Jamie and Kelly, Her Son's Girlfriend, episode 19

By tedanish

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It didn't take much to seduce her son's girlfriend and show her the joys of girl-girl sex.

Jamie and her son's girlfriend, Kelly, leaned against the kitchen counter sipping coffee that morning.  The teenager popped in early to go out for a run together. Both wore running shorts and tee shirts for a warm summer morning.  Like her son, Kelly was a high school senior.  She was a tall girl, 5'10", about the same height as Jamie, with dark hair and blue eyes but as a teenager she was fully physically matured with large breasts and full hips and a beautiful protruding ass.  Like Jamie, Kelly was blessed with beautifully long runner's legs. Jamie's husband Mike and her son John were at baseball practice like every Saturday morning during the season. Their oldest son Brandon was away at college so the two women were alone in the house.

After placing their coffee cups in the sink, they wandered into the living room and settled on the living-room couch to stretch out and talk.  The conversation was mostly about their mutual interest in John. Kelly and John had been together for almost a year. The girl was a constant guest so Jamie and Mike had become "mom" and "dad."  They had become very close and openly affectionate with the girl.  Jamie was infatuated with the girl but had managed keep that little secret to herself.

It had been a long time for Jamie.....young pussy.  Jamie liked pussy.  She and her husband liked an occasional swing party.  It's wasn't like Jamie didn't get her share of married pussy. But it had been a long time since she had the hots for a young girl like this one.  Long before Mike, she had been intimate with a gorgeous young redhead... and her parents. Jamie wanted get closer to Kelly.  She had been cautious with her relationship with her son's girlfriend. She didn't want to make a move on the girl, but she wanted to touch her luscious body in the worst way.

"Are you on the pill Kelly?"

"What...uh, what?" The girl was slightly startled by the question.

"The pill, honey.  Are you on birth control?"

"Oh, that.  Yes, yeah I'm on the pill."  Kelly's discomfort was obvious to Jamie.

"I'm just concerned about you.  We don't want any surprises before you young lovers are even out of high school."

"H-how did you know John and I are having sex, mom?"

Jamie patted the empty space between them, "Oh, I saw you two on this very couch last week."  

"You saw us?" Jamie moved close and placed her hand on the girl's bare knee.

"Yes, and I saw that he wasn't wearing a rubber, so I was concerned." Jamie laughed and said, "It looked like you were really enjoying it too!"  Kelly blushed and held her hands to her face.

"Oh gaaawwd!  I'm so busted.  I can't help it, it's so fun doing it with John!"

Jamie squeezed the girl's knee and replied, "Oh, I know sex is fun, honey. And I'll tell you a secret, I was turned on watching two hard beautiful bodies joined in obvious pleasure." Jamie looked at the long legs stretched out to the carpet, a carefree and friendly girl quick to hug and kiss her boyfriend's family members.  And especially the full body hugs with Jamie. Kelly turned to toward Jamie and wrapped her arms around Jamie's neck.

"Gawd, mom. I'm so glad you know and you're not upset with me." Jamie's arms went around the girl's slim waist and hugged her tightly, their breasts pressing pleasantly against each other.

"Sweetheart, everybody fucks." The girl blinked at the older woman's language and quickly sat back. "As long as you and he take the necessary precautions, I have no objections.  But, next time if you stay in his room you won't be disturbed." Jamie paused to let that sink in. "Also, there are other ways to relieve yourselves together." Jamie wanted to explore the subject so she leaned close enough for Kelly's hair to touch her face, "Have you done oral yet?  Has he licked your pussy, sweetheart?" The girl felt a bit flustered yet excited talking about her favorite activity with John's mother. She did think Jamie was hot, for a forty-something mom. The older woman was obviously bra-less underneath and her hardened nipples poked under her shirt. Her wide legged sport shorts exposed her creamy thighs. Kelly felt Jamie's fingers slowly making circles inside her right knee.

She answered, "Uh, n-no. No he hasn't."

"Oh, honey!' Jamie paused.  "Don't worry, though. Sooner or later he will, I'm sure." Jamie remembered the last time she had been intimate with  a young pussy like this.  It had been twenty some years. Before her sons were born.  A friend's daughter.

"Kelly, honey.  Call your folks and ask if you can stay for dinner."

John came home and the young couple went in the pool.  Jamie made herself comfortable on a lounge to tan and watch the kids cavort in the pool.

She stayed by the pool sunning after they left her. Kelly and her son had been working up to it in the pool.  She watched as the young girl toyed with her son's cock driving him crazy with lust. He didn't think his mother was paying too much attention to them or she just didn't care. However, Kelly knew Jamie was watching them and they smiled knowingly at each other.  Jamie was in fact still feeling a little randy watching them fondle each other in the pool.  Now she couldn't help but slide her fingers under her towel and bikini bottom to massage away the tingle she felt as her heart pumped a stream of hot blood into her rather large and protruding outer labia. Before dinner was ready, Jamie knew they were in John's room fucking. Standing by the closed door she could hear them. But something about Kelly's voice indicated some agitation. "No, John! No!" Jamie decided it was now or never and opened the door.

"Is anything wrong?"  Just out of their swimming suits, hey were both naked. Kelly sat upright against the headboard with her knees drawn up and wide. Brandon lay on his stomach, his head between Kelly's legs. He turned over as his mother entered the room.

"No, mom. Nothing's wrong. Could we have some privacy please?" He lay face up his head still between Kelly's legs. Jamie gazed at his erection.  It wasn't the first time she had seen it. She saw plenty of cock with three grown men in the house, inevitably catching them jerking off.  The boys grew up trying all they knew to sneak peaks at their naked mom. They loved to ask if they could come into her bathroom to pee when she was in the shower.  She knew when they starting jerking off and she occasionally gave them something to look at.  She drove them nuts.  Her husband thought it was hilarious.

Kelly, almost crying,  spoke up, "Mom! John doesn't have a clue about eating pussy!"
Jamie sat on the edge of the bed. She was wearing just her bikini. She placed her hand on Brandon's knee.

"John, honey."  She looked at his cock again and cleared her throat. "Johnny, what's the matter with you? Don't you want to please Kelly like she does you?"

"Mom.....it just feels weird.  But it's no fair, she told me how good you ate her out."

"Don't be silly, John. If you don't learn how to please a woman you'll never keep one."

"Yeah, Johnny!" Kelly spoke, "Your mom knows how to eat pussy. Show him, mom."

Taking Jamie by pleasant surprise, "Wha-what? Show him?"

Kelly was desperate. "Please, mom! Show him how you do it....please?"

Jamie thought for a second. She looked at John's cock and reached for it saying, "Kelly, honey, we're gonna show him how two women pleasure each other." Brandon gasped as he felt his mother's fingers encircle his throbbing cock. She stroked it lovingly several times. "Kelly lay down her next to me, we're gonna sixty nine on our sides."  Jamie lay on her right side with her head toward the headboard and rested her cheek on Kelly's right thigh. With her head toward the foot of the bed, Kelly also rested her cheek on Jamie's right thigh.  They snuggled up closer so they could reach each other to place their mouths at each other's folds. 

"John!" Kelly said sternly, "Watch closely. See how it's done."  John was on his mother's side of the equation so he spooned up against her so he could rest his cheek close to  his mother's face as she sucked at his girlfriend's cunt.  His cock nestled between his Jamie's ass-cheeks. 

As Jamie and Kelly began lapping at each other, Kelly's left leg lay over John's and his mother's heads. He could see his mother's tongue toying and sucking Kelly's cunt lips. He knew Kelly was doing the same. His cock was throbbing. He reached around his mother's waist to feel Kelly. His hand roamed from her face, buried in his mother's cunt, to her tits. Somewhere in there his hand landed on his mother's breasts. He massaged and squeezed and heard her making fuck-me noises when he did. Jamie shifted so that John's cock went straight out between her legs where it nudged Kelly in the forehead. Kelly lifted her head and opened her mouth to engulf his cock-head in her mouth.

"MMMmmmmmmmmm!"  As she sucked her chin rested on Jamie's mound. She went quickly back to Jamie's pussy.

John's cock head nudged itself between his mother's labia up against Kelly's mouth. Her cunt lips engulfed it but it had not yet breeched her entrance. It stuck out a good three inches in front of her clit and he kept poking Kelly in the face.

"Don't put it in Johnny!" Still, wanting it desperately. One of her favorite fantasies was fucking her sons, together.  She thought it wold be her older son first. He was more flirtatious and open about his desire to fuck his mother. 

When he was home from college she liked to wrap his arms around her waist from behind and press his hard-on into her buttocks, saying, "You make things hard for me, mom."

Pressing back into him she would reply, "Well then, you have to keep your hands off your mom, kiddo.  I have those feelings too, you know?"

With that thought on her mind she told John, "Don't put it in!" All the time her ass humping back so his cock slipped back and forth between her big lips. She felt the curve of his cock as it slid past her hot tunnel entrance. The warm flesh in her mouth pulsed and heaved. Kelly was close to orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum mom! I'm cumiiiiiiiiing! Aaaaaaaah! Oh! Oh! Johnny!  Your mom's making me cum!" Jamie fingered and sucked the girl's pussy but the other hand was at her clit and holding John's cock between her labia. She stopped sucking.

"John, honey." Jamie panted, "John. J-just the head. Just p-put the head in.  I just have to feel your cock head in me. But no more! Understand John?" Brandon groaned with pleasure as he shifted to bring his cock further down her slit till he felt the warm open space in front of his cock head. He felt the slight pressure  of her cunt walls as his cock head passed through. 

"Oh fuck, mom!" Jamie felt it enter her and stop short. It filled her opening. She longed to feel it sliding deep into her throbbing cunt...just momentarily.

"Oh-Johnny! Oh-John! Oh.... fuck me!" He breathed a sigh of complete relief, she arched her back and plunged his cock all the way in as far as he could go. "Aaaaaaah, Johnny! Oh Johnny, you're fucking me Johnny!"  He didn't stop pumping. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and back in again to the hilt rapidly. Her mouth was latched onto Kelly's young pussy and Kelly was still sucking on her clit when she came. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" She lifted her head and screamed, "Aaaaaaaah fuck!"  John kept fucking and Jamie kept sucking. Kelly's hips jerked and spasmed involuntarily.

"Johnny. I w-want to fuck too." She watched as he slid his cock slowly into his mother's pussy after his orgasm. Then she saw Mike standing in the doorway stroking his thick cock. 

 Mike loved watching Jamie fuck. Swinging for a few years, he had seen her in action before but not with her son and his girlfriend.  This was better than he expected.  All the more, he was ready to give the girl what she wanted.  Kelly watched as he approached the bed wearing only a tee shirt and his cock standing tall just beneath it. Jamie and John also saw Mike approach.

"It's Okay, son. Don't stop on my account. I'm gonna take care of Kelly."

Jamie looked up at him, "Mike....home early?" She patted Kelly's pussy, "You're getting your wish, honey. You're gonna love it."  She lay next to Kelly with her back to John to make way for Mike.  It was not a large bed so Jamie, laying her right side, was pressed against the young girl but making it easier for them to kiss and fondle their breasts.

Mike took hold of Kelly's knees, spreading them wide and knelt between them. He lifted the girl's legs over his shoulders.  Jamie reached in and grasped her husband's cock guided it to Kelly's  mound the held it to her clit while circling it with Mike's cock head.  Kelly reached down with both hands to feel Mike's cock. She stroked it then held it to her opening.

"Ooooooooh, fuck! It's big!"  It was bigger than John's cock.  As she looked down and watched and felt it disappearing into her she noticed a few gray hairs on his hairy pubes. She turned her head to kiss Jamie.  Jamie lay touching her husband and Kelly, spooning into her son's pelvis, his cock still twitching inside her. She arched her back and pushed back into John. She relaxed her back and moved forward slightly so that her son's cock slid in and out of her without him moving. 

Mike popped his cock-head into Kelly's well lubricated pussy and paused to give her a minute to get used to it.  But she was more than ready after she had cum in his wife's experienced mouth.  He pushed a good three inches of hard cock into her.  Two thirds of it was still exposed for Jamie to wrap her fingers around as it slid into the girl.

"Oh, d-dad!  Dad! Pull it out!" 

"Mike, Mike...easy. Why don't you let her on top. Let her work it in."

Mike could see how horny Jamie was and really enjoying this.  It was Jamie that had introduced him to swinging.  She told him she had experienced sex with other women before and after her first marriage. Jamie was herself seduced by young Brooke in the backseat of a friend's car.  She introduced him to friends of her parents, Dot and Ted,  that she did a threesome with occasionally because Dot was the best sex she ever had with a woman.  He knew she had a thing for teenage girls because she fantasized aloud during their lovemaking.  She especially relished how she wanted to share just such a young teenager like Kelly with him.  Now it was coming true almost accidentally. 

Mike turned over on his back and let Kelly straddle him facing each other.  He pulled her down and wrapped his arms around her, mashing her young breasts to his chest. He felt his wife's hand stroking him.  Without disengaging from her son, Jamie guided Mike's cock toward Kelly's buttocks. 

"Kelly, move down till you feel it." She felt it poke her ass-cheek....Jamie's hand moving it between her labia. "Okay, Kelly. Now you just slide back on it slowly until you feel how much you can take." Jamie held Mike at Kelly's opening and she slid back into it.

"Oh! Oh! Aaaaaaah! Yesssssss!  Fuck!  Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, that's so gooooooood!" Kelly panted and moaned as Mike's pelvis rose to fuck her back as she slowly humped deeper and deeper. Mike's pelvis mashed Jamie's hand as she fingered Kelly's clit. Watching his dad fuck his girlfriend, John's cock was newly rampant and holding his mother's breasts in each hand he tried to keep pace with him.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me.  Fuck mommy, baby, fuck momyyyyy!" Jamie pulled her hands away from her husband and Kelly. She need her fingers at her clit.  Her son's cock was extremely pleasurable at the moment but her clit and labia needed her attention before she had another orgasm. Jamie's large labia that were very sensitive. They almost completely covered Brandon's cock on the backstroke, stretching thinly over his wet tube.  With her fist clasped around his cock she pressed her cunt lips to it as she fingered her clit and exploded in orgasm. "I'm cumiiiiiing! I'm cumiiiiing Brandon!" 

She felt his hot load blast into her womb and saw Kelly tighten her legs around Mike's waist as her last spasms subsided. Mike pulled back and Jamie saw his cock leave a long stream of cum on the girl's belly. John massaged his mother's breasts while his cock still twitched inside her.

On another morning while jogging, Jamie and Kelly stopped by Jamie's friend Dot's house to cool off in the pool.

"Kelly, I want you to meet some special friends of mine. I've known them for a very long time and Mike and I swing with them once in a while. And today, this long run and watching your sweet ass running beside me has me all kinds of hot and horny. Are you up for it honey?"

"I don't know, mom. Are we just going swimming, or what?" Well that all depends on you dear. They are a very nice couple, not pushy. And you don't have to do anything you don't want to. But, I do want to take a dip in the pool.  Dot met them at the door.

"Hi Jamie, come on in." Dot was dressed in a terry cloth robe. "You time it just right, we were just in the pool. Want to join us?" Jamie and Kelly stepped inside.

"I was just telling Kelly how I'd love to cool off in your pool." Jamie introduced the girl to Dot. "Dot, this is Kelly, John's girlfriend."

"Hi Kelly. Jamie has told me all about you honey and I like you already!" Kelly blushed wondering just what Jamie had told her friend about her as she hugged Kelly and pulled her close. Kelly felt the woman's generous breasts press against her own and she became aware of the warm tingle in her loins. Looking at Dot, Kelly saw an older woman in her late fifties maybe older. She looked fit, attractive and was very friendly. She saw Dot and Jamie hug and kiss each other lightly on the lips and noticed Jamie's hand slip down under Dot's robe and down to her buttocks. She wasn't surprised from what Jamie had told her, but still it was quite something to see Jamie being intimate with an older woman. They walked through the house and out to the pool deck.

Ted was sitting in a lounge chair. He was also wearing only a terry cloth robe tied loosely around his waist. He stood to greet the women walking towards him. As he rose his robe fell open and all three women saw his cock hanging flaccid but impressive and thick eight inches at least. Jamie walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him on the lips.

"Hi stranger. Haven't seen you in a while. I've missed you old man." Her right hand dropped to the opening in his robe and grasped his soft appendage. "I've missed this too," she said giggling.

"Jamie, stop that," Dot told her, "You'll frighten the poor girl."

"Oh, don't worry about Kelly, Dot.  She knows all about us and she's been dying to meet you. Kelly, say hello to Ted. This old gentleman really knows how to please a lady, see?." Jamie held his swiftly growing penis in her hand and hefted it so Kelly got a good lock.

Kelly looked at Ted and thought, Wow, this guy is old enough to be my grandfather. Ted quickly wrapped his robe around himself before leaning in close to her to give her a peck on the cheek.

"Hi Kelly. Glad to meet you. You're a very pretty girl."

"Thank you sir," Kelly blushed and responded.

"Please don't call me sir," Ted smiled at her, "I feel old enough as it is with Jamie rubbing it in. Ted will do just fine."

Dot walked to the edge of the pool and dropped her robe. Jamie and Kelly looked appreciatively at the older woman. At her age she was not slender by any means but she did not have an ounce of fat anywhere. She was full breasted with an attractive waist, flaring hips and long legs. Her ass was generous but still prominent.  There was a faint hint of hair on her pussy. She dove gracefully into the pool.

"Come on girls, don't be shy."  Jamie and Kelly looked at each other, then at Ted. He was already on his feet.

"If it'll make you ladies  any more comfortable, I go inside for and wait with fresh drinks."

 "Don't be silly Ted," Jamie said as she pulled her top over her head. "Go on Kelly, take your things off." Kelly followed suit as she watched Ted enter the house.

The women laughed and splashed in the pool for a few minutes before standing in the shallow end to talk.

Jamie rested her elbows on the edge of the pool and leaned back with her legs spread.  Kelly stood next to her with her arms crossed over her breasts. Dot walked up to Jamie between her legs and leaned against her. She placed her hands to either side of Jamie's elbows and rested her breasts against Jamie's, then kissed her. Kelly watched and shivered in the cold water. She saw Dot's hands drop to Jamie's buttocks and pulled her pelvis in to her own and humped. She looked at Kelly.

"You want some fun, little girl?" Dot reached out and pulled the girl towards them. Jamie and Dot sandwiched  her,  wrapping their arms around her with their hands roaming over the girl's body. She caught her breath and shivered again, but not because of the cold water.

Jamie said to Dot, "Isn't she luscious?" Dot's hands were at Kelly's breasts and under the water at the girl's mound.

"Oh, yeah. I'm going to love eating you sweetheart," she whispered into Kelly's ear.

"Oh gawd!" Kelly pressed her buttocks back into Dot's hips. Her head fell back into Dot's shoulder and they kissed like that. They climbed out of the pool and wrapped beach towels around themselves before walking into the house. They found Ted in the den sitting on a long curving sectional. Dot dropped spread her towel next to Ted and sat down naked. 

Jamie and Kelly sat next to each other on the other end.  Dot pulled his robe open and lovingly held his tumescent  cock in her hand.  Ted wrapped an arm around her shoulders and cupped her breast. She looked at the two women and smiled.

"That's a nice cock for an old man, isn't it?"

"Y-yes, it is," Kelly muttered under her breath. 

Jamie smiled and knowing what was coming opened her towel, slid down on the couch and stretched her legs out. Her legs parted and  her fingers  slid between her wet folds.  

"Look Kelly, Dot's going to make him hard." Kelly looked at the scene before her and fidgeted on the seat, her hands nervously rubbed the top of her thighs. 

 Dot leaned over her husband's lap and stroked her husband's growing cock lovingly.  She kissed the helmet and flicked her tongue around its ridges till she opened her mouth and took in fully half. 

Dot moaned, "Mmmm-mmmm!" So did Ted.

Jamie turned her head to Kelly, still fidgeting with her thighs. She wrapped her left arm around Kelly's neck and pulled her toward her. "Suck my titties, honey." Kelly turned to her right side and lowered her mouth to Jamie's left breast and gently licked her nipple while massaging the other. She draped her left leg over Jamie's legs and humped her thigh. Jamie talked to Kelly. "Does that cock look hot to you baby?  I'm gonna go swap places with Dot in a minute."

"Can we h-have s-some of that too, Dot?" Jamie's fingers were fluttering over her clit as she panted.

Her mouth still closed over her husbands cock, Dot hummed, "Uh-hmmm!" Dot opened her mouth just long enough to say, "Just a minute longer Jamie, just a minute more." Dot swallowed her husband's cock again. Jamie moved closed to the couple.  She wrapped her fingers around Ted's cock below Dot's mouth and stroked it so her fingers met Dot's lips on the upstroke. She bent close to Dot and lapped at Dot's lips and the cock in it. Dot released her husband so that Jamie could suck it. Kelly was now furiously fingering her cunt and saw Dot move toward her.

"Oooooh, oh!" She knew what the older woman was about to do so she bent her knees and brought her heals up on the edge of the couch. Dot knelt between her legs and placed her hands on the girl's thighs. She licked at her inner thighs close to Kelly's labia. She teased the girl by licking at her mound.  "Ooooooh, please, yes!" Dot quickly covered the girl's labia with her open mouth. Her mouth stayed glued to the girl's pussy, her tongue a flurry on Kelly's clit. "Aaaaaaah, oh-oh, f-fuck that's so g-good!"

Jamie looked up from Ted's cock, "Didn't I tell you she was the best flap lapper I every met?" Kelly, with both hands grasping Dot's head between her legs, looked  up to answer Jamie's question only to see her resume sucking on the rampant eight inches in her hands. Ted had one hand reaching between Jamie's ass-cheeks to her pussy the other on Jamie's head. 

"Oh fuck, mom! She is f-fan-fucking-tastic!" She looked at the old man and he was watching her intently as his wife lapped at her pussy with two fingers busy finger fucking her.  "Oooooooh, oh! Oh! Mmmmmm! That's s-soooo good! I'm cumiiiiing! I'm cumiiiiing!" 

Jamie stood and straddled Ted with her back to him. He reached around and grasped both her tits in his hands.  Kelly saw Ted's cock slide up into Jamie. She wanted cock too but the older woman's mouth on her cunt was too good to stop now. Dot held her buttocks in her hands and ate the teenager like a slice of watermelon.  After Kelly had her cum, Dot spoke to Jamie.

"Jamie, get off Ted and let the girl have some too."

"But, Dot honey, I haven't cum yet."

"Trade places with her and I promise I won't let you down."

Kelly slid over to Ted and like Jamie, straddled him with her back to him. At first she sat on his stomach and fondled the turgid tool between her legs just inches from her pussy.  She slid down and held the head to her labia and rubbed. It was moist with Jamie's juices and with her own previous orgasm still seeping from her she easily slid down on Ted's cock. Ted held her breasts in his hands and pushed the girl down onto him. 

"Oohhhhhh, yesssssss! Oh, yes, that's so good! Uh-hummmmm, yes!" It filled her up and she loved the feeling. She saw Dot and Jamie lay lengthwise on the sectional next to her, close enough to touch. They kissed passionately and humped their pubic bones against each other.

As she rode Ted's cock, Kelly watched the women change positions, their head at opposite ends, so they could scissor their legs to bring their cunts into direct contact. Kelly saw their labia and especially Jamie's large pussy lips spread over Dot's cunt. Jamie's head was nestled up against Ted's legs to that Kelly could reach and play with Jamie's tits.

"Is it good, sweetheart. Are you going to cum again?"

"Oh, oh, yes. It's so good, mom. I want to cum again but I want it to last a little bit while I watch you and Dot. That looks hot too. We've never done that."

"There's a lot of thing we haven't done yet sweetheart. Just wait." Dot disengaged herself.

"Hold on a minute Jamie. I want to show her something else." As Dot left the room Jamie slid to the floor between Kelly's and Ted's legs.  

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jamie leaned in close and licked at Kelly clit just above Ted's cock.  "Oh, mom! Oh, mom!" Jamie wrapped her fingers around Ted's cock and pulled it from Kelly. It went into her mouth. She sucked voraciously at it.

"Mmmmmm! Uh-hummmmmm!" Kelly watched her suck it and missing the cock in her she fingered her engorged labia. Dot came back into the room with an impressive twelve inch double dildo in her hand.

"Put it back in her Jamie and let's play with this."
Kelly was amazed as she watched the women resume their previous position on the sectional but this time Dot inserted one end of the dildo easily into her wet cunt and Jamie moved closer to insert the other end into herself.  Kelly hastened the pace of her fucking as her orgasm began. She saw the dildo disappear between the women as they humped against each other.

"Oh, fuck-fuck-fuck! I'm cumiiiiiiiiiing, I'm cumiiiiiing, mom!"  She felt the cock in her twitch and spasm and she knew the old man had cum inside her. As she trembled and shook in orgasm, she managed to say, "I-I w-want that t-too, mom. I want t-to do that too!" She stood up and turned around to kneel and suck the juices off him. "You didn't have a rubber on, Ted. Are you going to make me pregnant?"

Without stopping what she was doing, Dot said to Kelly, "Don't worry about that, Kelly. He was fixed a long time ago. You can fuck him anytime you want, he's safe."

"I'm going to have to visit you often, then," Kelly said giggling as she continued to stroke Ted's cock. Jamie and Dot humped against each other with the dildo completely buried between them. Kelly left Ted and knelt on the carpet next to the women. With both hands she played with their clits and squeezed her fingers between them to feel the dildo inside them.

"Fuck, fuck! Jamie, fuck meeeee! I'm cumiiiiiiig, Jamie!"

"Me too, Dot!  I'm cuming too, honey! I'm cummiiiiiig!

She was often in their pool the rest of the summer with John tagging along much to the Dot's delight who got a taste of young cock for a change.