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I Nailed My Doctor's Wife, Part 1

I Nailed My Doctor's Wife, Part 1

Every guy in town had fantasies of nailing Marie, and some may have. I just know that I did.
I grew up in a small west Tennessee town. We had two doctors, one dentist, two pool halls, and three small independent grocery stores. Oh, and one movie theater. High school basketball was a really big deal in Tennessee. Everyone in town was a big fan and went to all the home games and many of the away games. I was a senior and the team’s Center and at six foot-four, I towered over most of the other players.

One of the town’s doctors, Dr. Carter, was the team physician for our team. He sat with the team at every game to be on hand should one of us get injured. His wife, Marie, was drop-dead gorgeous, with black straight hair with bangs down to her eyebrows, and stunning blue eyes. She was a 25 year-old nurse who assisted him in his private practice. He was at least in his late forties, with gray hair and a little overweight. So the whole town assumed that Marie had married him for his money. She drove around town in her black Thunderbird convertible, knowing that we all wanted her. Every guy in town had a hard-on for Marie Carter!

Before the start of each basketball season, each team member had to go into Dr. Carter’s office for a thorough physical checkup. Everyone had heard the story of what happened to Gary Spears, a team member, during last year’s checkup. He was lying on the exam table dressed in one of those flimsy hospital gowns while Marie took his temperature and blood pressure. Like most red-blooded teenage boys, he started to get an erection being so close to Marie. Without saying a word, she casually flicked her finger hard on the head of his dick, causing it to immediately deflate. Of course, he was terribly embarrassed, but also thrilled that she had actually, albeit painfully, touched his dick. He couldn’t wait to tell everybody!

This story was running through my mind as Marie wrapped the blood pressure cuff around my arm. Her hands were near my face and I could smell her wonderful perfume. As she watched the meter on the cuff, her beautiful hair fell forward around her face, which was an extreme turn-on for me, and my cock began to grow. I thought, “Oh shit! She’ll flick my dick and embarrass me, too!”

Marie glanced over at the tent in my gown being raised by my growing erection. After removing the BP cuff, she casually reached out and flicked my dick with her finger. “Ouch!” I said without thinking. She smiled seductively, but my erection did not go down. Marie flicked it again, but again it did not go down. It defiantly grew larger. This caused a slight frown of amazement on her face.

Being a brash and cocky teenager, I said, “Marie, that won’t make my cock go away when it wants something entirely different.”

She got a surprised and horrified look on her face and I thought she was about to slap me across the face, so the next action I took couldn't make things any worse.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and forced her face down to my bulge, pulling her face back and forth on my dick. She said, “Stop it, Todd!” but she wasn’t trying to pull away from my crotch. I pushed her lips against my hard cock and held them there to see what she would do. She was free to push herself away from me, but she didn’t. She just moaned in protest as I held her lips against my dick as it began to jerk and throb.

Then I took a real chance and said, “I think you want to suck my dick, don’t you Marie?”

She sobbed, “Yes. I want to suck your dick.”

Oh my God! I couldn’t believe my ears! She actually said yes! At my age, I had not heard of women who like to be dominated and humiliated. Years later I came to realize that Marie Carter was one of those women.

Using her hair, I pulled Marie’s head up, then pulled up my gown to expose my hard and throbbing 8-inch dick. Then as I pushed her head down toward it, she opened her mouth and swallowed it down. She moaned as I thrust up into her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged violently, but didn’t try to pull away. She gagged again and did try to pull away, but I held her head hard against my stomach. I was deep in Marie’s throat, my first blowjob, and I started to shoot off immediately.

Marie coughed and gagged as my cum flooded down her throat, but I held her head tightly until I was finished. When my climax was over and I had shot my full load, I pulled her head up to let her breathe. She started to gasp for air and cough to clear her throat, but I didn’t release her hair.

I pulled her face to mine and we kissed passionately as her breathing continued to be labored. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths like two sex-starved teenagers.

I was emboldened now. I had just forced Marie Carter to give me a blowjob, so I thought I might as well try for something more.

I whispered, “I want to fuck you, Marie.”

“Okay, but not here. Meet me in the high school parking lot at eight tonight.”

* * * *

I arrived and parked at the high school about fifteen minutes early. Right at eight o’clock, I saw Marie’s black Thunderbird drive past the parking lot and turn into a dark alley between two buildings. I followed her in my car and parked behind it. We got out and I took her to the front of her car.

I said, “I wasn’t sure you’d show up.”

“I wasn’t going to, but something just made me want to see what would happen if I did.”

I put my arms around her small waist and pulled her against me as he put her arms around my neck. We kissed hungrily for several minutes as our bodies began to grind against each other.

“Todd. I have to tell you. I like to be dominated. Make me do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me or do anything that will leave a mark on me. John would surely see it.”

“Don’t worry.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by being dominated, so I just felt that being rough and forceful might fit the bill.

I put my hands on her shoulders and forced her to kneel in front of me. As she watched, I dropped my pants and boxer shorts, took the hair on top of her head, and forced my hard dick into her open mouth.

“Agg!” she gagged as it went all the way down her throat. I then held her head in both hands and fucked her mouth for several minutes as she continued to gag and cough with her hands behind her back. (Was she pretending to be tied up?) Marie’s soft hair felt so arousing between my fingers. For years I had looked at her, wondering what it must feel like to run my fingers through it and what it must feel like to have sex with her.

I thought it was time to move on to the main reason we were there. I had Marie stand up, pushed her face down on the hood of her T-bird, and pulled her slacks down to her ankles followed by her lace panties. She was now ready for me to fuck her. Marie Carter, my doctor’s wife, always thought to be totally untouchable, was now bent over the hood of her car, her ass in the air, waiting to receive my hard dick! And she was going to receive it!

I got behind her and pulled her hands behind her back and held them with one hand. With my other hand I took my dick and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass, making her moan and squirm. When I found her wet pussy, I rubbed my dick up and down to get it wet, then went back to her ass. I poked at her asshole with it and she moaned, “Not that, Todd.”

I didn’t know if she was acting out or not, so I forgot that and quickly shoved my dick into Marie’s wet pussy.

“Mmm! Fuck me, Todd,” she whispered desperately.

I pushed my hard dick into her all the way until my stomach hit her ass. Then I pulled halfway out and slammed into her again. My first piece of ass and it was the sexiest piece of ass in town, the piece of ass that every guy wanted. With my free hand I grabbed the hair on the top of her head and pulled her head back as I slammed into her harder and harder.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” she screamed loudly as I fucked her hard. I moved my hand to her mouth to muffle her screams, released her hands, and pulled her head back against my shoulder. She moaned with each thrust as we both approached our climaxes.

“Marie, I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. Do you like my big cock inside you?”

She made a muffled, “Mhm,” sound under my hand and nodded her head. Her hair against my face was so arousing! After years of watching her and fantasizing about her, now here she was getting fucked by my dick. I was having a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I couldn’t ever tell anyone about it…at least not for many years. That’s what I’m doing now. This is a true story.

As my dick began to shoot its load into Marie’s pussy, she groaned loudly as her orgasm ravished her body, making it quiver and jerk.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Marie continued to moan as her orgasm held tight to her body. It was in control. It made her do its bidding. It wanted more.

“Fuph me! Fuph me!” Marie was begging me to fuck her as best she could under my hand.

I released her mouth and asked, “What do you want me to do to you, Marie?”

“Turn me around so I can wrap my legs around you and feel your strong body thrust into me. Make me your whore.”

I pulled out of her and she quickly kicked off her pants and lay back on the hood of her car. As I moved between her legs, she raised them up and wrapped them around my waist, just waiting for me to fuck her again. I guess it was my youth that kept me hard enough to fuck again, even though I had just cum.

We must have fucked for another hour right there on the hood of her T-bird, in the alley between two buildings at the high school. When we both had finally had enough of the other, we got dressed and kissed goodbye passionately.

She whispered, “I meant what I said earlier.”

“What was that?”

“I want to be your whore. Whenever you want to have sex, just call me and I’ll meet you somewhere. John goes to the state games almost every weekend during basketball season. You could come stay with me overnight when he’s gone. That would be nice…to have you all night.”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”

We got into our cars and left in opposite directions.

Part 2 of this story gets more interesting.

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