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Jacuzzi Fun

Slutty Girlfriend Gets Busy With Two Cocks In A Hotel Jacuzzi
My girlfriend and I had arranged to spend the night in a posh hotel to get a relaxing night away from it all. We had decided that we would make full use of the spa facilities while we were there.

Booking into the spa we were informed that there was a steam room, sauna and a Jacuzzi. As we got changed, I hatched a plan to get busy with my girl while lounging in the bubble pool.

After a quick steam, we started to relax in the hot tub and allowed the Jacuzzi to do its work in making us completely relaxed. Noticing that we were completely alone, after a couple of minutes, I moved my hand over her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her pussy through the silky material. As she moaned, I eased her bottoms to one side, to allow the jet of water access to her naked pussy and pushed a couple of fingers into her. This made her squirm and wriggle in ecstasy.

As I continued to play with her pussy, she set to work on freeing my, by now, rock hard cock from my shorts. Pulling them down a little, she took hold of my tool and started rubbing it slowly. With her expert wanking and the water jets, I was in seventh heaven. After a short while of this, she moved my hand from her clit, faced me and straddled my cock. Holding her bikini to one side and guiding my prick into her.

I kept look out over her shoulder, while she grinded herself backwards and forwards on my pole. With her amazing grinding and the bubbles tickling my balls, I closed my eyes for a moment. When I opened them I noticed that someone was heading towards the Jacuzzi and quickly telling my girlfriend, she hopped off my cock and rearranged herself under the water.

Sitting in the pool with totally innocent expressions, a man in his late twenties asked if was ok if he joined us. Without wanting to let on, we nodded that it would be fine and he climbed in and sat the other side of my girlfriend. After about five minutes of making small talk with the stranger, (his name was Tony and he was in town on a business trip), He looked at us and said, “I know what you were up to, don’t stop on my account”

I had been having sly rubs of my girl’s wet pussy while we were chatting, and still really horny I was happy to continue. It seemed that she was too. She freed my cock from my shorts again and started rubbing it. From the look on Tony’s face, he was helping himself to a rub of his own cock while watching my girlfriend’s amazing bikini clad tits bobbing up and down in the water.

She had noticed this too, looked at me and whispered in my ear, “you’re always asking me about my ability to multi-task, would you like me to prove that I can?” I nodded, so she turned to Tony, fixed him with a slutty stare, licked her lips and asked, “Can I have a go on yours as well.” Without answering he moved closer next to my girl and let go of his cock so she could wrap her hand around it.

“is it hard?”, I asked her, “hard and big!” she replied, “I can hardly get my hand all the way around it”, she added. Tony relaxed back onto the Jacuzzi bench and helped himself to a feel of my girlfriend's ample tits. She moaned as he pulled down her bikini top and clamped his mouth around one of her breasts and started nibbling and licking her. Even with this happening she didn’t miss a stoke on both of our dicks

Tony asked me if I’d mind if he touched my girl’s pussy. “Seeing as she’s got her hand wrapped round your cock, I don’t see that you rubbing her pussy would be too much of a problem!”, I replied and removed my busy hand so he could take over.

“Shaved and smooth!” he exclaimed, “I’ve never had the pleasure”, ,he added. Free to concentrate on the amazing hand job I was receiving, I slipped into a blissful daze. I only came out of it when she broke off from her stroking to exclaim, “I think he’s got three fingers in me. He’s rubbing my clit with his thumb and his little finger is trying to get into my arse!. As it was difficult to see what was happening under the water, her running commentary of the stranger fucking her pussy with his hand was almost enough to push me over the edge.

She started grinding onto his hand, both holes filled with his fingers as he brought her to a powerful orgasm. She had stopped stroking our cocks so she could grip the side of the tub and screamed as she came. After a couple of minutes rest she resumed her multi-tasking diuties.

The rhythm of her wanking, the bubbles and the fact that she was doing the same to another man’s cock was enough to have me coming in no time. With me spent she declared, “ You know what? I haven’t even seen this cock that I have spent the last half an hour with my hand wrapped around! Stand up” she told him. Totally taking charge, she ordered me to keep watch and then gasped at just how big Tony was.

Fat and long, she wasted no time in taking him into her mouth and sucking him as if her life depended on it. I was strange watching her sucking on a prick that wasn’t mine but the sight was so naughty that I started to feel myself get hard again.

She carried on stroking him while she was sucking, looking up at him with her lust filled eyes as she did so. In no time, he moaned that he was coming and she upped her tempo on his stiff tool, wanking it with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. He grabbed the back of her head while he unloaded his spunk into her willing mouth.

When he let go of her head she looked up at him and opened her mouth to show him. There was so much that some dribbled out, coating her chin and falling onto her tits. She looked at me and gulped down his come. With that, he offered her his cock for one last suck, which she greedily accepted, thanked us both and left.

She looked at me, with another man’s come still dripping off her chin, stroked my cock, and said, “I’m very good at multi-tasking, aren’t I?” The only response I could muster was to take her back to our room and fuck her roughly from behind – but that’s another story!
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