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Last Night in Vegas

Good friends top weekend vacation by switching wives
Partying in Vegas for the weekend had been a great time. After a night of drinking, eating and gaming we decided to get one last round before calling it a night. The waitress was busy so John and I walked over to the bar and placed our order. As we waited for the bartender to make our drinks, I turned back to checkout our girls standing around our table.

My wife Pam was talking to John's wife Kate. I admired how beautiful they were as I watched them laugh about something together. Both of them were Thai with petite frames and light colored skin. I loved how my wife looked in her navy cocktail dress. The flow of it nicely showed off her breasts, the curve of her hips and round bottom.

Kate was stunning in her black dress as well. Both girls were about the same height and wore their hair long down their backs. Kate had more of an athletic build as I admired her tone legs and tight ass as she reached forward to finish her drink. I have always been attracted to Asian women so I couldn't help to have a little crush on Kate even though I loved my wife very much.

John turned to me and asked, “Man, there isn't more that could make this a better weekend.”

John was also Thai but with dark skin and tattoos running down the sides of his arms. He followed my gaze to the women and smiled. “Those are some hot ladies of ours, eh?”

“They sure are,” I replied with a smile.

“Pam sure looks good in that dress.”

“Yeah, Kate looks great too.”

John took the drink offed from the bartender and grinned mischievously. “Maybe we should trade tonight?” he asked lightly, raising an eyebrow.

“What? You're crazy,” I said shaking my head.

“Why not? This is Vegas after all,” he said casually. “I've seen you checkout Kate. She told me she thinks your cute.”

“Really?” I said surprised. I was wondering if John had too many drinks, but suddenly I felt myself getting hard at the thought of having my way with Kate. “You're not being serious?”

“You bet I am. Pam is damn sexy.” He took a sip of his drink as I tried to figure out how to respond.

The thought of John having sex with my wife made me jealous and turned me on at the same time. I didn't think Pam would go for it but to watch her have sex with another man while I made love to Kate was too much for me to pass up. “Let's ask the girls,” I said as we grabbed the drinks and headed over to the table.

“Okay girls, last round,” John announced as we passed over the drinks. “How about we make this a night to remember?”

“Ooo, sounds kinky,” Kate said curiously. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, Matt and I were talking about how beautiful you girls are and how much fun we have been having together.” He paused with a grin for effect. “So tonight we thought we could trade wives in the bedroom?”

Pam's eyes suddenly got big. “WHAT?” She turned to look at me. “Oh my God you guys are crazy!”

I couldn't help to notice that Kate was looking at me with a sparkle in her eye. Again I felt my dick getting stiff in my pants.

“You guys are serious?” Pam looked at me shocked.

“Babe, you're so hot. It would be such a turn on to see you have sex with another man.”

“You just want to fuck Kate!” she said as she smacked me in the arm.

I pulled her away slightly and whispered, “C'mon. I know you have been stressed lately. I think you would really enjoy it. Let's have some fun while we have the chance. I trust John. Don't you think he is good looking?”

“You know he is not my type!”

"I know but that doesn't matter. He works out and he always talks about how good he is in the sack with Kate. I think you need a good fucking and it would be so hot to watch you two have sex."

“I can't believe you!” She looked me in the eye and paused as she considered. “It would really turn you on?”

“Yes, baby. Let's get crazy for once.” My heart started to pound in my chest as I waited for her to respond.

“Okay,” she said hesitantly with a smile. “Just this one time.”

I couldn't believe she went for it! I could barely hide my excitement as we stepped back to the table. John and Kate were finishing their own discussion and they both looked up at us expectantly.

“We're in!” I said with a big smile on my face.

We quickly finished our drinks and headed up to our hotel room.

As we got into our room and closed the door, John walked over to the entertainment center to plug in his phone and started some music. I held Pam from behind and whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

She touched my arm and gave me a kiss.

John turned Kate to face us and started kissing her neck from behind while moving his hands slowly up and down her incredible body.

She gave me a coy look with a grin and turned to give John a hard, passionate kiss.

It was quite a turn on watching them make out. I began running my hands over Pam's petite little body and gently massaging her breasts. I could feel her breathing deeply as her nipples got hard. She reached behind and squeezed my hard cock through my pants.

John unzipped Kate's dress and it fell to the floor showing off her tight little body in a skimpy black bra and panties. He started taking off his clothes as I slipped the straps off Pam's dress. She was a little hesitant to let her dress fall to the floor but after a few seconds she let it go revealing her own sexy body in a matching bra and panties. She shyly tried to covered herself with her arms.

I began to undress as John stared hungrily at Pam and thought of how he wanted to fuck her. He expertly undid Kate's bra and she slipped it off showing us her perky little boobies.

I did the same to Pam and her bra joined the rest of the discarded clothes on the floor. Pam tried to cover her nice tits. We stood breathless for a moment staring at each others' beautiful women.

After a few moments, John walked over and took Pam's hand and guided her to one side of the bed while Kate moved to the other and I moved to join her. We tore the comforter and sheets off and guided the ladies to the center of the bed as we slid in from the outside.

John wasted no time and started fondling Pam's breasts and kissing her neck. She looked uncomfortable at first, but then she started to relax as his touch and kisses started to have an effect.

Kate smiled up at me and wrapped an arm around my neck as I experimentally kissed her lightly on the lips. I felt her mouth open and I succumbed to my lust and kissed her deeply, our tongues caressing each other. I moved my hands around each of her little breasts then down to slip under her panties. She gave a little gasp as I felt her wet pussy and gently ran my finger along her sweet spot.

John moved down to Pam's breasts, licking them lightly before sucking on one of her nipples while twisting the other between his fingers. She gave a deep breath and turned her head with closed eyes as John moved his hand down and rubbed her through her panties.

After a few moments a wet spot began to show through Pam's panties and she slowly started to rotate her hips against his touch. Her hand drifted down to feel his bulge when her eyes opened wide.

“You're so big!” she gasped.

“Nothing you can't handle, sweetie,” John said as he pushed down his boxer briefs and revealed his large cock. I was shocked at the size myself because I though most Asians didn't have big dicks but apparently John was an exception.

Pam slowly reached out to take his member and worked it to its full glory. I couldn't believe I was watching my wife play with another man's cock!

As I lay there transfixed, Kate pushed down my underwear and began to fondled me with gentle strokes. She looked up at me and smiled before sliding down and slowly taking the head of my cock between her lips. Her warm, soft mouth felt so good on my dick as she slowly sucked me in all the way and slowly worked it up and down.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” I said as I closed my eyes to savor the sensation.

“Kate gives great head, eh?” John said to me with a grin as he laid down on his back.

Pam moved down to crouch between his legs lifted up his manhood while pushing the hair out of her eyes. She looked at me seductively as she ran her tongue along the bottom of his shaft a few times before taking the head of his large dick into her sweet mouth.

“That's it. You're going great,” John breathed as he stroked her hair gently.

He helped guide her head so she could take him in deeper. Pam gagged slightly as she couldn't take it all in but she made up for it in effort as she started to work his cock hungrily making slurping noises.

After a few heavenly minutes of the ladies blowing us we gently pushed them away and switched positions so we were over the ladies.

John slipped off Pam's soaked panties revealing her natural but trimmed bush.

He expertly guided the head of his cock to my girl's waiting snatch and rubbed it against her wet, swollen pussy lips.

Pam moaned softly and open her legs to invite him inside. With the top of his cock now covered in her love juices he pushed and slipped inside of my beautiful wife.

Her moans got louder as John slowly worked his cock back and forth to stretch her out to accommodate all of his manhood.

“Oh my God!” gasped Pam. She threw her head back on the pillow and covered her mouth trying to contain her cries of pain mixed with pleasure.

John rocked his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm until he had worked himself all the way in and relished the feeling of stretching out my wife's tight pussy.

“Oh! You're so deep!” Pam called out and pulled John in and kissed him passionately. 

She wrapped her arms around his body and continued to moan in pleasure as John slowing increased the rhythm of his thrusting.

Watching Pam getting fucked by John's big dick was such a turn on I could barely contain myself. I quickly slipped off Kate's panties and paused briefly to admire her nicely trimmed snatch.

She gave me another one of her smiles and opened her legs to show me her pink love nest. I wasted no time and guided my cock in and slipped inside her hot pussy.

She gasped as I pushed my member all the way inside while kissing her deeply. She wrapped her arms and legs around my body as we established a steady rhythm of fucking and kissing. I could see the look of lust in her eyes that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I looked over at John and Pam as he sat up and gripped her hips tightly with his hands so he could fuck her harder. Pam squealed with delight as he pounded her pussy with powerful thrusts. Their bodies collided with a slapping sound and the contrast of his dark skin and tattooed arms against Pam's porcelain skin was such a turn on.

Pam's moaning built into a crescendo as she became to cum. Her body trembled and shook as she was rocked by a powerful orgasm. Hearing my girl cum so hard I could barely keep from cumming myself but all the alcohol we drank helped me keep my composure.

I increased the rhythm of my thrusts into Kate as she called out, “Yes! Fuck me, Matt! Fuck me harder!”

I needed no further encouragement as I pounded hard on Kate's sweet pussy. She felt so good and it took all my strength to keep from coming.

She thew her head back and gripped my arms tightly as she came. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh YES!!!”

After her orgasm had passed, I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard to catch my breath. Our bodies were hot and sweaty but it felt so good. I slowed my rhythm but didn't stop as she cupped her hands on my face and stuck her rogue down my throat.

Pam and John seemed to recover from their daze of watching us fuck. There was a concerned look on Pam's face as she tried to handle the jealousy of watching me fuck Kate while feeling guilty from enjoying John's cock.

John pulled out of Pam and turned her on her side facing us and entered her from behind. Her look of concern disappeared as she squealed with delight as John resumed fucking her. She closed her eyes and covered her mouth as she tried to hide the pleasure she was getting from John's big cock.

I flipped Kate on her side at the foot of the bed and entered her from behind so we could watch John fuck my beautiful wife's pussy close up. The view was amazing as we watched John's big cock moving in and out of Pam's stretched pussy. The sound and smell of their sex was intoxicating!

I lifted up Pam's leg so I could give John and Pam a full close-up of our fucking. Kate began to play with John's balls as they bounced in front of us and I felt Pam's hands on mine as she did the same to me.

After a few minutes of enjoying the fuck show close-up, John rolled on top of Pam and lifted her ass up so she could get her legs underneath her for some good doggy style fucking. With his hands on her hips he spread her pussy with his thumbs from behind so he could drive his dick deep inside her for maximum penetration. Pam buried her face in the pillow to try to muffle her screams of ecstasy.

I was about to do the same with Kate, but she pushed me back down to the head of the bed and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my dick and guided it into her steaming hot pussy. She moved her hips up and down while arching her back to rub her g-spot against the top of my cock. Holy shit!

John moved Pam so her face was right above me and we kissed deeply. It was such a turn on to make out with my girl while John fucked her from behind and Pam rode my dick like a porn star. The sensation was too much for Pam as she broke our kiss and started to moan as she came from another powerful orgasm.

Then Kate joined her with moans of her own pleasure as she rode my cock like a cowgirl. She pushed down hard on my dick as she came and I could feel her love juices dripping down my balls. I closed my eyes and held my breath to keep from coming. After riding out her orgasm she collapsed on my chest, breathing hard, her body hot and sweaty.

“Dude, I can't believe you didn't cum!” John admired. “Let's give these girls one last good fucking so we can all cum at the same time!”

He flipped Pam back on to her back. She was breathing heavy as she looked up at John with nervous anticipation. He smiled back reassuringly and bent down and to give her a hard kiss as Pam guided his cock back into her waiting pussy.

I sat back up over Kate and admired her hot little body. I parted her legs and sunk my dick back into her wet pussy. She looked into my eyes as we started a nice slow rhythm. I kissed her lightly, enjoying the sweet taste of her sweat, the heat from our bodies and the smell of our sex.

John and Pam matched our slow pace and they kissed each other passionately. All her inhibitions were gone now. Both of their bodies had the sheen of their sweat and Pam's face was slightly red from near exhaustion, but she still had the lustful look in her eye. I knew then she wanted John to cum inside of her.

Wow! I couldn't believe how fast my girl had come from almost shying away from this experience to being hungry for another man to cum inside her pussy. The dirty thought made me so hot that now all I wanted was to cum inside of Kate.

I looked down at Kate as I began to quicken my pace and she seemed to read my thoughts. She smiled and gave me a little nod as she pulled me closer. I moved my hips so the entire length of my cock moved in and out of her making slapping sounds as our sweaty bodies collided.

John was watching us intently then sat up to spread Pam's legs wide as he began to fuck her with deep, powerful thrusts. He looked down at her watching her nice tits bounce while he fucked her. “Oh Pam, you are so fucking hot!”

Pam stared intensely at John and started to made animal noises through clenched teeth before calling out. “Oh God! Fuck me John! Fuck me hard! It feels so good! I want you to cum inside me!”

“Oh your pussy feels so good. Yes! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!” cried John as he fucked my wife as hard as could.

Pam moaned loudly as she spread her legs even wider to accept his cum. “Cum in me! Oh, yes! I'm cumming!

She closed her eyes tightly while trying to cover the sounds coming from her mouth as her body spasmed uncontrollably.

John called out like a wild animal as he let go and filled my wife's pussy with his hot cum. His thrusting finally slowed as he finished pumping his load deep inside my girl.

Hearing them finish in their lustful ecstasy, I could not hold out any longer. I pushed Kate's thighs back to spread her pussy wide and fucked her as hard as I could.

Kate cried out as she started to cum. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum inside me!”

Kate's soft pussy felt like heaven as I lost control and the sensation overpowered me. “Oh, Kate! Fuck! I'm cumming!”

I moaned uncontrollably as I let go and started to pump my seed deep inside her hot pussy. The look on Kate's face was pure delight as she rode out her orgasm while I filled her pussy with my cum.

I finally collapsed on top of Kate from sheer exhaustion and she wrapped her arms around me, kissing my forehead.

“Holy shit! That was intense!” John said as he unwrapped himself from Pam's embrace. His cock slipped out of her worn pussy as he stood up and offered it to Pam. She took it in her mouth without hesitation and worked his cock, sucking him clean.

I sat up and looked down between Pam's open legs and saw John's cum slowly leaking out from her ravaged pussy.

The sight of my wife cleaning John's cock with his cum inside her was so hot that I started to get turned on again.

I pulled my cock out of Kate and watched as my own cum began to seep out of her well fucked pussy.

She reached down with her finger and rubbed my cum around in little circles then bent over to suck my cock clean while showing off her cum filled snatch to John.

I could see John was turned on by the sight of his wife's hot pussy dripping with my cum.

I savored the sensation of Kate sucking me clean and couldn't wait to get hard again so I could fuck my wife's cum filled pussy.

John looked at me with a smile and I knew he had the same idea.

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