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It really Happened

I could't belive it really happened.
Our first threesome was the greatest sexual turn on I had ever experienced. A friend of ours, Steve, who came over just about every weekend, was who I had my eye on. I am Leiza, and my husband is Bill.

Steve would come over and my husband and I would drink, smoke, and talk on the ham radio until late at night, then Steve would always hit the road around two am. Bill and I would then go to bed. This routine had been going on for about three months now. Luckily, on this particular evening Steve didn't have a ride home.

My husband told Steve that he would gladly give him a ride. Just as Steve was about to leave, I called to Bill from back in the bedroom. I asked him what he thought about Steve going to bed with us.

My husband was really shocked at first, but the thought of it was so sexually arousing that he was immediately in love with the idea.

Bill now had to get the courage to bring up the subject to Steve and find out what he thought of the idea. They got in the car and began to pull out of the drive. Bill asked Steve if he was at all interested in joining us for a bit of sexual fun. Steve was all for it.

They then pulled the car back into the drive. Bill said he was getting nervous, he felt like he was ready to freak out. When they came back in the house, Bill asked Steve if he had any more of that smoke with him. Steve replied that he did; he pulled it out of his pocket and offered it to Bill.

My husband came back in the bedroom and asked me to come out and join them in the living room for a few tokes. Of course I said yes and followed my husband out to the living room.

We sat talking for about thirty minutes while we smoked and started getting a good buzz going. I stood up and told them I was going to get in bed. Both Steve and Bill followed me back to the bedroom. We all sat down on the bed together and talked a little more as I slowly took off my robe.

I then said to both of them, "Come on guys, get your clothes off and get into bed." We all took our clothes off, except for our underwear and got under the covers.

I asked Steve if he would light up another smoke; as he was doing that I went to get an ash tray, sliding back under the covers when I returned.

We lay down puffing away on the smoke getting a little more buzzed. I handed my husband my bottle of baby oil, which he took. He removed the top and started rubbing the oil on my chest and into my breasts. I took the bottle from Bill and handed it to Steve. "How about helping out a little Steve?"

Steve took the bottle. He just smiled and started rubbing the oil on my chest and nipples. Bill got up and took off his underwear and got back in bed. He told Steve that he should do the same. Steve did quickly and got back in bed. They both then started rubbing the oil all over my body until they got down to my underwear.

They started sliding them slowly down my legs and off completely. Now that we were totally naked, my husband started kissing me on the lips, and my left breast. He told Steve go ahead and give it a try. Steve followed my husband’s lead, I reached down and took each of their cocks in my hands. What a fabulous sexual feeling that was for me.

They both kissed and fondled my body deliciously. When they slid their hands between my legs they felt how wet and hot I already was for them. They instantly became rock hard in my hands. They fingered and rubbed my hot wetness for several minutes until I was drifting away, like I was so ready to cum.

My husband told Steve to go down on me so he could watch. Steve went down between my legs and started licking all my wetness away, while Bill watched and continued to lick and suckle my nipples.

I wanted to feel Steve inside of me so badly, I was so ready. I asked him to get on top of me, which he did right away. I could see how rock hard Steve's cock was and watched as he quickly slipped deep inside me. We began to fuck hard and fast.

Bill continued to suck my nipples and watch every in and out stroke Steve's dick gave my hot dripping pussy. After about five minutes of hard pounding, Steve said he could feel I was about ready to cum. He was able to tell because I was breathing hard, clenching and moaning with every hard stroke his hard cock gave me. I could feel my clit and pussy building up for one of the most explosive orgasms that I have ever had.

Steve ask my husband where he wanted him to cum. Bill told him to cum in my pussy. And with those words we both just about boiled over. I felt it start, we both gave a shudder and a groan and came together so hard that I squirted. Steve lay on top of me until he drained all his seed into my body. As he softened, he slid out and off of me. I told my husband to fuck me hard, because I wanted to cum again. Bill climbed on top of me. Steve began sucking my nipples. After a few minutes my husband and I both came hard. This was so hot for all of us that we did it two more times that night.

For the next few months this became a regular Saturday night ritual.

I’ll remember those days for a long time, and how it really turns us on just remembering it.

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