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I realised it was no longer a Fantasy

I realised it was no longer a Fantasy

When they left, I turned on the laptop. I needed to know. What did this new word mean that I had been called for a few weeks?

I typed “cuckold” into the search engine. I could not believe it; it described me to a “T.” My wife laughed as I read it.

“You have now met my bulls,” my wife said. “Did you like taking the blindfold, off?”

I went quiet and never replied.

My wife walked over and touched my limp pathetic cock, as she called it, but it never stirred. I guess it was in shock as well.

“I asked you a question,” she growled.

I ignored her.

“Be that way, you pathetic cuckold, you’re on the couch and I no longer need your dick in me or in Ann and I will be putting my wet, spunk filled panties straight into the machine, myself. You will no longer be able to watch me get fucked, or watch me fuck Ann. I will be staying out most nights from now on. Divorce me if you want, good night.”

I lay on the couch sulking, hurt and humiliated. I was away on another planet, all this swirling around in my head.

“How could she have done that to me?” I asked myself.

A buzzing sound from my bedroom startled me.

“Fuck me,” that was the sound of her vibrator. I started to feel better about myself.

“See even that good looking guy, the one with the nice tasty big dick, could not satisfy her,” I told myself.

'My wife just needed and loved sex all the time, she obviously had a high sex drive,' I convinced myself.

It was clearer in my mind and I could now live with it. 'Yep that’s what it was, she loved me and needed my dick as well.' 

“Cuckold,” that’s me and let’s face it, I did love licking the cum from her sex filled panties as well as cleaning her wet pussy. She always came home every night and let me shag her.

The downside was, I had to watch another guy fuck her, fill her ass and cunt with their spunk. I started to get aroused, who am I kidding? Downside, I got to clean her up and I loved the taste of semen.

“Hey I got to fuck Ann and their asses, I suppose it not that bad,” I told myself.

I sheepishly went towards the buzz and saw my wife lying there with her legs wide opened, I could smell her cunt.

“No way am I giving this up,” I said to myself.

“I have a few demands, I want to fuck Ann again, you must come home every night and you must let me fuck you every night,” I said.

“Do you want to put your pathetic cock in me again?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well I tell you what happens, I get fucked when I want and by whomever I want. You get to taste their cum from my panties. If I like them, I get to bring them home and you watch them fuck me. I’ll let you lick me out when they are finished pleasuring me. If they are bi they fuck you as well as me and they shoot their load in your ass or mouth. 

“And one more thing, you don’t make demands; you do as your fucking told. Let’s face it you are now a cuckold whether you like it or not,” she snarled.

Before I could answer, she said, “I see by the way your cock is hard that it will be a satisfying arrangement, get over here and put your dick in me.”

Well, let’s face, I had been doing it for a few weeks now, ok I might have been blindfolded but it was still reality and I loved it.

I dived on the bed and slid my cock in her soaking wet pussy.

“I knew you would come round,” she laughed.

“Truthfully, have you enjoyed it all?” she asked.

“He is a good looking guy and he has a big dick,” I replied.

“Truthfully, he tasted great and I loved how he could make me cum when he put that big dick in my ass,” I told her.

My demands changed to a plea, “Please, please can I fuck Ann’s hairy pussy again?”

“We will see,” she said, “Ok, you have been a good boy, you can fuck her again.”

I shot my load as she said, “Ok.”

Being a “Cuckold” isn’t that bad after all.

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