'Fucks'. 

She was yelling out and suddenly I heard them slow down and stop. The man had cum. In my wife.

I was in shock and frozen. My own cum was pooled on the bathroom floor. Another man's cum was in my wife. I heard him get dressed. She said something hushed to him. I heard him say, "Friday."

All was quiet. I slowly walked out of the bathroom. I expected my wife to be mad or angry. She was silent. Laying on her side, covered in sweat, breathing heavily. I looked closely. She had fallen asleep. I got in to bed next to her and hoped to just go to sleep. I lay there for a few minutes, embarrassed about what had happened. It had all happened so fast.

I lay in bed. I had a work trip starting Wednesday morning. I would spend four days in Atlanta, Georgia, making a lot of money on an IT project. It would really help us financially.

I realized that my wife hadn't showered or washed the cum out. She was just going to go to sleep. I understood she was tired, having cum at least twice. But wow. Then I realized what the man meant by Friday. He would be working at the restaurant on Friday. And I would be out of town on a work trip!

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