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Kate fucks my friend

I watch as Kate fucks one of my friends
If you have read any of my earlier stories you would know that I have been sharing my wife Kate for the last 6 months. It was not my choice though, Kate said she needed more sexually than I could give her. It hurt to hear the words come out of her mouth but it was either share her or lose her all together. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find it extremely hot to watch her with another guy, but I know our relationship is moving from sharing to outright cuckoldry.

Most of the guys Kate has been with have been strangers. Guys she has met when we are out, guys from her gym, she has even had a threesome with one of her girlfriends and her boyfriend. There have been a few occasions when I have not been very happy with her choice of men, mainly because she was with someone that we know, or in one case with one of my co-workers. Up until recently though she had never been with someone who I would call a friend.

Every couple of weeks Kate and I have a party at our place. Nothing too outrageous, just a small gathering to catch up with friends who we hardly ever get to see. We have a big outdoor area with a pool and spa so there is always plenty of room for everyone and the spare rooms let people sleep over if they drink too much. A few months ago we were having one of our parties. It was the middle of summer and it was very hot so almost everyone was only wearing their swimmers. Kate looked stunning in her white bikini top and sarong. The party had been going most of the day and everyone was pretty drunk. I spent most of the day talking football with some of the other husbands. I watched as Kate mingled with the rest of the group, swimming a little, but mainly staying out of the pool. There was a game on so most of the guys were inside watching it until mid afternoon, letting the girls talk amongst themselves.

During the half time break I walked out towards the laundry to grab more beers for everyone. I wasn’t really paying attention, just going through the motions. I glanced outside to see most of the women talking in a group, just chatting and laughing. What struck me first is that Kate was not amongst them. I looked again and saw Kate in the pool, sitting on one of the steps, leaning back against the wall, what caught most of my attention though is the fact she wasn’t alone, standing about three feet in front of her was my friend Jake. Jake and I had been friends since high school, always hanging out. Jake is a very good looking guy and never seemed to be short of girlfriends but he had recently broken up with his girl and only a few hours ago he admitted to me that he was just looking “for some slut to fuck for a while”. I continued to watch as Jake and Kate splashed about in the pool. At one stage Kate was leaning back into Jake, his hands on her hips, pushing himself towards her. I watched as Kate smiled, laughing at something Jake had said. I broke myself away from watching them and took the beers back to watch the rest of the football, but my mind was always wandering back to Kate and Jake.

By the time the game was over everyone was ready to leave. We all said our goodbye’s, planning another party in a few weeks. After they had all gone I walked through the house out towards the pool. Jake was still there, sitting in a lounge chair next to Kate, heads close, both of them laughing.

As I walked outside they both looked my way. I could tell by looking at her that Kate was very drunk

“Hello darling,” Kate said to me, “we were just talking about you.”

“Only good things I hope,” I replied.

“I was just telling Jake about our little arrangement.”

My heart sank. “What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well I have been telling him that you have been sharing me for the last few months.”

“Kate, I thought we had discussed to keep it private.”

“Oh don’t be silly darling,” Kate slurred.

I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there looking at Jake. He was the first to break the silence.

“So Kate was telling me that you have watched her with other guys.”

“Yeah,” was all I could say.

“Do you enjoy watching her get fucked?”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“What was that, I couldn’t hear you,” Jake replied.

“YES,” I said louder.

Kate was giggling, Jake had a smirk on his face as he watched me squirm.

Jake was staring at me. “I want you to ask me,” he said.

I was shaking, not sure what to do. I said nothing.

Jake spoke again, this time with more force. “I said I want you to ask me.”

I looked down at my feet, barely mumbling, “I want you to fuck my wife.”

“Say please.”

I could barely whisper, “Please Jake, will you fuck my wife?”

Without saying a word Jake and Kate stood up, walking towards the house. Kate walked in first, before I could follow them Jake stopped me at the door, grabbing my shirt front he pushed me backwards. “You watch from out here”. He closed the door behind himself and walked in.

I stood on the step. Looking into the lounge room Kate and Jake were standing in the middle of the room, kissing. Kate was only wearing her white bikini and Jake held her close, his hands running over her back and ass. I was instantly hard, resisting the temptation to pull my own cock out. The seemed to kiss for ages, Jakes hands undoing Kate’s bikini top, letting her tits fall out. Kate took one step back and removed her bikini bottoms, revealing her neatly shaven pussy.

As she stepped back towards Jake he pushed her down onto her knees. I stood motionless as I watched Kate reach up and undo his shorts. Jake was looking right at me as Kate pulled his shorts down, revealing his very big cock. He was already hard, his cock was about 8 inches long but it was very thick. Kate wasted no time in taking him in her mouth. Licking up and down his shaft, flicking her tongue over the head of his cock before taking as much into her mouth as she could, head bobbing back and forth. Jake was reaching down playing with Kate’s tits as she sucked, squeezing her nipples as she kept working on his cock, pumping her hand up and down his shaft as she sucked deeply.

Jake pulled her up suddenly, throwing Kate onto the couch, without saying a word he grabbed he legs, holding them out wide as he slammed his cock into her. Kate screamed out as he forcefully grabbed her arms, pulling her into him. Jake used all his weight to push his cock further into Kate, I heard her scream as he pulled all the way out before slamming back into her again. I could hold on any longer and pulled me own cock out as I watched Jake fuck Kate hard. Jake moved one hand to Kate’s throat, holding her down on the couch, fucking her even faster. I came suddenly as I heard Kate scream again, cumming all over the step. Jake was fucking Kate very hard, Kate was half screaming in pleasure, half screaming in pain.

Without saying a word Jake pulled out his cock and rolled Kate over, bending her over, forcing her into the wall behind the couch. Jake pushed his cock all the way into her again, grabbing her hair roughly, pulling her head back. Kate’s screams were filling the room as Jake fucked her, holding her hair in one hand, slapping her ass with the other. I could hear the slapping sounds as he slapped her again, red marks appearing on her ass cheeks. My cock was hard again, I watched as Kate’s whole body shuddered in a huge orgasm, Jake was not far behind, pulling out to cum all over Kate’s ass and back. They both collapsed, completely exhausted.

I stood outside, not making a sound. Jake was the first to recover, rolling on top of Kate, her legs wrapping around him. They kissed for ages, Jake licking all over her tits, lightly bighting her nipples. Jake kissed all the way down her, Kate threw her head back and moaned as his tongue flicker over her clit. Her hand reaching down to pull his head into her. I started to wank again as Kate writhed as Jake went down on her, his hands playing with tits at the same time. I came suddenly as Kate moaned loudly, cumming with Jake’s tongue still in her. Jake moved up beside her, Kate wasted no time in placing her lips around his cock again, he was already hard.

Kate sucked up and down, spitting on the end of his cock. Jake was sitting back on the couch, his hand on Kate’s head. Kate stopped sucking and straddled Jake on the couch, slowly lowering herself down onto his cock. They fucked more slowly this time, with more purpose. Jake held her hips as Kate ground back and forth on his cock, taking him all the way into her. They kissed passionately, Jake licking her tits and nipples. Jake rolled Kate over onto her back. All I could see from outside was Jake’s ass as he pumped in and out of Kate, holding her close. They fucked for another 15 minutes or so before I heard Jake grunt loudly, cumming in Kate’s pussy.

The both lay back on the couch for a while, both completely worn out. Kate was the first to stand up, not even looking my way as she walked naked to our bedroom. Jake stood up slowly and followed. I waited for another 5 minutes until I slowly opened the door and walked in. The lounge room smelt of sex, I could see cum on the floor and on the couch. I walked towards our bedroom. I heard the shower running. The door was slightly ajar. I stood breathless as I looked in. Kate had her tits pressed against the wall as Jake slowly fucked her from behind, kissing her on the back and neck as he fucked her. His hands moved all over her tits, the water rushing over them as they fucked. The both came, Jake pulling out to cum on Kate’s ass again.

Jake left about 30 minutes later without even saying a word to me. Kate lay back on our bed, totally exhausted. I lay beside her, knowing our relationship had changed again.

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