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Las Vegas part 2

Making love to the break of dawn
Clarence pulled himself together, but left the tie undone. Xenia grabbed the shopping bag, but left the panties inside. Taking his hand, Xenia led him out of the private room and out of the strip club. She didn’t think they could walk all the way back to the hotel without winding up fucking in some dark corner and she wasn’t a fan of public sex, so she hailed a cab and had the driver quickly take them back to the hotel.

Back in the room, Xenia noticed that the clock said 2:30. The sun would rise in 3 hours…that might be long enough, she thought, smiling wickedly. Tossing her shawl on the chair, she lifted her hair, turning her back to Clarence and saying, “Untie my dress?” He came up behind her, his hands resting on her hips and he leaned down, trailing hot breath and kisses across her naked shoulders and down her back. She arched forward as his warm lips slowly traveled down her spine. His hands slid down her hips until they were on her outer thighs and when his lips hit the waistband of the skirt, he flipped the skirt up and ran his lips and tongue down her crack. Xenia backed up into his mouth, just enough to knock him over.

“Not yet, mister!” she said, looking over her shoulder at him.

Clarence laughed and jumped to his feet, stepping close and untying the dress. Xenia turned and started to do a slow strip tease, letting the fabric collapse over her hands which were cupping her breasts and slowly then twirling around so the skirt slid up, briefly exposing her pussy and ass. She stopped, facing away from him, and then slowly, very slowly bent over at the waist. Clarence went and sat on the edge of the bed and watched as the skirt slowly rose up, revealing her luscious pussy and gorgeous ass. He saw her drop the top part, hands cupping bare breast, then she slowly stood back up, turning to face him. He could see her hard nipples between her fingers.

“How did you get them to stay hard all night?” he asked.

“I used a cream,” she admitted, strutting closer to him in her knee high boots. Standing in front of him, she said, “Take my dress.”

He slid his thumbs into the waistband of the dress and slowly slid it down her legs, leaning forward to plant wet kisses on her stomach, pubic mound, clit, pussy lips, and inner thighs and just above her knees. The skirt hit the floor. His hands slid back up and quickly grabbed her hips, pulling her toward him. His tongue flicked out, sliding through her wet lips, parting them and exposing her clit and pulsating hole. Xenia groaned as his moist tongue activated her pleasure centers, stroking her swollen clit, nibbling and sucking on her distended outer lips, nuzzling his nose into her fragrant and soft pubic hair.

“You look, feel, taste, and smell amazing!” Clarence exclaimed, his lips forming the words against her pussy lips, tickling and exciting her. She felt a small drop of fluid slide off her lips and slowly ooze down her thigh. Clarence watched it travel, and then just before it got to the top of her boots, he moved down and slid his tongue slowly and leisurely up the trail it left. His tongue pressed against her lips, his hot breath blasting up and down her eager sex. He stopped, pushing her back and stood up. He quickly stripped. His long black cock was rigid and thick, his desire and excitement clearly evident. A drop of pre-cum was sitting on the tip and Xenia bent over and lightly slid her tongue over the mushroom shaped head, tasting the drop.

Clarence backed onto the bed, lying stretched out; his head nestled in a pillow.

“Come here and let me try that 68 that was in that book,” he said, motioning with his hands.

Xenia crawled slowly up his body, kissing and nibbling up his legs, pausing to swallow his long thick cock and sliding her mouth up and down it a couple times, then continuing to nibble up his stomach and chest before planting a hot kiss on his mouth, tongues twining together in a passionate embrace. His hands went to her hips and he slid her up his body until her pussy was directly in front of his mouth. Xenia leaned back until she was lying on top of him; his cock nestled against her cheek. She planted her feet wide apart, knees bent; giving him the most access she could muster.

He gripped her thighs, and then buried his tongue in her pussy, thrusting it in and out like a small cock, moving it up and down and side to side to touch and taste every inch of that beautiful hole. His hand slid around her leg and his thumb and forefinger captured her clit, pulling and stroking it in rhythm to his tongue thrusts. He took his time, working at her hole and her clit steadily, not going too fast, and drawing out the pleasure.

Xenia reached over her head and grabbed his legs, running her hands up and down his strong thighs. His tongue and hand felt so good, making her so wet and so eager for his stiff cock. He slid his other hand up to her breast, pinching and stroking her nipple which sent waves of excitement coursing down her body, past her pulsating clit, down her legs to her toes. She curled her toes in the comforter, wriggling her feet in pleased excitement. She didn’t know if she would be able to hold out much longer. She wanted to ride him, be ridden by him, made to scream out his name as he made her explode over and over and over again.

She looked at the ceiling, the lights dim, so at first she didn’t understand or realize what she was looking at. She got distracted from the ceiling when his tongue curled out of her pussy and slid down to her puckered ass, swirling around that tight hole. She pulled away, not wanting him to go there, but he held her in place, his strong arms keeping her positioned so he could do what he intended. His thumb and forefinger stroked her excited clit faster and his other hand tightened on her nipple, pinching it firmly.

She gasped, knowing she was seconds away from an orgasm; an orgasm she’d been waiting for all night long. His tongue continued to tease her ass, swirling around her tightly puckered hole, lightly pressing against it, then straying off over her thigh and coming back. His mouth and his warm breath felt so good she stopped resisting and spread her legs wider, digging her nails into his thighs to demand more action. He stroked her clit like she liked, the rhythm and pressure that they both knew would get her off. Within seconds, Xenia was moaning and shuddering as the first orgasm of the night exploded through her body like fireworks at a Fourth of July event.

“Now for a 69,” she gasped, rolling off his body and straddling his head. Her mouth eagerly sucked up his cock head as his tongue and lips assaulted her clit, sucking and stroking at the same time. She grabbed the base of his cock and started stroking and sucking rhythmically, the same pattern he was using on her clit. His mouth was hot, lush, eager, his tongue wicked against her clit and swollen lips. His hands stroked her ass cheeks, massaging and stroking them, occasionally spanking one and watching her jump and wiggle. She focused on his cock, stroking and sucking, running her tongue around the base of the head.

Xenia could feel Clarence breathing faster, feel his excitement rising and knew that he would be coming soon. She applied more pressure with her fingers, stroking faster with her hand while keeping her mouth still and sucking deeply on his swollen head. Clarence groaned, the deep guttural sound vibrating against her clit and it pushed her over the edge, coming hard against his now deeply penetrating tongue. He groaned again and she felt him explode in her mouth. She milked him, draining all of his thick come into her mouth, then slid off him and went sashaying into the bathroom and spit it in the sink, rinsing it down the drain.

She turned and walked back into the bedroom, then stopped, noticing for the first time the unique design of the room. Centered in the ceiling was a steel rod on a swivel. Attached to it were to long thick sheets of cloth that sloped down gracefully to mount on either side of the bed, giving it a canopy look. She thought about the show, Shades of Temptation, and how they had tied up some of the girls. She had been excited by it, thinking how much fun it would be to be tied up by Clarence, but she didn’t have any equipment to do it with.

She walked over to the head of the bed, Clarence’s eyes following her as she undid first one side, then the other, bringing them to the center of the room. The cloth was so long that it pooled on the floor around her feet. She smiled at Clarence and said, “Mama’s been a bad girl, Daddy. Maybe you should tie her up and punish her?” She wrapped the cloth around her wrists, so she looked like she was standing there tied up.

Clarence jumped off the bed, smiling his big smile that he reserved for when she had done something to excite and titillate him. Scooping his pants off the floor, he slowly slid the thin leather belt out of the belt loops, curling it in his hand. Xenia’s breath caught in her throat, excitement coursing through her body as well as a tinge of fear. Clarence walked over to her, sliding the belt over her shoulder and then taking the cloth and tying it in knots around her wrists. She had free range of motion, but was still restricted to her position in the middle of the room.

“Yellow means slow down and Red means stop, right?” Clarence said in her ear as he slowly slid the belt off her shoulder and down her breasts.

“Just like the show,” Xenia agreed. She could feel a trickle sliding down her leg and she knew that she was so wet with anticipation she could barely contain herself.

Clarence slowly circled her, most of the belt looped around his left fist, with a few inches protruding in his right hand. He flicked the loose tip lightly against her right hip, just barely hard enough to sting. Xenia squirmed, raising her hands over her head and wrapping her fingers in the cloth as high as she could reach. Clarence slapped the leather tongue against her left nipple, instantly turning the pearlescent white flesh around her nipple a soft glowing pink.

“Daddy, I’ve been so bad,” Xenia breathed. “I deserve to be punished much more than that.”

He trailed the belt down her stomach and over her pubic mound, and then flicked his wrist, slapping the soft leather against her swollen lips. Xenia writhed, wiggling her thighs and crying out softly. The feel of the belt against her hard clit sent an electric shock through her body, making her toes, fingertips and nipples tingle delightfully. Clarence unspooled more length from the belt and, standing in front of her, swung the belt around her, the belt stinging across both ass cheeks and her left hip. Xenia danced, the pain searing against her ass cheeks making her jump and squirm.

“Spread your legs,” Clarence ordered, lightly slapping the belt against her breast again, harder this time so that it turned to a brighter shade of pink. Xenia quickly spread her legs, exposing her swollen lips and hard clit to his view and inspection. Clarence walked over to the bag of toys they’d bought earlier, returning with the little vibrator he’d selected.

“This is a wireless,” he said. “I’m going to put this inside you and then I’m going to control the vibration from this remote control.” He showed her the remote. “Don’t let it fall out, or I’ll have to spank you,” he said. He slid the vibrator into her pussy and Xenia clamped down on it with her kegel muscles. Clarence turned on the vibrator and Xenia gasped. The thing was like a livewire, sparking her pussy.

He crouched down, looking at her wet pussy and licked his lips. His wrist flipped and the belt slapped against the inside of her thigh, just under her lips. Xenia cried out, the stinging radiating in arcs down her leg and up to her stomach, but mostly straight to her clit. He leaned forward and slid his tongue up her lips, curling the tip under her clit and pressing inward. She closed her eyes, watching galaxies explode behind her eyelids as his tongue fired her up. The belt slashed against her ass cheek, harder yet, then again against the other cheek. She yelped, jumping back. Clarence stood and pointed at the floor. “Come back here and stay here or I’ll be forced leave welts on your ass and thighs.”

Xenia moved back into position, fingers clenched tightly in the cloth. This is so damn erotic, she thought. He moved forward and closed her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard at it and started tapping the belt against her other nipple, lightly at first, but gradually getting harder and harder. Xenia moaned, wanting him inside her, needing to feel that beautiful cock stroking inside her needy pussy.

“Fuck me, Clarence,” she pleaded.

Clarence’s free hand moved to her pussy, his thumb pressing against her clit and three fingers sliding inside her slick pussy, cupping the vibrator up into her g-spot. Xenia moaned and gasped. Clarence continued to suck on her nipple and finger her pussy and clit while slapping her other nipple harder and harder with the belt. Xenia screamed as suddenly her whole body convulsed and she exploded in a mind numbing orgasm that punched through her like a car accident and wouldn’t let up.

Clarence stuck the tip of the belt in her mouth and she clamped down on it, muffling her screams and sobs and his mouth and fingers continued to mercilessly assault her body. His hand that had been holding the belt went to the whipped nipple and pinched it, rolling it tightly between thumb and forefinger and Xenia sagged as all the energy drained out of her from the continued orgasm.

“Red, red, red!” she spit, as she felt like she was going to pass out. Clarence stopped and stepped back, taking the vibrator out of her pulsating pussy. Xenia sagged, her body held up by the knots around her wrists. Eyes closed, Xenia panted as her body slowly recovered. She could hear and feel Clarence doing something, but she was in no condition to focus on anything but her ragged breathing and her racing heartbeat.

“When I tell you,” Clarence breathed in her ear, “I want you to lift yourself off the ground.”

“I can’t,” Xenia gasped. “I don’t have anything left.”

Clarence moved away and came back a minute later with the ottoman from the living room. “Step up on this,” he told her.

Confused, Xenia complied. Suddenly she understood what he was doing, he brought the cloth around her thighs, wrapping it once around each thigh, then tying the two ends together and slipping the knotted end over her head. It was an improvised swing! Xenia lowered herself into it, her weight evenly distributed over her legs and back. Lifting her feet off the ottoman, Clarence shoved it out of the way. He moved between her legs and she found that we had set it up just right, so he had immediate and easy access to her wet, eager pussy. Xenia leaned back into the swing, adjusting the top part down her back to slide under her arms. She felt perfectly suspended on this improvised swing and felt ready to enjoy Clarence’s next move.

Clarence pulled the ottoman back and sat down on it, grabbing her ass cheeks tightly in his hands and proceeded to lick and suck her pussy again. Xenia cried out with pleasure and frustration. As good as it felt to be eaten by Clarence, she wanted more for him to stick his thick dick in her eager pussy and fuck her until she passed out. Still, it was early yet, and she knew she had to be patient. She relaxed, enjoying his hot breath on her pussy, his wet tongue and firm lips licking and sucking and nibbling. He branched off every now and then, kissing and nibbling up her thighs, around her tight pink asshole, up through her pubic hair to her soft stomach. Each time, he returned to her clit, tongue slashing at it with reverential passion. He finally stopped when his jaw started locking up.

Standing up, he grabbed hold of the soft fabric and guided her pussy to his cock, the head nudging gently through her swollen lips and settling against her super sensitive hole. He slid into her so easily it felt like she’d been using a whole bottle of AstroGlide. Xenia loved how Clarence felt inside her. He was so thick that she always felt filled up when he was fucking her. He began rocking her back and forth, slowing sliding her on and off his cock, her wetness coating him completely. Xenia felt so wet she could feel it on her asshole and thighs. Clarence paced her slowly, knowing that her pussy was so sensitive at this point from all the foreplay that it wasn’t ready to handle the hard, deep thrusting he so enjoyed and that made her scream with unadulterated delight. Xenia moaned, pleasure spiking through her body with each gentle thrust.

“That’s it, Daddy,” she purred. “That’s perfect! Don’t stop!”

Clarence did, the long slow strokes gradually creating friction and warming her pussy up for some good hard thrusting. Xenia moaned and writhed, her legs wrapped around his waist, her heels digging into his ass cheeks when she wanted him to go faster or harder. There wasn’t much communication between them verbally. Each knew what the other liked and knew what signals to give to maximize the pleasure. Xenia squeezed her kegel muscles around his thick, rigid cock, increasing the friction on his bulbous head. Clarence groaned in appreciation. Xenia knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer; his knees would give out soon enough. Gradually, Xenia noticed the room getting brighter. She turned her head to the window and saw dawn quickly approaching, the eastern horizon already gray and blue and the sky reflecting the coming sun.

“Clarence, stop,” she said. Clarence stopped. “Help me out of this swing; I want to watch the sun rise.”

“Sounds good,” Clarence said, breathing a little heavy, “but first…”

He pulled out of her, then grabbing her hips, pushed outward and flung her in a wide arc, swinging wildly in a huge circle around the room. Xenia laughed and giggled, swinging freely through the room, the cool breeze of her passage coursing over her body, cooling her overheated pussy and making her nipples pucker tightly. Goose bumps rose on her arms. Clarence gave her a couple more pushes, then slid onto the bed and chuckled at her as she swung naked over his body. He lay there and watched her swing, love and lust intermingled on his face. Gradually she came to a halt. Clarence came over and untied her as she stood on the ottoman. She watched the window intently as she saw the early rim of the sun start peeking over the low hills in the distance.

Clarence got her untangled and picked her up and carried her over to the window, setting her on her feet. She stood, feet apart, legs braced, watching the sun rise. Clarence pulled her against him and slid his cock under her ass and into her pussy. Standing there, he gently rocked her hips back and forth against his thick cock as she watched the sun slowly rise. He pushed her forward until she was against the cold glass, her hard nipples tightening harder against the coldness, but feeling good on her body. Clarence bent his legs a little and changed the angle of penetration and suddenly he was thrusting into her hard and fast, his thick head hitting against her g-spot. As the sun crested the top of the hill, Xenia cried out as she orgasmed.

Clarence pulled out of her and pulled her to the bed. “Ride me,” he commanded his voice hoarse with lust and longing. Xenia straddled him, taking his thick cock in her hand and guiding it back into her pussy. She slid up and down his thick pole while his fingers played with her nipples, tweaking them and warming them after their chilling from the cold glass. He sat up and sucked on her nipple, teeth grazing over it as she sped up her stroke. His hands went to her ass, cupping her cheeks as he urged her to go faster and faster. Xenia groaned as the head of his cock once again found her g-spot and she started riding harder and faster, trying to get him to come with her. He started thrusting with her, matching her rhythm and stretching her swollen lips out. She felt his cock swell, knew he was going to explode soon and started riding harder, digging his bulbous head into her g-spot. He moved his hand around to the front, his thumb pressing her hard clit and she cried out with him in unison as they both exploded in simultaneous orgasms.

The next day, they were at the airport, waiting to board their plane back to Charlotte.

“I can’t believe what we did yesterday,” Clarence said, still stiff from all the activity. “When we get back to Charlotte, we should look into something like that swing for the house.”

“Daddy,” Xenia said, a sly smile on her face, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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