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Jay and the Mrs.

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A friend gives my wife the big one
Jay was a good golfing friend of mine from high school. Like many teens, we often talked about sex, and shared intimate details of our conquests (which weren't many at the time). After college, I married, and Jay seem to grow more confident with the ladies. He would tell me about his conquests, which grew in number, and I secretly envied his sex life.

Years later, Jay remained single, which my wife found odd. "He's a good looking guy," she'd say, "why would he remain single?" I simply smiled, knowing the amount of pussy he was getting. She invited him over for dinner and I noticed how enthusiastic my wife was for him. She beamed whenever he spoke to her, and I noticed that Jay was eyeing her 36Cs throughout the evening. It was an odd turn-on to see what was going on between them. As Jay was leaving, he gave my wife a hug, and let his hand drop to cup her right buttock. She didn't push him away, but kept her arms around him and let him get in another squeeze or two. From the bulge in his jeans, I could see that Jay was very aroused.

After Jay left, my wife disrobed and gave me a very nice blowjob. She was obviously still turned on, and I had to remark on it. I told her I thought she had a thing for Jay, which she quickly denied, somewhat angrily. As the weeks passed, my wife grew more distant from me, and I wondered what was going on. I decided to fake going into the office one day, and instead, just drove around the block and parked my car. I walked back to the house, and snuck in the backdoor. I hid in a closet and waited for a good two hours, and began to think I was nuts. But I heard the doorbell, and could hear a familiar voice--Jay's. Heck, by the time I made it out of the closet, they were upstairs. I snuck up on our bedroom door, which thankfully, was left wide open. Jay and my wife were disrobing, and Jay's hands were working over my wife's tits as she unzipped his fly. "I need your big cock," she sighed, pushing his jeans down frantically. Out sprang Jay's meaty penis, which stunned me by it's size. For such a short guy (Jay's 5'7"), he had a very big dick...easily in the 8-9" range, and very thick.

My wife grasped it and ran a hand to his balls, which hung down impressively. Jay definitely had the package. He smiled at my wife's obvious lust and sighed, "Think you can suck it all today?" My wife looked up at him and smirked, "No, but my pussy will!" She proceeded to give him a spirited blowjob, gagging here and there (which drew a smirk from Jay), but stopped when Jay pulled her up and laid her back on the bed. He spread her cunt lips and tongued her clit, sending her to her first orgasm. I felt bad, as I rarely ate her out, and I could see she loved it. Jay sat up and offered my wife his cock again, and she sucked him one more time, firming up his erection. When he was ready, he positioned my wife on her back and fed his meat into her hairy snatch. "Oh, god!" she moaned as the large cockhead split her folds. "Give me your big dick, Jay...all of it!" I was shocked at my wife's words, but she was very turned-on, and Jay's cock was just what she needed. Jay worked his pole inside her like a pro, and then began to pound her pussy with very deep strokes. My wife's facial expressions were priceless...her eyes closed, her mouth open....the pleasure rippled across her face. Jay let out a groan and arched his back, and I saw his balls spasm, obviously emptying his creamy load into my wife. My wife wrapped her legs around his hips, and came with him, and seconds later, I saw his spunk ooze from her well fucked hole.

They rested for a moment, then my wife leaned down and sucked his dick clean of their juices. Unlike me, Jays' cock quickly stiffened back to full life, and soon he was working his fucksnake inside my wife's steamy pussy. My wife is normally pretty quiet during sex, but with Jay, she was freely moaning and telling him repeatedly how good his big dick felt inside her. He nailed her on her side, then stood her up and bent her over the bed edge, and doggied her, feeling up her swaying boobs in the process. I was impressed by Jay's cocksmanship; he was giving my wife a first class fucking, one I couldn't match. His cock seemed to last forever, and by the time he came again, the glaze in my wife's eyes told me she was in nirvana. He blew his load across her tits and sent a hefty shot into her mouth, which she tasted then swallowed. I couldn't believe this was my wife...she never did that to me.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I watched as Jay opened our nighstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of KY jelly. "He's going to fuck her ass," I thought, amazed as my wife detested anal sex. But with Jay, she was a willing participant, spreading her asscheeks for him and pleading with him to "fuck my ass!" Soon he was plowing her from above as she howled her approval. She'd wince, then grunt, then wince, and so on. I knew his big cock was probably hurting her, but she wasn't about to deny him what he wanted. Jay lasted a good twenty minutes before blowing his load, this time all over her asscheeks. I couldn't believe he could generate so much cum on his third ejaculation.

Sitting there, Jay looked to the door, and almost caught me there. I pulled back just in time. "Same time tomorrow?" he asked her. Brenda, still somewhat gaga from the fucking he'd just given her, mumbled, "Yeah, sure." They started kissing and I wondered if he was going to fuck her again, but he headed for the shower as my wife curled up under the sheets, very contented. I snuck back out of the house and called my wife from the car after Jay had left. She answered in a very upbeat tone, and when I asked her how her day was going , she said, "Great...I had a good workout this morning at the gym." I had to smile...a good workout, yes, but on the receving end of my friend's big dick!

I never confronted Jay nor my wife over their affair, but luckily, Jay found more ass and moved on after a week or two. Her pussy was never as snug after Jay was finished with her, and from that point forward, I think my wife was hunting for other big dicked Jays (I've yet to catch her again, though). Still, she satisfies me when I need it, and her disposition has improved dramatically, making our lives rather nice together. Jay and I remained good friends, and I had to admire his skills...he'd "cum" along way since high school! 
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