I'm hungry for my man to be part of my 3 way...

By NastyDog

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I wanted them to have their way, whatever they wanted to do..no matter what they chose to do..

After leaving the club, totally charged with the experience of having big black birthday cocks that my husband arranged for me, I still wanted to do something else. I had just experienced pleasure like never before, so deep and so filling, and I wanted to keep those inners feelings alive. Unknowing to him, I had invited both of my ebony play toys to meet us back at the house for a session of anything goes.

"Baby, can we stop at the adult toy store on the way home and look at some big dildos" I asked in a sexy voice?

"Sure thing" he replied, knowing damn well I had just been serviced by two massive black cocks and loved it.  "Anything in particular or just something big and hard" he asked while brushing his fingers between my damp pussy lips?

"We'll see, I will know it when I see it", I giggled as we pulled into the parking lot.

Walking into the toy store, a giant trinatron was playing a gangbang flick with the screams of pleasure roaring like a whorehouse full of anxious patrons. I eagerly watched as this girl was being taken in all three openings, while jacking off two others in her hands.

I was intrigued, wondering if she was really into the action, or just going through the motions. She seemed to be enjoying the action, and I was getting so turned on by all the cocks working her over at the same time. It looked mystical, the double dark penetrations against her lighter skin had me quivering inside as I watched without hesitation.

"Those monster cocks look inviting to you, dont they honey" he inquired as he slipped his hand under my skirt, and found the trickles of moisture already flowing towards my tiny asshole. His thick finger slipped inside my anal passage easily as I starred at the screen.

"Oh yeah, it looks more than inviting", I responded. "Could you handle the sight of me being worked over by two big black king snakes like that" I asked, pressing my ass against his hand while watching the cock action on the screen.

"Hell yes, I believe can handle it, if you think you rally want to try it" he announced as we found the dildo section.

Holding up a thick meaty one, he asked "one like this" as he jiggled it around my face?

"Uh..no, more like this one" I replied. I grabbed an extremely thick, long double headed black one. Yes, I thought it was as big as the two I had earlier as I pressed it to my face.

Handing it to him, I dropped down onto my knees and unzipped his pants. His cock was fully erect as I removed it for measurement purposes.

Taking the dildo, I placed it between his legs, firmly against his throbbing cock so the two heads were side by side. Placing the black thicker veiny cock beside his coffee colored cock made me crazy and I again asked him "if he was sure he could handle me being taken by spersized cocks" as I pressed the other end between his butt cheeks.

"Baby, I can handle anything you can offer" he responded as I began to suck each cock head into my mouth. I proceded to suck his erect cock fully into my mouth, then rotated the rubbery into my mouth as I pressed the dong head against his asshole. I watched the girl getting reamed on the screen as I sucked both cocks viciously, and began thinking it was me on the screen.

"Good, we will take this one home", I said smiling as I removed the saliva coated knobs from my mouth. It looked like a piece of black ice, saturated with my drool and I was ready to play nasty on the car ride home. 

Jumping into the front seat, my feet quickly planted themselves onto the dashboard as we sped back towards the house. My sexy legs fully on display as I held the rubbery black snake in my hand, pressing the thick knob between my slippery labia lips. I adjusted the rearview so I could see how it spread my lips apart as it glided between them.

Pressing the knob slowly in and out of my entry hole, I moaned "ah yes". as I felt the thickness again bewteen my pussy lips. I could see the charcoal black tool against my inner pink lips, as I began pumping it in deeper, then pulling it back out.

My pussy was raging, just as I was. The black cock glistened with my love juices as he watched me easing it into the depths of my passion pit. "Ah fucking aye" I screamed out as I shoveled the final inches inside in a single thrust.

"Ah shit", I was cumming, right there in the front seat as we headed down the highway. I knew that I wanted more, and I hoped that they would be there to satisfy me.

I wondered if my ebony lovers would be there waiting for us, taking me up on my invitation.

Rounding the curve to the driveway, my husband said, "there is a car in the front of the house, I wonder who it could be at this hour"?

My pussy was tingling with anticipation, as I saw them step out of the car and walk towards. Yes, they came to play and I was ready to have them fill me up. Everybody greeted each other with a warm hello, and a hug. They seemed anxious to get into the house, gazing at my bare ass as I intentionally dropped the keys and bent over to retrieve them.

Pouring drinks, we all sat on the sectional sofa which had a large circular coffee table in front of it. I poppped in a nasty as fuck ghetto fuck flick to set the mood, watching this white chick getting her brains fucked out by three well hung black thugsters. My ebony lovers were busy stroking their black dicks in a teasing manner at me, as my basically non existant skirt allowed them to watch as I had slipped a finger inside my fully gaping pussy.

My husband suggested that I go slip into something more comfortable.

Johann stood up dropped his shorts and asked "why, we can all help make her comfortable" as he walked up behind me, licking and kissing my neck. I felt his hot groin pressing against my ass, and his fat long snake slithering between my pussy lips as my skirt was that short. I looked down and clearly saw his black knob and several inches of cock protruding from between my thick wet lips. 

Oh god, I could feel his thick shaft slipping back and forth between my saturated lips, and he knew I was about to cum again. He kept fucking my lips, until I was screaming "ahhhhh yesssss" and my juices were leaking onto his thick black shaft and knob.

Dave (the dancer) was fondling his lengthy cock, as he tied it into a half knot with the head strainging to be released. He walked up and untied my halter, pulled it off and flung it to the floor as he started sucking my hardened nipples.

My husband walked over and snatched my skirt off and tossed it aside. He announced "yes, I think she looks more suitable for action" as he began to kiss and suck my pulsating pussy.

I could see Johanns cock head before my man's mouth, and was getting so turned on by that sight. Everytime that knob pushed between my lips, it seemed to be pushing closer towards his sucking lips. Gently lacing my hands behind his head, I pulled his face into my wet box and held it there as he licked and sucked my clit to another pussy releasing orgasim.

"Ahhh shit Baby, Im cumminnnn again, and watched in hopes of seeing that black cock touch his mouth.

There I was totally naked with my husband and two healthy black men with even healthier cocks. Mmm yes, I knew I was gonna have fun, but lets see what happens I thought to myself.

Reaching down with each hand, I began to tug pants off until I had three naked men with very hard cocks around me. My pussy was burning with jungle fever as they kissed and bit me all over while I jacked their monsterous cocks to full erections.

I got up onto the coffee table on all fours, asking "if anybody wanted a nasty ass blowjob to start things off"? Without a moment to think, I had three hard dicks straining to get into my mouth. One by one, I rotated each of their massive cocks in and out of my mouth. I was gagging from the massive amounts of creamy goo they had ejaculated deeply into my throat, but I was not about to stop.

"Lets go play in the bedroom" I annouced, watching as they hurried behind my naked body. I could feel my furnace burning. My juices flowing down my thigh as well as their thick spunk all over my face.

They instructed my husband to lay on his back, and for me to climb ontop of him, face to face. His cock was throbbing up and down against my quivering wet pussy but it was time for him to watch me in action.

Johann had the slightly bigger cock stood before me, stroking his oversized tool in my face.

My husband held my head and pushed me closer. He pushed my face against Johanns swollen black cock knob, telling me "to take his big black dick, take it in your mouth"

Wanting to please his every request, obediently I placed my parted mouth over Johann's fat knob and began swiriling my tongue around it slowly. Johann's large nut sack hung precariously above my husbands head. Everytime I sucked the lengthy cock inside my mouth, his balls seemed to bounce up and down, closer to his face.

"That black dick looks good in your mouth Baby, do you really like it" he asked while watching me intensely as I gave Johann nasty head job?

Yeah I thought, but I like seeing those big fucking black walnuts in your face just as much.

"Mmmmhmm yes Baby, I like sucking this big black cock in my mouth" I moaned, allowing him to see the strands of my saliva stretching as I pulled off the head. I ran my tongue around the inside of his mouth while Johann ran his cock head against the side of my face. His big black nut sack was dangling before our faces. Turning my face a bit to the side I retook the black knob into my wanting mouth and watched those massive black balls swaying even closer to his lips.

"Mmmm Baby I like this big black cock in my mouth" I moaned again, sucking more of that black horse like cock into my mouth while pressing his nut sack closer to my husbands lips. I was crazy with passion or lust having three cocks at my disposal with no rules.

"Mmmmhmmm Baby I love these big balls" I moaned as I held one meaty chocolate ball between my fingers and ran it along his lips. Pressing a bit harder, I eased it past the parted lips where it was meet by a curious tongue. "Mmmmhmmm" I moaned again as I eased the entire nut past his lips and began to stroke the cornors of his mouth shut with my finger.

Yeah thats right I thought to myself, suck that black nut.

Droll was running out of my mouth, and I exploded juices from my pussy as I pressed his lips around the ball and whispered for him to suck on it.

"Mmmm...mmmm ahhhhh yes baby..do it" I was moaning in shear delight as I came so hard and fast, and was ready for more at this point.

How far could I get my husband to go, I wondered, as I have done everything he ever asked of me. I've done gang for him, I've eaten pussy in a 3 way with him, I've sucked cock for him in a 3 way, I've done girl on girl for him. Now it's my turn, I want to see what he will do for me.

Looking down at me, Johann was smiling as I had his cock in my mouth, and my man was working on his nut sack. I pulled the ball from his mouth, and placed my husbands hand around the thickest part of Johann's meaty cock while my head bobbed up and down.

Looking at my husband, again I moaned "mmmhmmm Baby" as I guided his hand up and down the saliva covered shaft.

Dave returned seemingly interested on the action that was going on. He began tapping his leathery cock firmly against my mouth, telling me he wanted me to suck on his fully erect black stallion sized dick.

Taking Johann's throbbing cock from my mouth, my husband continued stroking the thick shaft as Dave's cock immediately penetrated my mouth. I was sexually charged watching him jack off Johanns cock, and seeing droplets of precum oozing from the tiny slit. I jammed two fingers into my hungry pussy, as I was buring with desire to see more. I wanted to see my man take his first cock into his mouth, just the way he liked to see me do it.

Dave grabbed a hand full of my hair, and stuffed his monsterous black head into my mouth until it was buried deep into my throat. I began slamming my hand in and out of my yearning pussy as I swallowed his massive cock until his nut sack was slapping my chin. Sucking on the base and tweaking my clit, I was gasping for air as I started cumming again.

"Mmmmhmmm"  "mmmmm" as he fucked my narrow throat passage, as Johann manuvered his body so that his black knob was lightly touching my mans lips everytime it popped through his fist. It was so fucking hot, I took my pussy coated fingers and toughed his lips encourging him to open his mouth a bit.

Taking the bait, he began to lick and suck the pussy juice off my fingers as Johann eased his knob closer. I sank three fingers deeper into my saturated pussy, getting them completely covered in my love juices.

Johann smiled at me as I placed one finger at my husbands open mouth and circled his black knob with my thumb and forefinger. As my husband's lips sucked my finger into his mouth, I pulled Johanns throbbing knob onto his opened lips.

Sliding my fingers down the meaty shaft, I moaned "mmmhmm Baby that right, do it for me, just the way you like me to do it for you" as Johann's cockhead perched on his opened lips.

Dave was fucking my mouth with slow deliberate strokes, as Johann was working his tool around the exterior of my mans mouth.

Looking at me, I nodded and moaned to Johann "mmmhmmm", as I watched his fat knob expertly pressing his lips apart. I watched as his fat knob spread his lips and enter his mouth as I was slowly stroked the shaft up and down.

"Yeah, thats right" Johann advised as he slowly pushed his hard cock in and out of my mans mouth, inch by inch while I continued to pump it up and down..

"Mmmm yeah baby, suck that black dick for me, just like I suck it for you" I moaned, about to cum again just watching Johann easing his cock into my mans mouth. "Ah shit..yes" I screamed out as Johann's lengthy cock was disappearing inside his mouth.

Johann and Dave began pumping their dicks in and out of our mouths, at the same speed. Faster and Faster, until Daves cock began to throb, spewing his thick creamy goo in massive spurts until it was trickling down my chin.

"Mmmm" I moaned, as I was slurping every last drop of his cum, not wanting to waste a single drop, as I watched Johann's cock continue to swell in my man's stuffed mouth.

"Yes baby, suck that dick" I said as I continued to finger myself into a frenzy.

Johann withdrew his throbbing cock, and blasted spurt after spurt of sticky cum all over my husbands face as he jacked it off. He rubbed his cock into the puddles of cum, and drug it into mans mouth until every bit of cum was swallowed. Placing his still stiff cock back at my mans lips, he said "lick it clean".

Obediently, my mans tongue worked the entire shaft and knob until he had licked it cum free.

Dave spoke up first and told us to get side by side, on our hands and knees. They stood before and has us suck their cocks back to a full erection.

Johann, took his cock and worked it into my pussy dogg style. "Ahh shit that big cock feels so good..yess  fuck me" I screamed out as he began to ravage my pussy with no mercy.

Johann then rolled onto his side while fully buried inside my fuck hole, then withdrew.

Dave, layed on his back and told me to ride his black pony.

Eagerly I climbed onto the black pole and began pumping my strectched pussy up and down until I was screaming in pleasure. From behind, Johann pushed me forward until I was laying on Dave's stomach with a cock lodged deeply inside my pussy.

"Ah fuck, yes, bang me with those two big cocks" I screamed out, "fuck me"!

Johann pressed his cock onto my wet cum coated asshole and shoved it in, almost splitting me. He kept pushing until I was sandwiched between them, and stuffed full of black sausages.

They fucked my pussy and ass so hard, I came over and over until I was unable to move. They fucked me like there was no tommorrow and I didnt know how much more I could take.

"Ahhhh" I screamed out as I came again, feeling them so deep inside my tiny body as my man looked on.."Ahhhh  shitttttttt as Johann cock discharged spurts of cum deep into my bowels, while Dave gave me a cum facial that dripped onto my titties..

They cleaned up and left, leaving me a memory of sexual satisfaction that I have never known before...Seeing my man suck that big black cock til it cum, having cum spurted all over his face and them tongue bathing it until it was residual free was too much. I can get off just thinking about that night. It was a birthday I will never forget, I just wonder what I can do for him on his birthday..Hmmmm