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I Pushed My Wife Into The Arms Of Another Man

A husband going through a mid life crisis tells his wife to go have sex with another man
“ I couldn’t believe what I had done. I was really stupid!“ I thought out loud.

Lets go back a few months ago when this story started. My wife and I are in our early 40’s and had been together for 20 years. I had been my wife’s only partner and things were good between us. One day out of the blue I decided I wanted more out of life so I just moved out of our home and into a apartment. I guess you could say I was going through a mid life crisis. I really had no idea what I really wanted. In the first month my wife was more than understanding, but the second month things began to go down hill. We were fighting constantly with each other over many different things.

One day we had a big fight over something small. I blew up and said something I was to regret.

I said, “Why don’t you go out with your boy toy you worked with.“

She had told me about this younger married 30 old guy who she had worked with. She said he had tried to hit on her a few times in the past.

“Maybe I should!” she replied back.

“While you are at it why don’t you fucked him.” I yelled back.

She replied, “You are one big asshole!”

She was really upset at that point and hung up on me. A few days later she called me up and asked, “Will you take the kids the next few days?”

“Why?” I asked. “Are you going out with your boyfriend from work?”

“ It isn‘t any of you business.” she replied back.

I laughed out loudly and said, ‘Let me get this straight. You are going to meet this married guy after work?”

As I hung up the phone I began to wonder if she was telling the truth or not. I didn’t think she would ever go through fucking this guy but I did challenger her to do it. There was a store a few miles away that leases all kinds of spy ware stuff. I knew if anything was going to happened it would be in our bedroom since he was married and couldn’t do anything at his place. They had all kind of different devices that could be used. I pick out a camera that could hold several days of taping on it. I figured that was all I needed to see if anything was going to happened.

The next day I went into our home and I planted the camera in our bedroom. I had a perfect spot that showed our whole bed and where nobody would ever see it. This camera was small and really neat because I could take the tape and zoom in and out with it if I wanted to.

My wife was 5’4 and around 140 pounds. She was still a very attractive looking women as she had very nice size breasts along with a nice round ass. I didn’t think she would ever let this guy fuck her, but I could see why he was hitting on her.

My wife dropped off our two young children and headed out. She had said she would pick them in a few days from me. I was kind of nervous that night even though I had no idea if she even went out with him or not.

The next day I figured nothing probably had happened but I wanted to see anyway. I went over to our home and I quickly downloaded the tape on to my lap top computer. I didn’t want her to catch me in the house so I figured I will check out the video when I got back to my place.

I sat down to watch the video. I started it at 5:00 and didn’t see anything at all. The same thing at 6:00, but at 7:00 I heard some voices off in the back round. I knew one of them was my wife but I didn’t recognize the other one. It was definitely a male voice though. I continued to watched the video as the voices were louder then before. My wife and this other guy were now coming into our bedroom. I had to admit my heart began to sink as they both walked in to our room.

My wife told him, “Please, I don’t think I can go through with this. I am still married to my husband and you are also married. I still love my husband.”

I started to feel better that she wasn’t going to let this go on any further. Things then changed again as he started to unbutton her top.

He said, “Come on baby, I know you are going to like this as much as I am. I had been wanting to fuck you for a while now.”

My wife again mumble out, “This isn’t right. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

He quickly laid my wife down on to the bed. He climb on top of her and began to kiss her neck and ears. His hands undid her bra and he had excess to her beautiful breasts. He moved his mouth down to her breasts and he began to kiss and caressed them. Things were heating up as I heard my wife beg him one last time that this wasn’t right.

He reached down and grabbed my wife’s pants and yanked them to her knees as he laid on top of her. The next thing I saw was his tight ass as he had slipped his pants down. My heart began to sink as he had my wife right where he wanted her. A minute later my wife let out a loud moan as his cock had penetrated her pussy. He now began to fuck my wife as she cried out. He continued to fuck my wife with a nice steady rhythm until my wife was ready to cum. I felt a lot of jealousy at this point as my wife began to scream out loudly. He had now made her cum all over his cock. My wife’s orgasm was very powerful.

He stop fucking her after that and he stripped her clothes off her. He also removed his clothes and I could see now why my wife came so hard on his cock. He had a very large cock, way larger than mine. He pulled my wife on top of him and he continued to fuck her again. I watched my wife pushed herself up and down on his big cock. She wanted to cum so badly again as he grabbed her ass with his hands and held on to it tightly. He then to pounded his cock into her. She cried out as she was very close to cumming again. It only took another minute or so and I heard her screamed out on the video as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy. He also wanted to cum as he pulled my wife off his cock. He then grabbed his cock with his hand and began to shoot his cum straight into the air. Most of it landed on my wife’s back and ass. She laid on top of him for a good 10 minutes as his cum ran down her ass.

She had been fucked good as she got up to go into the bathroom. They had left the room for about 20 minutes when they both came back in. Things were about to get even hotter. He had my wife on all fours on the bed as he took his large cock and rammed it back into her pussy from behind. This was my wife’s and mine favorite position. My wife screamed out loudly as his big cock pushed deep inside her. He fucked her slow at first but picked up the pace. He grabbed my wife’s breasts with his hands and pulled her back towards his body. He began to fuck her very hard as I heard their bodies slamming together.

My wife screamed out, “OMG! OMG! It feels so good!”

He grabbed her hips and he began to drive his cock into her very fast and hard. I watched as he began to talked dirty to her.

“Do you want my cock baby? ” he asked.

My wife utter out, “Yes! Fuck me!”

“Do want me to stop baby?” he asked her.

“Please no! Don’t stop!” she cried out.

My wife screamed out, “O’Damn, I am cumming” as she came very hard again on his cock.

He continued to pound her pussy from behind as her body was going limp from cumming so hard. He held her body up as he made several hard thrusts into her. He couldn’t go on any longer as he pulled his cock out of her and shot his cum all over her gorgeous ass. It was weird seeing her flat on the bed and her ass covered with another mans cum.

It looked like he was done as he quickly got dressed and kissed my wife good bye. He told my wife, ”I better head for home before my wife thinks something is up. How about if we meet here again tomorrow night?”

My wife said, “Man you fucked me good! I will see you tomorrow night.”

My wife had screamed more tonight than she ever did with me. I had told her to fuck him and she did just that. I can’t believe what an idiot I was.

It was only about 5 hours or so before they were to meet again. All I could do at this point was hope that she would call it off with him. That night I couldn’t sleep at all as I wondered if they fucked again. I still heard my wife screaming out from the fucking she took the night before. The next day I ran over to the house after she had left and downloaded the video on to my lap top. I then ran home to see what was on it.

I watched as they came into the bedroom and he began to undress her right in front of the bed. As soon as she was naked he pushed her down in front of him. She started to unbuckle his pants and slowly pulled them down with his underwear over his large cock. My wife wasted no time as she began to gulp down his big cock. At one point she choked on it as he pushed his cock deep into her mouth. He was rock hard now and he pulled her back to her feet. He moved her to the front of the bed and bent her over on to the bed. I couldn’t believe how good my wife’s ass look as she was bent over the side of the bed. I saw several different things about her over the last two days.

He quickly plunged his cock into her pussy from behind. I heard her scream as he began to fuck her silly. He smack her ass several times with his hands as she would yelp out every time his hand came across her tender ass. She was screaming into the sheets as he gave it to her very hard. In no time she had cum on his cock as she let out several loud screams. He now grabbed her and turned her over on the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed as he took her legs and draped them over his shoulders. He grabbed her thighs and began to pound his large cock into her pussy. She had let out the loudest screams so far as he fucked her very hard. I watched as her breasts jiggled back n forth as her body was taking on some very powerful thrusts from his cock.

She screamed out, ”OMG! OMG! Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

It was a few minutes later and my wife cried out with yet another very powerful orgasm. He still had her legs over his shoulder as he pounded his big cock into her.

She cried out, “I can’t take it anymore! Please stop!”

He ignored her and pounded her pussy several more minutes. I am sure she came again as she screamed out the whole time.

“Get on your knees now!” he ordered her.

My wife slither off the front of the bed and down on to her knees. I watched as he rammed his cock into her lovely mouth. He held her head tightly with his hands as he fucked her mouth.

“O’Ya O’Ya Baby! I am going to fill your mouth up with my cum,” he moan out.

He made several hard thrusts with is cock into my wife’s mouth. I watched as his ass muscles tightened up and he shot his load into her waiting mouth.

“O’man that was good,” he said as he held his cock in her mouth for a good 5 minutes.

They then headed off into the bathroom. I couldn’t see what was going on in the bathroom as I heard the shower going. They were in their for quite a while as I heard small moans coming out of the bathroom. They both appeared as my wife crawled up on to the bed. He crawled on top of her and began to fuck my wife again. He made nice steady strokes as he took his time with her. It took about 15 minutes before my wife began to screamed out with another orgasm. They continued fucking for at least another 15 minutes.

” I am going to cum inside your hot pussy. I want you to cum with me baby?” he moaned out.

“Alright!” she softly said.

My heart was beating fast as I really didn’t want him to cum inside her pussy. I watched as both of them began to fuck each other harder.

“Fuck me hard! “ my wife cried out.

It was about 2 minutes later and they both began to moan out loudly. He was thrusting his cum deep into my wife’s pussy as she began to orgasm on his big cock. He laid on my wife for a good 10 minutes as he kept his cock inside her the whole time. As he removed his cock I could see his cum dribbling out of her fucked pussy.

He had to go and took off as my wife laid fully satisfied on the bed. I was really jealous now after what I had just watched. My wife looked totally exhausted.

A few days later I downloaded the last three days. I figured with the small children at home they wouldn’t be fucking each other. Boy, was I surprised what I had saw on the video. It was just the night before when apparently he came over to the house unannounced. He had dragged my wife up to the bedroom to be fucked. My wife had told him yesterday that it was over and that this can’t happened anymore.

He said, “I am really horny! I need to fuck you!?”

She tried to explain things to him as he locked the bedroom door. He then pulled her shorts and panties down on to the floor. He had bent her over the bedroom dresser looking right into the mirror. She again tried to break this off but it was no use. He drop his pants and his big cock was extremely hard. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock deep into her waiting pussy. He began to fuck her very hard. She tried not to moan out loudly as she came very quickly. It only took him about 5 or 10 minutes of fucking her hard when he unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy.

He was so horny as his big cock sprung right back to attention. He moved my wife over to the bed and began to fuck her silly again.

She screamed out, ”OMG! OMG! It feels so good!“ several times.

He was fucking her very hard for a good 10 minutes when he was ready to cum again. He pulled his hard cock out of her pussy and moved it up to her face.

“I want you to jack me off all over your beautiful face!” he said to her.

My wife grabbed hold of his big cock as it was only inches from her face. She began to stroke his big cock as he was real close to cumming all over her face.

He moan out, “O’ Yea baby! Keep stroking it! That’s it I am going to cum all over your gorgeous face.”

He then moan out as he shot his cum right across my wife’s face. After he came my wife told him that this was it and this couldn’t happen anymore. She had told him that she wanted to make her marriage work and that she wanted to keep this quiet.

I got rid of the camera and moved back in a week later. I see my wife in a totally different light after watching her being fucked several times. I couldn’t believe how much more turned on I am by her body now.

I wanted her now more than ever!

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