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Julie starts her affair with Dave

Suprise visit from Dave and Julie shows how happy she is to see him again.
Julie and I got married in February after she turned up pregnant. We were already engaged so it went right along with our plans, just a little sooner than we had expected. When we found out her condition we sort of broke things off with Dave; actually it was because I didn't have my own place anymore, we had moved in with Julie's parents and had never gotten around to letting Dave know what happened.

One day I got home from work late and Julie wasn't home yet; it was early spring. Usually she got there ahead of me, but tonight she arrived shortly after I did. I loved the look she had that day, a nice crisp navy-blue business suit, knee-length skirt and tan stockings, her hair permed in tight curls, earrings, make-up, the works. It was no big deal that she was later than usual.

We had dinner with her folks, cleaned up, and went down to our room in the basement. It was nice down there, newly remodeled, and cooler than the upstairs part of the house. She was amused about something as we laid down and cuddled together.

She seemed a little on edge so I asked her how her day went. She told me she had gotten in her car to drive home from work and was shocked when Dave got out of his car behind hers; he sat in the passenger seat next to her. This got me interested. I could feel my pulse rate jump up a notch. The man with whom she had been so passionate with a few months ago was sitting right there, inches away from her. She said his eyes were wide open as he looked at her. Julie said "I was a little flushed; sexual memories flooded my brain; I couldn't help it." It was turning me on so I knew she must have been really turned on seeing Dave again.

What to do? Smiling without trying, they both held eye contact. They made small talk and leered at each other. She was just starting to show her pregnancy but didn't mention it. Her face felt very warm when she saw how he kept looking at her body, down at her legs, up to her breasts, into her eyes again; she took the keys out of the ignition and opened her door. "C'mon in for a minute."

Thoughts and images were racing through my mind now. I stroked her hips and thighs, squeezed her breasts.

"Everyone was gone by then so I took him into my office," she said, "and really was not sure what would happen when they got there." "Dave needed relief, and once we were in there with the door shut I dropped down on my knees," she said, "it was so automatic." "He leaned against my desk and I undid his pants." Holy shit. I was going wild! Rubbing her more, I kissed her neck and ears, whispered how hot she was making me, how sexy she was. She told me how she took out Dave's hard cock and started sucking him right away, looking up to see him smiling as she held the head of his pecker in her mouth.

She knew he didn't ever get blowjobs like this at home and so he was totally appreciative; his moaning told her that too. She told me she really loved sucking his cock again, and that her mouth was full of his cum in minutes. They hugged after that and he was very thankful, kept smiling and sighing too. "Did you tell him you are pregnant?" I asked her. She didn't. "He was so hot for me, I didn't want to risk changing it," she told me. I guess she wanted to remain a sexy chick to him, what he might call a slut, not give him her big news just yet; something in her response told me that she would be seeing Dave again.

I was fingering her clitoris and suggested, "You liked tasting his cock again, didn't you?" "Yeah," she breathed, and I could tell then she was very turned on. "He'll come back to see you again, won't he?" "Yes yes," she was leaning her head towards my lips as I blew into her ear, kissed her delicate neck. It was a real "kick" to see her so turned on right then. "You like those huge loads of cum he sprays into you, don't you?" "Yes!" "You'll swallow his cum everyday if he wants, won't you?" "Yes," she told me.

This was such a turn-on for both of us. Her thighs were opening; the heat from her cunt was rising; my cock was hardening more and more; I slid over her leg and was there to slip it into her. Damn it felt so good...our eyes locked; we fucked; we kissed; we smiled at each other. What a great time!

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