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I'm Ken

My fun winter in Yuma
I'm Ken and I am married and have been married before. My ex and I had a wonderful sex life. She was always ready to fuck and suck. Anytime I wanted a piece of ass or a blow job, she did it. My present wife isn't like that. As a matter of fact, I don't know which one of us decided to quit fucking the other one.

At first she couldn't get enough fucking and she would suck me off any time I wanted. After a while I had to really insist when I wanted a blow job. So it was just easier to not bother her. Also, she had let her body get fat and wasn't the cute little thing she had been, when we first got married.

As the years went by, I had other women and even shared one of my friend's wife, Maggie. He loved to watch her get fucked and suck cock. She was an excellent cock sucker and as I liked blow jobs very much, I was up at their place every chance, I could get.

I had a affair for years, while she and Ed lived close to me. When their kids graduated from school and Ed had retired, they left and moved back east, where Maggie's parents lived. Her folks were getting on in years, so they had moved back there to help out. I had lost my easy fucking.

Meanwhile I retired. My wife Peggy and I bought a motor home and made a trip around the country, stopping to visit Ed and Maggie. She wasn't up for sex anymore. It had been some time since I had tried tried anything with her. Though, I thought about it alot.

My wife and I moved to Yuma, Az, and bought a place down there. I was still kept in touch with Ed and Maggie by e-mail and phone, so we pretty much knew what we all had been doing.
Ed and I went back a long way. We had been friends for a longtime, going back to before we ever got married. Both of our first marriages had been to sisters. So we always kidded, we were brother-in laws. But both of those marriages had failed. Why I don't know, but shit happens, I guess.

We were having a great time down in Yuma, there were lots of old friends who had moved down there. There were always lots of things to do. After several years, I asked Ed and Maggie, if they would like to move down to Yuma. They could stay in our motorhome which was parked in our front yard, and it wouldn't cost them much to live there. Just buy their own gas and pay a little for electric.

I was very happy to hear that they were coming.

Peggy wasn't to pleased, as I had spent a lot of time with Ed when he was around. We belong to the same trade, so we worked alot together and generally rode to and from work together. We often went out drinking after work. Peggy had no idea of all the trips I made up to see Maggie.

Boy, it was great, when they got there. Maggie was still a very good looking woman. She watched her weight and walked alot. I could see Peggy wasn't impressed with how good she looked. I got a hard on thinking how good she would look naked.

After they had gotten settled in. Ed and I were out in the garage doing something, and I asked him if she still was fucking. He said he had a hard time keeping a hard on, but they did still have sex once in awhile. I told him Peggy and I hadn't had any sex for a long time and that I had given up on having sex with her, because she didn't appeal to me anymore.

I told Ed I would still like to fuck Maggie. I thought she was really hot. He told me it was ok with him if I could get into her pants, but I'd have to work on her. He'd love to see the two of us fucking again.

So every chance I had, I made it a point to rub her shoulder. Sometimes I would grab her and give her a quick hug and rub her on the ass. Every night I would give her a hug and a good night kiss. 

At first she turned her head, so I was kissing her on the cheek. But after getting used to me kissing her, she let me kiss her on the mouth.

Peggy never wanted to do much. It was just usually Ed, Maggie and I going to the store together or taking rides out into the desert to show them the sights around Yuma. We were together alot and I always made it a point to have Ed drive so I could sit next to Maggie.

At night I would go over to the motorhome and sit on the couch with Maggie, while Ed was on the computer and I would put my arm up on her shoulder, and rub her arm. After a while, I would work my way down onto her breasts and massage them. At first she moved my hand away from them, but after a few times, if I was real gentle, she would let me play with her tits. I would rub her nipples with my fingers. I could tell she was enjoying it as her nipples got really hard.

Ed kept the lights down low, so it was fairly dark in there. I guess it was so we could enjoy televison and when I looked at him, he wasn't missing any of the action I was doing on seducing his wife.

One night it was getting late, so I knew if I was to keep my wife from not being pissed at me, I would have to go home.

I said that I was going to leave and put my arms around Maggie to give her a kiss like I always did. Only this time her mouth opened up and her tongue came into my mouth, and down my throat. Oh, what a hot kiss she gave me. It was all I could do to walk out of the motorhome, with a hard-on like I hadn't had in years.

The next day was Tuesday. On Tuesday, Peggy had classes downtown doing cards, so she would be gone all day.

As this time of year in Yuma it's pretty warm, so everyone wear shorts most of the time. Today I didn't put on any underwear, as I was hoping something might happen.

As soon as Peggy had left with her friends to do the card thing, I went over to the motor home.

Ed was on the computer drinking coffee and so I set down on the couch. Maggie came in and walked over to me and asked me if I'd like to go into the bedroom with her.

We hurried into the bedroom and as soon as we were in there, she put her arms around me and kissed me. Then she told me that Ed had told her, I wanted to fuck her. She said Ed had told her that if she wanted to fuck, she could.

We lay down on the bed and she told me that I could only play with her tits, not her cunt. That was okay with me, as anything was fine.

We were kissing and I had her blouse and her bra off. Oh my, what nice tits she had and as I was sucking on her nipples, I felt her hands on my pants and she unbuttoned me and help me pull my shorts down. She put her head down and opened her mouth and took my hard cock into it and started sucking me off.

I was so horny that it was just a minute or two, when I filled her mouth with my cum. Being a really good cocksucker, she swallowed all of it and sucked my cock dry.

I looked up and Ed was watching us.

He was pleased and told us to lay down and let me finish playing with her tits and that he would play with her cunt.

I put my arms around her and kissed her and with my other hand started squeezing her nipples. Oh, was she hot. In the meantime, Ed had pulled her pants and panties off and was finger fucking her. She was wiggling around, she was so hot. Ed reached up and pushed my hand down onto her cunt, which was wet and hot.

By then my cock was ready for her hot wet cunt. I rolled her over and climbed on top. She reached down and guided my cock into her love hole. What a fuck she gave me. She is positively the best fuck in town. I fucked her a couple times that day before I wore out. She still was one hot piece of ass, and what a good cock sucker. I knew I was going to have a good winter in Yuma.

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