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I Wish She Had Done It Sooner

After all the begging I had done, she went wild after I was gone.
My wife and I have been married now for thirty one wonderful years. My story will take us back thirty of those years, to the first year of our marriage.

Debbie, my wife, is a beautiful, blue eyed blond, who stands five feet, nine inches tall in her bare feet. She had a very modest upbringing which, I suppose, contributed to her very modest personality. Her parents were very traditional, conservative people, who wanted the very best for their little girl. Then I entered her life and serenity gave way to chaos.

We met while we were still in high school. We had ridden the same bus for years. I took her to my junior prom but I just never noticed how beautiful she was until the beginning of my senior year, and her junior year. I remember when I stepped up onto that bus the first day of my senior year, and surveying the people on board, my eyes became fixed on Debbie's long, blond hair. I thought to myself, 'I don't remember seeing her before'. But as I walked back to where she was sitting she looked up at me, and I couldn't believe that just one summer could make that much difference. I tried not to let her see my stupidity as I asked her if I could sit down beside her. She was very polite not to laugh at me and invited me to sit down. 

On the way to school, we talked like we had known each other for years. She was the hottest girl I'd ever seen. If it weren't for the fact that we were already acquainted somewhat, I would never have had the nerve to talk to a girl like her. I always felt intimidated by girls like her. I thought they were out of my league. But not Debbie. We talked as if we'd been close friends forever. Before we got to the school, I made a point to ask her to go steady; I knew if I didn't, someone else would. And I was right! 

I didn't know it at the time, but she had joined the flag corp at school, and had practice that afternoon. We agreed to meet where she would be practicing so I could watch her. After school, I rushed to where she was practicing in time to see her laughing and talking to another guy. Before I got to them, they hugged, and he left, and Debbie came to meet me. When I asked who the guy was, she said he was a friend from last year who she had several classes with. She said he asked her out, but she told him she had a boyfriend. I was overtaken by the green monster, but I wasn't about to let her see it. I'd just quietly kill him later and tell her nothing about it.

I had taken Debbie to my junior prom and we had a good time, but I didn't think of her as someone I could ever get serious about. Man! Was I ever wrong. As I watched her and the other girls practice their routines, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Normally I'd be watching all the girls as they kicked, jumped, bent over, and bounced, but not this time. I was in shock. I couldn't believe this nice young lady from such a conservative home, whom I had only dated once had blossomed into such an object of lust.

Their uniforms were very complimenting to their tight little bodies, to say the least. I couldn't believe her parents were allowing her to do this. They wore a white tank-top, with an orange vest under a black tuxedo type jacket with thin tails. They wore very tight, very short black shorts over light black stockings with the line running down the back of their long, sexy legs. All the girls were attractive, but Debbie was simply stunning. She had the fullest figure of all the girls, by far. She was an extra-large C cup, or a small D cup size in the breasts. Honestly, she looked like she was twenty-five years old at least. I'm glad I had my jacket to cover my lap as I sat on a nearby bench and watched them. That first day of my senior year in high school, I knew beyond any doubt that she was the girl I wanted to marry. She was an angel!

Her parents didn't like me at all. I think it was because she was their first-born, and they knew they were about to loose her. I believe they would have reacted the same way no matter who the boy was who tried to take their daughter from them. In fact, her dad has since told me so. During her senior year, after I had already graduated, they were very strict on our relationship. They knew I had proposed to her at my senior prom, but they wouldn't acknowledge it. They even took the engagement ring I had bought her, and wouldn't let her wear it. They restricted our phone calls to once a week during the week because of school, and allowed us to see one another only on Friday night, and Saturday, if we were lucky.

Near the time for her to graduate, they tried to break us up. They wouldn't let me talk to her on the phone, nor come and see her at all. But we only lived about a half mile apart in a rural area, so when they'd leave her home alone she'd call me and we'd talk that way. A couple of times I would sneak through the woods and we had a secret rendezvous. That was awesome. But her dad found out we had talked on the phone, so he vowed we'd never see each other again. So when she graduated a couple months later, her parents took her to live with a relative two states away. When they did that, I drove down and picked her up, we got married on the way home, and we've lived very happily together ever since.

My best friend in high school was like myself; sex crazed, overdosed on testosterone, and had worked our right arm out to the point that it was twice the size of the left. He got married right after he graduated as his now wife, graduated with us. I was at their house most of the time. We worked together, partied together, and the three of us grew very close. There were no secrets between the three of us at all. Including their sex life. Robert, my friend, expressed to me his desire to have a threesome. I asked him what Donna, his wife, thought about the idea. He said she's not really into it, but that she promised him she would think about it. I asked him who the other girl would be, and to my surprise, he said it wouldn't be with another girl, but with another man.

I was shocked at the very least. When I asked if he was serious, he said he was definitely serious. He said he thought he'd be turned on to watch another man having sex with his wife. Then he dropped the bomb. He asked me if I'd be interested in participating. I said, "Are you kidding? Count me in!"

Donna is a very beautiful woman too, in fact, we kind of had a thing in high school before she met Robert but nothing ever developed. We kissed a time or two, but that was it. She's blond, six feet tall, slender, and very sexy. I was all up for it. Robert told me it was between me and one other guy. When he told me who it was, I knew she'd pick him. He was always the popular kid, with money, and very handsome. As it turns out, I was right. Robert, Donna, and the other guy indulged in the threesome one night when I wasn't there. I asked Robert how it was and he said it was OK. I think I detected a little disappointment in his voice. I don't think it was quite what he expected, but he said Donna had a great time.

It wasn't long after that when Debbie and I were married, and I didn't see Robert and Donna much after that. Nevertheless, the damage was done; I was hooked. I knew this was something I wanted Debbie and I to do. Not right away, of course. I had to have time to enjoy Debbie all to my self for a while, but eventually I bring it up to her, and just feel out her response.

Well, after we'd been married about eight months I began dropping hints, trying to ease her into the idea. I am the first and only man Debbie has ever had sex with. I'm the only guy she's ever had a serious relationship with period. She was curious about sex, and willing to try different things. She loved buying new sex toys. Gradually I'd encourage her to buy the next size in dildos. She was reluctant to try this one particular dildo because it was really huge. It was black, ten inches long, three and a half inches in diameter, with a slight downward bend. She actually picked it out herself. She said later that it was an accident. She said if she had known it was really that big, she never would have bought it. But eventually she let me use it on her. It was very painful for her and took a long time to get even a fourth of it in her tiny little twat, but after a while I was pumping it in and out of her hard and fast as she had what seemed to me like a continuous orgasm. It was awesome. I've never made her cum the way she did on that dildo.

She asked me one night if all men's cocks were the same size. (This was before we started using toys). I tried to be honest and said yes, they are. Not really. I told her that a man's penis was just like any other body part. Just like our facial features are different, the same is true of our genitals. Then she asked if there was any way to tell how big a guy was without actually seeing it. "Don't you wish!?" I said. But she was innocent, and being totally honest. That's what I love about her.

Well, I finally got the nerve to ask her directly if she would be interested in having a threesome. And just like when Robert asked me, she thought I was asking permission to bring another woman into our bedroom. Before I could explain, she blew up and said "I guess mom and dad was right! I should have listened to them. You don't love me!", crying hysterically the whole time. When I finally got her calmed down, I explained to her that I would never ask her to do that. I told her I wanted to bring another guy into our bedroom. She had trouble understanding why I wanted to do that but she did agree to think about it.

Shortly after we married, we lived in a mobile home in a neighboring town. I got hooked up with some guys who wanted to start a rock band. That's what Debbie said first attracted her to me. The way I could tickle the ivories, and play the guitar, as she put it. The sound guy in the band, was just a roadie, who didn't have a job, and stayed anywhere he was invited to spend the night. His name was Bobby, and he and I became very good friends. He was like a puppy dog. You had to like him. He had a sweet personality and would do anything for you. The girls went crazy over him. He had dark hair, brown eyes, a great smile, and always wore for an ear ring, a roach clip with a feather hanging from it. He was 6'2", slim, and a smooth talker.

The more he stayed with us, the more I could tell that Debbie was falling for him. Finally, he just moved in with us. Debbie would invite her girlfriends over and tell them about Bobby. She'd describe how good looking he was, and how sweet he was, and how he helped her around the house. I heard opportunity knocking so I opened the door. When Debbie and I were in bed, I'd bring up the subject of having a threesome and she'd reluctantly talk about it. She'd say, "Who would we get to do it?" I suggested Bobby and she just laughed and said I was crazy. She said he was a friend, he wouldn't want to do that. But she and I both knew better.

Several of Debbie's girlfriends had already sampled Mr. Bobby's sexual skills - while Debbie was there - and she couldn't wait to hear all the juicy details. At times when we were making love, I'd ask Debbie if she'd like to fuck Bobby. She always said no, but when we talked about it, her pussy would get so wet the sheets would get soaked. I knew she wanted to fuck him, she was just apprehensive about admitting to me that she did.

Early one morning Debbie and I were in the bedroom in the back of our trailer making love. The whole time I begged her to let me go get Bobby to join us. He was in the living room watching TV at the time. She was so hot and wet I don't think my cock had any affect on her. Debbie got on her knees which is her favorite position, and from behind I began to thrust my cock into her dripping pussy in long strokes, hold it deep inside her for a second, withdraw and repeat. I knew that made her cum hard. I could feel her tight pussy muscles clamping down around my cock when I'd bury it deep inside her and she wouldn't let go! We did that for about ten minutes. Her cum was running down her inner thighs almost to her knees. I said, "Please let me go get Bobby?" She said, "OK, just hurry." Then she stopped me and said, "You stay in there for a while. I'll yell at you to join us in a few minutes." I thought I'd cum right then!
I was taking no chances. I gathered all her clothes, all the bed linen, anything in the closet she could use to wrap around herself, and headed for the door. When she asked what I was doing, I told her I was taking everything I could carry that she could use to cover up with because I didn't want her to chicken out. She said "I wont." So I left and threw the clothes in the bathroom and went to get Bobby.

When I made it to the living room, Bobby was almost asleep. I nudged him and told him Debbie wanted him in the back bedroom. He asked what she wanted and I told him just to go and see. I was afraid my cock would burst through my shorts before he left, but it didn't. Bobby disappeared down the hallway, and I heard a knock on the door. Debbie said, "Come in", and the next thing I heard was the sound of the door closing behind him. I went to the end of the hall straining to hear whatever I could. I heard them both laughing very loudly, then silence. I could hear the sound of voices talking, but I couldn't make out the words. I wanted so badly to hear Debbie moaning in ecstasy, and the bedsprings creaking, and the sound of the headboard banging against the wall. But nothing.

I figured either he was eating her pussy, or she was sucking his cock like she does mine. She really has become an expert at sucking cock. I knew that's what she was doing to him, because I thought he probably wouldn't want to eat her pussy, dripping, shaved, and beautiful as it was, because my juices were in her too. I just knew she was deep throating him just like she did me - If she could. She had told me once that her best friend Regina fucked him and she told Debbie that he was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. I personally know that Regina has fucked a lot of guys. So if she said he was big, she would know by comparison to all the other guys she's fucked. Then I began to wonder just how big he really was. I wondered if he could make her cum like her big black dildo. I imagined Bobby stretching my wife's pussy, pleasing her in ways that I was unable to, and reaching places in her pussy that my cock had never touched before. I felt jealousy rearing up inside me, but I didn't want them to stop either. It's like I was even more turned on by the jealousy, if that makes sense.

Then I began to hear the sound of voices again but this time they weren't talking, they were moaning. I quietly tip-toed down the hallway so I could hear them better. Debbie was moaning softly. I heard her say, "OK, OK". Then it sounded like Debbie said "Stop Bobby, it hurts. It's too big." It was hard to make out exactly what they were saying because they were only talking in a loud whisper. They obviously didn't want me to hear them. Debbie let out a long "OOOOOOHHHHH", then the bed started making noise. They worked themselves into a rythym, and I knew Bobby was stroking my wife's pussy slowly the way she likes it. Their momentum began to build and they became faster in their rythym. Then Debbie began to say, "Oh yes, fuck me baby! Fuck me Bobby! No baby,
Fuck me faster. Give it to me Bobby!"

Bobby was fucking her so fast and hard I could actually hear their groins slapping together. I don't know if I could fuck her as fast as he was fucking her. Debbie became silent. I knew exactly what that meant. She was having a massive orgasm. I couldn't take it any more. I burst into the room with my cock in my hand. Debbie raised her head up to see who it was, and Bobby turned around and looked at me and began to pull out. Debbie yelled, "Don't you stop, Bobby! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Bobby was still looking at me so I said "Go ahead man, give it to her."

I was completely overwhelmed and I blew my load just before Bobby asked Debbie where she wanted his cum. She told him she wanted to feel him cum deep inside her pussy, so he filled her up. When he pulled his cock out of her pussy I couldn't believe my eyes. He was not quiet as long as Debbie's black dildo, maybe two inches shorter, but he was every bit as thick.

Debbie got on her knees to suck Bobby's cock as a thank you, I guess, but with her back to me I could see his cum dripping out of Debbie's pussy, making a puddle on the floor.

Bobby didn't say much after he finished except that he needed to go. When he left I asked Debbie how it was to which she replied "Absolutely awesome!" She told me she couldn't wait to fuck him again. "Only if I get to watch", I said.

Later Debbie confessed to me that about three weeks before that when we were watching a horror movie in the living room, we all had blankets over us and she was playing with my cock under the cover. She said she also had Bobby's cock in her other hand at the same time. She said she knew from that night on she had to fuck him; with or without my consent.

Since then we had several more threesomes with Bobby. She loves for him to fuck her senseless while she sucks my cock. I must admit, I loved it too.

Next time I'll tell you what happened after I left for basic training. Debbie, Bobby, and Regina had a lot of fun together. After all the begging I had done, she went wild after I was gone.

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