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Is This Just the Beginning?

A new day is dawning for the infatuated online friends…
It’s been building up for quite some time now. It seems that from day one there’s been this connection, this sensual joining at the proverbial hip. Whatever I’m into, she seems to be right there with me.

A person who loves freely: check

Taking care of oneself by religiously working out: check.

Embracing the importance of staying true to yourself: check.

Being diligent to eat healthy: check.

Investing in relationships as a major priority in life: check.

Loves to talk and laugh: check.

Often misunderstood, seems to always be swimming against the tide: check.

A very passionate and sensual person: checkmate.

It seems that no matter the subject we are almost always on the same page. And so it is that we’ve enjoyed each other’s company on pretty much a daily basis. At times it’s a quick email and other times it’s a lengthy chat. We’ve enjoyed calling each other when it’s opportune. That doesn’t always work, what with our spouses consistently nearby. But the effort is there and we’ve definitely made the other a real priority in our lives.

The only negative we have found, if you want to call it that, is our close proximity to one another. When you’re married and looking for somebody online, and you don’t intend to have an affair but to just find some ‘safe’ company. As a result, you tend to look far, far away. As it happens we became friends and soon found out we lived only 100 miles apart. It was a wonderful discovery. It was also a discovery that was filled with angst. We’re just a bit too close…

That takes us to today. I woke up with a wild hair up my ass and thought what the hell. We chatted and talked in the morning as we usually did and then I informed her that I’d be tied up for a while.

“I’ll keep in touch, I just have a busy one today. I’ll find you when I can!”

“Okay honey…miss me!” Her sexy voice always melts my heart.

Now, to be accurate, I did make a lot of calls this morning and sure enough, most were business related. If I was on the phone with her it would soon be obvious that I was in my car driving. What I didn’t want her asking is where I was driving to. I’m a guy who doesn’t embrace lying too well and so I figure why back myself into a corner to where I have to. After all, my main goal today is just to surprise her. We’ve seen many pictures of each other but have never met, never really planned to. Thus the wild hair thing. Ninety minutes later I’m within a mile of her work. I figure it’s safe to call now.

“So how’s your day going girl?”

“Good, getting a lot done. I was a bit behind, what with this constant distraction in my life!” I can feel her smile through the phone. “Are you driving right now?”

“Yep, just running an errand and thought how I’d love to hear your sexy voice. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, I enjoy an interruption like this! How’s your day going so far?”

“It’s good. I’m about to have another meeting that I’m a bit anxious about but I'm sure it’ll be good. It’s certainly time for this but I’m just a tad nervous is all.” I’ve just parked my car and turned the engine off. I’m looking through the glass into her large office building. I know she’s on the second floor but I don’t have a clue as to where her desk is at.

“Nervous, that’s so unlike you, the big businessman. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak of being nervous before. Is this some kind of special meeting or something?” she inquires.

“Oh honey, you could definitely say that. Where are you now, still at the office?”

“Yes and I’m starving, about to eat my yogurt.”

“You’re not going to go out for lunch? They have you work through it?” I ask.

“No, they’ll let me do whatever I want. It’s just better for me to work through and get off that much earlier.” I can hear her open the top to her food.

“That makes sense. Is the freeway busy today?” She normally takes the freeway home. I remember that she checks out the window to assess the traffic before deciding her route for the drive home.

And there she is, my intoxicatingly beautiful friend, looking past me to obtain the visual traffic report from 100 feet above my head. Damn, she is smoking hot!

“It looks good so far, but I don’t leave for a couple more hours.” Her right hand is resting on her hip as she’s talking to me. Since she’s wearing earphones and so both of her hands are free; her other hand is playing with her hair, wrapping it nervously around her fingers. She once told me she does that when she’s nervous – or horny.

“Look down now…check out the silver 4Runner in the parking lot.”

She is deadly silent as the hair twirling stops and her beautiful eyes scour the pavement. An eternity later she finds it and the anxious man leaning forward on his steering wheel waving at her.

“Shit…I’m taking my lunch now…be back soon!” she says to her co-workers before the phone dies in my ear. A minute later she’s scurrying out the door as if the building’s on fire; she’s on a mission, a beeline straight for me.

“Hi baby!” I say as I meet her in front of my car then walk her to the passenger side and help her in. Soon I’m seated right beside my beauty.

“What are you doing? Why are you here?” Her eyes are frantic with a combination of nerves and delight. She’s shocked as she considers that I’ve just spent two hours on the road. I guess she doesn’t realize just how far I’d be willing to go for the chance to meet her. I smile at her warmly and begin to explain.

“I just had to come by. I knew the longer I waited the harder it would be. I just had to meet you honey.” Her eyes are riveted to mine and they are staring saucer-like at me, like a startled deer caught in the hunter’s scope. I look down and realize I’ve taken her tiny hand into mine; everything seems so natural. Her big, beautiful eyes slowly close and her chest expands as she takes in a ragged breath. She’s wearing a beautiful sun dress and sexy leather sandals. Her sun-kissed skin is full of tiny, sexy freckles wrapped around her golden tan. She looks damn gorgeous. She finally looks up and turns to me.

“I can’t believe you came!

“It’s a two hour drive honey. Hell, I’d swim that far to see you!” My smile assures her that I’m not just blowing smoke. I really would.

I don’t think either of us thought we’d ever meet but here we are. We are both struggling for breath and just the right words to say. Her penetrating eyes feel like they’re piercing my very soul. To hell with words, I haven’t kissed another woman in decades and I can’t help myself. As my left hand continues to hold hers, my right slips through her hair and on to her tiny neck. I cup it in my fingers and pull her towards my lips. She moans as soon as our lips touch. I’ve never felt such softness and warmth. All the trepidation and nervousness falls by the wayside in one fell swoop as my tongue slides tenderly between her lips. A moment or two later, tenderness bows a knee to passion and the urgency of desire erupts through our entire being. The passion builds as she moans into my mouth and it is nothing short of amazing. It’s as if we’ve known this too for many years.

As we part lips I look up and see one of her co-workers walk by the large windows. This isn’t too smart, I think to myself. As I start the engine she asks where we’re going.

“We need a little more privacy...”

In a matter of minutes the truck has traveled several hundred yards and is parked in a more secluded area on the far, more remote end of the parking lot. Here there will be no onlookers leering out the windows and few, if any, interruptions on foot or by cars passing by. I can’t stay long with her, but I sure don’t feel like looking over my shoulder every other second and wondering if someone is watching us.

“Now, where were we?” I ask playfully as I lean in again and take her lips. This time my hand is resting on the inside of her incredibly soft left thigh. I have never felt anything so hot, so inviting. That is until she pulls away from my mouth, looks down at her legs, and slowly spreads them wide. My cock is throbbing when she looks seductively back up at me. Talk about fucking inviting! Now I’m the deer in the headlights, just frozen by her bold, welcoming move. When she takes a hold of my wrist and leads it higher up her leg, the hesitant deer is gone and the wild buck begins to rear his head.

“Do you need something baby?” I ask as my fingers scale the dream-like smoothness beneath her skirt. As I near her core I can feel the heat of her sex. She is on fire...

Biting down on her lower lip a soft, yet heavenly moan escapes her lovely mouth as she slowly nods her head. “Yes, I need you!” As my mouth covers hers, my index is swiping upward, reaching for the soft fabric that covers her mound. To my surprise, there is nothing that separates her dripping bare mound from the touch of my hand. My eyes bug open - as do hers - as my fingers flicks the hardest clit - wettest clit - I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching. It is silky smooth and her nectar is coating my fingers. She moans into my mouth as her eyes clench shut as first one, then two digits are lost inside her steamy folds.

“Ohhhhhhhhh......Fuck..........” she moans, her back arching as she attempts to impale herself ever deeper onto my fingers as I fuck her cunny. My tongue is driving into her mouth as well as I do my best to muffle her cries from the rest of the outside world.

“Stop...Stop...Please, STOP!!!!” she hisses. I think something is wrong, like I’ve cut her with a fingernail or something but I can tell by the look in her eyes that all is well, she’s just overwhelmed by the way her body is screaming.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll know when to stop!” I say and then pick up the tempo, pistoning my fingers up onto her G spot. Seconds later I’m holding on to what feels like a bucking bronco as her orgasm washes over her entire body and completely floods my hand. I’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Her beautiful eyes are staring blankly at me, seemingly unable to even blink.

“And I’m so glad you came!” I say, mesmerized by her sensual beauty even as she struggles to just take another breath. I could look at her for hours. She is so damn beautiful, it is almost surreal. And her is blistering hot. I begin to remove my dripping hand from beneath her skirt. As soon as it is visible, the glossy sheen covering it pops into view. Damn, does this look sexy! My wife hasn’t been remotely wet for years and, if memory serves me, has never been this wet. Her chest is heaving as she captures my eyes then reaches for my hand, pulling it ever so slowly, so seductively to her lovely lips. Holy fuck, this is something I’ve never experienced before and it’s driving me crazy. I watch closely as her mouth closes around my fingers. She gently licks and sucks them, pulling her own nectar off of me. I feel like I’m going to come right here in my jeans, without ever being touched. In and out she moves my hand between her sultry lips and the look and feel is causing my rigid cock to fill my boxer briefs with pre-cum. I nearly explode when she opens her eyes and saws my hand in and out of her mouth, like it is being finger fucked. I can’t take it anymore and grab her neck, pulling her head towards my lips. I begin to devour her, cleaning the tasty remnants of her sweet juices from her tongue and glossy lips. When I finally release her, I pull back and take it all in. She simply looks like a beautiful goddess as she smiles at me, batting her gorgeous eyes.

“I don’t know if this is just the first of many times or the very last time I’m going to see you...” She leans forward and slithers her left hand between the seat and my back and soon it is wrapped around me and drawing me close. Her eyes are killing me as she captures mine. Next I feel her other hand on my crotch.

“I determined that if we ever did meet, I would give you two things you’d never forget...” Her eyes pull away from mine and drop down to her deft fingers as they unbuckle my belt and unclasp the buttons of my Levis. Reaching into my briefs she asks me to lift my ass up off the seat.

“Baby, you don’t need to do this. I came here to meet you today and that, if anyone was going to come, it would be you.”

“And come I did. Oh my, did I come! But now honey, I have a gift for you...” Her hand is now inside my shorts, the back of her hand pushing my clothes down to my knees. Soon it’s running the length of my hardened shaft and my love juices are pooling inside the hole at the tip. Immediately her head drops down and she flicks it with her tongue.

"Hmmmmm, that is tasty!" She says looking up at me dreamily. I'm moaning as she downs my cock in her sultry throat. She is gently kneading my balls as her mouth and tongue pull me to the edges of ruin.

“Baby....oh fuck....No one has sucked me for decades except for my wife... DAMN!” The truth is, no one has sucked me but my wife – ever. I lower my seat back so that I’m practically lying down as she furiously sucks and licks my dripping cock. Her tongue is so fucking talented. Soon my hand is on top of her head and I’m wrapping it with her soft straight mane, helping her to bob ever deeper down onto me. In a matter of minutes my hips are meeting her face in the air as my orgasm draws near.

“Oh my baby, I’m about to blow. Better pull off,” I grunt. She immediately rises up from me and continues stroking my cock in her tiny hand.

“That you are lover; you are about to come! And that sweetheart is gift number one! Which brings us to your other one. Your second gift is to know the feeling of having a woman suck you dry and then watch as she relishes every creamy drop as it slides down her throat. I know you’ve never had the pleasure, not with the Ice Queen you’re married to. Just lie back babe, relax and enjoy!” The smile on her face just about does me in until it is filled with my glistening cock once again. Throwing all hesitancy aside I place both of my hands on her head and, raising my hips up off the seat again, determine that if she wants my come so bad she’s going to get her face fucked getting it out.

A couple of minutes later I can contain myself no longer. I’m screaming incoherently as stream after hot, thick stream plasters the back of my lover’s hungry throat. My come is so damn powerful that my calf muscle begins to cramp up as she furiously sucks every drop of my nectar. In the midst of my dramatic reaction to her amazing oral skills, I’ve over powered the loud moans coming from the woman still sucking on my throbbing cock. Finally I hear her, and it sounds like a combination of joy splattered with lust as she milks my cock until it has nothing left to give. You’d swear by the satisfying sounds coming from her mouth that it was she who had just gotten off. It is confusing to me. Surely no woman can be this satisfied from merely pleasing her lover can she?

“Holy fuck...DAMN!!!... That was so good!!!”

No, these are not my words, they are hers. Still holding onto my softening shaft she looks up at me with the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Ohmygawd, I love your cock. Hmmmm...So smooth, so damn hard. I’m not used to hard, haven’t been for years now...And your cum...I absolutely adore your sweet cum. You must eat really clean; it tastes so damn good!” Again she lowers her head and tenderly glides her tongue all over my balls and shaft until she takes the tip into her mouth for one last time.

“Hmmmmm...This better not be the last I have of this!” she coos as she releases me and helps me back into my clothes. She even buckles my belt before sitting up and smiling at me. I’ve never known such beauty, nor such tender, loving service. Wrapping my hand around her neck I pull her hard to my lips. I can still taste myself on her but I don’t give a damn. This woman deserves to be loved and kissed properly. For many more minutes we hold each other and just lavish our love upon the other until it is finally time for her to go.

I hate the short drive back to her office. We grow more and more silent the closer we get until she finally needs to exit the car. It’s been such a beautiful beginning, neither one of us wants it to end. We really don’t know what to say. Sometimes, humor is the only thing that works.

“Thank you for coming...”she begins as the sadness begins to strip away her smile, causing her to drop her head and draw quiet.

“Thank you for coming!” I say enthusiastically. “Yours is the best I’ve ever tasted!” I purposely have painted a much bigger smile on my face than my heart’s condition would normally allow. I just want this day - this wonderful day - to end well, just as it should. The warmth of her smile does my heart good. I notice that her eyes are starting to grow misty as I pull her in, holding her tight, kissing each of them until I have dried her tears.

“Don’t you worry baby!” I say as I release her and lean over to open the door for her. “Our time has just begun...”

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