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Lawn Service

Horny wife seduces lawn boy
You have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. It may have something to do with the frequency that the young man who comes to mow, weed and fertilize. You love his strong muscular body, sweating in the sun as he works. And I'm sure he loves how you're always half dressed as you clean your husbands house.

The look on his face was priceless the first time you offered him a drink of water in just your nightshirt. He tried to be polite as he stared at your cleavage, but he could barely stammer a 'yes ma'am' to your offer. Your large nipples were clearly showing through the short white shirt. The poor young man, so wanted to bury his face between your breasts and suckle you all day.

And when you dropped the mail by "accident", he watched the neck of your shirt swing open as you bent down, revealing both breasts, nipples and all. He knelt to help, ever the gentleman, but this only enhanced the view. He could not only see both breasts as the shirt hung open, but could see between to your smooth tummy and panty clad pussy. Your white panties are almost shear, and when stretched tight, do nothing to hide the full lips of your pussy.

You see him staring, mouth open, and you smile. Your eyes meet his as he stammers another sorry ma'am, before standing. You look up at him, still on your knees, and notice his bulge. You wonder what he has under the hood. Mmmm. You smile as you stand, and wink and slowly walk back inside, feeling his eyes on your ass as you sway seductively with every step.

Inside, you decide a show is in order. You open the curtains to the master bedroom on the first floor and wait for him to start working on the hedges by the window before undressing completely. You stand with your back to the window, cupping your breasts, pinching your nipples knowing full well he can see you. You find it so exciting that your actions turn him on so.

You climb into bed, spread your thighs wide, and lean back. Your fingers slowly explore your inner thighs and upward to you swollen pussy lips. Your finger slowly parts them, feeling the wetness between, sliding easily to your clit, before rubbing it in slow circles with the finger tip. You can see him linger on that same bush by the window. Time to turn up the heat. You reach to the bedside drawer to retrieve your 8 inch silver vibrator. You hold it up and turn it on before touching the tip to your clit. Oh my, it feels wonderful.

You close your eyes, arch your back, and slowly insert it into your juicy pussy. The pulsing vibration has an immediate effect as it slowly slides in. Your feel your pussy tingle, and then your legs tremble, toes curling, before you rapidly lose control, body bucking wildly and you cry out in pleasure.

When you return to consciousness, you look up, meet his eyes and smile. Flustered, he quickly resumes working. At this point you realize that the poor man needs some relief and you quickly devise a plan. Withdrawing the warm vibrator from your still hungry body, you turn it off and set it on the dresser in clear view, before throwing just your nightshirt back on, and walking to the kitchen, and then outside.

"Excuse me," you call to him. "Would you be a dear, and help me with something?" you smile.

He responds, "Yes ma'am," and hurries to your aid, trying to hide his bulging cock, while following you inside.

In your bedroom with the scent of your pleasure still in the air, he quickly surveys the wet vibrator on your dresser.

"My ceiling light went out and I just can't seem to reach this here light bulb."

Your shirt rides up as you reach over your head, revealing your bare ass and then your dripping pussy as your turn.

Taking your less than subtle clues he says, "Let me help you with that," and standing close, reaches up to unscrew the bulb.

Your hands touch, then his body presses close to yours, and he wraps his arm around you. You smile as you push your bare bum against his very firm bulge.

He raises your shirt and cups your breast with one hand, gently lifting and squeezing, while is other hand runs down your tummy, playfully toying with the short hair over your pussy before slowly sliding over your clit, parting your wet lips, and sinking into your pussy. You moan at his touch and shudder as you feel his bulging cock thrusting against you.

You must have his cock now! You reach back and feel its hardness through his pants. You frantically fumble with his belt and zipper until you release his cock from them, and firmly close your fingers around the thick shaft and stroke. It feels so hard and is slippery from pre-cum.

Suddenly he lifts you with both arms, finger still deep inside, as he carries you to the bed where he lays you face down, bent over the edge, feet on the floor. At this point you realize that you are no longer in control. You are about to be fucked by another man!

You feel the head of his cock press against your pussy lips, slowly parting them. Wait, no! You try to cry out but only a loud moan comes out as you feel his cock slowly enter, sliding deeper and deeper.

Your body betrays you by the pleasure it feels. His cock deep, the quiver in your legs builds quickly to a shake before they give out completely. Your pussy grabs at his hard cock on its own squeezing tight and releasing in rapid succession. You hold your breath and close your eyes in anticipation.

Then as he slowly slides his rigid shaft outward until the head rests just inside, only to return in a long slow thrust, the waves of pleasure crash through your body. Your body bucks violently and clenches at his cock trying to keep it buried deep, all while he continues his long slow plunges into you. Lost in your pleasure, unaware of past or future, you fuck like an animal, thrusting back violantly, impaling yourself on this beautiful cock. Time does not exist as the waves of pleasure contimue to crash through your body.

Your orgasms usually only last two minutes or so, but this was much longer. You open your eyes, still breathing hard, heart pounding, only realize he is still fucking you, only faster now. You feel him squeeze your ass and part your cheeks, before touching your puckered bum opening with his thumb.

Oh. Unsure, you squeeze tight, as you consider the uniqueness of the sensation. However, this has the effect of tightening your pussy around his cock. Oh fuck, you feel the familiar tightness of your next orgasm building and you know there is no stopping it now.

You feel his thumb press into you, overcoming your reluctance. Oh god here it comes. The sensation explodes from your clit, spreading outward, consuming you in wild spasms, as you cry out, unintelligible. Your contractions squeeze both his cock and thumb in unison. It feels so wonderful as he rapidly rams his cock deep in and out of you, thumb deep in your ass. Oh fuck, more!

At that point, your body dancing wildly in a fit of contractions, he thrusts his cock to the hilt and pauses. It is so hard, you know he is about to cum, you can feel the base of it twitch against your lips. You continue to cum, your pussy milks his cock, urging him to explode inside you.

You feel his thumb slide from your ass quickly as he grabs both your hips and pulls you tight, cock deeper still, he grunts, you feel his cock spasm, knowing he is starting to erupt deep inside your pussy. Too late, he slides out quickly, his second spasm spurts cum against your pussy, and the third arcs cum over you ass and back. You continue to squirm and shake in pleasure until you pass out.

You slowly wake to the sound of the mower. Still sprawled across your bed, you smile as you remember your steamy encounter. But then you wonder: did it really happen or was it all in your head. Still naked, you walk to the kitchen door and silently watch him work. When he looks up and sees you standing there, he gives you a big grin and waves, happily mowing your lawn. It's no wonder you have the best looking lawn on the street!
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