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Jill - Dipping Our Toes - Upstairs Interlude

Jill and I head upstairs to process what had just happened.

We made our way back to our hotel room and quickly entered and shut the door. Jill turned and looked at me.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. I gave her a few moments to collect her thoughts, savoring her beautiful, flushed face. My wife. How did we get here? This was so not us.

“Are you turned on?” I asked.

“God yes... I know I'm soaked,” she said, holding her hands on her cheeks. “I am a strong, independent, woman...but...when you told me to pull my panties down, I almost came.”

“Oh? You liked that huh?”

“Yes. I have no idea why. I'm a wife, a loving mother of two kids and I'm just now discovering this...naughty side of me. Nick was good looking and I did enjoy seeing the reaction on both of your faces but it wasn't really him that was getting to me. He was good-looking enough, if a bit of a goof, but it was being... I don't know if used is the right word. I felt hot and desired. I felt... powerful.”

“You are,” I stated.

“But, I also enjoyed being the center of attention and even though it was a game, there were elements that felt real. Like I had to comply and do as instructed to hold up my end of the bet. I just really enjoyed...” Jill said searching for a word.

“Being dominated?” I asked and she giggled.

“I was going to say relinquishing control... but okay, yeah”

“Hmmm. Good to know,” I said and gave her ass a slap. She giggled again and pulled away.

“But, just when it comes to the bedroom... understand?” she warned. She started kissing me immediately. I knew the alcohol was coursing through her system with three martinis, but this was also more than alcohol. I kissed her back. She pulled back and looked at me.

“Are you okay? Are we good?” she asked me, looking for an expression.

I grinned and moved my hips forward, pressing my erection into her thigh. Jill smiled a relieved smile.

“I guess that answers that,” and kissed me again. “Oh my God I still can't believe that just happened”

I moved my lips over to her neck and whispered in her ear. “It did happen,” I said, and scraped my teeth against the nape of her neck.

“Mmmm... “ Jill moaned

“Let's get this back off of you,” I said, unbuttoning her blouse again. It didn't take me long to unbutton all three buttons that previously took about thirty minutes to undo. I kissed my way down to her shoulder and took the blouse completely off. There she stood again in just her transparent red bra. Her nipples were just as hard and now only for me.

“What do you think would have happened if someone didn't try to open the door?” I asked her, my hands moving up and cupping her breasts.

“I... I don't know. I was thinking the same thing. Would you have stopped him if he continued to...” Jill's voice faded, her words escaping her.

“Touch you?” I asked, my thumbs making circles around her nipples.

Jill nodded.

“Did you want him to continue to touch you?” I asked, reaching my hands around and unhooking her bra. 

“Oh God, I don't know.” Her eyes were closed as if reliving the memory.

I removed her bra and placed it on the bed, her pert breasts on display, tiny goose bumps sprayed the across her entire upper torso.

She gave me a dreamy look. “It wasn't so much him that was getting to me. He didn't have the look or commanding presence our reunion friend had.”

“So you didn't think he was hot?” I asked.

“He was nice looking but... Mmmmm.” I had bent down and taken her left nipple into my mouth.

“But?” I asked, between sucking on her hard tiny bud, making circles with my tongue.

“Well... if you keep doing that... Mmmm... I won't be able to tell you... ahhh,” I tweaked her other nipple with my fingers.

“I want you to be so turned leave all rational filters behind,” I whispered, moving my mouth to her other nipple, my fingers pulling on the one my mouth just left, slipping and sliding with the wetness my tongue had left.

“Ohhh. I...I enjoyed being on display for you two... Mmmm. I was wondering what it would... geez... what it would be like to play with two... mmmm... hard cocks,” she gasped, I could tell she was hesitant, but also the combination of the alcohol and the state of her arousal was working like a truth serum.

“Do you want to do that?” I asked, now looking her in the eye, both of my hands holding each of her breasts and pulling on her rock hard nipples

“I don't know...”

“Tell me,” I commanded, my right hand snaking down and pushing down into her panties. My fingers brushed through her neatly trimmed pussy and found her hard clit. She was soaking wet and I made tiny circles around her bud.

“Yes...” she gasped.

“Yes, what?” I demanded. I wanted her to tell me. She moaned and her breath was ragged. I know she was fighting her instinct of all she considered right and proper while growing up.

“Mmmm. God... I want to play with two hard cocks” She said quickly. Her state of arousal complete. Any semblance of self-editing gone. I pushed down her skirt and panties, my thumb making circles around her clit and I pushed two fingers into her.

“Don't stop now,” I whispered in her ear. “Tell me what you would do.”

“Mmmm... I would play with them. Ahhhhh. Stroke them... I would rub them on my cheeks... mmmm. I would suck them.” Her face completely flushed. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm.

“Fuck me!” she exclaimed, fighting for breath.

I pushed her back onto the bed and unbuckled my pants. Jill lay back, her legs completely spread. She looked gorgeous. Her hand reached down and started circling her clit as she watched me remove my pants and underwear. I climbed on top of her and took her both her wrists in my left hand and brought them above her head.

I positioned myself between her legs. Her head turned to the side, tiny beads of perspiration misting her forehead. I grasped my shaft in my right hand and brought it up, hard and erect, resting it on top of her pussy.

“Mmmmm,” Jill moaned, thrusting her hips up, wanting me to impale her. I held still.

“Look at me,” I ordered. She turned her head and opened her eyes a bit, still half closed with desire.

“Tell me again.”

“I... I want to play with two cocks” she panted. I took the head of my cock, now wet with her juices and made slow circles around her clit. She moaned with frustration and excitement.

“Tell me what turned you on.”

“Mmmmm... I liked turning both of you on... I liked being on display...I liked showing off my body.” Jill moaned, her eyes closed again reliving the recent events.

“Did you want to remove your bra for Nick and let him see your naked breasts?” I whispered, sliding my shaft up and down her wet clit.

“Mmmmm. Yesssss”

“Did you want him to touch your breasts and play with your nipples?” I knew I was torturing her, holding out and not giving in to thrusting inside, but I was in control.

“Uhhhh... Yesssss... Please... fuck me” she begged.

“Are you going to be more flirtatious now with men?”


“Are you going to tease them?”


“Are you going to show off more?”


“You love being desired, don't you?”


“You want them to fuck you?”

“YES! God help me YES!” she screamed. I thrust my hips forward and slid into her warm, wet sheath, her vaginal walls grasping my engorged member. I reached down and started circling her clit with my fingers and moving my cock in and out of her.

I could feel her body tremble and quake, my cock thrusting again and again. No words were spoken now, just the frantic, animal panting and groaning that both of us were vocalizing.

“AHHHHHHHH. MMMMMM OH GOD!!” she bellowed and her entire body spasmed again and again as she rode the crest of her orgasm. I now lost control as I felt her shutter and felt my shaft explode with pleasure.

I grasped her tightly as I emptied into her. Our breathing slowing returned to normal.

We laid there panting. Jill covered her eyes and started to giggle.

“Oh my God... please tell me you still love me,” she begged.

“Of course I still love you. If possible I love you more than ever. I've never felt so close or intimate with you.”

“No filters right?” she asked tentatively.

“No filters.”

“God that was hot,” she breathed.

“YOU are hot,” I said, caressing her thigh.

“But when you were asking me those questions... I just don't want you to be mad at me or feel like you don't respect me anymore.” I could hear the worry in her voice.

“Honey, I still love and respect you. You are my amazingly beautiful wife that I have just discovered has this wild, fantasy life she is able to share with me. How could I be upset with that?” I asked.

She lay there taking it all in.

“That's what it is right? A fantasy?” she asked.

I thought for a moment. What was she asking me? “Do you want to make it a reality?” I asked.

“No,” she said just a hair too quickly.

“There's no part of you that wants to have two hard cocks in your hand in real life?”

She smiled a bit. “I mean...I don't think I could actually ever go through with something like that. But it is fun to think about.”

I waited to hear if she was going to add anything.

“Have you...masturbated thinking about two men having their way with you before?” I asked nervously.

“Oh my God” she whispered.

“No filters...remember?”

She still paused. Even in the dim light, I could see her face blush. She nodded quickly.

“Is that a yes?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said and looked to see my reaction. I smiled and kissed her on her nose.


“I'm sure you've fantasized about having two women haven't you?” Jill asked.

I thought for a moment.

“Nope. You are all I need babe” I teased and slapped her on her ass.

“You jerk!” Jill giggled and slapped me back. “How is it you know the exact wrong thing to say at exactly the wrong time every time?” Jill asked, still slapping me. I was laughing at her efforts.

“It's a skill like anything else,” I continued.

She laughed and slapped me again.

The next step in our evolution happened when Jill took a business trip out of town.


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