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Is this a Fantasy?

How it happened.
I am Bob and I have a lovely wife who is 14 years younger than myself. She is only 5’ tall, petite with big lovely tits. We are very sexually active and it is not unusual for us to make love twice a day but, due to work commitments, we were now lucky if we make love twice a week. In an attempt to spice our sex life up, I bought her a blindfold and a few sex toys, as she sometimes likes it rough.

I ran her a nice hot bath for her, after work. She stripped and her naked body slid into the bath. She laid back in the bubbles. They came to rest on her erect nipples. I picked up her dirty clothes and took them to the laundry basket. I found myself smelling her panties and I couldn't help myself. The smell of her pussy made my cock stand at attention, as usual. To my amazement, they were wet and smelled of sex. I chocked it up to her being horny. 

I looked through the door and she seemed to be playing with her pussy. Maybe I just wanted to see that. She may have just been washing herself. When she came out the bathroom she had a towel wrapped around her. As she walked into the bedroom I told her, "Lie down on your back, I have plans for you." 

She laid back, I blindfolded her, pulled her hair and smacked her saying she had been a bad girl. She went quiet, as if riddled with guilt. 

"I have invited a friend over to fuck you while you are blindfolded. You will enjoy that, won’t you?"
"Ok if I can pick the guy."

My heart missed a beat as she actually was considering it. "I have already picked the guy."
"Alright then, let’s get the party started," she demanded.

I picked up her mobile phone, called mine and pretended as I answered, "Yea we are all ready, come on over." 

She was very aroused. I could smell her aroma. I knocked the bedroom door and pretended to let the guy in. Once back in the room, I said, "This is my wife and she wants you to fuck her."
I touched her differently and we had sex. I don’t know if she went along with it but the sex was great. I ushered the imaginary guy out the front door and then took the blindfold off her. 

"Did you enjoy that?"

"I did and want to do it again, without the blindfold," she replied.

I gasped but could not say anything as I started the ball rolling. How could I back out. I just let another guy fuck her, so she thought. Was this the opening she needed? We went to bed early and she made love to me twice that night.

All week, she kept talking about how good the guy was and how she could not wait to fuck another guy without the blindfold. She was getting carried away and was soaking wet she wanted to try a large thick white cock. The next night was the same; she seemed to have returned to her sexy self.

She mentioned that there was a site on the net to meet local swingers, her friend told her about it and we should join it for free. Our sex life was great again but what had I started? The next night she turned on the laptop and logged onto this site, naked.

She informed me that she had made our profile while at work. She told me to look through the site as she went down on me. The site had lots of singles and couples on it. They were straight and bi.

She asked me, "Do you want us to meet a female and you can watch me do a bi-scene?" 
This really excited me and I shot my load right in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but then kissed me and some of my cum was transferred to my mouth, I loved it. Now she took control of the laptop and done a search for single guys that were local to us. She highlighted a few and asked me to pick one, there were so many guys to choose from. After narrowing them down to three guys, two bi guys and one straight one. She sent them all a message and two replied within seconds.

"We will have fun with both of them, on separate nights," she replied.

She had arranged a meet for tomorrow night and one for next week. She gave them her mobile number. I was annoyed but excited. I was going to see another guy fuck my wife for real this time.

I was hard again and my wife was wet. She sat on me and let my 6 inch cock slip in her and she moved up and down on my shaft. Her mobile rang and it was one of the guys. She got wetter and hornier the more she spoke to him. It turned me on and I soon erupted and shot my load deep in to my wife’s pussy. I had cum too quickly, again.

She climbed off and pushed my head between her legs to clean her up. I had never done this before but she said it would make me hard again for her second session. I overheard him say he had 9 inch cock.

I got hard again and she fucked me three times that night while talking about this guy’s cock. She described it as if she had seen it before. She told me she was going to also invite a female to join us one night so she could have some fem on fem fun. She wanted to watch as I fucked the other woman too.

The next day was a long one and my stomach churned all day. My wife arrived home early, took a bath and shaved her pussy.

"This time," she told me, "It is your turn for the blindfold."
She put a chair next to our bed, made me strip naked, tied my hands to the back of the chair and blindfolded me. I chuckled to myself, she knew I never invited that guy round and she was now doing the same to me. I played along.

Right on cue her phone rang. Okay, it did sound real - better than my role play. She disappeared and returned chatting, she was now copying me. 
"Take your clothes off... oh my God what a cock you have. Look at how small my hubby’s is compared to yours. Here are my panties, you can smell them while I try and get that dick in my mouth."
I was getting hard now, the unknown. It went quite but I could smell the sex of my wife’s pussy. It was soaking wet and it seemed ages before I heard my wife speak.

"You are going to cum, cum in my mouth, I want to swallow the lot," she said.

Was there someone there? No, I reassured myself. My wife leaned over and stroked my hard dick. 

She whispered in my ear, "I really enjoyed that." 

She then kissed me full on the lips, tonguing me. There was some liquid now in my mouth and it tasted funny. What has my wife drunk to spit in my mouth? This made me so horny. Yes, she was good at acting.

She returned to our bed to get fucked. I knew it was not real. No guy could get hard again that quick, could they? She started to moan and I envisioned her slapping her leg to make the sound like a guy’s balls slapping into her ass in doggy style.

Yea she was good, after about 20 minutes she moaned in orgasm and half moaned, "Fill me, fill me."

Still mocking me, she walked to the front door to show this imaginary guy out. When she returned she took my blind fold off, untied me and pulled my face into her pussy.

She moaned, "Clean up my pussy." 

I played along and started licking her out but I thought I could smell spunk. I thought I tasted cum and I thought spunk was running down the inside of her leg. Was I being paranoid? Surely she would not let her husband eat another guys cum, would she?

She pulled me into her soaking pussy. I slid in and fucked her. I did not last long because of the things she was saying. 

"I had two orgasms and feel how a woman should feel after sex. I have just been fucked hard and my pussy is sore as his big cock stretched it wide open." 

It was just her fantasy. I had never made her cum twice. 
"How did you like the taste of another guys cum?" 

I did not reply.

Now we fuck every night, twice a night sometimes and three times if she talks about her imaginary boyfriend. The more aroused I become, the quicker I shoot my load.

"I cannot wait until next week. We met the other guy without the blind fold. We are now officially swingers,” I hear her say as she turned over to go to sleep.

This excited me. How was she going to do this, without the blindfold, I wondered?

Next week came ... 
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