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Introduction to Bryce - Chapter 5

Lee had watched his wife, Monica, with Bryce for too long. He just had to join in!
…And Lee Makes Three

Trying not to make a sound, I approached my wife by her side. Her left hand was still clutching her breast, kneading it roughly, stopping only occasionally to pinch her hard nipple, never opening her eyes. I just stood above them and watched for a few more seconds, then in one synchronized motion put my hand over hers and kissed her gently on the lips. I never closed my eyes, instead wanting to savor her reaction when she opened her eyes to see her husband—without protest—joining in on her guilty pleasures with another man.

I don’t know precisely what response I expected, but Monica smiled softly then slowly opened her eyes, as if she’d been anticipating this moment. She looked directly into my eyes with a growing smile on her face, then reached up, grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled my slightly nervous and shaking mouth to hers. She tenderly slipped her tongue between my quivering lips and kissed me sensually. When our wet tongues met, it was an amazing sensation, as if I could feel her burning passion for this moment combined with her everlasting love for me.

Never lifting my mouth, I slipped my hand around her head and grabbed her hair, to reassure her that I was in control, and groped her right tit with my other hand. This one had been ignored for long enough, I thought. The nipple was hard, not as hard as the other, but the tiny hairs were sticking up and goosebumps were popping up all over. I didn’t know if this was because it was cold, nervous, excited, or anxious with infinite anticipation!

I wasn’t watching what Bryce was doing, but her neck bucked forward, grinding her face even harder into mine, and she moaned loudly. He must have really hit the magic spot!

I left her mouth and kissed her several times on the cheek before finding her long, smooth neck. It was very warm and pink, one of those parts of her body I knew so well, one that always showed lascivious signs of desire whenever she was in heat.

Without prodding, she lifted her head back and away, giving me full access to her succulent neck. I bit it gently, then kissed her several times, my lips just barely touching her skin. Then I bit her harder, holding my teeth in place for a second her two, sending an apparent shockwave through her body. She gasped, then held her breath as I licked the same spot with my tongue flat against her skin, my new teeth marks fading away quickly. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked her skin in hard, very hard. She pulled her head back more but didn’t protest.

“God you taste good,” Bryce said.

I just smiled to myself, feeling almost conceited because I was the only man who’d ever tasted her delicious pussy before, a little jealous that it wasn’t me with her cunt in my mouth on this occasion, but very proud that I was now sharing her with such an admiring man who could not get enough. Monica had always remarked that she thought most men got extremely jealous when good-looking guys lusted after their wives, and she didn’t seem to believe me when I tried to convince her that when a hot guy stares at your wife like that, that just makes you confident and proud, knowing that she picked YOU and nobody else.

Bryce pulled his head off for a moment before lowering himself for the first time directly onto her vaginal opening, his tongue gently parting her labia. He dabbed at it several times before licking her pussy in a long stroke.

“Oh…..God….” she stuttered out loud as she grabbed the back of my head with both hands. I continued sucking hard on her neck while Bryce started licking her pussy rhythmically now. Feeling like she needed some relief from her now-sore neck, I lifted my head, pulled her face toward mine, and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Does that feel good,” I asked, our faces extremely close, lips almost touching. “Do you like how his tongue feels on your pussy?”

“Oh, God yes,” she said in a loud whisper, staring desperately into my eyes.

Bryce moaned then pressed his tongue more firmly into her pussy lips, squeezing the bottom of her thighs with both hands.

I moved down and kissed her heavy breast, lifting its weight in my hand. I licked her nipple several times and drew circles around her areola with my tongue before sucking the nipple into my open mouth, flicking it back and forth with my tongue. This had always been my favorite way to suck on her tits. Releasing her melon, I grabbed the other one, pulling it toward my mouth. Then after poking her nipple into her skin several times with my tongue and feeling it pop back out each time, I again sucked her tit into my mouth, this time biting down gently on her nipple.

It struck me at this moment that each of her massive breasts was larger than both tits of most women combined! Damn, was I a lucky man.

“Oh,” she said in a barely audible high pitch.

After several minutes of Bryce’s pussy-licking rhythm, he returned his mouth to her clit and began kissing and licking it again. He brought his hand up, resting it on her pussy at first, then slowly moved his index finger up and down between her labia: up and down, up and down, wetting his finger a little more with her juices with each pass.

He slid the finger in, slowly, just up to his knuckle, causing her breathing to become staggered again. After pulling it nearly all the way back out, he inserted it again, repeating this several more times before finally inserting his finger all the way in. Bryce raised his head from her clit to watch her face as he squeezed a second finger into her passion cave, this time more slowly than before, again only up to the knuckles. His rhythm got a little faster before settling down to a steady in-and-out cadence, still not going past the knuckles.

I stopped sucking on her melons momentarily to watch this wonderful finger-action. I had always thoroughly enjoyed fingering my wife; it turned us both on so much! Our encounter in the café bathroom earlier that day was incredible! But watching another man do it in front of me was indescribable! And Monica was in complete bliss.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, then pulled gently on my belt and asked—almost in a begging tone—through uncontrolled breathing, “take it out?” I didn’t think I hesitated too long, but she apparently thought otherwise and repeated more vehemently but still in a quiet voice, “take it out…please…now.”

I unbuckled my pants and belt and lowered my zipper. I didn’t even have time to pull out my penis before she stuck her hand in my briefs and grabbed it, pulling it toward her mouth. I had been horny and hard for at least 20 minutes by then, so it was no surprise to see pre-cum dripping off the end of my cock. Monica had always loved the salty taste of my semen and typically licked off the pre-cum, meticulously, before swallowing my dick. But she clearly had no intention of such minutiae that night!

She lifted her head closer to me and wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my rod, licking the end of it inside her mouth several times before taking about half of it past her teeth. Because I was so long, she usually only sucked on about half of it. I could feel the end of my cock colliding with the back of her mouth as she bobbed her head back-and-forth, trying to match Bryce’s fingering rhythm. Her hand holding the base of my cock, she continued to suck vigorously as I threw my head back with closed eyes, in pure delight. I let out an involuntary moan when I heard her do the same.

“Oh damn,” she blurted out with my shaft still in her mouth. “Oh God. Deeper. Deeper,” she pleaded with Bryce.

He complied and pushed two fingers in as far as they could go. He moaned loudly and began sucking and licking her clit feverishly, gradually increasing the speed of his fingers.

Her breathing became very erratic and she repeated in a hushed tone, “Oh…oh…oh…h,” perfectly synchronized with the blowjob she was giving and the finger-fuck she was receiving.

I reached down and cupped one of those enormous, succulent breasts, pinching her nipple painfully between my fingers.

She moaned loudly, still not releasing my cock from her mouth, and I could feel my first orgasm of the night building steadily. She moaned again, this time raising her hips a little, then back down. She repeated this a few times, trying to force Bryce’s fingers even deeper into her. Monica undoubtedly wanted a thick dick shoved deep into her love nest more than anything in the world at that moment, but my new young friend’s fingers would have to suffice for now. I watched her stomach contract as she tightened her abs, and I knew what was coming. This excited me even more and I felt like I was about to cum at any second! Her hips began shaking, and Bryce buried his mouth into her clit, his fingers still dancing deep in her pussy. “Oh yes,” she moaned around my cock. “Oh God,” she said loudly as she started pulling her head off of my tool.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back on, holding her steady as cum erupted into her mouth, the first jet hitting the back of her throat. “Shit,” I yelled out.

Her hips bucked straight up into Bryce’s face but he didn’t release his mouth’s grip on her clit. His fingers were getting soaked in her cum as he continued smashing them into her cunt.

Halfway through my own orgasm I released her head and she pulled off, laying her head back on the bed. Another jet of cum shot out and landed on her chin as I grabbed my cock, trying to pump out the remaining drops. One last stream landed between her breasts and I stood there, paralyzed, watching her hips bucking up and down a few more times before settling down.

Her powerful orgasm had left her face, neck, and chest red with satisfaction. She finally opened her eyes and looked around, as if confused, trying to comprehend what just happened. She reached up and wiped the bit of cum off her chin. “Holy shit,” she said in a stunned voice. “Is this yours”, she asked, looking bemused at my spent penis.

I snickered and just said, “yea.”

She grinned sheepishly before licking it off her fingers. “Holy shit,” she said as she looked down at Bryce who had finally removed his fingers and mouth from her and was smiling at her. “Wow,” she said, sounding exhausted and fulfilled, but craving more.

Bryce Visits the Mountains

Bryce’s attention returned to gently licking her soaked pussy in very long, slow strokes. Monica motioned for me to come closer, and as I did, she took my shrinking cock in her hand and put it back in her mouth. Since I had just climaxed only a minute earlier, it had softened a little. But this didn’t seem to bother her as she cleaned off my remaining man juice.

I was surprised to feel my cock starting to harden again as I watched Bryce pleasure her, and I noticed some of my cum was still on her chest. “You want me to get you a towel for that?”

“Yea,” she responded tentatively after she pulled her mouth off my cock. She paused for a few seconds then changed her mind with a grin we hadn’t seen from her yet that night. “No, wait. Bryce, darling, I still haven’t seen that big cock of yours. Get up here where I can see it,” she said, motioning toward her chest.

This request seemed to energize him, and he bolted upright and removed his jeans. This was the first time I saw his shaft and it was impressive enough for a younger man. It was very pink and very hard, not quite as long as mine, probably only 6 inches or so, but it was almost as wide. The skin was quite smooth except for a bulging blue vein along the side. Although erect for several minutes, he didn’t seem to be oozing any pre-cum. Bryce climbed on the bed, straddling her chest, his man-meat standing at full attention, pointing directly toward Monica’s face, just a few inches away. You could tell from the look on his face he was preparing himself for some first-class fellatio.

Her eyes got big as she let go of my cock and grabbed his. She lifted her head and kissed the tip before licking up and down the front, then the sides. She wrapped her lips tightly around the head, and they both moaned in unison as she sucked the head a few seconds, making those delicious smacking sounds that excite most men. “Have you ever titty-fucked a woman,” she asked him.

“No, I’ve only seen that in movies. Always wanted to though.”

“Move down a little bit,” she commanded him as she held her boobs apart for him.

Bryce moved lower, just below her tits, his hairy balls tickling her tummy. His dick was still wet from her sucking, so I figured it wouldn’t take much lubrication, which we usually used when we did it this way.

Monica wiped my leftover cum into her chest, then rubbed some up and down his shaft, stroking it a few times with her fingers wrapped all the way around. She pushed it against the center of her chest, then squeezed it between her soft breasts.

Just the tip of the head of his man-root was poking out of the top of her cleavage. He starting pumping in and out slowly as she held her tits together tightly, but his experience showed as his dick kept slipping out.

“Wow, a real titty-fuck virgin,” I thought to myself, grinning. “A few more times like this and he’ll get the hang of it,” I imagined.

He repositioned himself, leaning over farther, then went back to banging her ample bosom. He got a good rhythm going and didn’t pop out anymore, so she squeezed her tits even tighter, holding his cock down against her semen-smeared chest.

Monica closed her eyes and laid her head back, smiling slightly. She reached down and grabbed my cock in her left hand and started stroking me slowly, never opening her eyes. Since I had just blown my load, I knew I wasn’t going to climax again any time soon, but my cock still grew rock-hard again in her soft grasp.

Bryce closed his eyes and leaned his head back, continuing to fuck her tits at a steady pace. I could hear the tell-tale “squish, squish” of a well-lubricated rack-ramming.

His breathing got more hurried and he mumbled, “wow, what a PERFECT set of jugs,” under his breath. He moaned again shortly, then his breathing stopped completely. All you could hear was his member sliding in and out of this slippery tunnel. A few seconds later, he grunted, then yelled out, “Oh!”

The squishing sound became more pronounced as his cum shot out between her tits. His hips bucked forward just as a HUGE squirt of jizz hit Monica in the neck, leaving a creamy river from her chin down through her valley. He spasmed a couple more times before opening his eyes, looking straight ahead, then sitting up again.

She let go of her breasts, releasing his now-diminutive cock to dangle over the milky pond he had left for her. It was still dribbling out of the end of his softening serpent and was starting to trickle down both sides of her chest and stomach. I couldn’t believe how much man-seed he had released!

“Wow!” Monica sat up and surveyed the situation. “Umm, I think I need another shower,” she said with a giggle and huge smile on her face that she wasn’t even trying to suppress.

I buckled back up and retrieved a towel from the bathroom for my little slut of a lady. Even in our most erotic moments, she had always looked and performed like a graceful swan and devoted wife, but to see her so delighted to be covered in cum from two different men unveiled a raunchiness like I never knew was buried in her!

She held the towel tightly against her chest, grabbed her clothes from the bed and floor, and strolled titillatingly toward the bathroom door, her salient pear-shaped ass demanding our full attention. Well aware that we were gawking at her, she paused and looked over her shoulder, glanced down at her own tush, bent over just slightly—protruding it even more—then tantalizingly looked back up at us, winked, and disappeared behind the closing door.

The bathroom door clicked shut just as I heard a knock on the front door.

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