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Into Temptation Part 2

Contributing Authors: literot 

When the devil walks in. Can she resist ?


The room was dark. A small chink of light from the side of the curtains told her that it was morning. Kate knew that this was not her bedroom, she knew she hadn’t been drunk last night, but her head felt heavy, her body bruised. Growing accustomed to her surroundings she looked over at the empty space in the bed. She was alone.

Images arrived from her memory. Simon, the bar, his long, thick cock. Without needing to look, she knew she was naked. Her hand moved down to feel her pubic hair, matted with Simons dried semen. On the other side of the bedroom door she could hear the sound of a spoon clinking as it was stirred in a cup. The bedroom door opened, and Simon stood there, silhouetted in the door frame.

“Coffee?” he asked, as she watched his chiselled body walk towards her.

‘A six pack!’ she thought, ‘My god he has a six pack.’ Her eyes moved down to the solid v shape on his pelvis that pointed towards a cock that hung impressively between his legs. She stared almost hypnotised as it swung when he walked, like a pendulum. Had that really been inside her last night?

“Good morning,” he said, offering her the coffee cup, “how are you feeling.”

“Like I’ve been run over by a train,” she replied.

Simon laughed as he lay beside her on the bed, making no attempt to cover himself, his cock hanging lazily to one side. Simon’s hand reached out and stroked her neck and, moving across, he pulled the bed sheet away revealing Kate’s large milky-white breasts, and her nipples hardened as his finger circled them. Her breasts have always been incredibly sensitive, and she moaned as she moved over and kissed him. She could feel his hardening cock press against her arm and it was with great resolve that she pulled his hand away.

“What’s the time?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied, “Nine? Maybe half-past?” His hand moved down her belly.

“Where’s my phone?”

“I don’t know. Your handbag’s in the front room.”

Kate jumped out of bed and ran through the door and finding her handbag on the sofa, she reached inside for her phone. Looking at the screen, she had four missed calls, all from David.

“No, No, No,” she cried, “I need to go. Simon, please can you call for a taxi?” Looking into the bedroom, she saw Simon lying there, playing with his now erect penis.

“Simon!” she screamed, picking up her ripped knickers and exasperatedly throwing them across the room. Not bothering with her bra either, she hurriedly put her dress on.

“Five minutes,” Simon informed her from the bedroom door. “He’ll stop right outside.” Kate stared at the vision in the doorway while putting on her shoes. Stopping only to kiss him goodbye, he held her close hoping she would stay. His erection pressed against her and he grabbed her hand, forcing her to feel its hardness. He kissed her neck as her fingers massaged the swollen head, feeling the sticky pre-cum between her fingers.

Despite herself, Kate knelt before him, her nostrils filled with his musky odour, evidence from last night’s misbehaviour and let her tongue taste his salty fluid. Suddenly the spell was broken by the taxi’s car horn. Not wasting a second, she sprinted out of the door and down the stairs. As she slammed the front door behind her, she was acutely aware how this must of looked to the driver; her night of debauchery revealed.

“The Lodge, Charlton,” she ordered. As the taxi pulled away she rang David’s number. It went straight to voicemail. What to do? Leave a message? With her scrambled brain whirling, she took the easy option and cancelled. For the next twenty minutes her life was in the lap of the gods. Paranoid thoughts haunted her. What did David want? Had someone seen her last night and told him? By the time the taxi drove up the long gravel drive to her home, she had convinced herself that not only had her secret been discovered, but David had packed her bags, cancelled their bank accounts and credit cards, informed all their friends (who had all turned against her), and she was left destitute on the streets.

Kate stared intently through the driver’s windscreen, her large beautiful house in sight, and no sign of David’s car. Kate paid the driver. She couldn’t help but notice him take a good look down her top, realising that without their usual support, her bouncing breasts had probably given him a thrill for the whole journey. She raced in through the kitchen door and was met with silence.

“David!” she called, “David! I’m home.” Nothing. The only sound was the ticking of the large clock over the Aga. She’d been reprieved and like a guilty woman in the dock whose barrister had got her off, she was free. The relief was unimaginable. Putting her handbag on the kitchen table, she took her phone and skipped up the stairs to her bedroom.

Taking off her summer dress, she admired at herself in the mirror. ‘Not bad,’ she thought; her stomach was still flat and her hips still shapely. She smiled, holding her large breasts and tweaking her nipples. What must the taxi driver have thought? It was surely obvious she was naked under her dress, but it was with not without a little pride that she realised that she’d attracted a very much younger man. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by her that most women in the bar last night had looked him over. But she had been the one he’d taken to bed. Looking down to her groin, she cringed.

“And you?” she said, pointing at the mirror, “we have to do something about you.” Walking into the bathroom, she turned the bath taps on. A long soak was needed. With a pair of scissors and a razor in hand, she took David’s shaving mirror from the shelf and began.

Shaving one’s pubic area is not the most elegant of sights, she thought, as she started to trim the excess hair. Taking the razor, she styled it into a neat v shape (a first for her) and was pleased with her handiwork. Kneeling over the mirror, she began the delicate operation of shaving around her pussy. By the time she was finished, the neat v shape was joined by a totally bald and smooth pussy. Lying in the hot water, her mind raced back. How had that happened?

Even when she was much younger, she would never sleep with someone on a first date; a little heavy petting maybe, just to keep him interested, but never ever what had happened last night. My god what would her friends think? She had lain back and willingly let a black man, with an undoubtedly huge talent, fuck her till she screamed.

Kate let the lavender-scented bubbles wash the sin away, promising never, ever, to let this happen again. As she pulled the plug out, letting the memories disappear down the drain, she walked into her bedroom. Glancing at her phone, she had two missed messages from a number she didn’t recognise.

“Hi, my large breasted beauty, did you enjoy yourself last night?” My god it’s Simon. How the hell did he get her number. She scrolled to the second message.

“You know where I live. Call me on this number when you want a second round.” Kate stared at her phone, impressed by the arrogance of the man, and that his conviction that last night wasn’t a one-off amazed her. Despite herself, a familiar tingle in her loins overtook her and the desire to have this young, virile man between her legs again was undeniable.

“Kate!” David put his keys on the kitchen table and walked into the hall. “Kate, I'm home.”

“Up here,” Kate answered, “in the bedroom.” David climbed the stairs and found Kate with a large yellow towel wrapped around her. He held her close and kissed her forehead, feeling her large breasts press against his chest. He kissed her mouth.

“Good night?”

“Yes, a nice catch up with Sam.” She couldn’t believe she had just said that, and cursing herself, she changed the subject, “Good trip?”

“Yes. Did you hear the interview? I think it went well; everyone was happy. Charles sends his love and we’re invited to the Christmas ball again this year.” Every Christmas Charles’ wife Sarah organises a Christmas charity ball.

“That’s good; they’re always a nice start to the Christmas season.” David reached out and traced a line with his finger above the towel. Kate looked him in the eye. They weren’t apart very often, and the reunion was always the same. She understood exactly what he wanted. Taking his hand, she sat him on the bed and unbuckled his belt, removed it and handed it to him. Unzipping his grey suit trousers, she pulled them down and his white underpants followed. Taking two steps back she let the towel fall. David’s mouth dried as he saw her newly-shaped pussy.

“Have you been bad?” he stuttered. This was a well-used fantasy of theirs.

On the dresser, her phone buzzed.

“Yes,” she replied, the question taking on a very different connotation this time. She walked over to him, turned and touched her toes. Unlike last night, she was in control. She knew David would do anything for her. Most of the time that was great. This house and her privileged lifestyle were all paid for by her doting husband, but there were times when she wanted to be dominated, she ached for David to throw her on the bed like Simon did last night and ravish her. David reached out and separated her buttocks, sliding a finger over her pussy lips and anus.

“How bad?” This was a well-trodden route for them since David’s accident.

“Oh David,” she purred, looking over her shoulder, “I couldn’t say.” She felt his hand smack her right buttock.

“Tell me.” Again, his hand came down striking the same spot. Kate turned, slowly running her fingers over her newly trimmed area.

“I did this for him.” The game was fantasy, but the confession was real. “He said he wouldn’t fuck me again unless I shaved myself.” She looked down at his limp, lifeless penis. “I need to be punished.” Kate bent over the edge of the bed knowing how much this turned him on, the inquisitor and the accused. The first strike stung her buttocks making her yelp, the second followed quickly.

“Did he fuck you hard?”

“Yes.” The belt struck again, a pale red mark appeared across her arse.

“Did you beg him?”

Again, she heard her phone buzz.

“Yes,” she paused, “yes, I begged him to fuck me with his big black cock.” David brought the belt down again. The fantasy had taken a turn; she had never mentioned black men before. Kate had always been highly sexed and David’s failure to perform had given her an interest in pornography. Many times, he had caught her watching, while pleasuring herself with a dildo or vibrator.

“Black?” he pursued, bringing the belt down.

She heard her phone buzz for a third time.

“Yes, long and thick.” Whack! Kate moaned, feeling the wetness between her legs. “Filling me completely.” Whack! This one stung and Kate turned over, spread her legs wide, and putting two fingers in her wet pussy she showed David the results of her spanking at his hands. David threw the belt on the bed and while holding his now semi erect penis he crawled up the bed to put it in her mouth. Her hands massaged his balls as she sucked all his cock into her mouth. David shook as he felt his orgasm build.

“Cum in my mouth,” she said, as David groaned and almost apologetically came where she’d told him. Embarrassed by his inability to perform completely, he immediately got off the bed and limped to the bathroom. As she watched him close the door, Kate couldn’t help but compare the two men currently in her life. Her husband. Subservient, willing to please. Her lover. Dominant and confident in his ability to give pleasure. She picked up her phone, three missed messages.

“Hi, are you missing me?” She scrolled to the next.

“I’m hard and need your tight pussy.” Scrolling to the third, it had a picture attached.

“Need more of this?” The picture showed Simon standing in front of a mirror, his cock hanging down. Kate knew she had to reply.

“How did you get my number?” She waited, staring at the screen while a picture of her and David outside the Sagrada Família in Barcelona stared back. The shower was running in the en suite bathroom and she knew she only had a little time. Her phone buzzed.

“You really should have better security on your phone.” She was puzzled as her phone was locked and password protected. She kept all her passwords in a diary, safely stored in a zipped pocket in her handbag. Had he? Her phone buzzed again.

“As a keepsake.” She didn’t understand but her phone buzzed again and with a sharp intake of breath she put her hand over her mouth. It was unmistakably a picture of her head. Only the top and nose were visible, but it was undoubtedly her. It was taken looking down and it was obviously Simon’s taut stomach and cock. But there it was, the damning evidence, his big black cock in her mouth. Her head spun but she had to ask, “What do you want?”

“What makes you think I want anything?” Simon’s reply was immediate. “But I also know how much you enjoyed yourself.”

Kate didn’t have an answer, and of course he was right. Why had she been so stupid. Her phone buzzed again, then again and again and again. Four texts. She didn’t want to open them, paralysed by what she would find. More pictures? She looked at her reflection in the mirror and her naked body stared back.

She ran her hands over her breasts. They’d always caused her trouble and ever since they first appeared, boys were drawn to them. Over the years she had got used to it, even enjoying the attention they got her, the wonderful wolf whistles in the street, and on occasion while talking to a patient at the surgery, she’d catch them staring. But this was different, she felt she was in way over her head. She heard the shower stop, and decided to leave the messages until later.

David dressed, and they headed for the Cotswolds for a lovely pub lunch and some window-shopping around the antique shops. Kate felt spoilt. The Porsche drove up the gravel driveway as the sun was starting to go down. Once inside David headed for the drinks cabinet.

“Glass of claret?” he offered, setting two glasses down on the table.

“That sounds great,” she replied, making her way to the hall,” I’m just going to freshen up but won’t be long.” Safely inside her bedroom she turned her phone on.

Opening the first message, it read, “Are you alone?” The next three were pictures. The first an out of focus photo of her breasts. The second a clear picture of her face, blushed pink as if she’d just got out of a hot bath. The third a graphic photo of his cock embedded in her vagina. The black rod glistening and coated with her cum. Kate knew she couldn’t just leave it like this, she had to reply.

“Hi Simon, I wasn’t expecting the pictures.”

Her phone buzzed almost immediately.

“Are you alone?”

“No, my husband’s here.”

“Bring him over with you, he could watch.” She re-read the message. If one thing was sure to her, it was that this had to end. This couldn’t continue.

“Simon, I had a great time, but I’m married. I can’t see you anymore, this has to end.” Pausing, she decided to massage his ego. “You’re an amazing man, and I had a really wonderful time.” She felt compliments were definitely the best policy and thought hard about what say next. “Simon, no one has made feel the way you did last night. I’ve never cum like that with anyone else. If things were different, and I was twenty years younger, I’d come to you like a shot. You need to find someone your own age, love Kate xx.” Holding her breath, and with very mixed emotions she pressed send.

Simon read her message and smiled. She was right, of course, the age gap was too big. But he loved Kate’s body, her fantastic tits and arse, and she had experience that all the students at the university didn’t have. Sitting back, he placed his hands on the head of his new conquest, a beautiful brown-haired woman whom he had first met at an appointment the previous day. He ran into her again that evening when he walked into a coffee shop on the high street and stood behind her in the queue.

Starting a conversation, he found out her name was Emily, and that she was on her way home after work. He loved the way she blushed and played with her hair in his company. It also appeared to him that she was in no hurry to go home. She, of course, remembered him; how could she not? She had found his charm, sense of humour and confidence very disarming. He took a seat on the next table facing her, watching her eyes continually looking over her cup in his direction.

He chose his moment to make full eye contact. She immediately averted her gaze and looked down into her coffee and then shyly back up again. It was at that moment he knew she was hooked. Finishing his coffee, he got up from his seat and slowly walked past her, pausing just long enough at her table for it to register. He smiled as he saw her also finish her coffee and follow him. Outside he stopped her, put his hand under her chin and asked, “Do you want a little fun?” She didn’t answer.

This married woman was currently on her knees in the front room of Simon’s student flat with one of his large testicles in her mouth.

“Make me cum,” he ordered, “make me cum and then I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you until you can’t stand up.” She licked the underside of his cock slowly, and put it in her mouth. It was so big that she that she could only fit the swollen purple head into her mouth and with both hands rubbed his impressively large cock, fast.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned and as she felt his body stiffen, he grabbed her hair in his fist, holding her head up so she was looking up at his face as he sprayed his cum deep into her throat. Wiping her mouth, she stood up. Reaching a decision, she picked up her handbag and took out her phone.

“Hello Peter, sorry I’ve been called to meeting at the hospital,” she lied, looking Simon directly in the eye she started to slowly unbutton her dress. “I know, but it just came up,” Simon smiled as she continued her striptease. “I have no idea what time, it may be very late, don’t wait up. Bye.” She kept eye contact with Simon as she turned off her phone and let her dress fall to the floor. Simon whistled as she stood, wearing a black push up bra with matching knickers, black stockings and suspenders.

“Well Emily, all I can say is wow. When you dressed this morning, you were really hoping to be fucked.” She smiled and slowly turned her back on him, knowing exactly the reaction this would get. Simon whistled again as the thong showed her quite exquisite arse. Hours spent road running and squats in the gym, had given her an arse that any woman would die for. She turned back to face him and while posing hands on hips. Simon took a photo on his phone.

“You’ll have to delete that,” she giggled.

“Of course,” he answered as he took another, “what do you take me for?” He studied her for a moment, her long wavy brown hair hung loose highlighting her brown eyes. Her breasts were a little on the small side he thought, but it suited her slim, athletic body all the way to her feet.

“How big are your tits?” His directness amazed her and for a second she didn’t know what to say.

“How big is your cock? 34c by the way.” Her reply put him on the back foot.

“Umm, I really have no idea, I’ve never measured it.”

“You liar.” she teased searching through her bag.

“You’re kidding.”

“Every eventuality,” she said, holding up a tape-measure, “all we have to do is wake this monster back up.” She sat on his legs and while putting the tape measure between her teeth she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Moving her hand down she cupped his testicles in her left hand while wanking his cock with her right. It soon had the desired effect.

“Let us see how big this thing really is,” she teased, placing the tip of the measure tight to his ball-sack and ran the tape all the way up to his erect penis to the head. Squinting in the poor light of the room, she declared, “nine and a bit inches.” This received little reaction from him. “Simon, that’s bloody massive.”

“And In twenty-first century terms?” he joked, enjoying the attention. Emily sighed as she resubmitted the tape measure.

“About twenty-three centimetres.” Emily put the measure back in her bag as Simon stood up and her gaze was drawn to the huge cock between his legs.

“This could be life-changing,” she thought, swallowing hard, “my body certainly won’t be the same again.” She spared a thought for her husband as she never saw herself as the type to have an affair. But there it was, right in front of her, nine inches of thick black cock. Simon led her to the bedroom and slammed the door. For the rest of the evening the house echoed to the sound of Emily’s moans and orgasmic screams.

On a shelf in the front room, next to pile of blank DVD-r discs, stood a package, unknown to Emma and ready for posting. It was addressed simply.

The Lodge


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