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Introduction to Bryce - Chapter 4

Lee secretly watches Monica with another man for the first time
The Storm

Monica was half-dressed when she walked into the bedroom. She had on some light blue lacy panties, thigh-high gray stockings, and a very sexy bra in which you could see right through to her dark red nipples and areola.

I went up to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then dropped to my knees and kissed her passionately between her breasts. She smelled and tasted so good! “Oh. Venom?” I asked, referring to her favorite perfume she wears when trying to seduce me.

“Yep”, she said with a smile. “Now let me finish getting dressed. It’s 6 already.”

She was right. I looked at the clock on the table and it said 6:01, so I went back into the main room to wait for Bryce. I got the newspaper off the top of the desk and started skimming the movie listings. I didn’t really find anything interesting so I waited for my wife to come out to let her choose.

At around 10-after, she appeared and looked absolutely stunning. Over the undergarments I had already seen, she was wearing this erotic short grey dress that reached half-way down her thighs. This was nothing I’d seen from her before, and I was sure she hadn’t worn anything that sexy when we’d gone out before. The tops of her stockings just barely reached the hem of her dress.

“Wow. You…look…amazing,” I slurred, starting to feel dizzy just watching her.

“What, this old thing? I bought this years ago, but I never had a chan…I mean I never was in the moo…I mean, I never really felt like wearing it before. She turned and walked toward the window, obviously blushing.

By then, the weather had gotten pretty horrible. It was pouring rain, and visibility was terrible.

“Oh no,” she said, sounding deflated and not looking back at me. “I really don’t want to go out in this. My dress would be ruined; I don’t think this is going to work. Maybe you should just call him and can…”

My cell phone began ringing, and she never finished her sentence. Bryce was calling from his car.

“Hey man, this weather is awful. Sorry I’m so late. There are accidents all over Houston, and the traffic is backed up everywhere. I’m about 10 minutes away now. If you guys want to cancel, I’ll understand.”

“Well, Monica was just saying she doesn’t want to go out in this. I think that’s wise. So why don’t you just come on over and we’ll get a pizza or something?” My wife’s eyes lit up like the 4 th of July.

Bryce agreed and said he was on his way.

I told Monica of the plan and she seemed very excited. “I’m gonna check my email before he gets here,” I told her as I opened her laptop on the desk.

“Ok, I’ll just watch some news or something,” she told me and vanished back into the bedroom. I caught a narrow glimpse of her ass filling out that gray dress as she crossed through the doorway.

A few minutes later, she came back into the main room, looking as glorious as before and asked if she could check her own email.

I agreed and went back into the bedroom myself. I switched the TV on again and was floored when I found that the wife had been watching the double penetration marathon AGAIN before she left the room. “Wow, she did it again!” I thought.

A quiet knock at the door informed us our visitor had arrived, so I tuned the TV off quickly, hoping he hadn’t heard any of the moans or heavy breathing. I went into the main room and saw my wife was standing by the computer watching me, then looking back and forth to the door.

I opened the door to see poor Bryce standing there, completely drenched from the rain, broken umbrella in hand. He had on black slacks and a gray polo shirt with a little wisp of chest hair sticking out the top, just like when we first met him the night before.

“You look like shit,” I joked. What happened to your umbrella?

“As soon as I opened it next to the car, the wind ripped it open. I had to run the 3 blocks in that mess out there.” He was gesturing toward the window, but I was sure his eyes were locked on the gorgeous sight in front of him. He looked her up and down, not blinking once, then forced himself to look back at me. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom and get cleaned up some?”

“Sure, man! It’s in there. Let me know if you need any clothes or anything. My stuff should fit you if you want to borrow something.” I pointed to the bedroom and he walked off, leaving his wet loafers by the door.

“Good evening, Monica,” Bryce greeted my wife in a confident, yet quiet voice. With his back to me, he walked toward her, and she stood and shook his hand, as formally as two businessmen about to sign a contract. He smiled and headed off through the bedroom door. She was now looking him up and down and I could tell she once again liked what she saw. She smiled, and he continued into the bathroom and closed the door.

I chatted with Monica for a few minutes about Bryce, her dress, and the weather while we listened to our visitor take a quick shower. I was sitting across from my wife at the desk when Bryce peaked around the corner wearing a white hotel robe.

“Looks like my pants and shirt are pretty soaked. You got some jeans and a t-shirt or something I can borrow?”

“Sure, no problem. Honey, which bag did you pack my casual clothes in? I forgot to hang them up when we got here.”

“Oh Lee, what would you do without me,” she joked as she got up and walked toward the bedroom. “I’ll get them for you, Bryce.” Monica followed Bryce back to the bedroom and I heard them chatting quietly. I peeked into the room and saw her bent all the way over, rummaging through the bags on the floor under the table. Her dress was almost all the way up to her snatch and you could clearly see the tops of her gray stockings. Her tits were nearly fully exposed in the mirror in front of her. What an amazing sight this was.

“No, not in any of these,” she said closing up the first three bags. “I think it’s the green one.” She reached for the bag in the very back, bending over even farther. This time her dress rode up her ass a little, exposing the crotch her lacy blue panties.

Bryce took a couple of steps to the right and tilted his head just a bit, obviously trying to get a better view of my wife’s ass and pussy.

By this point, I was certain she was doing it just to get a rise out of him. And judging by the huge bulge in the front of Bryce’s robe, it was working!

She pulled out a pair of my jeans and a t-shirt, stood up straight, and handed them over to Bryce. Her dress was still wrinkled up to her crotch, so she pulled it down with both hands. Her face turned beet red.

Neither of them noticed I was watching. Bryce leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Her eyes grew huge and she turned even redder. He took the clothes into the bathroom and she went to the mirror to fix herself a little. I continued to watch.

She turned to come back into the main room, but the light seeping from the small crack in the bathroom door seemed to have caught her attention. I couldn’t see what she was watching, but she peered through the opening in the door, probably watching this hot stud dress. In less than a minute, her eyes glued to the happenings in the bathroom, Monica pulled up the front of her dress just slightly and began playing with her clit and pussy through her panties with her left hand. She did this for maybe a minute, then, looking slightly alarmed, pulled her dress back down and turned around quickly.

I walked back to the desk fast and sat down at the computer.

Monica came flying around the corner, quickly trying to recompose herself and pretending like nothing had happened. Her face was the same pink I’ve seen her get when she was very horny. “Hey, I think he’s done.”

“Cool,” I said with a smile.

Ordering Dinner

Bryce walked into the room wearing my jeans and t-shirt, barefooted. We were about the same height, but these clothes seem to be a lot tighter on him. His thigh muscles stretched the jeans out tight and the t-shirt was so small on him, you could see the outline of nearly every muscle in his upper body. His muscular chest was still a little wet and his pecs where bulging through the shirt. His large biceps had the short sleeves of the tight t-shirt stretched to the max. “Thanks for the clothes, Lee. I’ll get them back to you tomorrow if that’s ok.”

“No problem. Then that means we’ll see you again in the morning?”

Bryce nodded and told us that his schedule on Sunday was the same as Saturday. “I can see you guys in the morning, but I have to meet my advisor tomorrow at 1:00, so I won’t have time for lunch.”

“Well that’s too bad. Maybe we’ll meet you early for breakfast or something.”

Bryce smiled and turned toward Monica, who’d been standing completely still the entire time, her mouth slightly ajar. “You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Monica,” he said. “Lee is one lucky man. I hope I can find a woman like you for a long-term marriage too,” he continued as he turned his attention back to me.

“Yes, she reminds me every day of how lucky I am too,” I joked. “So you wanna order a pizza or something?”

“Not pizza,” Monica said without removing her gaze upon Bryce. How about we just get room service. “Our treat?” she asked, looking at Bryce.

“Wow, that’s really sweet of you, but you don’t have to do that,” he replied.

“Don’t be silly honey, you’re our guest,” she responded quickly. It did not escape me that she just called him “honey”.

Bryce looked at me, as if seeking my approval.

“Absolutely, man,” I said. Take a look at the room service menu over there by the phone and see what you like.

Bryce walked over and looked through the menu. “Wooooo, this stuff’s pricey. There’s a seafood feast here for 3. Includes lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams, scallops, and a house salad. I haven’t had seafood in years!”

“Yea, that sounds good. You good with that baby?”

Monica nodded her approval.

I called downstairs and ordered the meal, along with a bottle of chardonnay and a dessert platter. “They said it’ll be here in about 30 minutes,” I told the two of them.

They both smiled, and then everything went silent. All three of us just looked at each other, not sure what to say or do next. I could feel the tension in Monica as she looked back and forth between us. She was extremely horny but was clearly trembling and nervous. I loved my wife more than anything in the world and would give her anything she wanted, but I was sensing that this may not have been the right time, place, or man to fulfill her longing fantasy. I certainly didn’t want her to feel any pressure or to have any regrets. Something inside, though, told me she would not regret anything that might happen this particular evening. Maybe the storm was a sign.

“You know, I’ve been wanting to check out the pool downstairs. I was thinking about taking a swim in the morning. I want to see what it’s like first. Bryce, you want to take a quick walk with me downstairs?”

“Sure, man. That’ll be cool.”

“We’ll be back in a minute, honey,” I told my wife, who looked a little dejected.

I grabbed both room keys, then we left the room and walked toward the elevator. I was trying to work up the courage for what came next. We didn’t speak until we were on the elevator.

Monica and Bryce

“You know, Monica really likes you, Bryce.”

“Yea, I like her too. She’s real sweet.”

“No, I mean she’s REALLY into you. It would mean so much to her if you showed her a little attention.” I paused for a moment to gauge his reaction. Everything seemed to be ok. “She’s been kind of stressed out lately with the kids and house and all. Why don’t you go back up and maybe give her a little massage or something. She’d really like that.”

“Really? Wow, she does look incredible tonight. She sure knows how to fill out that dress.”

His words trailed off as a glazed look came over his face while staring at the numbered buttons.

“You’re ok with that? You know, me giving her a little massage?” He looked excited but unsure.

“Oh sure. We love each other very much and are very committed. And I’ve seen the way she looks at you. I can tell she would love to have some attention from such a good-looking guy as yourself.”

“Well, ok, I guess I can do that,” he said as he looked at me before tentatively taking the extra room key out of my hand.

When we got down to the lobby, I got off the elevator, said “see ya later,” and watched the door close between us. I couldn’t believe what was happening, what I was letting my own wife do, what I had ENCOURAGED her to do. I walked toward the pool area and started thinking that Bryce must be back in the room by now. I was still a little nervous about leaving my wife alone with a strange man, so I walked around the pool once and went back to the elevators.

It seemed like a full hour I had to wait for the next elevator. All sorts of stuff was running through my head. I was getting impatient and paranoid, wondering why the hell the elevator was taking so long and wondering if I’d made a mistake. A big mistake. Finally the doors opened and I was headed up.

After two stops to let off people on other floors, the number 8 finally lit up. I exited and speed-walked down the hall. I put my ear up to the door, but everything was silent. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty. I slid the key card in and quietly opened the door. The main room was fairly dark, lit by a single lamp on the desk. The computer was still open, and Monica’s email appeared to be on the screen. I very quietly closed the door behind me with a faint “click”. I took off my shoes by the door and tiptoed toward the bedroom. The door was wide open and the room was also lit by a single lamp on the table on the far side. I stuck my head in slowly, trying not to be seen.

Monica was lying on the bed on her stomach. Her high-heels removed, she was stretched all the way out with her face looking away from me. Her dress was pulled up just a little where you could see the tops of her stockings. Her arms by her sides, Bryce was slowly massaging her shoulders and back. He was sitting on the very edge of the bed, and as I watched, I felt my appreciation for him increasing as I noticed he had done only as much as I had given him explicit permission to do. I was very grateful that he was showing so much respect for both me and my wife.

I moved completely into the doorway, noticeable this time, and Bryce saw me within seconds. I gave him an approving nod and he seemed relieved, so I motioned for him to keep going. He understood the hint, reaching over and pulling her hair back from her neck. Then he bent over her and kissed her very gently on the side of her neck. I couldn’t see her face at this point, but I heard her take a deep breath.

“Lee will be back any minute,” she said to him softly without raising her head.

“It’s alright,” he whispered back. “I think he’ll be ok with this.”

She got still and very quiet for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she spoke up, “Ok, if he trusts you…then it’s ok with me.”

He continued kissing her lightly on her exposed neck as his hands moved lower and began caressing both sides of her waist. She moaned quietly while her dress seemed to inch farther and farther up her thighs with each pass of his hands. Bryce’s kisses then moved away from her neck as his lips dabbed at her upper back. “You smell wonderful,” he whispered with a nervous breath.

“It’s Lee’s favorite. Every time I wear it, I get whatever I want,” she said in her continued soft tone, emphasizing “whatever”. “You like it too? Does it have the same effect on you?”

“Yea, baby, it sure does,” he whispered again. “All I can think of now is how to pleasure every fucking inch of your gorgeous body. I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my life. You are exquisite, my love. You deserve to be treated like a goddess.” His whisper vanished into a low spoken tone. “Monica, please let me know if you want me to stop at any moment. I don’t want to cross any lines with you or your husband.”

“You’re fine,” she said a little more loudly, in an almost annoyed tone. “Keep going.”

By then, her dress was halfway up her ass. It looked absolutely perfect sticking up in the warm lamp light. I had to fight the urge to run over and slide my tongue up the delicious valley of her rear end and remove her panties with my teeth.

Bryce moved down and kissed her lower back through her dress a few times, seemingly trying to brush his chest against her butt, while raising the bottom of her dress up to bare the rest of her ass. She seemed to really like this as she moaned a little louder. He moved his hands down to the back of her thighs, giving her a deep massage down to her knees and back up. With each slow pass, his thumbs, pressing into her inner thighs, moved closer and closer to her waiting snatch. On his final pass, she moaned again and took a short breath through clenched teeth.

I could only imagine how wet she must have been by then, how soaked her panties must be!

Without releasing his hands from the back of her legs, Bryce leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss just above the panty line at the top of her ass. Her continued kissing her gently, lower and lower, until his nose was nudging the crack of her ass.

Monica moaned lightly again and raised her ass just a little into his face.

Using two fingers on each hand, Bryce hooked into the top of her panties and slowly started pulling them down. He kissed her again in the same spot, this time with more vigor, as his hands moved to her hips, pulling down the sides of her panties. She lifted her hips a few inches to assist him, and he pulled them halfway down, leaving them bunched up right in the middle. Bryce went back to kissing her at the top of her crack before moving his mouth lower onto her ass. She raised her hips again, and taking the cue, he pulled her panties down below her ass, exposing it completely.

My wife already had the most beautiful ass I’d ever seen on a woman, but in this soft lamplight with another man dedicating himself to her carnal pleasures…it was the most spectacular and sexy scene a man could witness.

He started massaging her cheeks with both hands, pulling them apart slightly as he returned to kissing her down the center, his tongue slowly stroking her ass as if he were painting it.

“Unzip me,” she asked, “so I can get more comfortable.”

He pulled the zipper down the entire length of the back of her dress and pushed each side away. Her sexy, smooth back reflected the glow of the lamp.

She moaned again in a deep breath, then brought her hands up to her sides. He pulled back off of her as she raised herself onto her knees, looking down briefly at the bed, composing herself, then removed her dress and bra, laying them to the side. Monica turned over onto her back, briefly in my direction as she did this, but I don’t think she saw me, her gaze searching for her current lover. Lying on her back with knees bent slightly and her luscious breasts fully exposed to this new man for the first time, she reached out and touched Bryce’s hand. She stroked it with her fingers for a few seconds, still staring directly at his face, then pulled his hand toward her.

Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he moved up closer to her, and bent over her wanting face. She raised her head to meet his, closed her eyes, and began kissing him on the lips. His mouth followed her as she laid her head back down on the pillow, his hands to her sides, their lips never parting.

He moved his hands to her face and held her firmly for a few seconds before moving them to her neck, brushing her hair back a little on each side. His left hand slid slowly from her neck to her chest and rested on her right breast. With fingers stretched out, he slowly massaged it several times before cupping it with his hand. He rubbed her nipple between his fingers gently as his mouth then moved to the right side of her neck. She stretched her head away to give him better access, and he began sucking and nibbling on the side and front of her neck, his left hand still cupping her right breast.

After a full minute’s attention on her neck, he lifted up and moved both hands to her waist, leaving her necking glistening in the lamplight. Moving very slowly from her neck down—his face just an inch away from her skin—her bellybutton came slowly into his field of view, and his eager mouth went straight for it, sucking it in on the first approach. “Seems like someone else has a bellybutton fetish,” I thought to myself. He sucked and licked her button as his right hand moved up to her other tit. They both moaned loudly as she tilted her head back, eyes still closed.

Bryce stopped momentarily and looked in my direction, again seeming to seek permission. I nodded and motioned again for him to continue.

He abided and continued kissing her slowly and gently in a straight line toward her wanting cunt. He seemed to really appreciate her new landing strip as he kissed it up and down, following it with his tongue several times. He grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted, then pulled her panties down, being careful not to disturb her sexy stockings, leaving her lacy blue underwear around her ankles. His mouth returned to her pubic hair and he kissed it a few more times before sliding his lips to her clit. He kissed it once, very gently, and her entire body shuddered. He lifted his head to see her reaction, but feeling his mouth leave her, she opened her eyes and looked down at him, grinning a little.

“Take these off,” he requested, tugging at her panties which were holding her ankles together.

Without saying a word, she pulled her knees up toward her just enough to slip her underwear past her feet, gently flinging them onto the bed next to her. She put her feet back down, leaving her knees bent a little more than before.

Bryce repositioned himself so he could better access her most sensitive spot and bent over her immediately, returning his mouth to her clit, his hands on the undersides of her thighs. With his eyes closed, he first dabbed at her clit teasingly with the tip of his tongue before caressing it in one long stroke with his tongue pressed flat.

She inhaled quickly and tilted her head back, squinting her closed eyes. She began running her fingers through his dark hair with one hand while grabbing one of her own breasts with her other hand, just barely pressing her fingertips into her soft, pink areola flesh. Monica started breathing more rapidly and erratically as she continued massaging her breast in a circular motion, stopping momentarily to lightly pinch her nipple between her fingers. Her other hand moved from his hair down to trace around the rim of his ear before grabbing his muscular shoulder.

I couldn’t believe I was watching another man pleasure my wife like that. And she was so into it, she didn’t seem to even remember that she was married, much less that her legal lover that she was supposed to be solely dedicated to would be returning any minute to catch her with someone else. Yes, I was admittedly a bit jealous. But it was the most erotic scene I had ever seen, superior to any porn flick for which I had no emotional stake, and I had never been turned on so much! In this exact moment that civilized society would have urged me to run into the room, screaming violently, and challenge this selfish trespasser, the ONLY thing I felt compelled to do was to take my giant erection with pre-cum now starting to soak my pants and join in the quest to satisfy my queen’s irrepressible desires.

Bryce again licked her clit in a single, long stroke from her labia all the way up, causing her to clinch her hand and dig her fingernails into his shoulder. “Oh God,” she moaned in a deep, low voice.

“This was my cue,” I thought to myself.

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