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Jake's Story (Chapter 2)

Jake Jill's adventures progress
The following Saturday night I watched Jill get dressed in her tight black leather jeans, a black leather bustier, pearls and boots. She said she was going out dancing. She loves wearing leather and she knows I love to see her in it. She becomes a slut when she wears it, always has even from our earliest days of dating. Sex was always more frequent and better and it was that way until I started staying at the office until midnight every night. I hadn't seen her wear any in some time, so I knew she was going out looking for cock.

Around 11:30 I retired to bed to watch TV figuring she'd be out all night. I must have fallen asleep at some point because when I woke up I was startled by the vision of Jill on her knees between the legs of a naked man sucking his cock on my TV. Perhaps what was most startling was the fact that it was obviously happening in real time in our living room. We have all our media on a network and she obviously came into the bedroom and turned the TV to the computer input and had the camera on the lap top on in the living room.

Jill was still clothed, her tight ass completely encased in black leather bobbing up and down and she worked what looked to be a very good sized cock. He was moaning pretty loudly and she had the volume up on the TV but he was loud enough I heard him in stereo. She got up sideways on the couch, him rubbing her ass and her going down and working on his long and girthy cock while her other hand played with his balls. She was looking right at the camera. Eventually she paused.

“Jake, you have to be awake by now and I wanted to make sure you had a better view of this gorgeous cock and me having the time of my life with it. Look at it, it's so big. I can't wait to feel this thing inside my pussy. It's already so wet though, it'll probably glide right in.”

I didn't know whether or not to run right in there or to sit and watch. She went back to sucking that big cock and I sat there for a moment before I felt my own dick stiffen and get rock hard. After a moment, he pushed her up, she stood up and he pulled her pants off, which was no easy task given how tight they were and how sweaty and worked up she was.

This time he laid her on the couch and he got on his knees between hers and began licking at her pussy as she began to moan. I hadn't eaten her pussy in years so it was no surprise that as her tits fell out of her bustier top and he went to town on her pussy with his young and eager tongue that she began to moan harder and louder. She was running her hands through his hair and pulling his face into her throbbing snatch. I saw her try to scream as she shook violently, cumming for this stranger on my couch, right in front of my very eyes.

He stood straight up, her legs still spread and slowly pushed his huge cock into her slippery wet pussy that was loosened by the earthquake like orgasm he'd given her. She gasped as she took all of him before it settled into a moan of pleasure and contentment.

“Oh my god Jake, his cock is so fucking big. It feels so fucking good in this little whore's pussy.”

Then she started talking to him.

“Oh god give me that big fucking dick. Fuck this pussy. Tonight it's all yours. Own this bitch while her husband watches from the other room. He's not man enough to fuck me like you are. He can't handle a dirty fucking slut. That's your job, fuck my dirty fuckhole and make me cum motherfucker.”

With that he pulled out and sat down while she rode him. Her back was to me but I could see her pussy bounce up and down on that huge cock and as she leaned into him she began to cum again, this time from that mighty meat stick.

“Oh god! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck this fucking slut... ooooh, yes! Fuck yes! Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!”

She got up and got on all fours on the coffee table, her face towards me, her ass towards the couch. He got up and stood behind her, she held one finger up.

“Jake, please tell me you haven't cum yet. I want you to jerk off while you watch him pound my dirty pussy from behind like the little slut I am. I want you to see my face clearly as I enjoy being a little whore.”

I had already begun touching myself, but I hadn't started full blown jerking yet. But as I saw her face in ecstasy as he slowly pushed that thick fucker into her pussy, I started full blown jerking.

He started pounding her really hard, rocking her back and forth with the momentum but even as she struggled to hold herself still and hold her face up, she did a good enough job to see her face and to see that she really was enjoying herself and that made me happy. It also was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and as she and he were both moaning I started stroking faster and faster but trying to hold myself off until they were done because I didn't want to miss anything.

As I was nearing the point of no return he pulled out and she got down in front of him and he sprayed thick rope after thick rope of cum on her tits and bustier and even got a little on her face and glasses. She took his head in her mouth and cleaned off the last of his cum, sucking to get what was left and then instructed him to let himself out. While she was cleaning him off I shot a humongous load all over my stomach and chest and laid there panting.

As he picked up his things and left, she sat on the coffee table fingering herself and rubbing his cum into her skin. Once she heard him leave the house, the door locking behind him, she stood up and walked out of camera range.

She headed down the hallway and when she got to the bedroom door, she turned on the light and stood there looking at me, covered in my own cum.

“Glad you liked that. I thought you would.”

She came over and laid on top of me, his cum mixing with mine on our skin, her sliding up and down on me moving it all around. Then she kissed me. And even though I know she just licked the cum off of some guy's cock, I kissed her back. Deeply. As deep as we've kissed in years.

“Hmmm, I had SUCH a good time tonight. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself too. It's been way too long since we both came in the same night and not by ourselves in the bathroom.”

As weird and strange as this was, she was right. We'd both been taking care of ourselves for so long and had almost no sex that to have shared an experience brought us together closer than we had been in a long time.

“So I take it you're okay with this and you want to be involved?”

I thought about it for a second before saying, “Yeah, I think so. I'm not sure how involved I want to get or how things should look but I want you to be happy and I want to be happy and I'm willing to try anything.”

She just smiled sweetly and then got up and sat on my face and said, “Good, now eat my pussy.”

While this all seems sudden and almost automatic, the seeds had been sewn a long time ago. Early on in our relationship, when we first started dating, she went on and on about how big her first boyfriend's dick was. It had been junior year of college and he was an older bartender named Nathan. It had been so big she barely fit it inside of her and she had been so tight as a virgin he came almost immediately (or so he said, I suspect he just came fast and used it as an excuse). This bothered me at first, but as our relationship hit snags we tried things and one of the things we did was I had her dirty talk about fucking other guys and I had her bring up Nathan. I even had her call out his name while we fucked. She told me all about how he would wear these leather pants while bartending and he had this perfect body with this huge cock that could be seen through his leather pants and girls would go crazy for him. She would tell me how good it felt to be stretched out like that and she would cum hard and fast and I would cum soon after. We both should have known then that this was a fantasy we shared.

I was still coming to terms with the humiliation of it, I couldn't help but feel slightly inferior and I wasn't sure I wanted to be cuckolded but I couldn't deny how much I liked her fucking other guys. She wasn't insisting on me being cucked, in fact, she gave me the option of being as active as I chose, but I think she knew that this would help our marriage – we'd both be sexually satisfied and the rest of our marriage had always been pretty good. If we could make this work, it could be the spark we needed.

Somewhere, however, we stopped the fantasy role play and that's how things got so bad. One thing that stuck from that period of time however was her dressing sexy all the time and courting men's attention. I had always gotten off on that and I liked it especially when we were out together and guys would hit on her. I loved going to get drinks at the bar and coming back to guys chatting her up or seeing her talk to a guy at a crowded bar and seeing him slip his hand around to her lower back and when he thought I wasn't looking, reach down and grab her tight ass.

As I mentioned before, she loves leather and PVC and I love seeing her in it and the attention it brings. She classes it up for work wearing leather skirts, dresses, leggings and pants but with sexy professional blouses, perhaps a sweater, heels and stockings. When went out, she started just taking it up a notch but it got to the point where she started wearing leather hot pants, thigh high leather high heeled boots with fishnets and a slinky top. Her leather and PVC collection is now half the closet.

As I thought back on the history of this, I came to a conclusion. I wanted to make my own rules and take on various roles. Sometimes I wanted to be the dominant husband, calling all the shots for my leather hotwife, sometimes I wanted to have her fuck someone then come home to me, sometimes I wanted to be there and observe, but not touch, sometimes I wanted to join in with the other man and let her go at two cocks at once and I thought I would try a cuck experience. Maybe every once in awhile it'd be great to be humiliated while watching her be fucked. I didn't think this would be the dominant role I'd play, but it might be nice every once in awhile.

It was that decision and the conversation that followed that set up our next experience.

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