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Its About Time


Now that John had Sue all tied up, he started to hesitate.

"Don't you dare stop," Sue yelled. "You got me all excited. Don't you think for a minute your going to leave me unsatisfied..."

John gulped ... then replied, "Honey, you know I feel uncomfortable doing this. ... If you hadn't won the bet, I wouldn't have tied you up in the first place."

John nervously stepped back to look at what he had done. Sue was securely tied with her shapely ass sticking up in the air. As John was admiring the view, Sue noticed the bulge in his pants, so she wiggled her ass to entice him.

Sue noticed his uneasiness. "John, honey," she cooed, "just reach out and slap it. It won't hurt." John rested his hand on her ass and rubbed slowly, feeling the muscles tightening and relaxing under his palm. "Hit it sweetie," Sue urged. John raised his hand; then brought it down with a soft tap on her ass.

"Harder baby," she cried, "please." John brought his hand up again and this time he let her have it ... smack, right across both cheeks. "Yes! That's the way babe, that's how I like it," Sue replied excitedly.

"Bbbbut babe, I don't want to hurt you," John stammered.

"It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it turns me on," purred Sue.

"Are you sure?" John asked.

"Yes, John, I am positive. Now, will you please spank me?" John raised his hand again; then hesitated. "Yeah, baby, do it," she urged. John looked at his partner again, saw the look in her eye; then brought his hand down hard onto her luscious cheek.

"Oh, yes," she cried, "do it again baby." John brought his hand up again and brought it down with a resounding slap.

Sue was really squirming in her restraints now; her cheeks were beginning to turn an exquisite pink, and John could see a drop of juice just beginning to drip out of her shaven lips.

"More sweetie?" John asked.

"Yes, baby," Sue responded, "more."

"Ask for it," John said.

"Give me more! Please. I was a bad girl," she stated.

John was beginning to realize how much his mate loved to be spanked. She had hinted at it for awhile and the last time they tried, he couldn't do it. John reached over and started to untie her restraints.

"Wait a minute," replied Sue, "Are we done already?"

"You'll see," said John with a steely glint in his eye. John walked over, pulled out a chair and said, "Come here." Sue was standing there with a puzzled look on her face. "Come over here, Sue," John stated in a voice that hinted of sexuality. Sue strode over to John and when she got in arm's length, he reached out, grabbed her, and pulled her onto his lap.

"What now lover?" Sue asked seductively.

"Lay over my lap so I can continue," John said with a sexy grin.

"Like this?" Sue asked with her stomach resting on John's legs and her knees on the floor.

"No, my dear, you need to lay so that your fanny is pointed straight up at the ceiling."

"Oh," said Sue teasingly, "you mean like this?" Sue moved herself forward on John's lap, making sure she brushed the hard-on he had in his pants.

"That's better love." He brought his hand down on her somewhat pink ass and rubbed it slowly, feeling the warmth that his earlier swats had caused. "You really like this?" John asked again.

"Very much," she replied. "I see you don't mind it so much either."

"Well, I still am afraid I'm going to hurt you, but you're right, it isn't so bad," he stated as his hand raised up a few inches then came down sharply on her ass cheek. Sue squealed with delight as she felt his hand connect.

"More darling, please."

John raised his hand again, hesitated just for a moment; then brought his hand quickly down on her glowing ass. John could feel the heat rising off her beautiful posterior as he spanked her repeatedly. Once her ass was completely red, he stopped and asked her to get up. Once she was standing, John had her step back so he could look at her. John noticed right away that her nipples were extremely erect, her face was flushed with excitement, and that her juice was slowly making it's way down her legs.

Sue grabbed John's hand and pulled him towards her, wrapping him in the biggest hug that he had ever gotten from her; then, Sue pulled John's head down to hers and kissed him deeply letting her tongue slide into his mouth. John felt her tongue enter his mouth and begin to explore. She then wedged a hand between them and started to remove his clothes. Once she had him naked, she pulled him towards the bedroom ... he resisted. "No, let's stay out here and finish it here where we started."

"Oh, ok," she agreed; then, slowly she dragged him to the floor.

When they had finished making love, he looked at her and confessed, "I was so afraid I was going to hurt you by spanking you."

"John, if I thought that you were going to hurt me, I would have never brought the subject up in the first place. -- So now can we start to look into some of the other things that I have been hinting at?"

"Why of course we can," John replied with a very seductive look on his face ... then pulled his beautiful partner on top of him and kissed her deeply.

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