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Karaoke Party Conclusion

Fucking Tom and Jim to keep them quiet
Fucking Mr. Wang in front of my husband, Mike, and his coworkers Tom and Jim, was the most exciting thing I've ever done. The karaoke party in Beijing was not what I expected, but I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of my show.

My name is Sue, and I got pay back on my husband, who admitted he had fucked several karaoke girls at various parties he attended in the past.

My big concern was Tom and Jim. They both saw me naked. They saw my tits and tantalizing bush. They saw me suck Mr. Wang's large cock. They watched Mr. Wang fuck me, and shoot cum all over my face, tits, and body.

While I don't think they will tell anyone at home, I can't be certain. Being a slut in front of my husband was one thing. Having his coworkers watch my performance was something else.

The morning after I fucked Mr. Wang, I looked at Mike and said, "I am worried that Tom and Jim might tell someone at home about my performance at the karaoke party. I don't know what to do? What do you think? We need to make sure they keep this secret."

Mike looked at me with a baffled look on his face. He said, "I never thought about that. I can't imagine they will say anything. But, guys are guys, and they do like to talk."

We both looked at each other. We had three more nights in Beijing before flying home. The big contract was going to be signed that day.

Mike broke the silence when he said, "I think you should fuck both Tom and Jim. That will keep them silent. If you fuck both of them, they will never dare say a word to anyone. They will worry that you will tell their wives what they did."

I was stunned. I fucked Mr. Wang in front of Mike, but here he was suggesting I fuck his two coworkers. I got hot and bothered the second he made the suggestion. I had never fucked two men before, let alone two men who we knew as friends. Holy shit.

I looked at Mike. He looked at me. I was trembling when I said, "Are you sure about this? You want me to fuck both Tom and Jim? Are you okay with that? You want me to suck their cocks, and let them fuck me right here in Beijing?"

Mike said, "We don't have a choice. Tom and Jim both want to fuck you. They were both beating off last night thinking about you. They saw you naked. They saw you suck Mr. Wang's cock. They saw him fuck you in front of twenty people. You should do it."

My pussy was already wet when I replied, "Okay, but you can't be there. They have to think it is my idea, and you aren't involved. You can't watch. I'll tell you about it, after the fact, and you have to accept that. You'll be in our room, beating off, knowing I'm sucking their cocks and fucking them."

As I finished talking, Mike already had his cock out. He was jerking off. I stripped naked and started playing with my wet pussy. We watched each other masturbate. Mike didn't last long, and was shooting off, spraying his cum all over the place, before I could finish. It didn't take long before my orgasm overwhelmed me, and I was shaking from head to toe.

We decided that Mike would fake being sick, and leave me alone with Tom and Jim, later that night.

We met Tom and Jim for breakfast. They both looked at me with a strange look on their faces. It was a little awkward. Tom broke the silence when he said, "Sue, that was quite a party last night. You certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. I have to admit, I enjoyed the show, and certainly enjoyed seeing you naked."

I just smiled when I said, "Yes, I did enjoy last night. I could tell you were watching rather intently. How many times did you beat off last night?

Tom wasn't embarrassed at all when he replied, "I beat off the minute I got back to my room. I woke up twice during the night, and beat off again. I also beat off about thirty minutes ago, knowing I would see you at breakfast."

I looked at Jim, and said, "How about you Jim. Did you jerk off a few times after the party?"

Jim was silent. He then said, "Yea, I beat off a few times. I couldn't get the sight of your tits out of my mind. I also had a front and center seat watching you fuck Mr. Wang. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Mike was a little uncomfortable with Tom and Jim talking about me. They both thought of me as a slut. I'm sure they both were thinking about fucking me.

I went back to the room. The men went off and had their meeting with Mr. Wang. They signed the contract.

Mike told me later that Mr. Wang shook his hand and said, "Thank you for letting me fuck your beautiful wife. You are a lucky man. My subordinates think I am some kind of superhuman, talking you into offering me your wife for my pleasure. Thank you."

Later that afternoon Mike came back to the room. I was naked, lying on the bed. We fucked as I told him how much I enjoyed being a slut wife in front of him.

The four of us went to dinner that night. I wore a sexy dress and thong. That was my usual party attire. My dress was thin, and my tits jiggled when I walked. You could see my nipples sticking out.

Tom and Jim couldn't stop staring at me as we ate dinner. Tom is more direct than Jim. During dinner he seemed oblivious to Mike being there. He looked at me and said, "Sue, as I told you earlier, you were great last night. I can't get the image of you naked out of my mind. Having watched you fuck Mr. Wang makes me so horny I can't sit still."

Before I could say anything, Mike said, "I'm not feeling well. I don't know if it's something I ate, or something else. I need to go back to the room and lay down. You guys can enjoy yourself without me."

With that, Mike got up, and left me with Tom and Jim. Mike was hardly out of the room when Tom started talking dirty to me. He looked at me and said, "Sue, I would give anything to fuck you. Seeing you fuck Mr. Wang in front of Mike, was really a nasty thing. Mike actually seemed okay with that. I probably shouldn't say this, but I don't think he'd mind if I fucked you."

Jim was silent. He stared at Tom and said, "Tom, I can't believe you are saying this to Sue. She did what she did to help us finalize the contract. Here you are soliciting her. You are a real shit head."

I looked at the two of them with a smile on my face. I said, "You know what? I'm horny. Mike fucked several karaoke girls in the past, so I'm still owed a few on my end. I love sex, and you now know I'm a slut. If you guys want to fuck me, let's go upstairs and have some fun."

Tom and Jim looked at each other like they just won the lottery. Tom called for the check, paid the bill, and the three of us headed up to Tom's room.

As we walked to the room, Tom put his arm around me and started to fondle my tits. Since I wasn't wearing a bra, he had free access to my tits. My nipples were rock hard. Jim watched.

We got to Tom's room. There was an awkward moment before I broke the ice. I looked at them, unzipped my dress, let it fall to the floor, and stood there with my tits out in the open. All I had on was my thong.

Tom came over to fondle my tits. I stopped him and said, "Take off your clothes. Both of you. I want to see your cocks. I'll bet neither one of you is as big as Mr. Wang. Let's see what you've got."

It didn't take a second before they were both naked, with their cocks standing at attention. I was a little surprised at the size of both their cocks, pleasantly surprised. Tom had a big cock, but it was Jim who had a really, really big cock.

I looked at them with a big grin on my face. I went up to Jim, wrapped my hand around his hard dick, and started stroking his cock as I said, "Now, that is a big cock you have. Let me see you beat off."

Jim started to stroke his cock. Tom started to stroke his cock. I sat on the bed and watched, while I rubbed my pussy through my thong. This was a great show.

Both Jim and Tom were leaking cum from their cocks. As they jerked off, I could hear the slurping sound of cum lubricating their strokes.

I stood up and took off my thong. I laid back on the bed with my legs spread apart.

Jim came up and immediately started licking my cunt. Tom came up and started playing with my tits. He laid down with his cock in my face. I was in my glory. I took Tom's cock between my lips and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth.

Jim was licking my clit as I sucked Tom's cock. Tom was gentle as he let me take the lead. I licked the tip of his cock, which was dripping cum. I was about to have an orgasm when Tom couldn't hold back. He shot a huge load of cum into my mouth. The minute he shot off, I shuddered with my own orgasm.

Tom's cock came out of my mouth, and his cum continued to shoot off onto my face. I didn't care.

Jim stopped licking my pussy, and came over to fuck me. I laid back as he climbed on top of me and slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy. He was moaning as he fucked me. I was very receptive and matched him, stroke for stroke.

It didn't take Jim long before he shot off. His cock was buried deep in my pussy when he shot his load of cum into my pussy. He was shaking.

Jim pulled out and rolled over. As he did, Tom was already hard for more action. Tom came over, laid on his back, and asked me to get on top. I climbed on top of Tom as his cock slid into my pussy. He played with my tits, as his cock slid in and out of my pussy.

Tom massaged my tits, and kept saying how much he loved fucking me. He fucked me for at least five minutes before he started to cum. He kept thrusting as he shot his load into my already cum filled pussy.

Jim was hard again. He looked at me and said, "I want you to suck my cock, just like you sucked Mr. Wang's cock. I was sitting on the bed when Jim came up to me. He was stroking his large cock.

Before he could do anything, I said, "I want a photo to remember this night. Tom, can you use my iPhone to take a photo of me, with Jim's cock in my mouth? Tom took my phone as I held Jim's cock and slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. Tom took several pictures. I then asked him to take a video.

Jim didn't say a word as Tom took a video of me sucking Jim's cock. I made sure Tom could see my tongue licking the tip of Jim's cock before I slid the head of his cock between my lips. I stroked his cock as I took him deep into my mouth. I licked the entire shaft of his cock with my tongue. Jim was thrusting his hips as his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

It didn't take long before Jim started shooting off. I could taste his warm, salty cum shooting into my mouth. I swallowed what I could, and took my mouth off his cock. Cum was dripping from the tip of his semi hard cock. Cum was dripping from the side of my mouth.

I looked at Tom, and told him I wanted Jim to take our picture with him fondling my tits. Tom gave the camera to Jim, came over to me, and started fondling my tits. Jim took a few pictures, and then switched to video to take a short movie. I was covered in cum, with cum dripping down from my tits onto my legs.

I took the iPhone from Jim, and told the guys I had a really fun time. They were both grinning from ear to ear. I told them I wanted the pictures and video so I could remember the night, as I masturbated at home.

They both asked if I could email them the pictures and video. Tom said he would enjoy beating off at home as he watched the video. Jim shook his head and said he would do that as well.

I looked at them and said, "No. They are for my viewing pleasure, not yours. Sorry, but you'll have to use your imagination when you beat off."

I put my dress back on, and put my thong in my purse. I smiled and said, "See you guys for breakfast tomorrow."

I went back to our room with a story to tell Mike. The pictures and video would be a pleasant surprise.

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