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I Want to Watch

I Want to Watch

The need to watch your wife fucking a big cock
My man, Tim, and I have been together for about one year now. We are both in the artistic field - he with paint and a canvas and me with a camera. He still attends a local art school, while I try to make a living as a wedding photographer and doing my own freelance creative work.

Recently, I decided to start photographing nudes for a book I was considering trying to publish on the art of photographing nude subjects. However, I was having a difficult time finding models. Tim told me he would ask his professor if he knew of any models who would work cheaply.

A couple of days later, Tim told me that his drawing class had hired a new male model, one he knew I would like - tall, slim and well hung. He stated everyone in the class commented about the size of his cock! Tim and I laughed about it. Sensing Tim felt perhaps a little intimidated and insecure, I told him that I loved him just as he was and to stop talking about guys with big cocks.

I said to him, “It will only make you feel bad about the size of your penis.”

He joked a bit more about the large cock, perhaps as a defense mechanism. This talk led us into role-playing that evening. He loved it when I took charge and spanked him, talked dirty and made him beg me to let him eat his mistress’s delicious pussy. I must say I really did get into it, too. After his spanking, I'd make him eat me until I came then let his little dick into my pussy. I would groan and tell him how it hurt and how big he was. After he came, I'd scold him, stating he was going to be punished unless he ate me out and sucked all of his cum out of my pussy. I would lay back and cover him with the blankets, telling him he couldn’t come out from under the blanket until morning. He just loved this scene and sucked on my cunt until I came. Sometimes I fell asleep with his face in my buried in my crotch.

A week went by. I was in my studio working on the computer when Tim came home. He could see I was in a crappy mood and asked if he could do anything to help. Sarcastically, I told him the only thing that he could do was to pose nude for me, as I was behind on my project and still needed a model. He asked me if I really wanted him to pose. I told him he was too hairy but thanked him anyway.

He then said, “I will shave it all off if you want.”

I couldn't believe my ears! I always thought his hair was his psychological justification in his mind. proof of his masculinity for his sake. I knew it wasn't his cock that he was proud of. It always looked like a scared little turtle when it was flaccid.

I agreed to the shaving. Well, with that he almost tripped sprinting to the bathroom, calling out to me, asking where the hair removal stuff was. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. Walking to the bathroom, I thought to myself how proud I was that he was offering to do this for me. It was above and beyond what I would ever have asked him to do for me. That being said, I pulled out my hair removal cream and helped him put the lotion over his entire body - except his head.

As we began the depilatory process, I could see his little dick getting hard. The last hair to be removed was from his genital area. I reached down to hold it telling him that I would shave this myself. I thought he was going to shoot his load right then and there!

I used scissors on him and then lathered him up with some shaving cream, putting it all over his little cock and balls. As I shaved him, I started to get turned on myself. I rinsed him and powdered his ball sac. I stood back to look at him, admiring my work. His little pencil dick stood straight up to his belly and his balls were pulled up tight to the base into his nut sac.

Feeling horny now, and looking at his little penis and small testicles, I reached down and took hold of them and led him into the bedroom. I told him we could take pictures after we were done in the bedroom. As we walked he told me he wished he had a big cock like the model.

Kiddingly, I said to him, “If I didn't know better I would think that you would rather enjoy watching the big-cocked model fucking me rather than fucking me yourself.”

Immediately after saying these words, I felt his dick explode cum, spurting out into my hands and all over my legs. His ass was pumping in a back and forth motion so that his cock acted like it was piston fucking my hand. His dick was spurting more and more cum into my hand. I wiped my hand on his chest and face. I was pissed.

I said, “You’re going to pay for this, you little shit! You know I am horny! What the FUCK happened!”

His face turned beet red. He cowered and lowered his head staring at the floor. Instinctively, I pulled him to a chair, put him over my lap and started to spank the hell out of his ass as hard as I could. This was not role-playing now. I was pissed and determined to hurt his skinny little ass.

As I started beating his ass, he started crying, but it didn’t stop him from getting excited. I felt his pencil dick get hard again on my thigh, so I pushed him off. I glared at him in disbelief. His dick was sticking straight up - like twelve o’clock noon. He was red faced, red assed and tears were welling up in his eyes.

Again I yelled, “What the fuck! Tell me what happened!”

He whimpered and said, “I thought of the model fucking you with that big cock of his and it made me cum. I know you're not happy with my dick and the thought of seeing a big cock going into your pussy would almost make me feel as if it was me satisfying you the way you would like. I can't help it. I dream about it in class when I look at him. I get so hard I can’t concentrate.”

After his confession, tears were streaming down his beet red face. There he was, looking ridiculous, hairless like Mr. Biggles, shaking, crying like a girl who just had her ass cheeks colored deep red from a good spanking.

“My god,” I said, “you are pathetic.”

I slapped his face and told him we would have to talk about this in the morning. I went into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. I lay down and closed my eyes. Strangely, after a few minutes, I found myself holding my pussy, thinking how nice it would be to feel a full-size cock in my hungry cunt.

I started having all these strange feelings and thoughts unlike I'd ever experienced. Perhaps Tim’s revelation was a blessing in disguise. I gave this situation a lot of thought, unsure what to do. In a sense I felt betrayed. Then it dawned on me. Why was I so angry? After all, he wanted me to be happy.

The next morning I woke up with a clear head, knowing exactly what I was going to do. Tim was in the kitchen making coffee. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I wanted to meet the model and have him over for drinks. I wanted Tim to tell him I would like to use him as a model and would pay him the going rate, but I needed to meet him first.

Then with a conciliatory smile, I said to Tim, “Now get into my studio. I still need to take the pictures we were going to take last night.”

I poured myself some coffee and told him to strip and where to stand. I began to take random pictures, most of which focused on his tiny little dick. I swear it looked like it had all but disappeared pulling itself up inside him. I told him I wanted him hard. That I wanted to take a picture of the smallest dick I had ever fucked. Once again his face turned three shades of red. He hesitated on my order.

I said it again. “Play with it! Get it Hard!”

With that I grabbed his little ball sac and squeezed. He dropped to his knees. I kept holding it and squeezing until he got hard. That took all of about five seconds. He blushed with humiliation and embarrassment. I saw tears begin to swell in his eyes.

I backed up to my camera and started shooting away. I posed him, having him hold his little dick. I made him get into different positions and poses; on his back, on his hands and knees, on his back with his knees up to his chest-all holding his dicklett. I began to feel some sympathy for him. Our whole way of life was about to change and he didn’t even know it...yet!

After the shoot, he asked to see the photos. I turned my computer on and he just froze there, staring at them. I could see his face change to one of humiliation.

He looked at me, and in a contrite, low voice said, “Oh my god, I am that tiny aren't I?”

I just looked at him and slowly nodded. Thinking to myself, is he serious, like this was some sort of epiphany for him? He just discovered this? Hello-ever look in a mirror?

My next words shocked him, as I had never told him to jerk-off before, but I told him that this second I wanted to watch him masturbate - NOW. For some perverse reason, I also decided I would call him “boy” from here on in-perhaps to emasculate and embarrass him. “Jerk-off for me boy - Now!” I yelled.

As he was jerking off, I snapped away with the camera, berating him, letting him know that his cock would never be in my pussy again. His face got redder. He slowly picked up his penis and he worked his dicklett until it spurted his gooey cum on the floor. That was not the end of our little scene.

“Now, boy, clean up your mess!” I demanded.

Later, that night he came home looking very dejected. He told me the model said he wasn't able to come to our house. I informed boy that he was never going to ever touch my pussy again, let alone see my pussy again, if he wasn’t able to get the big-cocked model to come to the house. I then told boy that I had given our sex life a lot of thought.

I was no longer angry. In fact, I felt liberated that boy was going to get to watch me fuck the model if he got him to come to the house. However, I told him that I wasn’t sure about ever letting him fuck me again because once someone with a cock like the model’s had opened me up, I would most likely never feel his pencil dick in me. The poor boy’s face sunk.

I then added, “But you do have a talented mouth that I adore, so you will still be my little pussy licker and if you do as you are told, I might let you jerk-off.”

The next day, we went shopping at the adult sex store. I told him to point out to me the dildo that looked most like the model’s cock. He picked up a ten inch black strap-on dildo and told me this was the closest likeness to the model when he was hard.

I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly and asked boy if he said, “When the model was hard?”

Boy acted as if I misunderstood him. I repeated it again and he explained that that was probably what the model’s cock looked like when it was hard. I picked out a few other things, like a chastity device-CB 6000, two headed dildos, restraints, penis gag and chin strap dildo and had boy pay for them just to humiliate him and watch him squirm at the counter. He couldn’t look the clerk in her eyes. On the way home, I made boy take out the ten inch strap-on and hold it like it was his cock. I kept asking him how he imagined it would be if he had a real cock like that dildo.

When we arrived home, I had him strip and hold the strap-on in front of himself and look into the full length bedroom mirror so that he could see the difference between his little dick and the strap-on dildo. I snapped a few pictures and watched as his pencil dick got hard. Next I told him to put the dildo in the harness and step into it.

Once he had it around his waist, I took a few more snap shots, and my cam corder rolled away too. I edited the photos a little and showed boy. His little dick stayed hard as a rock.

He blurted out, “Oh god, if only it was real!”

I made him wear it all night and when he went to bed, I had him leave it on and get in his position between my legs and lick my moist, pussy, glistening with my wetness, until I came, of course, never allowing him to orgasm at all.

Two days later, boy called me from art class all excited, telling me that Leon, the big cocked model, would come over our house that evening. Poor boy thought his life of sexual denial with me was about to end.

The door bell rang. Boy scuttled over to the door and opened it. He introduced me to a slim, light skinned black man-very Spanish/South American looking. He was about six feet tall, 170 pounds, with dark brown eyes and black hair combed straight back. This guy was full of self-confidence.

When he walked in, he hugged me and said ‘Tiny Tim’ had told him all about me. I turned to look at boy. His face turned a shade light of crimson red as he starred at the floor. 

I responded, “Oh, really. What exactly did ‘Tiny Tim’ tell you?”

He stated, “The little guy said you were desperate for a good model, one that can do as he was told and hold a pose. Why don’t you show me your studio?”

We walked into the studio and I turned on the lights. “The little guy also told me you are doing a nude layout and that you used him to start with as a model. I’d love to see your work.”

I turned on my computer and found the most recent photos I took of boy that I uploaded to the computer. When Leon viewed the photos, he burst out laughing.

“Oh dio mio! Your little dick has grown some, hasn’t it Tiny Tim?” Leon was looking at the dildo photos.

I looked at boy then turned to Leon. “It looks like you two know each other much better than I realized.”

Laughing, Leon said, “Yes. Poor Tiny Tim here has spent quite a bit of time on his knees getting to know me. Trying to convince me that it would be worth my while to come here and fuck you!”

“Are you telling me boy has been sucking your cock?”

He replied, “Yes, and I must say he is good at it! Said my cock was the first and that he would do anything to watch me fuck your cunt. And I must tell you. I have plans for Tiny Tim’s cute hairless ass. I have never seen a man look so much like a girl. Even his tiny dick looks more like a big clit. His ass was the clincher. I told him if I came here for him that I wanted to take his virgin ass in front of his woman. Oh, and by the way, why do you keep calling him boy?”

“Because that is all he is now to me. His masculine bullshit is gone! But that’s not any of your fucking business!”

"So are you okay with this?” Leon asked me.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe boy would do that just to see Leon fuck me. My response was that I wasn’t sure I wanted him, or as he referred to boy as “Tiny Tim,” watching. That was for me to decide. Not this cocky Latin conceited guy or boy (I didn’t appreciate Latino referring to my pussy as “cunt”).

Tiny Tim looked as if he was about to cry. But I didn’t know if it was because he was humiliated by the revelation that he sucked cock, that he was never going to fuck my pussy again, that he might not be able to watch this arrogant Latin cock fuck my pussy or that he was totally emasculated in our presence? – Maybe it was all of the above.

“Hun, you said …” I just slapped boy's face and told him to shut up. The sting made his cheek turn read and its force made a tear roll down his face.

“Leon, why don’t you show me what we are talking about.”

With that, he turned to boy and said, "Open my fly and take out my cock out , show your woman what is in store for her. Better yet, take my pants off.” 

I watched in amazement as boy un-did Leon’s pants and pulled them to the ground. Leon was still soft but very large- at least three times larger than my pencil dicked sissy boy with a hard-on. The next words out of his mouth were, "You know what to do now." With that, boy dropped to his knees like he had been sucking cock his whole life. As he lifted that dark-skinned cock to his lips, he tilted his head up and looked at me.

At this point I just wanted to humiliate him and said, “That’s it boy, show your woman what a good cock-sucking whore you are.”

He licked up under that bulbous, mushroom head then engulfed it into his mouth, sucking it for all it was worth and working that head in and out of his mouth like it was his last meal on death row. Linda Lovelace would have been proud of him.

Leon slapped his face then grabbed his ears telling him do it like he was taught. I immediately thought to myself how fucking long has boy been doing this? So, I asked Leon, “How long have you been fucking my boy’s face?”

He chuckled and said, “About two weeks.”

It now dawned on me that this little shit has been sucking this big cock before we ever had the conversation about getting this guy to fuck me!

When Leon got good and hard, I went to my toy box and pulled out the big strap-on. I held it next to Leon’s cock, comparing it to his huge dick. It was a dead ringer. I smirked. As boy continued sucking Leon’s dick, I slapped boy’s face with it.

“Remember in the store, when I asked if you saw his cock hard, and you acted coy, as if I misunderstood you? Well, you lying little cocksucker, his won’t be the first cock in your ass!-Mine will!”

I ripped off my clothing and put the strap-on on, pulling those waist straps nice and tight. I held that huge black, rubber phallic with one hand up to his mouth and with the other hand held up his face, squeezing both cheeks as hard as I could. I wanted a little blush coloring in them for what was going to happen next. As Leon thrust in and out, on the out thrust, I shoved my rubber cock in boy’s mouth substituting Leon’s dick for a few seconds.

I said, “Open wide. Get it good and wet bitch because I am going to fuck your cute girly ass! Then I am gonna watch Leon fuck it after I stretched that pussy virgin asshole of yours! You’re going to be my little cuckold. You’re gonna get to listen at the bedroom door while he, or someone else, fucks me! And you’re going to get plenty of practice to perfect your cock-sucking skills. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you do the cum clean-up work after the fucking. I might even let you watch, but it’s going to be sometime before that happens.”

I asked Leon to fuck my bitch’s mouth as I fucked his boy cunt.

“Now, slut, bend over and show me your cute girly ass-hole. Leon move that big mirror so Tiny Tim can watch this go in his man hole. Don't forget, you’re the one who wanted to watch!"

To be continued...

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