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Gemma strays outside her comfort zone with the encouragement of her husband.
Gemma stood in front of the en suite mirror, her dark hair falling over her shoulders in loose waves as she readied herself for the night ahead. She wore only a pair of black lace panties, partly to avoid getting makeup smudges on her dress but also because it gave her a warm feeling wandering around half-naked in front of her husband. She stroked her lashes with one final coat of mascara and stepped back to assess her efforts.

Zack chose that moment to appear in the open doorway, his hazel eyes meeting hers in the mirror. His gaze dropped to her bare breasts and lingered. “I need a little help with my…tie,” he said with a half-smile.

Gemma’s attention drifted over his reflection, her pleasure growing as she took in the view. They were heading out tonight to their friend Simon’s thirtieth birthday celebration, a James Bond-themed party in a private room at a local reception centre. Her husband looked the part with his usual messy brown hair styled so it sat neatly against his head. His broad shoulders filled out his white shirt and a pair of black pants hugged his narrow hips. A bow tie hung loosely around his neck; she knew he’d come to her to fasten it in place.

She set the mascara tube on the vanity and turned to him, smiling. Gemma reached up to catch the ends of his tie and manipulated the lengths into place, indulging in the urge to rub her breasts against his shirt while she worked. “You look so handsome,” she said as she breathed in the subtle scent of his cologne.

Gemma had known Zack and Simon since the three of them were teenagers; her friendship with Zack eventually developed into something more when she applied for a personal assistant position in the advertising firm where he worked. Although they’d been married for five years and intended to become parents at some point, for now it was just the two of them living in their apartment in Sydney.

He smiled. His hands smoothed down her spine, cupping her hips, pulling her close. “You’re beautiful,” he said, “but I hope you’re planning on wearing something more than this. You’ll give the guest of honour a heart attack—not that he’d be complaining.” Zack leaned in to kiss her temple and said in a low voice, “We both know how he feels about you.”

Gemma frowned, giving the impression she was concentrating on the task at hand when Zack’s comment had caused her reaction. He’d made a few remarks along those lines recently which made her think it was all leading up to something bigger. Unfortunately she had no idea what the ‘something bigger’ might be.

Simon had never made a secret of his attraction to her. Over the years it had become so obvious that even their other friends were aware of his feelings. Truth be told, she actually felt a little eager around him, too. Not enough that she’d ever think of jeopardising what she had with Zack; just enough that being near him encouraged a tingle between her thighs that made her want to jump her husband whenever they were alone. With a head of dark hair, sharp blue eyes and a jaw forever covered in a couple of days’ worth of stubble, Simon had a roguish look about him that caught the eye of many women. Despite the attention not one of them had ever managed to snap him up, which eventually led to the nickname ‘Single Simon’.

Gemma often wondered why he’d never become more involved with a woman but she had to keep reminding herself it wasn’t her problem. “It doesn’t matter how Simon feels about me,” she said. “I’m just happy I’m with you.” She pressed a soft kiss on Zack’s mouth then gave his tie a final tweak. “You really do look good; all pristine and polished. Makes me want to get you all mussed up.”

“Mmm…Later.” Zack’s hands cradled her waist, sliding upwards until his thumbs brushed the undersides of her breasts. His teeth clamped her lower lip and gave a gentle tug, his tongue flicking over the spot he’d just seized.

Her eyes drifted closed and a sigh slipped from her. She loved what he did to her, how he made her feel. “We still have time,” she said, palming the front of his pants, rubbing his hardening cock. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him. “I haven’t put my lipstick on yet. Why don’t I just unzip you and…”

His responding laugh ended on a groan when she squeezed him. “Ah, Gem. We both know I’ll only end up ruining your mascara.” He clasped her chin in his firm grip, planting a long kiss on her mouth that did nothing to cool the heat rising inside her. “Later,” he repeated his voice noticeably huskier this time around.

Gemma lingered in the open doorway of the reception centre. The cool breeze swirled about her bare legs, lifting the hem of her strapless blue dress. She gave her friend Sarah a wave and watched her head off toward her car in the parking lot. The party had finally come to an end; she happened to be the last of the guests to leave.

The night had turned out to be a big success. Simon entertained his guests with his usual playfulness and his speech was a hit, earning him cheers and laughter from the crowd. The aroma from the tempting food still hung in the air. The guys from the three piece band were in the process of packing up their equipment and a couple of waiters were now just making a final check of the room for empty glasses.

Gemma turned in search of Zack, finding him standing beside a bar table along the far wall. She’d noticed him involved in what appeared to be some in-depth conversations with Simon throughout the night but now he stood alone. The bright lights from above barely touched him where he stood in the shadows. With his imposing height and dark good looks he made an appealing vision in his tuxedo.

She paused for a moment just to appreciate the view, reminded again of the potential in the moment they’d cut short back at home. The idea of undressing him and picking up where they’d left off earlier was a temptation impossible to resist. Gemma hadn’t spent much time with him tonight. She intended to make up for that now.

She smoothed her hands over her dress and made her way across the room, her silver heels clicking on the wood floor as she approached. “Hey,” she said, smiling. “Everything’s all wrapped up. I'm ready if you're good to go.”

“Hi.” Zack pulled her in against his side, his fingers clasping her hip. “You’ve been busy.”

“I’ve had fun.” She sent him a smiling glance. Gemma had been asked to help organise the party and although she was happy to take care of the arrangements her feet now ached, begging for release from her high heels. “Where’s Simon?” she asked, scanning the room.

“He’s in the kitchen talking to the staff.” Zack hooked his arm around her neck, dragging her in close. He pressed a kiss on her forehead. “You remember he booked a hotel suite tonight?”

Gemma nodded. Simon had planned to continue on with the James Bond theme by booking an expensive suite at a luxury hotel; a limo waited outside the reception centre to take him there. At first the idea had made her smile but then she began to wonder why he’d want to spend that kind of money on something he didn’t intend to share with anyone.

“We’re invited there to have a few drinks,” Zack said. “Interested?”

A sigh travelled through her; it suddenly made more sense. “I kind of like the idea of going home,” she said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

His fingertips stroked her bare shoulder. “How about we give it an hour and if we’re not having fun we’ll leave.”

She turned to him and slid her hands inside the open jacket of his tuxedo, smoothing them around to his back. Her palms swept up and down his spine, her body pressing close. “Why don’t you go without me?” Gemma didn’t want him to leave her alone tonight but he wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend time in an exclusive suite with his best friend again anytime soon.

“Why don’t I convince you to come with me instead?” Zack smiled as his mouth descended, his lips touching hers and moving with practised ease. The thoroughness of his kiss, the subtle flicker of his tongue, made her squirm in his arms. Her fingers flexed against the muscles of his back. Arousal warmed her insides and by the time he’d finished with her she wanted a whole lot more from him than just a kiss.

Her eyes opened and she pulled back, breathless, to find Simon standing beside them studying her with an amused look on his face. “Where’s my kiss?” he asked. “Doesn’t the birthday boy deserve one?”

Gemma laughed, noting the nervous edge to the sound. Even though she’d imagined this scenario many times over her pulse kicked up at the thought of actually kissing Simon. She had a feeling some things were better left in a safe little fantasy world where emotions didn’t exist.

She checked Zack’s reaction but he didn’t appear upset about the idea. Gemma didn’t know what bothered her more—the fact that another man wanted to kiss her or that her husband didn’t mind. “Well?” she asked not sure whether she wanted him to agree or disagree.

Before Zack could answer Simon reached out and grabbed her elbow, pulling her from Zack’s arms and into his own. She let out a yelp at the suddenness of the move. He sank his hands into her long hair. His mouth turned up at one corner, his eyes meeting hers briefly before he glanced over the top of her head. “Any objections?” he asked, appearing as if he already knew the answer.

She assumed Zack must have given a shake of his head because she heard no response from him. Simon leaned in close, his thumbs caressing her cheeks as his warm breath moved over her. She braced herself for the first touch of his lips, the urges to pull away and lean closer coming over her all at once.

“Do you want me to kiss you, Gem?” His voice had become all deep and husky. His body was so close to hers, his hands touching her with a familiarity they never had before. His expression turned to one of intense desire. She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, unable to bear witness to the longing in his gaze. It reminded her too much of her own.

Although her feelings for him didn’t reach deep inside the way they did for Zack, she’d been drawn to him sexually from the moment they met. Everything she’d experienced around him told her it was purely physical, or at least mostly physical. She wasn’t worried about falling for him or getting emotionally involved. Still…

She opened her eyes and glanced at her husband. Gemma picked up on the heat in his expression as he watched her. It surprised her because it was the same look he got whenever they were intimate with each other. Her brows drew together as the thoughts continued to whirl. Realisation finally swept over her and her eyes widened. She gasped inwardly. This turned him on. This was what he’d been hinting at the past few weeks.

Gemma shifted her attention back to Simon. She nodded before she could change her mind and he gave her the slightest of smiles, apparently pleased with her answer.

This all felt surreal. To desire another man privately while being in love with her husband was one thing. She’d never seen the harm in fantasy. To follow through on those desires and indulge her needs with the encouragement of her husband…it was all a little too much to get her head around right now.

Simon tilted her chin and looked into her eyes. He dipped his head, brushing his lips across hers in a touch so soft it made her shiver. His mouth left hers and she let out a small sound of protest. He chuckled at her reaction and his lips came back for more, lingering this time, drawing out the kiss. It started out slow, teasing, searching…then his mouth grew more demanding. One hand rested at the base of her throat while the other swept down her back and pulled her against him.

Gemma tasted the smoky flavour of the whiskey he’d been drinking, felt the scratch of his stubble against her skin. She grasped the lapels of his jacket, clinging to him. His tongue swept over hers, the kiss moving into dangerous territory. The pressure had built up so much between them over the years that it had the potential to explode.

While she still had her wits about her she pulled back and gazed up at him. Her heart pounded and her fingers trembled. She released his jacket and licked her lower lip.

Simon’s breathing appeared just heavy as hers. A wicked smile claimed his features, his gaze remaining locked with hers while he addressed her husband. “Will it earn me a punch in the face if I tell you I want to get into your wife’s panties?”

Zack chuckled, actually chuckled. “No,” he said, “but only because it’s your birthday.”

She pressed her fingers to her swollen lips, looking up at Simon in shock. Was this really happening? Her gaze travelled over his face, from his fiery blue eyes to his clenched jaw. He looked like a man who had a craving that needed to be satisfied—and he’d definitely set his sights on her.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t know,” he said. “This has been building for years. The question that remains now is…” Simon paused and leaned in to whisper against her ear, “are you going to let me fuck you?”

Desire burst inside her, slamming into her stomach, tingling through her veins. Her mouth opened but she couldn’t sort through her thoughts to form words. Zack moved in beside her; his hand slid up her spine, sinking beneath her hair to massage the back of her neck. He pressed a kiss on her cheek and said in a low voice, “It’s all right with me.”

Oh, God . Gemma bit her lip and looked from her husband to Simon. Simon’s hands released her but his eyes remained fixed on her; the heat in them made her want to push him to the floor and climb on top of him. How would this change their friendship? More importantly how would it change her marriage?

Zack seemed to sense her thoughts. He urged her to turn to him and the warmth in his expression took away some of her doubts. “Seeing you with him...You’re gorgeous,” he said, kissing her mouth. “I love you.” He kissed her again, softly, nibbling her lip. “And I want to watch.”

Gemma pulled back to stare at him and tried to catch her breath. Her pulse pounded in her ears and a whole mess of excitement, anticipation and nerves flowed through her. Among the jumble of emotions she realised something didn’t quite feel right. As she looked into his eyes it all clicked into place. “You’ve already discussed this with him, haven’t you? The hotel room, the conversations between the two of you tonight…This was all set up.”

“No. You know I wouldn’t do that to you.” The way Zack kept his eyes on her rather than trying to hide made her think he was telling the truth. She threw a cautious glance at Simon. He was watching her closely but he didn’t appear as if he’d been caught out doing anything wrong.

“We’ve never spoken about this before tonight,” Zack continued. “We all know what’s going on here—the attraction between the two of you, the chemistry. The hotel room was a coincidence. There’s no pressure. The opportunity’s there if you want it, that’s all.”

Uncertainty churned within her. She could see the idea appealed to her husband and it didn’t take a genius to figure out Simon was into it as well. Two men wanted her; two masculine, alluring men. She’d never tried anything like this before. Just the thought of it had her cheeks flaming with heat and her stomach filling with butterflies. Her relationship with Zack was solid, her attraction to Simon physical. If she went ahead with this she figured they were all mature enough to handle any after-effects. Gemma couldn't decide if she wanted to talk herself into the situation or find reasons to back out now while she still could.

A movement off to the side caught her attention. She glanced over to the kitchen as one of the staff turned out the lights and slung a backpack over his shoulder. The time to think it over had come to an end.

Zack linked his fingers with hers and gave them a squeeze. “Forget about it, Gem. It’s not worth upsetting you. Let’s go,” he said. There wasn't even a trace of disappointment in his tone. He led her across the dance floor with Simon keeping pace. It all happened too quickly for her to think it through but her general feeling was that she should take this chance in case it never came up again.

She planted her feet, causing Zack to stop with her. He turned to face her with a questioning look in his eyes. “I want to do it,” she said. His fingers tightened briefly around hers. Gemma shot a glance at Simon just in time to see his features relax. “I want to,” she said again.

Simon stepped up beside her and cupped the back of her neck to draw her to him. “Better hurry to the bathroom and take those panties off then,” he said, “because I’ve got plans for you in the limo.” He kissed her, but not in the harsh, passionate way she’d expected him to; it was soft, unbelievably gentle and when he pulled away the smile he gave her made her ache inside. “Go,” he said.

Gemma caught up to Zack and Simon outside a few moments later. A full moon illuminated the quiet parking lot. The driver stood beside the open door of the limousine and Simon gestured with a sweep of his hand for her to jump in. Just as she passed him by Gemma reached out and shoved her balled up lace panties into his palm. His fingers curled around the bundle and he shoved them in his pocket, chuckling as she climbed inside. She pressed her dress against her body to avoid putting on a show for the driver—who probably already wondered what the three of them were up to—and settled onto the seat that backed against the privacy partition. Her husband followed her, taking the spot on her left while Simon took the one on the right.

The door closed and she let out the breath she’d been holding. The sudden hum of the motor kicking in made her flinch. She felt naked without her panties on and couldn’t seem to calm her racing pulse. Gemma clutched the edge of the seat as the car pulled out from the parking lot. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was that made her feel so nervous. She’d thought about this many times and her husband had made it perfectly clear that he wanted it as much as she did.

"Relax," Zack said softly. He pressed his mouth to hers and she found the feel of his lips, the stroke of his fingers, were just what she needed. His hand moved around her waist, holding her to him. Gemma closed her eyes and let his touch soothe her, forgetting for the moment that Simon shared the space with them. She leaned into her husband, taking comfort from his closeness. Knowing he’d be there during the whole encounter helped settle her.

Gemma’s mouth moved slowly with his as he took the kiss deeper, his tongue caressing hers. She pressed her palm to his chest and felt the rhythmic thump of his heart beneath her fingertips. Her tongue pushed back against his and the tension inside her eased, her body turning lax in his arms.

Long moments later when different sensations had begun building inside her Gemma broke the kiss to draw in air and gather her senses. She opened her eyes and glanced sideways at Simon, sending him an apologetic smile. She’d barely noticed his presence or the fact that they were in a moving vehicle.

He shook his head and let out a laughing breath.

“What?” Gemma fought a losing battle to stop her smile from growing wider.

He hooked one arm around her hip while the other hand gripped her thigh. “Come here,” he said, pulling her across to straddle his lap.

The sudden change in position shocked her. The closeness to Simon, the feel of his hard muscles beneath her, only increased the arousal Zack had created. Her dress bunched around her thighs and her knees settled either side of him. He slipped one of his hands over her ass and she took a bracing breath, glancing out the tinted window as the city lights whizzed by. They’d be at the hotel soon. “What are you going to do to me?” she asked, wondering what he could manage in such a short space of time.

He pulled her closer and whispered, “I’m going to play with your pussy and make you come all over my fingers.”

Lust surged deep in her belly. Gemma let out a sound that was somewhere between a whimper and a moan. She tried to kiss him but he moved his mouth out of reach and looked her in the eyes. “Tell me you want it,” he said. “Say it nice and loud so your husband can hear you.”

Gemma stole a quick look at Zack who appeared completely immersed in the moment. In that instant any lingering doubts she’d had about him wanting her to go through with this disappeared. “I want it,” she said breathlessly, meeting Simon’s gaze again.

He clasped her chin and kissed her mouth. “Tell me,” he said.

“Make me come…make me come all over your fingers.” She’d spoken this way to Zack before but they’d been together for years. It was easy to let go with him. To talk like this with a man who’d only been a friend up until now made her feel brazen…and eager for so much more.

She curved her hand around Simon’s neck and pulled his mouth back to meet hers, needing his touch, the thrust of his tongue. His groan was low and sexy against her mouth, building the heat inside her until she thought she’d shatter with the need she felt for him. She kissed him hard, loving the crush of his lips, the sweep of his tongue. Her body arched against him, telling him without words how much she wanted everything he had to offer.

They turned a corner and the limo swayed. Simon’s hand tightened on her ass, pressing her closer to stop her from falling. He slipped his other hand under the hem of her dress, his lips keeping hers busy while his fingers trailed along her inner thigh.

She knew the exact moment he discovered how wet she’d become because he growled deep in his throat. He teased her slick folds while his lips played over hers. Gemma sank her hand into his hair and reached out for her husband with her other hand. She heard him slide closer on the seat then his fingers intertwined with hers.

Simon circled her swollen nub, spreading her moisture with the pad of his thumb. Gemma gripped his hair and kissed him roughly, desperate now for more. He pushed two fingers inside her, sliding into her wet warmth then drawing back to plunge into her again. A rush of sensations charged through her. She rocked against his hand and pulled her mouth from his to suck in a breath of air. “Ahh…Simon…I—“

He kissed her throat, leaving a trail of warmth over her skin. “You like that don’t you, Gem? Another man’s fingers deep in your pussy while your husband watches.”

Oh, God, she did. What did that say about her? What was wrong with her? Gemma shifted her gaze to Zack and found him watching her with a slight smile on his face. He took her hand and placed it over his erection; it throbbed beneath her fingertips. She’d never felt him so hard before. His eyes closed and he leaned against the seat, groaning at her touch. “Yes,” she said, squeezing his cock before she released him and turned back to Simon. “I love it. So much.

He pulled her closer and kissed her with more passion than she’d felt from him yet. His hand moved to lower the zip on the back of her dress. His fingers kept working between her legs, teasing, arousing. He massaged her clit while he tugged her loosened dress lower to reveal her breasts. Gemma helped by shoving the gathered material down further, thankful she’d chosen not to wear a bra tonight.

She heard him let out a harsh sigh through his nose as he clasped one of her breasts. His forefinger and thumb worked her nipple into a tightened peak. His breathing grew heavy as he touched her. Her hips bucked against his hand, pressing down to meet the slide of his fingers. She wanted to tear his pants open and get to his cock, to sink down on his hard length and feel him push inside her. There wasn’t enough time.

Gemma pulled her mouth from his and glanced out at the darkened street. They were almost there. She turned back to Simon and met his eyes. “I need your cock so bad,” she said breathlessly. “I want it. I want it now.” Her lips felt swollen, her cheeks were flushed. She couldn’t get enough of him.

The expression on his face, the way his attention dropped to her bared breasts and his jaw tightened, gave the impression he wanted to devour her. “You’ll get it,” he said looking up at her again. “Fucking hell, you’ll get it.” His fingers slipped inside her, pumping into her quickly. She pushed down to deepen his upward thrusts, wild now with desire.

Gemma shoved her hand beneath her dress and caressed her engorged clit while his fingers plunged inside her. Her hips moved restlessly, her breaths came in rapid pants. She rubbed herself and rotated her hips, needing to keep moving, chasing the release.

Simon reached up and gripped her hair, pressing his lips to hers, holding her right where he wanted her. His tongue thrust into her waiting mouth. His hand brushed against her moving fingers. She heard his long groan, the sound sending goose bumps rushing over her.

Gemma had no idea how Zack was handling this; she couldn’t focus on anything other than the climax building inside her. Simon kept at her, his fingers plunging into her warmth while his mouth moved to her throat. His damp kisses were like a brand against her flushed skin. “C’mon, Gem,” he coaxed. “Come for me.” His voice had deepened and taken on a husky edge.

“I’m so close, I’m so…” She kissed his forehead and leaned her cheek on his shoulder, her face turned toward her husband. Her blurred vision settled on him, slowly focusing on his tense features as she continued rubbing away at her pussy. Her hips jerked, Simon’s fingers thrust in and out of her.

She watched Zack, her mouth opening as she gasped. The sensations swelled and built until…she held her breath and it all exploded inside her. “ God,” she said between gritted teeth. Zack held her free hand as she moaned and her hips jolted. She sobbed and let it go, coming hard against Simon’s palm just as he’d told her she would.

Her body trembled. Her eyes closed and she savoured the final tingles of pleasure as they moved through her. Simon took his hand from beneath her dress and hugged her to him, keeping her close. 

Zack stroked her arm and leaned in to kiss her. “Gem…that was…I can’t even explain…”

She smiled with contentment, wanting to soak up the moment, to sit with him and Simon for a while longer. As the limousine came to a stop Gemma had to fight her way through the sensual haze that surrounded her to fix her clothing before the door opened.

She disentangled herself from Simon’s arms, leaning back to pull her dress into place. Simon pressed his lips to the corner of her mouth as he zipped her up. “For a preview,” he said, “that was impressive.” He cradled her chin in his hands so he could kiss her again. “I can’t wait for the main show,” he murmured against her mouth.

Simon strolled into the hotel suite behind Zack and Gemma, his mind still on the encounter he’d shared with her. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, the expression on her face, the way she’d writhed against him and begged for his cock. He’d barely been able to hold back from shoving her against the elevator wall to continue what they’d started in the limo. Watching her, waiting while each floor passed by with painstaking slowness, only increased the need. The sexy little looks she’d given him hadn’t helped the situation either; his erection throbbed now as a constant reminder.

He shrugged out of his jacket while Zack wandered into the kitchen. Gemma stepped from her high heels and stood in the entryway taking in the elegance of the room. She combed her fingers through her long dark hair and glanced over her shoulder at him, her eyes meeting his briefly. The blush in her cheeks deepened before she smiled and looked away.

Simon chuckled to himself and walked over to her, trailing his fingertip down her spine as he moved past her into the living room. The shiver that stole over her showed promise; her sharp intake of breath made him want to bend her over the couch right there. He draped his jacket along the back of the cream-coloured sofa and kicked off his shoes.

He turned to face Gemma, opening a couple of buttons on his shirt, wanting to keep things moving before anyone changed their minds. “Now's a good time to let me know if anything's off limits," he said. He flicked open another button, noticing the way Gemma’s eyes followed the movement. He held back a smile, wondering if she was remembering how his fingers had moved over her just a short time ago.

Zack had discovered the bottle of whisky Simon had left there while he was getting ready for his party earlier in the night. He poured himself a glass and replied, “No blowjobs. I love my wife, I love kissing her. Don’t ruin it for me.”

Simon’s gaze dropped to Gem's lips as she stared up at him. He could almost feel the warmth of her mouth, the moist glide of her tongue as his fingers tangled in her hair. As much as he wanted to experience that for real with her he'd have to let go of the idea. “Okay,” he said. “No blowjobs. Anything else?”

“That’s up to Gem,” Zack said. He took his glass and gestured to the doorway on the opposite side of the living room. Simon realised he was questioning whether it led to the bedroom. He nodded and the three of them headed there together.

He’d opened his shirt fully now, revealing a chest that Gemma appeared to like looking at. He gave her a knowing smile and captured her zipper as they walked, tugging it down until her dress would have fallen if she hadn’t clamped her hand across her breasts to keep it in place. "Hey!" she said, smiling. “Can’t you wait two more minutes?”

She obviously had no idea how much he was holding back. An amused breath left him as he snagged her around the waist. “Actually, no.”

Simon swung her up into his arms, surprised again by the shock that travelled through him every time her body came into contact with his. She let out a surprised laugh and gripped his shoulder for support. Her slackened dress dipped lower as they entered the bedroom but the scene before them took her attention and it went unnoticed.

The glow from the lamp he’d left on highlighted the king-size bed against the far wall; a luxurious armchair filled one corner and the floor-to-ceiling window showcased the stunning view of the Opera House across the harbour. He’d taken it all in several hours ago and only wanted to look at her right now.

“What an amazing view,” she said breathlessly as he set her down beside the bed.

“I agree.” She must have heard the husky timbre in his voice because she looked up to find him taking in the sight of her half-bared breasts instead of the scenery outside. His gaze lingered on her exposed nipples and he wondered if the hunger growing inside him showed in his eyes.

Gemma clasped the loosened material and began pulling it higher. “Ahh, no you don’t,” Simon said as he grabbed her wrists and held them together. He reached for her zipper and slid it the remainder of the way down. With a flick of his fingers he had her dress pooled at her feet, leaving her completely exposed. She stood there in nothing but a diamond necklace, her hair spilling over her shoulders. He looked her over, wanting to pick her up and throw her on the bed.

Simon heard a movement at his back and glanced behind him to see Zack settling on the chair in the corner, resting his drink on the arm. His relaxed body language gave the impression he was still comfortable with it all. They’d already discussed the situation so he knew his friend only intended to watch. He’d also told Zack to stop the action whenever he felt the need, although he hoped like hell it never came to that.

Gem’s wrists slid free from his restraining hold. She cradled his chin and turned him back to her, pressing her lips to his in a kiss that shook every other thought but her from his mind. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, clasping her ass, kneading her buttocks. He loved that she’d taken the initiative rather than waiting for him to lead the way. His mouth travelled over hers in a rough kiss that showed only a portion of the deep craving inside him.

Once he had his hands on her, his mouth on her, he struggled to stay in control of his senses. Her palms swept his open shirt from his shoulders, shoving the sleeves to his elbows. Simon pulled it from his body and dropped it beside him. His arms went around her again, his hand sinking beneath her hair to clasp the back of her neck. He groaned and his heart hammered at the feel of her bare breasts against his chest.

She pulled her mouth free and stared at him breathlessly. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said. Her gaze clashed with his then flickered over his shoulder in search of Zack.

“I know the feeling.” Simon dragged her mouth back for more, not willing to break the contact for more than a few seconds.

She slid her hands between the crush of their bodies and fumbled with the button on his pants. He could have helped her but he wanted her to undress him, to take what she needed, to use him for her pleasure. His tongue thrust against hers, his grip tightening at the back of her neck. She moaned and worked the button open, tugging at his fly until she'd created enough space to push her hand inside.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, holding his breath as her fingers dipped beneath the waistband of his boxer briefs. She wrapped her hand around his cock and... fuck…the air whooshed out of him and he struggled to breathe. She massaged his hard length, her touch making him shudder.

Simon cupped her breast and teased her nipple, groaning at the way her back arched in response. Their shallow breaths intermingled. The urgency between them grew. He gave her a long kiss in an effort to slow down but it only made him want her more. Her thumb found the moisture on the head of his cock, swirling over the sensitive tip. He swore against her mouth and walked her backwards to the bed, stopping when her thighs met the mattress.

He kissed her hard, her hand slipping from his underwear as he urged her to sit on the edge of the bed. Simon pushed his pants over his hips and let them fall to his ankles. He stepped out of them, kicked them aside and stripped off his socks, his black boxer briefs the only barrier between them now.

The way her gaze drifted over his body had desire coursing through him; she looked as if she took pleasure in each new discovery. Her hands came up to rest on his stomach, spreading over his skin, trailing down to caress the bulge between his legs. He closed his eyes, letting her explore, welcoming the touch of her hands. She rubbed his cock through the taut cotton, her palm sliding up the length of him. He groaned and sank his hands in her hair, fighting the urge to pull her mouth onto him.

She hooked her fingers over the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down, tucking the bunched material beneath his balls. Simon’s eyes blinked open just in time to see her tongue moisten her lower lip. Right at that moment he wanted her with a fierceness he’d never experienced before.

He kept watching her, taken with the way she savoured the view. She glanced up at him; it was impossible to miss the need in those big blue eyes of hers. If she opened her mouth he could just slide right inside that wet warmth. They both knew it; they both wanted the same thing.

“Just one lick,” she whispered. Her fingers curled around his length and she brought him closer.

Simon had no idea if she meant to follow through on that promise even after Zack had mentioned it was off limits. Regardless, he wouldn’t risk two friendships over one lick…suck…whatever the hell it was she wanted to do to him. He forced himself to ignore her plea and lifted her, moving onto the bed. He laid her against the pillows and climbed over her, bracing himself on his elbows. “You sweet little fucking tease,” he said, letting out a tortured laugh as he nuzzled her throat.

“Who says I was teasing?” She clasped his face in her hands and lifted his mouth to meet hers. “Your cock’s so lickable.” She flicked her tongue over his lower lip as if demonstrating what she’d wanted to do further down his body. Her knees parted and her arms went around him, her fingertips sweeping up and down his spine.

He groaned and lowered his hips, settling between her spread thighs. The tip of his erection nudged her slick pussy. She moved restlessly beneath him, urging him to take what she offered. He saw the silent appeal in her eyes, felt the warmth emanating from her. Although he’d been tempted in the past by women he couldn’t have, the idea of finally being with his best friend’s wife, the woman who’d tempted him most, seemed unreal.

He kept his eyes on her, refusing to look in Zack’s direction. He should’ve considered which position gave his friend the best view but Simon didn’t want to face him in case he saw something in his expression that made him want to stop.

He dipped his head, his lips playing over Gem’s throat as he eased inside her…slowly…relishing the feeling of her body welcoming him in. He heard her deep sigh of relief as he filled her. His jaw clenched and he closed his eyes at the unbelievable heat of her.

Her fingers clutched his shoulders, digging into his muscles as he pulled back and plunged again. The sensation of her intimately clenching his cock, her slick warmth enveloping him, had Simon expelling his breath in a long groan. His hand slid beneath her and gripped her ass, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. He withdrew and sank inside her again, deeper this time. He struggled to maintain control, to draw out the pleasure and make it last. The overwhelming urge came over him to thrust faster, harder, to keep going until he heard her scream her release.

His eyes drifted open and he lifted his head to kiss her. Her cheek was resting against the pillow, her attention on her husband while Simon fucked her. The look of love in her eyes encouraged an irrational streak of jealousy in him and he almost laughed at the absurdity of it all. She wasn’t his; she didn’t belong to him.

He seized her chin and turned her to face him. It took a moment for her eyes to focus and when they did, he kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth just as his cock thrust into her body. She wrapped him in her arms and pulled him closer, whimpering against his mouth as her thighs clamped around him.

A surge of tenderness took him by surprise and had him stroking her cheek as he plunged inside her. The softness of her body, the feel of her slick skin sliding against his, stirred the desire inside him until he felt like he couldn’t take any more. Her back arched and she tore her mouth from his to utter in a breathy voice, “Harder. Harder.”

The way she looked at him right then made him want to give her anything she asked of him. He pressed a smacking kiss on her mouth and pulled out of her. He flipped her onto her stomach, her cry of surprise sending a slight smile across his face.

He positioned her so she could see Zack and pulled her hips up to meet his. She sent Simon a glance over her shoulder and while he held her gaze he pushed his cock back inside her. Her mouth fell open and a hoarse moan came from her parted lips. He let out a growl at the feel of her, clutching her hips, dragging her back to meet his thrusts.

Her hair draped across the sheets, the muscles in her back shifting as she shoved against him. The connection between them deepened, sending him closer to the edge. He threw a fleeting glance at Zack and saw him adjusting himself through his pants, unable to take his eyes off his wife. Simon understood the obsession and gripped her hips harder, keeping up his relentless thrusts.

One of her hands clutched the bedding while the other disappeared beneath her body. He thought she was going to rub herself but her fingertips brushed against his balls, stroking him, teasing him. Simon swore and closed his eyes, bucking against her. He couldn’t hold back anymore. The sounds that came from her now were low, husky moans that turned him on almost as much as her touches.

His palm slid up her spine, his fingers clasping the back of her neck. Simon’s thrusts shallowed and he picked up the pace, reaching for the climax they both craved.

Gem sobbed and cried out, “More, Simon...more.”

After the episode in the limo he knew what it took to get her over the line. He leaned over her and swept the hair from her eyes, thrusting inside her while he rested his mouth beside her ear. “Look at your husband, Gem. Look at him while another man makes you come.”

She moaned and clenched her eyes closed for just a second, then opened them and searched for Zack. Simon watched them watching each other, the situation one of the strangest, most intimate he’d ever experienced. His fingers dug into the flesh at her hips. His lips caressed her cheek. He shoved his cock deep inside her and she jolted against him. His stomach clenched. Her cries of need turned to shouts of release and she lost it, moaning…jerking…trembling beneath him.

A surge of desire sped through him. Simon kissed her flushed cheek and leaned back, bracing himself behind her. He drove into her hard, fast, his harsh breaths mingling with her soft sighs. The feel of her, the noises she made…he kept going until he held his hips against hers and with one final thrust, closed his eyes and came inside her.

Everything slowed to a stop. Simon tipped his head back and dragged in a shuddering breath, trying to gather his thoughts for the moment when reality crept back in. He collapsed against her, holding some of his weight off her with his elbow. Gemma’s legs stretched out under him, her fingers caressing the hand he’d rested on her hip.

He smiled and pressed a kiss to her shoulderblade then flicked the tip of his tongue over the damp skin on the back of her neck. He wanted to stay here with her, fall asleep with her beside him and wake up in the morning to start on her all over again…but he didn’t any need experience with these situations to know how they worked. Simon placed one last kiss on her soft, panting lips and pushed off the bed, shooting Zack a curious glance as he wandered into the bathroom.

Zack pulled Gemma against him in the back seat of the taxi, stroking his fingertips down her arm as they passed under a street light. He’d been keeping a close eye on her since they’d left Simon at the hotel, hoping she’d got as much—or more—out of the encounter as he had.

He’d never been a part of something so frustrating, arousing or tempting before and as a result he was still rock hard. Back in the hotel room he'd struggled to tamp down the need to stride over to the bed and shove Simon aside so he could take over. Even now he had to continually fight the desire to pull her onto his lap and continue on where his friend had left off.

The mood between the three of them afterwards hadn’t been as awkward as he’d expected. With Simon disappearing into the bathroom, Zack had the opportunity to speak to Gem alone and make sure she was okay. She’d been breathless and overwhelmed but the general feeling he got from her was a positive one. When Simon appeared again, showered and wearing a towel around his waist, Gemma had already slipped back into her dress and fixed her smudged make up.

They’d talked a little; Gemma had given Simon a long kiss goodbye and Zack left with her at his side. Now, when he looked across at her all he saw was a relaxed woman with a satisfied smile playing about her lips.

“You enjoyed that,” he said.

Gemma nodded and took his free hand, interlocking her fingers with his. “I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Are you okay with everything?”

“Uh huh.” Zack lowered his head and brushed his lips over hers. “You were unbelievably sexy. So much so that it made me want to get involved. Maybe next time.”

She didn’t appear surprised by his suggestion. Gemma smiled and looked at him for a long moment before she gazed out the window into the darkness. “I don’t want it to be with anyone else,” she said. “Only Simon—and only if you’re there.”

Zack leaned in and left a trail of kisses over her throat, making his way up to her ear. “Works for me,” he said, nibbling at her lobe. “And, Gem?”

She turned to face him, pressing her lips together with an expectant expression.

“I love you,” he said.

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