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Landing My Dream Job

Landing the new gig required a little extra effort on my part

The job I recently secured required a little extra effort on my part in order to land the gig. 

They were supposedly concerned about my lack of a degree so Jim (one of the attorneys) wanted to meet me at the office. After I got there, we chatted for awhile then later asked if he could take me to lunch. Of course, I agreed and we made off to his Mercedes SUV.

The conversation turned personal on the way to lunch as he asked me about my personal life and other details about my life. I returned the favor and got to know him a little bit.

After a few minutes, he pulled into a sparsely populated parking lot. I asked him why he pulled into this lot instead of near a restaurant. He said he needed to vet me additionally in a more unorthodox method. When asked what that meant, he said, "I'll be blunt. Since you don't have a degree, you're going to have to go the extra mile if you know what I mean."

I said I was confused and wanted clarification even though I thought I knew what he meant. He said he wanted me to suck his cock in order to secure the position. He was a very handsome man in his mid fifties so doing this was no problem whatsoever. I said I really needed the job and would do whatever it took.

He said, "Well, there's no problem then is there?" As he said this, he unbuttoned his pants and fished out his large dick. I got on my knees and leaned over the console to begin sucking his cock. He stopped me and told me to get in the back where there was more room since the seats were already down. 

I crawled in the back and he followed me. He laid flat on his back with his hard dick standing at attention. I got between his legs so he'd have a perfect view of me sucking him off. I began by kissing and licking him slowly. He moaned in ecstasy and watched me in awe. I continued licking and kissing it and flicking my tongue on the head until he couldn't take it anymore. I then started deepthroating his dick while maintaining eye contact. He asked if I was doing this so I could get the job and I said yes.

I worked his balls out of his boxers and pants so I could play with them too. I began licking and sucking on them as well and he said he had never had his balls sucked before. I asked him if he liked it and said he loved it.

He asked me again and again if I was sucking cock to get the job. Eventually my pussy was so wet and I was so horny that I finally responded, "No, I'm sucking cock because I love it and want to eat your cum."

That seemed to be the response he was looking for because he cock stiffened to its max and I heard him groan. I kept talking dirty to him so I could finish him off and swallow his load. I licked and sucked his cock with a fervor. I slapped it on my tongue and made it bulge my cheeks out to the side the way you like. I told him I wanted his cum, begged him for it. "I need it. Please cum in my mouth."

"How bad do you need it?"

"More than anything. Will you cum for me?"

"Will you cum for me what?"

"Will you cum for me, boss?"

"That's better. I'll give it to you now you cocksucking, cum-swallowing slut."

"Thank you. I love being your cocksucker."

With that, he began cumming in my mouth and moans filled his vehicle. It tasted sweet and I eagerly gulped it down. I continued sucking and licking cock until it finally began to soften.

I thanked him for lunch and he asked me if I was still hungry. I said I was all filled up and we could go back to the office now.

He said he had a confession to make. When I asked him what he was talking about, he said I already had the job and he was just trying to get some pussy. Not only that, he said he had tried doing the same thing a few other times but every other woman had turned him down and I was the only slut who fell for it.

Fortunately, the joke was on him because I love cock and I would've done the same exact thing, job or not. When he said he didn't believe me, I said, "Try me" and asked if he could get it up again.  He said it might take a few minutes but that he probably could. I said, "Will putting that big cock in my ass get it up?"

He was floored and I already saw his pants stirring.  He pulled over again to another vacant lot and said, "Get in the back, slut."

I did and got naked quickly. He joined me in the back and got behind me. I was on all fours and my face was planted on the floor of the back seat. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart. His cock was surprisingly hard and he entered my ass after spitting on his hand and crudely lubricating the head of his cock. I figured it would take him forever to screw my ass and cum but the thought of getting anal must have sped up the process. Within two minutes, he was already building towards another orgasm. I asked him where he wanted to cum and he said, "Inside your slutty asshole."

Immediately afterwards, his cock pulsated and throbbed inside my ass and I felt his load enter me. He pulled my ass towards him and he moaned loudly. He paused for about a minute and savored the moment. Then he slowly pulled out and laid on his back. I turned around and cleaned his cock with my tongue. He loved me licking and sucking his cock clean. After we finished round two, I said I needed to get back to the office and head home.

He then said that what happened in the car was just the beginning. He expected me to suck and fuck not only him but the other attorneys as well. They'll double-team me when they're both in town. I agreed to all of it as long as they make it worth my while. He said that would definitely be the case.

"I think at least 60k is in order after what they're about to receive, don't you?"

I'm in a good situation now and I couldn't be happier. Their big dicks are just an added benefit.

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