Kansas City Embassy Suites

By Letsbnoty

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An exciting adventure of public flirting and fun
Kansas City Embassy Suites

Although this story is true, I have changed a few things to protect the not so innocent and to set my wife's mind at ease so she may enjoy this little bit of our history as much as she did at the time. This took place on a trip from Kansas City to the west coast. I was moving the last of my belongings back home to California , Gloria, my new girlfriend at the time flew out to drive one of my vehicles back. Sounds weird to call her a girlfriend as we are so much more than that actually then too but we were new and so girlfriend fit back then.

It had been a long two weeks but it was finally time to pick Gloria up at the airport, somehow IM on the computer just doesn't do our sex life justice. We both were so horny for each other that just taking the shuttle to my truck was a chore without attacking her. As soon as the shuttle moved to the next row we were on each other & would have made love right there in the parking lot had I not had other ideas for the rest of our time here in KC.

We wanted to be with each other so much we both were nearly crazy with lust. On the drive south towards the city several large Hotels dot the landscape, one that I had stayed at a few years ago, seemed to be calling to me or was that the bulge in my pants? No the Embassy Suites would definitely be our first stop, a lovely place good food a good bar and what's more we were nearly 2000 miles from home. It is amazing how free that can feel, how the inhibitions melt away, and that is exactly how we both were feeling.

After check in we relaxed a bit in our room unpacked and I asked Gloria if she would come downstairs with me for a drink, she said sure but she wanted to have a bath first. I asked her if she was up for some naughty fun and asked her to shave her pussy and when she was ready meet me in the Bar.

It seemed like forever before she arrived there were several business types perched at tables, I sat at the bar. As she approached I was stunned at he beauty, it seemed as if she was floating instead of walking, her button up dress exposing those sexy legs and the look on her face made it clear she had indeed shaved for me. The looks she got from the business men around the various tables, confirmed the fact that she oozed sexuality with each step, I am sure there were hard cocks throughout the bar, mine was to be sure.

I stood in awe and held my arm out to her and we kissed, I told her how sexy she looked and motioned to the stool next to me. Our bartender, Steve just stood cleaning a glass with a bit of a slack jaw and wide eyes. As I ordered or drinks and I could not help but stare at her beautiful breasts and feel the heat coming from her. She had that devilish look on her face that she gets when she is turned on, and the looks she was getting from the businessmen sitting around the tables confirmed I was not the only one that noticed.

We sat and gazed into each other's eyes and the unspoken lust was obvious. I laid my hand on her thigh and she moaned slightly and Steve our bartender didn't miss a thing. When the opportunity arose and I felt Gloria was relaxed a bit I slid my hand up and between her thighs, oh my God I love this! So did Gloria, her eyes slowly drooping and another moan. She told me with her eyes she wanted me to continue and I slipped a finger along her extremely wet pussy lips.

At this moment Steve asked if we were ready for a couple refills and Gloria meekly said sure and squirmed in her seat a bit and as his eyes took in her lovely breasts my fingers were caressing her sopping wetness. She was caught in a wave of excitement that she could not stop even if she wanted to, a stranger was obviously enjoying her beauty as I played with her in a way we have only done in bed. I was playing with her for what seemed like an hour and she pushed my hand away just before she climaxed and leaned over to me and kissed me softly and whispered I was bad and she loved it.

All evening we repeated this little sexual play and Steve was the consummate host and talked with us at length, all the while enjoying the view from his side of the bar. He couldn't see what my hand was doing under the bar but he certainly could surmise from the way Gloria reacted to my touching her. Before we knew it the time had come for last call for alcohol and we ordered two more.

Steve suggested that he carry our drinks up to our room for us as we might just drop them in the elevator and break his glasses, I wondered what would make him think we would drop them in the elevator? It was impossible to keep my hands off Gloria on the slow ride up to our floor and with her head tossed back Gloria was helpless to stop my hands from exploring her body, it is a wonder Steve didn't drop the glasses.

Steve followed us into our room and I asked him to place the glasses on the table and at this point Gloria laid back on the sofa and pulled me to her wanting to continue our lustful play, Steve just stood there and I was not about to disappoint Gloria as I kissed her passionately and my hands roving all over her breasts. Most of the buttons were open and her nipples were like bullets I began to lick her breasts and found myself amazed that we were making love in front of a total stranger.

As I moved down to open her legs I wanted to lick that beautiful shaved pussy and could not stop myself and Gloria was not about to stop me either. She watched Steve as I slowly began to lick her; he was in quite a state himself and his rock hard cock was creating quite a tent in his slacks. He began to stroke himself as he watched us. Gloria was torn between the pleasure I was giving her and the view she was getting of Steve. I heard him let out a moan that told me he was cumming and at that moment Gloria let out a scream and pushed my head tight to her and as her juices flooded me I new I had to slide my cock deep into her, I came like a race horse in seconds.

The next night we ordered dinner via room service and Steve was to deliver.